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Mr. Davis; 
I'm sure with your extremely busy life you wouldn't remember me, however, I will forever remember you. My name is Daniel Tully. In 2001 I was stationed at Ft. Sill Okla. with 2-4 FA. During field training at White Sands N.M., I was privileged with the opportunity of meeting you during a promotion ceremony. It was there I was promoted to the rank of SSG. You sir pined the rank on me, which was the greatest moment of my military career. I am now with 6-8 CAV. out of Ft. Stewart GA. I was deployed to Iraq in October of 2007 where after six months I was injured and required spinal surgery. I am now in Atlanta GA. at the Shepherd Spinal Center going through rehab. I was very lucky compared to what it could have been. Soon I will be walking normal. I now have 18 years in service, so I am now trying to just complete my last two. If you read this, I just wanted to let you know that I have told your story to just about every soldier I have been able to meet. I tell everyone of your boot story where you wiggled your toes at the General. Sir, you have been such an inspiration to me over these years. Your military accomplishments and your civilian service has motivated me and inspired me to become a better soldier and leader. 
I wanted to say GOD BLESS you and THANK YOU for what you do! I consider you as one of our American treasures. Every soldier and veteran are heroes. Some become legend's. You sir are a legend. Thank you! 
SSG Daniel Tully

Welcome Home, Brother. I drove a bulldozer and cleared LZs and FSBs with the 588th combat engineers. '67/'68. Northwest of nui bah den mountain. Thank You, 
Max C. Etchason etchasonmaxc(a)  Oreana, Il

Sammy, I just wanted to say how great your speech was at the Wounded Warrior Conference at Camp Pendleton. Your insight into the mind of those who have seen combat was pure and helpful. Your love and respect for those who served with you and all those who serve now was touching. You added so much to the conference and I just want to thank you again. Hero is a word that is over used but not in your case. You are an American Treasure. Don
Don McKinney don.mckinney(a)  Oceanside, CA

SFC Davis, 
I am currently serving in your old Battery, C 2/4 FA. Your story inspires and motivates me, and I am proud to be in a unit with the kind of history C 2/4 has. Yours are some big shoes to fill... I hope my peers and I are cut out for it. "Audacia"... By Daring Deeds
SPC Jarod DePastene jarod.r.depastene(a)  Ft. Sill, OK

Sammy, What a great weekend we had in Rising Sun as you helped us to dedicate the new Veterans Tribute Tower. We've had so many comments about you and your speech, your friendliness to the people and especially your talk to the students of the Rising Sun Schools. Everyone of them had nothing but praise for you !! This tribute tower will stand for a long time after we're all gone but people will remember just what it stands for--to honor those who served in the past, to honor those serving today and to inspire those who will serve in the future. So sorry that Dixie couldn't make the trip and we're glad she's feeling better. We missed her great hugs. Keep up the great work you do for OUR nation and taking the message to the students about what makes America great. I had a student stop me in the local IGA and he said, " You don't lose until you quit trying." We hope to see you again soon and again THANKS for being here for the dedication and making it a huge success !! The very best to you & Dixie !! 
P.G. & Paula Gentrup Kelli & Denny Walter, Grady & Carli Brian & Annette Gentrup & Kaden  pggentrup(a) Rising Sun, IN

A wonderful and humble hero and fine example for all to follow. Thanks Sammy! Bruce
Bruce D'Agostino b.dagostino(a) Marietta, GA

Thanks alot for making this website because I'm a SGT in the JROTC program at Sussex Technical High School and we are doing a Living Medal Of Honor Recipient and I decided to do mine about you . So thanks this has been the most useful website that i have found.
Alexis Turzani19973(a) Seaford, DE


Sammy, old buddy, 
I stumbled on this and I wanted to say Hi. I used to see you at all the MIA rallies back in the Vietnam days. I also saw you at the LA parade or fiasco as some called it. No matter what, you were always the most gracious and wonderful. You remember me, I had the two purple hearts and I was from the 198th Light Infantry Brigade. I used to take Ann Curran everywhere in those days. I was in I core 67-68 and especially at the Tet 68. At the Daley plaza you and your son sat graciously while I changed a roll of film so we could get a photo together. I still got it, I prize it. I remember I wrote you when you were sick. Sammy, there is no way to really thank you for what you did. Where does one start? I did plenty while I was there but I never got a chance to do anything like you did. I consider myself one of the luckiest men that ever crossed the pond. I had a mortar land 2 feet behind me while in a foxhole, just a sand bag between us. I had a bullet land in a rice paddy 2 feet from me one day. I was mortared 40 times and maybe ambushed 40 times but you did all I did in just one night. The fact you could not swim really amazes me. It's like you had an idea of what's right and kept at it even when the plan got fuzzy. I always wondered if you got the combat infantry badge. It seems strange that people tell me that arty doesn't get them. Well where you were at arty was just like infantry, maybe more hectic. I will try to find a way to contact you and send you a copy of our photo. Sammy you are the greatest. I am up at the Wheaton VFW and we are resurrecting a Military Order of Purple Hearts chapter which will meet there also. If you are ever up in the area, please let me know. It is always a thrill to see you. I would love it if you could stop at the VFW and I could probably get you a free lifetime to the MOPH. 
Sam J. Maggio Co C/D, 1/6th Infantry, 198th LIB, Americal Division, 1967-68.  ilini68(a) Wheaton, IL

I am a care giver and I have taken care of your cousin Shirley for 4 years. I have dusted off your picture so many times ,I would know you anywhere. She is so very proud of you. My son is in the Jr ROTC program in his high school and has your picture up there.
Kathy Dodge kathi08(a) Kenosha, WI

Sam it's a real HONOR and Privilege to call you friend - a NATIONAL TREASURE for sure .Thank You for your Devotion and Duty to our great country !! 
Bill Asbell LCDR/USN RET Fighter Pilot  cottonwood4(a) Lawrenceville, IL

Mr. Davis,
I met you at the Ronald Reagan Library on 2/9/08 I was one of the Young Marines who helped you put your Medal of Honor back on after you let us hold it and I wanted to say it was an awesome honor to meet you and wanted to thank you for serving for our country I thought it would be really cool if I could interveiw you for our Young Marine magazine Sincerely, Young Marine Corporal Schull
Krystyna Schull kyoungmarine94(a) Bakersfield, CA

My wife sat at your table at the Randy Travis gala in Las Vegas during the shot show convention. She was so honored to be in your presence. We both thank you for your service in the military. My wife is Janeen Ence. Thank you, 
John Ence jonz55(a) Las Vegas, NV

