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The American History Time Line area of our web site is a unique area for you to study our heritage.  Think of these pages as the "walls" of our history room...the top frame is a ruler at the top edge showing a year by year history of events.  The bottom frame represents pictures and information on the surface of the walls directly below the time line "ruler" corresponding to the relevant period of time.  Every time you see underlined text on the time-line, it will link you to a page or pages of informaton in this lower frame.   When you open a page in this frame that has links to other pages, in most situations you can access the additional pages directly from this frame without leaving the time line.


In the top frame you can scroll from left to right to any period of time in American History.  The time line is divided into five pages [1774-1799],  [1800-1849],  [1850-1899],  [1900-1949],  [1950-1999].  At the end of each page are arrows linking you to the next page.  If you want to go directly to one of these pages now, click on the hyperlinks in the list.

Pages from throughout various areas of the Hall of Heroes are linked from the top frame and may appear in this frame.  Since they come from a variety of areas in our web site, you may find navigation buttons to additional pages on them.  In MOST cases when you access these linked pages, they will appear in here without taking you outside the TIME LINE frame set.  In those rare cases when it does, simply hit yur BACK button to return.

You can resize the frames on this page to show more of the bottom frame and less of the top frame.  Simply place your pointer over the horizontal scroll bar until it turns into a VERTICAL DOUBLE ARROW and drag up or down to the desired widths.  Sometimes when you are looking for specific information you may wish to have the top frame wider   while you look for linked pages, then resize to read the pages appearing below the time-line, then resize again to search.  You can adjust the size of your frames as often as you wish.

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For all the helps that FRAMES provide in navigation, we know how frustrating it can be to finish your research and still be stuck in a frame.  If you are currently viewing this page from within someone else's frame, CLICK HERE TO BREAK OUT and return to this page in a clean frame.

When you are ready to visit other areas of the Hall of heroes and wish to break out of the frame, look anywhere in the TOP FRAME for the compass.  When you click on it it will bring up our site-map in THIS frame.  All links from the site map will take break you out of the frame and take you to that page.  If you don't see the compass in the top frame, scroll to the bottom of the table and then scroll from left to right until you see it.  There is at least ONE COMPASS on every page.

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Sometimes when you have information you wish to print from a frames page, it can get a little frustrating.  Depending on your browser, printer and/or software, you may have the option of printing a selected frame only.  On your menu bar select "FILE" and from the drop-down list select "PRINT".  When you print menu opens select the "SELECTED FRAME" option.  (On some pages, like the PRESIDENT's PAGES, you may also wish to select the range "PAGE 1" and print only one page.  These pages have been designed and formatted to print as a single page for bulletin board display.)

If you do not have the "PRINT SELECTED FRAME" option there are other things you can do:

  1. Highlight only the area you want to print (by clicking and dragging), and choosing the "PRINT SELECTION" option from the PRINT menu.   On those pages that are formatted by us to print as a SINGLE page for display, it is usually easiest to create your selection from the bottom, and not the top.  Place your mouse's arrow at the end of the LAST information you want to print, click and drag all the way to the top of the page. 

  2. Enter the complete url of the page you wish to print in the ADDRESS BOX at the top of your screen.  To find the url of the page you wish to print, place your mouse's arrow over the hyperlink (in the top frame) that accessed that page.  The URL for that page should appear at in the status bar at the bottom of your browser window.  Write the url down and then type it in the ADDRESS BOX and press return or "GO".

  3. Visit the pages from one of our NON-FRAME based listings.   If you want to print, for instance, the pages for all the Presidents but your printer doesn't support printing a selected frame, go to the page listing the Presidents and navigate ONE PAGE AT A TIME, printing each as you go.  To go now to our non-frame links to the following, click on the links below:

[Presidents]    [States]

NOTE:  SET YOUR PRINTER MARGINS to their lowest default (preferably .25 on all four margins) for best single page printing.  If you can not set your printer to AVOID printing the title at the top and URL at the bottom of the page, do your printing on Legal length paper and trim off the excess after printing your poster.

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Bookmarks are not always the easiest way to find your way back to a site you enjoy...your bookmark list can get long, cluttered and confusing.  We have structured the pages in the Hall of Heroes to contain a number of "virtual" urls...easy to help you find your way back.  Several of these are listed on our site map which is accessed by clicking on the compass.  Virtual urls you may wish to remember to access pages in this site include:


The Frames Page for the American History Timeline


The Non-Frame page linking you to all Presidents


The Non-Frame page linking you to all States


(after the last "/" enter the name of ANY state to access its page.)

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We welcome others to join us in building this web site by encouraging "guest pages" from other webmasters, students, teachers, historians...or anyone else who wants to share their knowledge.  Presently we are building the section on our 50 STATES through a CONTEST among students in our various states.  We will be conducting a similar project in the spring (2000) school semester to build more in our PRESIDENTS section. 

The following guidelines apply to all guest pages:

  • All information must be historically accurate and verifiable.
  • Cite sources and give credit for information/graphics etc.
  • Any copyrighted information should be used ONLY with permission of the copyright owner, and appropriate notice included.
  • As a general rule, guest pages are not copyrighted.   We have tried to build this site from public domain sources and make this information available to others without restriction on use.
  • Guest pages NEED NOT be "web ready".   If you have information you wish to share but cannot format it for web access, we will be happy to edit it from your written documents.  Please include specific instructions regarding any layout preferences, graphics, etc.  (While we can input from a printed copy, if you can provide text in a word processing program either on disc or as e-mail, we can cut and paste for quicker formatting.)
  • Guest page contributors are recognized as authors of any material appearing in our site, and when possible we like to include a photo and brief bio at the bottom of the page.  (It is your preference whether or not to include your e-mail address in your bio information.)  To see a sample "guest page" click on the green button below:

bn_green.gif (852 bytes)

Feel free to contact the webmaster with any questions or for additional information.



Doug Sterner
300 Yoakum Parkway, # 504
Alexandria, VA 22304

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