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We would like to welcome you to our web-site of Montana.

     The capital of Montana is Helena.  Montana is a Spanish-Mexican expression derived from the Latin word montanus meaning mountain.  The Rocky Mountains cover one third of Montana.  Because of these towering mountains, Montana is a part of the beautiful valleys of both the Missouri and Columbia River.  We are the 41st state, fourth largest, and purchased in 1803 along with other states near us.  Today the Big Sky Country still has cowboys, bucking broncos, rodeos, Indians, wilderness, wildlife, and ghost mining camps.

     Montana has a few haunting ghost towns in our state, which are called Nevada City, Virginia City, and Bannack.  These places are very interesting and aged.  All of these buildings are very old and run-down.

Close to our town, Livingston, we have historical points along the road indicating that Lewis and Clark have explored this area along the Bozeman Pass.  We also have world renowned parks such as Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park.

     Here in Montana people farm and ranch as well as going on hikes outside and exploring.  We also like to go fly fishing, hunting, or horseback riding in the wilderness, or at camp sites.  We have dinosaur digs that you can dig for parts of dinosaurs.  Traveling through our state you can see moose, elk, bears, eagles, falcons, antelope, hawks, buffalo, and many more interesting animals.  There are some areas that you could go on a vacation at parks, water slide places, attractive hotels, bed and breakfasts, and skiing resorts.  Montana is a unique, preserved combination of modern and old western living.

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