Thank you for signing the photo for Lifegate Christian School. I spoke to the students about integrity and perserverance and at the end I presented them with your framed, autographed, citation and photo. They received it proudly and planned to post it on the wall for all to see. May God bless you for what you have done for freedom and liberty in America.
BG (Ret) Norm Hoffman bghoffman(a) Eugene, OR

Howdy, I first met you in the summer of 1986 at the Welcome Home Parade in Chicago. Good to see you are still "alive and kicking". Jack Curry/First Infantry Division Graves Registration Team JUL67-JUL68 Have a good day, everyday. US56585543
Jack Curry jnj4647(a) Mendon, IL

Sorry to be so delinquent in responding after meeting you at DeMolay International the past June in St Louis. You made this old Army Brat proud!
William "Buck" Fischer wmbuckfischer(a) Fort Scott, KS

Men such as you are an inspiration to me and our son. I am proud to be a soldier, an American, and a Viet Nam Veteran. I'm still married to the same lady after 36 years. My life is blessed. Thank You for Your Bravery under Fire, 
Your 'Nam Brother, 
Max Etchason-Dua Tieng-588th Combat Engineers-67/68  402nanetbb(a) Oreana, Il

Sir, I've never met you but I know your story; as a former Marine sergeant I want you to know that I am proud today to be a Marine because of the guts, "can-do" and sacrifices of men like you. You, sir, are MY hero.
Lisa G everythingdoxie(a) Pekin, IL

 I saw the blurb on the nightly news and wondered what you have been up to these past many years. How is the family and especially how are you?
Sherry Hicks sasildy(a) Winter Haven, FL

 Sammy, I am from Robinson, and would like to meet you. I was in Viet Nam in 1970 - 1971. I was in the Marine Corps for 12 years. I feel very insignificant, because I didn't do anything other than fly flair crew at night. We did help save a company of Marines surrounded by a battalion of Viet Cong, by kicking out over 96 flairs. However, I have so much respect and admiration for people like you that are my heroes. . Thanks. May God Bless you. 
Jerry Waldrop EMAIL: shadow4330(a)  Weatherford, OK

I just wanted to say hi. It's been many years since our paths crossed in Lake LaDonna, Washington DC, Kokomo, Brit Small concerts, etcetera. You remain an inspiration to me. After I retired from AT&T I got elected as the County Superintendent for Veterans Assistance. Your picture is on the wall in my county office so that I have a daily inspiration to keeping plugging for my vets. I now serve my fellow veterans as a county veterans service officer in Kendall County, Illinois. It is a bittersweet job. Each day I see men and women (and now children) that have been wounded in so many different ways. I get them some general assistance for food, shelter, and utilities and I attempt to get them into the VA system for the help they so richly deserve. But, the "red tape" is so huge and the wait is so long. I am a firm believer that if our government is so willing to send us to war - then damn it they should take care of us when we come home. Anyway, I hope things are going well for you. Please take care...
Ed Dixon  EMAIL:  edixon(a)   Yorkville, IL

 Dear SFC Davis,
It was a distinct pleasure, privilege, and honor to meet you at the 2007 AUSA convention in Washington, DC. Please give my best regards to COL Joe Marm, whom I knew at West Point when I was a plebe in 1972-1973, and he was a Captain, teaching Military Psychology and Leadership.
Best Regards,
LTC Maurice E. "Ed" Hudson, III  EMAIL: ed.hudson(a)  Lansdowne, VA
US Army, Ret.
West Point, Class of 1976

Sammy, I am on the USO of Illinois Board of Directors- and look forward to meeting you on the 20th at our Gala. My Dad was also a MOH recipient-WWI who rescued General Douglas MacArthur on his PT boat! Enjoyed your website! See you soon! Joan Stade
Joan Bulkeley Stade EMAIL: joanbstade(a)  Oak Brook, IL

 Hello Mr. Davis!
I hope you had an enjoyable rest of your stay in Green Bay and that your trip home was a good one. How was the Packers game?
I want to thank you again for taking the time to visit with our kids at Ashwaubenon High School. They're still talking with me about it and I know you had a profound effect on a large number of them. The girl you allowed to hold your medal just before leaving the school, Lauren Heim, was especially very touched. Jody VanLaanen, the quarterback of the football team, was thrilled that you took the time to appear at their game, as were other team members. They won that one quite easily and are unbeaten at 4-0 and currently ranked first in the state in Division 2. They had a tough one Friday night against the number six ranked team, but won 17-13 in terrible wind and rain. I have to tell you, after that game I approached our fullback, T.J. Pierce (another terrific kid), and told him, "At this school, you never give up, right?" His only response was, "Sammy Davis." True story!
I will be getting the DVD from the game you were at this week and would like to send it to you, along with some photos for you to keep. If you could send your mailing address, I'll get it off to you. If I also included several extra photos, would you be willing to sign them for the kids and the school? I know the kids would be thrilled. I would attach post-it notes on each for your reference.
Jody and a couple other kids on the team asked me if I would keep you posted on their season, so I would like to do that if it's okay with you. They have what should be a fairly easy game this week, but then two tougher ones coming up. Hopefully, I can get some additional film of a game to you yet this season.
Best wishes. It was a true pleasure, and distinct honor, meeting you. Say "hello" to your wife, Dixie, for me.
Mike Lyga

I shook your hand last Saturday; it was my first time at the Howard County reunion. I wish I had been at the last 24! What a moving and rewarding experience. It allowed me to make peace with my "ghosts". I am a former Viet Nam Marine; 69 - 70. I can't wait until next year. I hope to see you there again. I remember seeing you on a TV program and speaking but I can't remember which. I was impressed then with your humility and even more so now since I met you in person. Keep up what your are doing; our country needs many more individulas like yourself. God bless...
Terry Kupp EMAIL: terryk(a) St Charles, IL

I just would like to say it was an Honor to be in your presence. I am the girl from the film crew at the Wall in Wickham Park who had interviewed you. Although I never did find you at the end of the night to take a picture, meeting you was an amazing experience for me .Thank you!
Candace Curry  EMAIL: sky2g1(a) Melbourne, FL

Dear Sammy, I have known of you for several years primarily from the Miracle Rides in Indianapolis. August 7th of 2007, there is going to be the largest pro-troops rally ever held in the United States presented by "Operation America Rising" and "The Gathering of Eagles" of which I am the State Coordinator. These rallies are to be held in every State Capitol across the country. This is an event which just cries out for your attendance. I know you are very much in demand as well you should be, but if there was ever an event which needs to hear your message, this is the one. Please contact me on this matter if at all possible. Our respective websites are  and  Thank you sir for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon!
Jim Jamison  EMAIL: jjamison2350(a) Noblesville, IN

