Oregon State Symbols


State Song

"Oregon, My Oregon" is the name of the state song.  It was written by J. A. Buchanan of Astoria and Henry B. Murtagh of Portland.  It became the state song in 1927.  It became famous in Oregon after winning a contest.  By Erika and Francisco E.    See the state song


State Insect

The Oregon Swallowtail Butterfly became the state butterfly in 1979.  It was made into a stamp in 1977.  It lives east of the Cascade Mountains in the sagebrush and in the canyons of the Columbia River.  It is very beautiful and a native of the northwest.  By Rodion and Eduardo.

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State Shell

The state shell is the Oregon Hairy Triton.  A triton was a half man and half fish.  It is one of the largest shells in the state and can get up to five inches long.  It became the state shell in 1989.  By Maricela and Marissa.

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State Tree

The state tree is the Douglas Fir.  It was made the state tree in 1939.  It grows very tall.  It can be up to 325 feet tall and up to 15 feet wide.   By Hector and Ismael

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State Seal

The state seal has 33 stars because there were 33 states when it first made official.   The way it looks now was made official in 1903.  It has a covered wagon on it for the settlers.  It also has wheat, a plow, and a pickax.  The water is the Pacific Ocean with a ship on it.   By Carlos and Israel.

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State Gemstone

The Oregon Sunstone was made the state gemstone in 1987.  Many people like to collect the stone.  We are lucky because not many people have this stone.  It is a feldspar rock.  You can find them in Lake and Harney counties.  The best ones are red, blue, and green.  By Rodion and Eduardo.

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State Bird

We like the Western Meadowlark because they have a beautiful song.  It was made the state bird in 1927.  We like the colors of black, brown, and white.  They like grass and open areas.  They eat caterpillars, grasshoppers, and other insects that are bad for farmers.   By Jorge and Alberto.

Hear the Western Meadowlark's song here

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© Don Baccus, 1999 used by permission


State Flower

The Oregon Grape became the state flower in 1899.  The flower is the color yellow.  It is bright.  The flower smells good.  It blooms in September.  The flower needs the sun.  By Adeline, Daniela, and Janeth.

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State Dance

The Square Dance was made the official dance in 1977.  Four couples dance in a square.  Today, the square dance is the most popular folk dance in the United States.  The square dance is also Washington's state dance.  By Israel and Carlos.

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State Flag

The state flag was adopted in 1925.  The colors of the flag are gold and blue.  The Oregon flag has 33 stars, one for each state in 1925.  The eagle means the United States.  The plow, wheat, and pickax mean farming and mining.  The union means support for the United States.  It is the only state flag with a design on both sides.  By Edgar and Vanessa.

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State Mammal

The state mammal is the beaver.  The beaver builds dams.  Oregon is known as the Beaver State.  The Oregon State University team is called the Beavers.  It was made state mammal in 1969.  Beavers can grow up to 40 inches.  They have sharp claws.  Beavers can stay underwater for 15 minutes.  They can't see very well, but they can smell well.  Beavers can cut down whole trees.  By Tomás and Francisco P.

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State Rock

The Thunderegg was named state rock in 1965.  When you cut it, you can see bright colors.  You could look in Marion County but you won't find a Thunderegg.  In Crook County you might have good luck.  They can be from one inch to four feet wide.  By Joey and Victor.

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