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Commentary by your Webmaster
C. Douglas Sterner
September 1, 2002

· The whole world knew, or at least suspected, that the man at the helm was evil. 

· The whole world knew, or at least suspected, that the nation he ruled was bent on warfare.

Little more than a decade earlier, soldiers of the aggressive nation had invaded its neighbors, quickly bringing them to their knees. Peace in the region came only because young soldiers from the United States had come halfway around the world to the rescue. In a matter of only a few short months the aggressors had been pushed back inside their own borders and brought to their knees. The coalition of allied nations demanded, in the negotiations for peace that followed, that the aggressor nation disarm itself of any military capability beyond a token force for the preservation of its own people, and that it desist from rebuilding its army or developing a stockpile of new or advanced weaponry.

Now, claimed a veteran of the war a few years past, This same aggressor nation was preparing for more carnage. In defiance of the mandate of the peace treaty, its evil ruler was secretly building a new army and experimenting to create even more advanced and more deadly weapons, with dreams of a second attempt to either dominate or destroy the world, he warned.

Due his famous role in the previous war, this American combat veteran and former military leader was frequently asked his opinion of events halfway around the world. His message was always the same: This aggressor has rebuilt from the previous war, and is building newer and bigger weapons. We must deal with this problem NOW, or we will face the consequences later.

The previously invaded nation, liberated by the blood and sacrifices of America's brave young men and women no longer looked favorably upon the United States. For the most part, any action taken to neutralize this new threat would require the United States to proceed almost alone. At home, there was a general apathy to the problem. The evil ruler and his nation were in another hemisphere, far from America's shores. For his call to action, the American hero who asked for an immediate American response was labeled a "war-monger."

The insightful veteran soon observed: "I learned…leaders…were more interested in petty bickering and attempting to keep themselves in power than they were in even learning about (the evil leader's) aims, much less preparing to defend against them. It was a government of compromise and self-delusion. In their internal political fights the leaders had forgotten the outside world."

The call to action of this American hero went unheeded. The evil ruler and his nation were far away, in an entirely different hemisphere of the world. And frankly, no one had any proof that the war veteran's claims of new military might and some of the most advanced new weapons of mass destruction being developed by a potential enemy were actually valid.

One expects an old war hero to be a hawk, easy to ignore in a society bent on self-indulgence, political maneuvering, and power ploys. "Despite the cold reception (to his warnings) from government and civilian leaders alike, I never quit working for American preparedness. I could not awaken them to the danger. They continued on their placid way."

"Nor did the American people want to hear of war," he said. "For two years the Economic Club of New York had been asking me to address their membership, but I had felt that it was not yet ready to hear what I had to say. I decided if anyone in the United States would be receptive to the truth, it would be this group of farsighted, intelligent, successful men. In my speech I said that the day would soon come when the United States would be plunged into war whether or not we wanted it. Our participation would not be restricted to money and munitions but, rather, to men, money and munitions-'and gentlemen, I mean millions of men'.

"During the entire speech, members of the club sat stolidly. Usually when I speak there are interruptions of applause; on that occasion, there was not even one."

Americans are a peaceful people, a people who would much rather enjoy some of the greatest conveniences and one of the highest standards of living, to engaging in war. In all things, peace is preferable. "We are NOT the world's police force, or its savior," we are more than willing to proclaim. "Let us not meddle in the affairs of the rest of the world, affairs that are far away and have no direct impact upon us." And thus, it was within that frame of mind, the warnings of an American war hero were ignored.

The Result?

I can tell you the result of such apathy, for it is recorded in history.

The aforementioned is not a view of United States society in 2002, but in 1935. The aggressor nation that had invaded its neighbor, been crushed by American forces, and then rebuilt an army with some of the most advanced weapons of mass destruction in history was not IRAQ, but GERMANY.

The war veteran who warned America to action in 1935 was Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, America's Ace of Aces from World War I, just seventeen years prior.

The treaty ignored by the aggressor nation, an agreement with the coalition of Allied nations to prevent the aggressor nation of rebuilding, was the Treaty of Versailles.

The evil leader was not Saddam Hussein-it was Adolph Hitler.

· The result of seeking peace at any price…. · The result of ignoring the warnings of Eddie Rickenbacker to immediately confront and deal with the problem in 1935…. · The end result of neglecting to destroy a madman with a stockpile of deadly weapons was…

World War II.

"If we desire peace, it must be known that we are at all times, ready for war." (President George Washington)


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You make an interesting point, but I believe if we can avoid war, we ought to take all the steps we can to avoid it first.
Mike Davis
San Diego, CA USA -
to go fight a war just based on what the president and his repubican friends say is to fight just to win an election and not save our country
david m.
scranton, pa USA -
We In India are perplexed by your country's policies.. Is the moral fibre of the nation so weak that average americans can't see throught the war mongering rhetoric of politicians-military -industrial combine? Unfortunatley the credibility created by your forefathers is now at stake.. More and more of us are seeing america as a nation of hypocrites.. I would rather want to remember the america a nation of vast possibilities, economic miracles and a just open democratic nation.
New delhi, India -
In response to Mike Davis, respectfully, the only way America is to avoid war is to do whatever it takes right now to eliminate completely every threat of terrorism right at the heart, source, and root of its existence. This is more crucial than allowing a first rate surgeon to remove the cancerous parasitic mutation from your vital organs before it spreads. Yes you can avoid surgery, you can ignore the dead serious, but only to your own peril. Sitting in the surgeons presence, receiving his highly trained, expert diagnosis and only true remedy is long past the luxury of avoiding surgery.

No one on this planet hates war more than the warriors who fight it, but if it wasn’t for war America and everyone in it would not have the life they live now. Every last piece of every last person’s life and existence in America is bought and paid for by the blood of the brave who fight wars so the other 98% of America can continue to live comfortable and undisturbed lives. If not for “Our Soldiers, Marines, Navy and Air force” that always have and presently are willing to fight to the death with everything they got. Every last aggressor on this planet would have and given the opportunity still will take a piece of America rape it and decimate it like a ravenous beast.

It is highly ironic that the only complaining comes 6000 miles comfortably privileged away from the fight. Meanwhile “OUR” military fights the most sick, honor less and evil enemy with their hands tied by political correctness. Echoed with half the country’s bitter criticism and fatally flawed guilt that the misunderstood and good-intentioned terrorists, I’m sorry freedom fighters are some how being mistreated by oppressive and sinister oil-driven American monarchy. The ill-attempt to make war more humane and nice so we poor Americans aren’t so inconvenienced when we turn on the news and hear of the horrors of war.

If we want our troops home from Iraq with peace and security for generations to come then we all need to let our military do whatever they deem necessary and whole-hearted support their every move.

David G. Modzelewski

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