I wanted to let you know that I am very proud to call you my uncle. You have always been a positive role model in my life. I am the person I am today because of people like you. Thank you!
Joe Davis  EMAIL: joedavis04(a) Robinson, IL

I was the DPCA SGM when you spoke at our Din-IN. I have a picture with you and some of our soldiers. We are all so very proud of you and grateful that we had the opportunity to hear you speak and we share in your love for soldiers and country. I pray your health is good. We appreciatea all that you continue to do for this great Nation. Earl
Earl Whitesides SGM RET  EMAIL: earl.whitesides(a) Indianapolis, IN

Mr. Davis,
I wanted to personally thank you for this evening's speech here at the United States Naval Academy. I have been "asked" (similar to you being "asked" to learn to play the harmonica) to attend many briefs and speeches here at USNA, however, the speech you give is an optional speech. I wanted to make sure that you knew that everyone in that room either heard you before (as I did last year as well) or heard by word of mouth that your story was unable to be justifiably retold by anyone except you, and that many of us wouldn't have missed it for the world.
Hearing your story has touched my life in a way that is difficult to describe in words, and I know that many other Midshipman feel the same way. The manner in which you present yourself as a "spokesman" for your fallen brothers and tell your story as if was just another day on the job is one thing that has stunned me two years in a row. You are one of the most humble individuals I've ever encountered and it is unfortunate that we do not have more soldiers and men in this large Earth like yourself. Your story is an inspiration to all Midshipman, and I've spread your story to my family and friends who cannot make it to the speech, although next year I intend on bringing a close friend from Philadelphia down to hear you (he tells me he won't let me tell him over the phone about you without hearing you speak himself).
I can only imagine how difficult it must have been and must be to this day to attend functions at and around the Vietnam Memorial, seeing as your closest brothers' names are etched in stone forever there. You do an amazing thing retelling this story, and I cannot even begin to understand the emotions behind retelling this story every time you speak to an audience, but I can say that I deeply appreciate the sacrifices you have made to be able to pass on your word to people like myself.
I know (from your speech last year) that you were not welcomed back to the states and given the respect you deserved at the time, and that can never be repaid or made up. I would however, like to make sure you know that I am thanked every time I am in public for "my service" despite the fact that I haven't even begun serving my time in this great military. I do however, see the bigger picture, and understand that they are not so much thanking me, but rather they are thanking the uniform I proudly wear and praising the men and women, like yourself, who have worn this uniform so proudly before me. Your sacrifices and the sacrifices of your closest brothers will never be forgotten, and that is a promise I will keep with me and pass on to generations to come after I am long gone.
Once again, I would like to thank you for giving your time and retelling such an emotional and amazing story to my fellow Midshipman and me. It will not be forgotten, and I look forward to seeing you again in the future!

Semper Fi,
Thomas S. Bethmann

Hey Sammy, 
Web site is great, first time visiting. Just checking in, missed you t the last reunion. Hope all is well and see you in DC later this year. Regards to Dixie. Your Nam Brother, Carl
Carl Besson EMAIL: cbesson(a)   Floral Park, NY

Greetings from Albion, Illinois Arrol Stewart and I are wondering if you can be in Fairfield Illinois on May 5th for the dedication of Kenneth Kays memorial. Should be an inspirational gathering, one that Kenny probaly wouldn't have attended...looking forward to hearing from you. Steve
Steve Ward EMAIL: sward(a)   Albion, IL

Dear Sammy and Dixie
Great website, I enjoy reading about you and your life. I have learned so much about Vietnam through you and Freedom Fest. I am glad to be apart of such a great program as this. I hope to get to see you and Dixie this year at Freedom Fest. I love you all and take care of yourselves. love ya
Sarabeth Ray E-mail: sara_ray_369(a) Maryville, MO

Hi, My name is Jake Martin I was one if the students you talked to at center grove high school on Tuesday January 30. I just want to say that that speech and story made me make my decision on what im doing after high school. I am going to go into the army. I think that we all need to look up to you and try to be like you not only because you are a hero and a great citizen of America but a nice and respectable man. YOU ARE MY HERO
Jake Martin jdmrockon(a)  Greenwood, IN

I think having you come to my school has been, and will be, one of the greatest experience of my life. I was so honored. You're a true American hero. I go to Allisonville Elementary school and I'm in Mr. Snider's 5th grade class.
Michael D. Schmahl  Indianapolis, IN

I just listened to a podcast of your appearance at the Pritzker Military Library. I wish that every American would hear your story. As a former Army Infantry officer I salute you and hope to one day meet you. Thank you for your service.
Charles Plantamura cplantamura(a) Newburgh, NY

Hello Mr. Davis I remember you because my dad sold my motorcycle to you when I got into trouble in high school in west Salem, Il. Thank You for helping us remember what we vets. did!!! Ret. USN
Ed Lodwig EMAIL: lodwig(at) Los Angeles, CA

I was looking around online and saw that you were in Washington D.C. on the 15th of November. I live about 10 minutes from D.C. in Alexandria. I don't know if you remember me or not but I am the Grandson of Tom and Vera Hammond. The son of Judy Wells. I remember the family get togethers and playing games with your boys. I was much younger then. I had just got out of the military not to long ago. When I got to my unit in Germany I saw a picture of you on the wall. It was inspiring. When I went to Iraq, I remembered what you have accomplished and it helped me get through some of the toughest of times. Thank you. I hope that you will be in the D.C. area again and would like to say thank you and maybe get some dinner.
Your cousin, SGT. Wells 1-33 FA, 1st ID, "Golden Lions"
Joey Wells  EMAIL: lions_00(at)   Alexandria Va

Happy Veterans Day Sammy, Sorry I missed you in Leavenworth, I hope that Jim D. was able to get to the book signing. take care my friend Larry. "My Tour 365"
Larry Hall  lrrp(at)  Emporia, KS

Dearest Sammy,
It has been quite some time since we've seen each other. I was hoping to see you at the family reunion at Bull Shoals, AK but understand your schedule is very busy. If you find yourself in the Houston area Mom (Arvilla "Bida" Hammond) and I would love to see you.
My thoughts are with you and all Vets and Military persons. May God Bless You All.
All My Love
Your Cousin
Connie Sue Hammond Aucoin
Connie Hammond Aucoin connieaucoin(at)   Manvel, Texas


