Dear Mr. Davis,


Greeting from an awe inspired soldier whose life you touched. We met in the AAFES PX at Ft Hood, TX, as you and your family was shopping. It was a privilege to be standing the presence of a CMoH recipient. I could not have passed up the opportunity to meet you. As I introduced myself and made light conversation, I asked were you here to attend the Purple Hearts Ball at the Copperas Cove Civic Center tonight. I thought to myself, what a perfect opportunity to share in an experience far greater than anything a soldier past or present would ever encounter. Not only would they be amongst brethren Purple Heart recipient, but one with a CMoH. I then asked if you would you grace us with your presence. That was a night to remember. 

            Well it's been almost a year since the attack on my patrol by a suicide bomber while on the overpass of Route Irish and Route Force, AOR Baghdad, Iraq. I can honestly say that on,18 September 2004, my life changed forever,

I know that you are a busy man. I just wanted to take this time to thank you for your inspiration, not just for myself but for the many individuals and even units whose lives you impacted just for being who you are and for reminding us that this Army is not about individual, it is about the person to your left and right who's counting on you. You are one of many significant reasons why I continue to serve. Though the pain and discomfort still remind me of that day, I find strength in your contributions. I have beaten the odds, with doctors and their prognosis of 21 months of rehab before I could use my right arm and hand. Ten months later here I am a student at the United States Army Sergeants Major Academy, Class 56, although I am here on a P2 profile for push-ups, I can still hold my head high and salute old glory with a humbled heart.

My assignment is to write a 5-7 page essay on military history. My decision was obvious; I will pay tribute to a man, and a hero who touched my life, I am writing my essay on SFC Sammy L. Davis (CMoH). I will be sending you a copy of my essay as a bit of thanks for reigniting the fire that burns deep inside each soldier willing to die for our countries freedom its way of life. Thank you once again.


SGM Jesse D. Santos
Student # 140, MO15
USASMA Class 56
915 613 9565
Ft Bliss, TX.