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Drew Carey Imrpov Show Las Vegas
carey.jpg (1204634 bytes)
Cast Party 
John Voight, Dixie and I
voigt.jpg (1058109 bytes)
Regan Library Event 2009
Sammy & Kyle
music.jpg (266208 bytes)
Making some Good Music 
Our Friends
john-julie.jpg (464209 bytes)
John & Julie Ratzenberger
Fire Base Cudgel Survivors"

Freedom Fest - Skidmore, MO 
Our Neighbors Bill & Sandy
bill-sandy.jpg (289879 bytes)
Hawaii Night Party 
Turbo & Ollie
turbo-ollie.jpg (85445 bytes)
Two of MY Heroes
With Sister Roxanne & John Ratzenberger
reagan.jpg (1191433 bytes)
Reagan Library Event 
Sammy & Kyle Enjoying the Music & the Beach
beach.jpg (202254 bytes)
Life Is Good 
Steve Amerson & Family
amerson.jpg (1301148 bytes)
Our Good Friends 
President Bush & Sammy 
gw.jpg (1221612 bytes)
Sandy, Sherry, Dixie & Sue
vietnow.jpg (1370159 bytes)
Our Good Friends from Freeport VietNow
Dixie and I on the San Antonio Riverwalk
riverwalk.jpg (1358164 bytes)
March 2, 2011
Beau and I
stripers.JPG (1418253 bytes)
Nice Stripers at Virginia Beach 
Maurizio & I
maurizio.jpg (228480 bytes)
Shooting Old Guns 
Us with Old Gunny (R. Lee Ermey) 
ermey.jpg (247028 bytes)

hunting_mushrooms.jpg (104693 bytes)
Sammy & Family Hunting Mushrooms

living-MOH.jpg (163322 bytes)
Lee Greenwood Fred travilina and Medal of Honor Men-ATLANTA 5-15-08

davis_drillteam.jpg (111638 bytes)
Sammy and Coast Guard
Silent Drill Team 

moh_greenbay.jpg (141445 bytes)
MOH Recipients at 
Green Bay Convention

Hi there,

You visited our elementary school on January 29th, and I just wanted to let you know how much our students enjoyed your speech. You are truly an inspiration. We were very blessed to have the opportunity to hear you speak about your life experiences. Any time you are back in Indianapolis, please feel free to come back and visit! I thought you would enjoy these photos. They are of you speaking and you with some of the teachers.
Thanks again,
Jamie Myers
3rd Grade
Allisonville Elementary School

harmonica1.JPG (73600 bytes) harmonica2.JPG (121860 bytes)
school1a.JPG (93831 bytes) school2a.JPG (105519 bytes)
school2b.JPG (123418 bytes) school3a.JPG (271514 bytes)

Sammy and Dixie


ausa.jpg (137944 bytes)
Sammy & Dixie Davis at the AUSA show in Washington D.C.

rosegarden.jpg (159787 bytes)
Dixie and Sam sitting in the Rose Garden at the White House, 
Oct 12, 2006

san-francisco.jpg (123165 bytes)
Sammy & Dixie overlooking 
San Francisco Bay
November 10, 2006

muir-woods.jpg (187515 bytes)
Sammy & Dixie at
Muir Woods (giant redwoods) California November 10, 2006

gerber-blades.jpg (128645 bytes)
Sammy and Dixie with
Mark Schindel of
Gerber Blades

ross-dixie.jpg (67878 bytes)
Dixie and Ross 

Sammy and Dixie in Dallas on August 4, 2005

school_photo.jpg (441315 bytes)
This is me with Mrs. Lemar's 5th grade students. This is the same teacher whose students are on the 2005 HomeOfHeroes Calendar. I was happy to return for another visit with these patriotic kids. 