Sam & Dixie, 
You both were on my flight today from IND to BOS, Sept. 26, 2006, en route to the annual MOH Convention in BOS. I was the flight attendant on your NW Airlink flight. I wish so much that I had known about your trip so that I could have learned more about you both. Perhaps, you get tired of talking about your Vietnam tour of duty, and if that is the case, I understand. Just wanted you to know that I really appreciate all vets, (my dad is a Navy minesweeper Vet from WWII), and the respect shown you and Dixie today was heartfelt. It really made my day. Thanks so much, and hope to see you both again, Cynthia Carter, Northwest Airlink/Pinnacle Airlines Flight Attendant-MEM.
Cindy Carter-Flight Attendant NW Airlink carterdogs(at) Cordova TN

I caught your website as I was doing some research for a briefing on your Medal of Honor. I am a TSgt in the Air Force currently attending the NCO Academy at Lackland Air Force Base, TX.
Darren Glivinski   skimore98(at)    Pahrump, NV

Hi Sam- it was a highlight of my first attendance at Kokomo this year {2006}meeting you and I will treasure the pic my friends took of you and I together. after reading your website I am surprised at the similarities we have! I am just 7 months your junior; was in Vietnam 2/67/ 2/68 and in the ninth division as well- you may have given me fire support at some time! I was infantry a/4/47 for most of my tour then with the combat engineers. thanks for your service and I am proud to know you. Wayne
Wayne Schatzle   Email: freeinfo7-at-juno-dot-com   Hamilton, OH

I would love to have you speak at Avon Middle School this year. Please let me know if you would be interested in coming on or around Veterans' Day.
David Rodgers  Email:   Avon, IN

Thank you for all you did.
SSgt Jeff Davis   Email:   Papillion, NE

Dear Mr. Davis, Last night I saw ou on television and was overwhelmed by your words. The courage and loyality demonstrated by you toward your brothers in arms brought tears to my eyes. You certainly are a role model for all of us whoo in todays world think only of themselves. I have read your words and thank you for not only your past service but your continued reminder of whats great about America. You are without a doubt a person worthy of knowing. May God bless you and your loved ones. Love Jerry
Jerry R. Mitchell  Email: jerry-at-jerryrmitchellandassoc-dot-com  Naperville, IL

Sir, I was going through my old things today. I came across an old memory from high school. Many years ago, you came to a small town in MO called St. Clair. What a man like you was doing in little podunk St. Clair is beyond me. You shared your story and it touched a chord. From then on, I knew I wanted to enlist. My health has prevented following in your footsteps. You said in your speech that to show honor to someone who had received the MOH, servicemen saluted. No one in our gym seemed to understand the story you had told and did not feel the gravity of your loss and more importantly the loss of those who had not survived, or survived intact. I was the one who asked how to salute. You showed me, and I saluted you. At that age, it was all I knew how to do. My bravado was not without affect and I think some of the students got it later, after you left. I consider that moment one of my most special. Not everyone gets the chance. I got your autograph and you have a no! te on the pic that says, "Thanks for the salute." It is I who should thank you, on so many levels. I am 32 years old now and have a family. I have not been able to serve, but it is because of you and your story that I grieve and mourn with every soldier lost and every family that is wrent. I shall henceforth watch with pride the scene in Forrest Gump and think of you. It is strange to think that all this time I had that moment on tape. I found that old pic with your autograph. I teach now and will place it on my wall at school in hopes that kids will ask and I can tell a story, a story that will go beyond you and me. Maybe they will get it. Sincerely, Ryan.
Ryan W. Todt  Email: rtodt-at-bellsouth-dot-net   Powder Springs, GA

My husband and I have been Active Duty Military (USN) for four years now. I have seen a good part of the country and experienced many amazing things. I must say that your accomplishments have astounded me and i Thank You for all that you've done and are still doing now. I'm not sure if you remember my Dad or not, Tennyson Barker of Havana, IL. He directed me to your website... I still have goose bumps! Thank You again and God Bless!!!
Nichole Michelle Email: Sienkiewycz Chulita_024-at-hotmail-dot-com San Diego, CA

Dear Mr. Davis. I saw a documentary on tv tonight where you were speaking . I can't believe your great humulity. You will not take the credit for being a hero. I truly believe you when you describe being scared and just trying to survive. Our oldest Son Mike is a black hawk helicopter pilot. He is deployed in Kosovo and is a major in the army reserve. He is on a years active duty and has a wife and four children back home in Utah. We are Mormons and have had both Mike and his brother LaMar serve 2 year missions for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. If you have young Mormon missionaries cross your path you will recognize them by their black suits and ties and a tag on their labels proclaiming they are L.D.S. missionaries. They have a wonderful humble attitude like yourself and have a spiritual message to deliver to you. May the Lord and , his Son, Jesus Christ continue to bless your life, Sincerely, Stan.
Stan Watts Email: wattsplace-at-aol-dot-com   Richmond, Utah

Saw your film at Sheppard AFB. What a true American Hero!
SSGT. Vincent Wellman E-mail: wellmanvincentj-at-johndeere-dot-com  Jesup IA

Mr. Davis,
     I wanted to personally thank you for this evening's speech here at the United States Naval Academy. I have been "asked" (similar to you being "asked" to learn to play the harmonica) to attend many briefs and speeches here at USNA, however, the speech you give is an optional speech. I wanted to make sure that you knew that everyone in that room either heard you before (as I did last year as well) or heard by word of mouth that your story was unable to be justifiably retold by anyone except you, and that many of us wouldn't have missed it for the world.
     Hearing your story has touched my life in a way that is difficult to describe in words, and I know that many other Midshipman feel the same way. The manner in which you present yourself as a "spokesman" for your fallen brothers and tell your story as if was just another day on the job is one thing that has stunned me two years in a row. You are one of the most humble individuals I've ever encountered and it is unfortunate that we do not have more soldiers and men in this large Earth like yourself. Your story is an inspiration to all Midshipman, and I've spread your story to my family and friends who cannot make it to the speech, although next year I intend on bringing a close friend from Philadelphia down to hear you (he tells me he won't let me tell him over the phone about you without hearing you speak himself).
     I can only imagine how difficult it must have been and must be to this day to attend functions at and around the Vietnam Memorial, seeing as your closest brothers' names are etched in stone forever there. You do an amazing thing retelling this story, and I cannot even begin to understand the emotions behind retelling this story every time you speak to an audience, but I can say that I deeply appreciate the sacrifices you have made to be able to pass on your word to people like myself.
     I know (from your speech last year) that you were not welcomed back to the states and given the respect you deserved at the time, and that can never be repaid or made up. I would however, like to make sure you know that I am thanked every time I am in public for "my service" despite the fact that I haven't even begun serving my time in this great military. I do however, see the bigger picture, and understand that they are not so much thanking me, but rather they are thanking the uniform I proudly wear and praising the men and women, like yourself, who have worn this uniform so proudly before me. Your sacrifices and the sacrifices of your closest brothers will never be forgotten, and that is a promise I will keep with me and pass on to generations to come after I am long gone.
     Once again, I would like to thank you for giving your time and retelling such an emotional and amazing story to my fellow Midshipman and me. It will not be forgotten, and I look forward to seeing you again in the future!
Semper Fi,
Thomas S. Bethmann

