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Much of the land that is now COLORADO was purchased (1803) by the United States from France as part of the LOUISIANA PURCHASE, under the presidency of Thomas Jefferson.  For this reason the territory was originally incorporated as the "STATE of JEFFERSON" and had it remained so it would have been the first STATE to be named for a US President.  By the time statehood was granted in 1876, our Nation's 100th birthday, the name had been changed to "Colorado", a Spanish word meaning "reddish colored".

     Our geography ranges from plains areas to some of the highest mountains in the continental United States.  We boast the highest sand dunes in North America, some of the fastest moving white-water rivers, some of the world's finest ski terrain, and the world's largest flat-top mountain.  The Royal Gorge Bridge over our own "grand canyon" is the highest suspension bridge in the world. 

We are home to the United States Air Force Academy, The U.S. Olympic Training Center, and of course, the WORLD CHAMPION:


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