My sincere thanks to these great guys, members of the Indianapolis Police Force and Fire Department Divers, for recovering my Medal of Honor which was stolen from the trunk of my car and thrown in the river.
davis_medal1.jpg (58816 bytes)
davis_medal2.jpg (61394 bytes)

Sammy Davis and other MOH recipients in recent ceremonies at the New York Stock Exchange.

stock_1.jpg (615437 bytes) stock_2.jpg (505383 bytes)

Sammy Davis with Mark Anderson, Principal of Decatur Middle School in Indianapolis, IN. DMS is the largest middle school in the state with almost 1500 students in a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade building. Sammy was their speaker on Veterans Day 2004.
 anderson.jpg (124629 bytes)

Reunion at the Skidmore Mo. Freedom Fest, September10-12,2004. Sammy. Frank Gage. Jim Deister, Gary Powell, Jim Huff. Frank is one of the two men that pulled Sammy out of the river in his MOH Action.
skidmore.jpg (87015 bytes)

The following are photos of Sammy Davis' visit to SFOR15 in Bosnia, Headquarters to Task Force Eagle. Most are members of the 38th Infantry Division headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Special thanks to Sgt Keith Nelson for these photos. Sgt. Nelson appears in on photo below along with Sammy Davis in front of the sign.

speaking.jpg (124677 bytes) unveiling.jpg (267032 bytes) sign.jpg (274594 bytes) nelson.jpg (276299 bytes)

Our 2/4th Arty Reunion
at Fort Riley Kansas

2004reunion.jpg (140466 bytes)

recips_germany.jpg (126696 bytes)

Recipients Rodolfo Hernandez, Sammy Davis, and Ron Rosser during a recent visit with soldiers of the 6th Cavalry, 6th Squadron, 11 Attack Helicopter Regiment in Illesheim, Germany.  Soldiers pictured here are: PF Jonathan Campbell (Baltimore, Maryland; PV2 Sepulveda, Louis A (Kapolei, Hawaii), SPC Nava, Amadar C. (Grand Prairie Texas), PFC Feivou, Brant J. (Rancho Cucamonga, CA), SPC Saimon, Sammy (Pohnpei, FM), SPC York, Brandon C (Key West Fla), SPC Miles, Matthew L. (Sacramento, CA)

davis_scoutsniper02.jpg (64608 bytes)
Scout-Sniper Class 2002

Ssgt. Johnston Dunlap
ssg_dunlop.jpg (28051 bytes)
My SSgt that encouraged me to learn the 
song Shenandoah on the Harmonica

rvn1.jpg (129274 bytes)
C Battery, 2/4 Artillery
Sammy Davis in Vietnam (1967)

davis_young.jpg (90582 bytes)

wetzel_jeep.jpg (52750 bytes)
Brother MOH Recipient Gary Wetzel joins me for a 46 Willys ride. 

grandfather_plaque.jpg (109549 bytes)
Laying my Grandfather's plaque
at Arlington National Cemetery 

ipalco1.jpg (75906 bytes)
Memorial Day, 1999
Dedication of the Medal Of Honor
Memorial in Indianapolis, IN 

honorary_chief.jpg (151123 bytes)
News Release:  I was made
honorary Deputy Chief Of Police
Indianapolis, IN

couple1.jpg (52574 bytes)

couple2.jpg (37960 bytes)

sam_peg_germany.jpg (54005 bytes)
Here's a photo of Peggy and I at the
Army Birthday Ball in Germany

recipients_atpresentation.jpg (115272 bytes)
 More than 50 of my fellow recipients gathered at the White House for the Medal of Honor presentation to Ed Freeman on July 16.  Here are some of them.

First Place Patriotic Float in the July 4th Cody, WY Stampede. 

boston_finest.jpg (108435 bytes)
With Some of Boston's Finest 

davis_nypdcop.jpg (42585 bytes)
This Member of the NYPD was a
guest at our reunion in Boston 

Meeting President Bush.
george_w.jpg (66057 bytes)
July 16th at the Award Presentation to Ed Freeman

My Oldest Son Beau and I
BeauandGilleys2.JPG (656458 bytes)
With members of the 2002 Class at the Scout and Sniper School
Atterbury, Indiana


With Carmen Keehn (age 7)..Hannah Keehn (age 9)
kheens.jpg (88986 bytes)
During the Cody (WY) Stampede July 4th

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