Hello Mr. Davis, I met you once at the convention at March AFB in 98 or 99 while I was serving in the USMC infantry, and I just decided to look you up on the web, with no idea you had a site. Thanks for your sincere time back then. I was glad to see your photos available. Sory to hear about Mr. Doss. The service never leaves my mind, it seems I am always living in the shadow of those days. Why is it like that? Why do I want to be trapped in those times? Why does civilian life seem meaningless? I feel like my own ghost being haunted by my living body still in the Corps. Hope you're well, and thanks for the good work with our wounded. Semper Fi Army Dog.
Todd C.R. Lininger sgtlininger-at-hotmail-dot-com Claremont, CA

Sarge, I saw you at the Melbourne,Fla Vietnam Memorial Wall dedication on 24 April 06. I want to tell you what a great honor it was to see you and hear you play the harmonica for your friends and mine on the wall, and the lucky ones of us here today. A fellow brother,
Steve Holden  steve3334-at-chartertn-dot-net Kingsport, TN

I served in the Navy in 1970-1971 in Washington, D.C. I have known about you for many, many years. I saw you on tv recently speaking to a group of high school students. I know you don't refer to yourself as a hero, but you are my hero. If you ever come to the Goshen area, my wife and I would be thrilled to meet you and your wife. You are a great American! 
Douglas and Susan Von Ins  susanv-at-maplenet-dot-net Goshen, IN

I was with Marine Helicopter Squadron 362,(Ugly Angels) in 1967 stationed at Ky Ha alittle south of the DMZ. Maybe you heard of it. Semper Fi
Alan Love marine103-at-comcast-dotnet Morris, IL

I'm proud that you're from Ohio - you are to be commended for defending our country! Thanks for the service to our country.
Lin Santor UKLinny-at-aol-dot-com Westerville, OH

Thank you for speaking to the mids at the Naval Academy yesterday. Our son called us last night and talked on and on about you and your experiences. I think he has found another role model to help him in his journey to become an honorable Naval officer. David & Nancy Lagrew Proud parents of Midshipman 4/C Jonathan Lagrew
David & Nancy Lagrew dclagrew-at-cox-dot-net Coto de Caza

I am a Midshipman at the United States Naval Academy. I just wanted to say thank you for speaking to us and taking the time to share with us your story. I have never heard a more incredible life story, and you have greatly inspired me to do better, and when I hit an obstacle, I will always remember your words "you don't lose until you stop trying".
Midn 4/C Luke Chau m091140-at-usna-dotedu Annapolis, MD

Hello Sir, On Mar.23, 2006 you flew out of Detroit Metro Airport to BWI, I work for Northwest Airlines ground service, we were loading your bag and I notice the tag M O H, I wish I could of had time to come up and shake your hand and get you upgraded to 1st class, but by the time we were done loading the jetway was pulled, I hope you had a great flight, I was in the USMC from 1981 to 1985 ,my brother, 1st Sgt Louis Jones is in the Army,22yrs now, cold Fargo N.D. maybe your next trip threw DTW I could shake hands with a man that won the MOH, thanks, Jack Jones
Jack Jones jjonesnu1-at-wowway-dot-com Southgate, MI

I heard your story at a banquet in Greenup, IL and was truly moved by it. I served my country for over 7 years in the Air Force and am proud to be part of a brotherhood that you represent so well. I look forward to someday meeting you again.
Michael Walker Email: kmwalker2-at-frontiernet-dot-net   Altamont, IL

My Daughter Emily and I spent time with you when you came to St Augutine 1991, October 25 to November 2. I was volunteering with the National Guard to assist in bringing the Cathedral Parish Catholic school children to visit the Moving Wall that was set up on the Mission de Nombres grounds. When everyone was gone and you were waiting to get back to your wife, my daughter, who was 8 yrs old at the time were blessed enough to spend some quiet time with you.
I thought of you today as I fought the battle at the VA Hospital on day 52 in Tampa FL with my Fathers Surgeon Major/Dr James Obney who seems to have forgotten the words you shared with my daughter and me that time in 1991 at the Moving Wall. Honor, Duty... I will remind this surgeon that he has a duty to restore my fathers health. My father could breathe, walk, pee, eat before this surgeon touched him. Every day for 52 days I've fought with this surgeon to do his job.... Sammy, I don't want my father to die in the VA hospital because some doctor won't do his job. My Crusade will go on long after my Dad goes home, I will make certain my voice is heard for Veterans everywhere so that what happened to my father doesn't happen to another Veteran. I would be kind enough to direct me to someone outside of the Tampa VA that will look into the situation...My dad, My daughter and Myself would be eternally grateful. Blessings...Lynn
Lynn & Emily Fitzgerald  Email:  youandme-at-tampabay.rr-dot-com  Treasure Island, FL

Mr. Davis,
It's been six years since I have had the honor and privilege of hearing your story of true heroism. At the time, I was the First Sergeant of Alpha Battery 1st Battalion, 33rd Field Artillery stationed in Bamberg Germany. I wanted to thank you for your words of inspiration, that I still use today in training soldiers and Cadets. Train to standard, not to time!! Your words of wisdom inspired me to train my soldiers harder than they have ever been trained before. After your heart felt comments of inspiration in June 2001, my unit deployed to Kosovo and Operation Iragi Freedom with the 1st Infantry Division. The soldiers told me afterwards, that the training they conducted for these operations was more difficult than actually conducting the mission itself. All of the soldiers from my unit returned home to their loved ones. Thank you again for everything you have done for me, our soldiers, our country, and your continued personal sacrifice to inspire others. Duty, Honor,! Country!!
MSG Ricky L. Wheeler  Roswell, NM

SFC Davis, thank you so much for extraordinary visit to Haines City High School, Florida today. Your presentation truly motivated our young cadets and serve as an inspiration to us all. I hope you can come and visit again sometime soon. All the best to you and your wife Dixie as you continue to travel around the country motivating young people to be better citizens.
LTC (R) John Ingraham  Haines City, FL

Thank you for all your sacrifice on behalf of our Nation and citizens. You are an inspiration to us all. May God Bless you and the United States of America.
Dr Maynard M. Suffredini, Jr  EMAIL:

Mr. Davis I saw your story last night on a special program aired here in Pittsburgh and felt compelled to contact you. It is stories like yours that make me proud to be an American. I had tears in my eyes as I listened to your story. If you ever come to Pittsburgh to speak I would feel it an honor to shake your hand. god bless you.
SP4 Keith Brannan   EMAIL:  gomarine-at-adelphia-dot-net  Pittsburgh, PA

Great seeing you in New Glarus, Wisconsin in January Sammy! My best to you and Dixie! Keep in touch my Friend. Come visit my Vets site from time to time and check it out. Docs Military-War Vets Site at 
Doc Dentice EMAIL:  docdentice-at-cox-dot-net   Las Vegas, NV

I meet you at my aunts house Merilyn Burge. I thought you wouldn't mind that I'm doing a school report on you in English. It was an honor to meet you sir and i hope we can meet again soon.
Kyle Harter - Indianapolis, NI

Sammy, You probably don't remember me, but I met you several times when we were raising funds for the Vietnam Memorial in Springfield. You might remember my husband Toby Brant. Toby was a tanker with the 2nd/34th Armor at Cu Chi, 1969. He lost both legs due to a booby trap.I want to let you know Toby was killed in a pickup truck accident Oct 16,2005.He was a big guy with a loud hearty laugh and hard to forget. His was one of the largest funerals ever in this small town of Charleston. Bob Mathias, Lee Oakley, and all the Patriot guys were here. I established a scholarship in his name at Lake Land College in Mattoon. It's for the spouse, child or grandchild(step kids too) of a veteran. Toby's second edition of his book came out 2 weeks after he died. I would like to send you a copy. Please contact me via email with your address and I'll mail on to you. Toby attended a big fundraier for the memorial at Mike's in Flat Rock all those many years ago. Where is Mike? He stayed overn! ight here way back then. I had artificial legs all over the place! I didnt get on line until a short time ago. If I had known you had a web site I would have contacted you sooner. God Bless You Sammy. Sincerely, 
Billie Brant  EMAIL:  bjbrant-at-consolidated-dot-net  Charleston, IL

I would like to hear from people who served on or near hill 837 near xuan loc.
Darwin Kewitsch EMAIL: kewitsch-at-paulbunyan-dot-net   Bemidji, MN

Dear Sammy I have been wanting to meet you for several years now I was working as the Anodize supervisor for a company that was at the time of your visit called Aluminum Finishing they were at 9850 E. 30th Street in Indianapolis we did the Anodizing for the Medal of Honor Memorial in downtown Indianapolis! I am a Vietnam Vet Myself and was awarded the Purple Heart, and a few other awards but nothing like yours, you are a true Hero! Take care best regards 
Steve Findlay  Email: sfindlay-at-superiormetals-dot-us  Indianapolis, IN

Dear Sammy,
I served with you in the 6/92 artillery in Fort Hood, Texas in 68-69. I was the battery clerk and always had a tough time trying to account for you on the morning report as you were always gone somewhere. I am a Viet Nam vet also, D co. 1/22 inf. 4ID, 67-68. I just found your website (very nice) and am glad you are still alive and well and out there promoting freedom and integrity for us, which is sorely needed these days. Good to have known you.
God's blessings.
Mike Stevens  Email:  mstevens-at-mstube-dot-com  Holly, MI

As the father of an artillery Captain with the 4th battalion 1st Field Artillery Ft Riley, I thank you for your prior service, and for your continued efforts to keep 'The Promise' alive. My son has spent 24 of the last 33 months in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and even though I have worried about his safety each day, I am proud of him for his service to this great country. I will continue to help try and make sure none of us forget how truly blessed we are to live in such a great land.
Thanks again.
Michael Spurlock  Email:  Michael_Spurlock-at-Progressive-dot-com
Cleveland, OH

Brother Sammy,
I want to thank you for speaking to my students at Clark-Pleasant Middle School. I really believe that it will make a difference in some of their lives. They will remember that they held the medal and met the man who earned it. They will also possibly think one day when times are tough for them, "If he can do that, I can do this." It was wonderful to see you again, and a belated congratulations on your marriage. Mrs. Davis seems like a very wonderful woman. I am very happy for the both of you. Feel free to stop by the school any time you would like. You are more than welcome here. Take care and God bless you and your family.
Sincerely and Fraternally,
Scott Parkhurst   Email:
8th Grade US History Teacher and
Worshipful Master Union Village Lodge #545, 2006
Whiteland, IN

Hey whats up. You K.C's lil girl. I just wanted to tell you tat I like your website. I hope that maybe I see you some time. My dad talks about you alot when we start talking about the war. From what I heard your really cool. I respect the vets alot and I wanted to tell you that I am writing a book about the stuff I know from what people tell me about the war and stuff. wants it gets finished you wil be the first to read it. If you don't no my dad this is his website I think. you can see what I had wrote in fifth grade. everyone that knows my dad has saw it. YOu might like it.
lil-bit-11-at-webtv-dot-net  Middletown, OH

November 12, 2005.
One of the hallmarks of a hero is humility. Here is an example of Sammy's.
I remember one time I was at the Howard County Vietnam Veterans Organization (HCVVO) reunion in Kokomo Indiana. Sammy was the Master of Ceremonies. When he wasn't on stage, Sammy was out on the grounds picking up litter that his fellow veterans had dropped on the ground. That really impressed me. He was there as the guest of honor. And of all the heroes there that day, he was probably the most recognized and the most honored. Yet he chose to spend his off-stage time in humble service picking up trash.
I've seen him and met him at other reunions too. He is truly an example to be admired and emulated.
Dave A.  EMAIL- dave-at-indynerds-dot-com  Indianapolis, IN

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to visit our site and offer your words of encouragement. We feel deeply honored! My brother Tony gave me your web address so that our family could get to know you. We loved learning about your courageous battles, in spite of your pain and injuries - this was very meaningful for our son Conner and his daily battles with illness. Thank you again for taking the time to stop by and for sharing a little inspiration!  Lafayette, IN

Hi, I think you are real important. Because you get to meet the president, and you have so many metels. YOUR really cool. YOURS TRULY, TAYLOR [KID FROM NCS COMMUNITY SCHOOL.]

SFC Davis,
My name is WO1 Robert Evans. I had the great honor and privilege of meeting you and hearing your story at the Land Combat Expo in Heidelburg Germany in 2003. Your story was a great inspiration to me. Your devotion to your fellow soldiers made a huge impact on me as I went into Iraq. I tried to remember what you went through on that fateful night and emulate your actions as I served during Operation Iraqi Freedom. I was lucky enough to bring all of my soldiers home uninjured. We traveled in more than 200 convoys through Iraq. No person in the world I have met has ever impressed me until the point that I met you. You are a true hero and inspiration to the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines and Coastguardsmen fighting this war. Thank you for your service and for what you did for our great country, Sir.
WO1 Robert E. Evans
An inspired and grateful soldier

Mr. Davis: I've visited your site many times, never cease to be amazed at the lives you've touched. I first met you back in '96 when the MVVA sponsored the "Moving Wall". You were the main guest speaker. We had worked hard to find one of your 'missing comrades' from 30 years ago...were successful. It was hard keeping our secret quiet...but we did. In a crowd of thousands, there wasn't a dry eye to be seen when you two were reunited! I have great memories of this special time and thank you for taking the time to sign our Programs and your photo. I currently serve as Ex. VP of the Silver Star Families, dedicated to honoring our Wounded Soldiers and their families. Thank you for dropping by to sign our Guest Book. You have been an inspiration to so many, touching each of us in your unique way. May God continue to bless your Mission, as we are blessed in just knowing you're still fighting.
God willing, we will meet again.
Lynn Price
Executive Vice President
Silver Star Families of America Charlotte, NC 

It was a great HONOR to meet you today and then again to see you in Kroger none the less. I thank you for your service and anytime you are in town you will always have a place to stay.
Michael Hills Jackson, Tn

We met at the recent AUSA convention, where you generously autographed your picture for me. I visited your website and thought I would once again thank you for your ongoing service inspiring Soldiers like me.
Again, thank you for your past and ongoing service.
CPT Dave Cotting, USA

Dear Sgt. Davis,
The 5th graders at Neil Armstrong just learned about you and the Medal of Honor you received from President Johnson. What did it feel like to be there receiving that honor from the President of the United States? We are very proud to know you and know that you lived in Mooresville.
Jane Phillips Mooresville, IN

It was so nice to see you and Dixie in Indianapolis recently. Paula, Kelli and I were so mad about your medal being stolen but were so relieved when it was returned to you. This past Saturday, Sept. 17, 2005, Paula, Brian and I were in New Albany, IN for the rededication of the grave site of Civil War Medal of Honor recipient Charles H. Seston and it was impressive. The Civil War re-enactors did an outstanding job and it was very moving when the bugler played TAPS and the new stone was uncovered. When I spoke to the crowd I told them how important guys like Sgt. Seston are to our country and need to be remembered. I also told them about my friend, Sgt. Sammy Davis, and what a great and inspiring job you do when you go out and talk to the students and how important it is that the students of today get to hear a true AMERICAN HERO tell them that their American heritage can't be taken for granted. Sammy, keep up the good work and give Dixie a big hug for us. We hop!
e to get to see you before too long.

P.G. Gentrup  E-mail: Lawrenceburg, IN
September 19, 2005

Thank you for this patriotic website.
George Duncan
Mr. Sammy L. Davis, I really enjoyed meeting you at the Niles memorial service for the revealing of the monument downtown. I was part of the family that had to take all those pictures and autographs. I think you'd remember. Thank you for sharing your story to all that had came to see the revealing of the monument. It had really touched me and my friends. It brought a tear to my eye to never forget those who have fought and fallen. I hope you can come back to visit the monument. I would like to mention a terrible thing that has happened in our town though. There is a skate park down the road from the monument. Some skate boarders decided to ride over the bricks. And now there are 13 broken bricks. They will be replaced but it is a sad thing to see in our community. The city has promised to find these people and punish them with fines for the bricks. This is terrible because people put a lot of time and effort into this great memorial and now the respect from some people have been lost do to this incedent. I hope you read this and know that the city will find the person and/or people responsible for this. Thanks again for coming toour town and touching so many lives. Thank you and God Bless.
Mandy Lighthart <>
Niles, MI USA -
Sammy, I finally got here. Nice work. I have to tell you that meeting you in Mo back in 97 remains one of the high points of my life and the kids still have your pictures on their walls. Keep on truck'n brother, love ya
David Linton <>
Friendswood, TX USA -
Welcome Home Brother!I was with the 3/5th Cav--9th Inf. Div 1967. Bear Cat,Xuan Loc, Hobo woods, Lie Khe. Can't put into words what I would like to say.So proud of you.May God bless you.
Darius Cunningham <>
Duck, WV USA -
C 2/4FA 13M10 ALOC RTO i got to meet you in whitesands. It was the highlight of my army career.
Spc. Murad M. Razzaq <>
Wichita, KS USA -
Sammy: I met you at the Riley Hospital Miracle Ride last May. I'd love to have you speak to my history students at Hamilton Southeastern High School. I would be grateful for a response and contact information.
Mitchell Steckler <>
Fishers, IN USA -
Sir, I finally had the honor of meeting you at The Moving Wall display, 10/07/2004 in Noblesville, IN. I missed all of the presentation and honors being rendered, because being a member of the Indiana Guard Reserves, we were tasked to provide Traffic Control for the many visitors attending the ceremonies. I waited around till you came back, and had two pictures taken of us. I was so surprised, and happy at the same time. I wish you and your family well,and may you have a bright future!
Terry L. Harris <>
Peru, IN USA -
Sammy: I saw you in the film "A Time For Honor" last night and was extremely moved. I hope to have the privilege of meeting you some day.
Mark Janofsky <>
Sonoma, CA USA -
Sammy, what a joy to have you in Skidmore for Freedom Fest. This was the first time that I met your daughter, and your beautiful grandchildren. You have a wonderful family. I hope that they will come with you each and every year. Sunday night at Carla's was so special. You are so special, and thank you for calling me your friend.
Cheryl Huston <>
Skidmore, Mo USA -
Uncle Sam, Words can not even begin to express what I feel in my heart for you. Thank you for "being" with me that day in Iraq, 18Aug04. I will not let the promise stop with me!
SPC Stephanie Kemplin 324th MP Co <>
Cincinnati, OH USA -
SFC Davis. I wanted to take a minute and tell you what an honor it was to be in the presence of a Medal of Honor receipent at the Blue Ash gathering last evening. I have been to the Wall in DC twice and the Rolling Thunder gathering once. Each time I go it is a very moving experience for me. I have been home from Nam 35 years this year and have friends on the wall that I stop and visit on each trip. I will add Ssgt. Johnston Dunlap's name to my visitation list. Welcome home brother. My wife and I really enjoyed your rendition of Shenandoah.
Gerry Haas <>
West Chester, Oh USA -
Brother Sam I hope all is well. With love and respect, Maurizio
Maurizio Cascapera <>
Glendale, ca USA -
i was assigned to recon platoon 1/503rd 173rd abn. bde. in 6/67. we were moving up to camp radcliff at the time and soon after we became d co. 1/503. am i correct????? i can't remember much from then anymore. spent most of the time around dak to and was there when they hit the ammo dump and 2 out of 3 c-130's on the strip. had to identify many frisnds in the morgue before i went back out to the unit. larry b.
larry burdge <>
baldwin, ga USA -
Dear Mr. Davis: I have just seen the documentary “A Time for Honor: Stories from Vietnam” on my local public television station in NYC this Sunday afternoon (9/26/04) and I felt compelled to write to you to express great admiration and thanks to you for your service to America. Perhaps the service that you have rendered since leaving Vietnam has been as great if not greater than your service in Vietnam because of the way you have touched so many lives so deeply and so positively. Your exemplary service and character are truly an inspiration and example for others to honor. I feel lucky just to have seen your appearance on “A Time for Honor.” One can only hope that more Americans will hear your words and follow your example. Thank you again for your sacrifice and contributions for one and all.
Chris Ikaris <>
Brooklyn, NY USA -
So very good meeting you at the 22nd annual Vietnam gathering at Kokomo, Indiana. God Bless and keep up the good work even though I am a Marine 1969 with the 5th Marine Regiment.
Mark J. Kleiman <>
Florence, KY USA -
OOPS.. email is
Chuck Harvey <>
Stamford, CT USA -
Sammy.. I know you probably dont remember me.. but we met 2-3 times over the last 8 years in DC.. I just got off the phone with Dixie and was elated to hear about you two.. I know she has told you about The Few... and am looking forward to seeing you and Dix again in VT in December... Best of luck to BOTH of you.. you both deserve it.. Chuck
Chuck Harvey <>
Stamford, CT USA -
I had the honor of meeting you at the recent reunion in Kokamo. It was great to have my picture made with you. It was a nice reunion and heart rendering at the same time.Thanks to people like you we are still free. Bev
Bev Hodge <>
So. Roxana, Il USA -
My friend Sammy, This is Ben--Your Golden Knight Friend. Great website. I'll keep tabs of your schedule, and will make sure I stop in for a visit when you are on the East Coast area. Keep up the great work you do for us!!
Ben Currin <>
Oxford, NC USA -
Sammy, It was so wonderful to have you back at Freedom Fest. As usual you did an excellent job. Thank you for all that you do. The school kids really enjoyed having you at school with them and then during the living history on the grounds. It is such a positive for the kids to meet a real life hero. Thank you for bringing Nikki and your grandkids with you. It was a true family reunion. You are my hero! Love - Carla
Carla Wetzel <>
Skidmore, MO USA -
My class and I would like to once again thank you for eating pizza with us on Friday, September 10. It was an honor to meet you and hear your story. We all want you to know that what you did was an amazing, brave action well deserving of the Congressional Medal of Honor. We hope to see you again next year at Freedom Fest. Sincerely, Mrs. Lemar and fifth grade students
Cynthia A. Lemar <>
Maitland, MO USA -
Mr. Davis, I just wanted to say, that it was a great honor to meet you when you visited A Co. 2/152 INF in Bosnia. You're an inspiration to all soldiers. AIRBORNE Sir!!!!!
SSG William Lincks <>
Indpls., IN USA -
Norco is a located approximately 20 miles West of New Orleans. I just wanted to say "THANK YOU"
Floyd Borne <>
Norco, La USA -
Saw the article about you and the troops at Eagle Base in the Palladium-Item. I teach now at IUE in Richmond. Was in the Red Sea aboard two destroyers last year and earlier this year as a civ-con instructor - took the job to help out anyway I could, and to go do something. Thanks for being there when I was in high school and college in the 60's. (I graduated HS in 1967.) I didn't have to go then, but some of my high school friends and acquaintances did. At least one I know of didn't come back. Another got wounded. I'll take any chance I get now to go support the services - because of you and others like you. Thanks for being there and defending the country.
Ron Bingaman <>
Richmond, IN USA -
Thank You for your visit to Bosnia.
Keith Nelson <>
Terre Haute , IN USA -
I have really been inspired by your commitment to our country, fellow veterans and their families. God has, and is using you in a mighty way. You have touched so many peoples lives in such a powerful manner. Your sincerity, honor, and truth you speak of, is the real core of what this country is based on. What a blessing to know you and call you my friend.
Joan Shelton
Louisville, ky USA -
I met you during the Women's Statue dedication in DC. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to spend just a few minutes talking to you. I have recently read of you visiting wounded troops in Landstuhl Germany. Many of my reservist buddies from my former unit are deployed there, and I am proud of your taking your time to visit them all. GBA/
Harvey Snyder <>
Charlton, NY USA -
First off, I want to offer my thanks to you for your service to our country. Your sacrafice is greatly apperciated. It is hard for me to understand what it was like to survive the fighting in the jungles of Vietnam. Your bravery in the face of such chaos is simply amazing. May God bless you and your family.
Robert Patrick Moscato <>
Buffalo, NY USA -
welcome home brother , i ment you at salina ks , and shook your hand, and told u i never ment living medal of honor winner before than igave you a salute and u retruned it to me thanks bro, god bless you and all the bros, i was in the 1st inf, 16 regement co a, 1971 to 73.
wayne brumbalow <>
enterprise , ks USA -
Iwas with the 2/4 art. 9th Inf Div. 1969/1970
John DeBaca <>
OakRidge, TN USA -
I saw you last year when you came to Lawrenceburg High School. I appreciate you taking your time to talk to my classmates and myself, and I just wanted to say thank you for everything you've done and continue to do for our country. God bless!
in USA -
Hi there, i thought id look you up on the web to see what i could come up with. i have a picture of you and my dad Donald Schultz, but i seemed to have lost it. Thank you SrA Adam Schultz USAF
Adam Schultz <>
Travis AFB, CA USA -
Did not we go to same school? In Norwalk Virginia? Goe Scott remember?
Sammy, I am so happy that you will be with us in Skidmore this year. The 'family' will be together again. Can't wait till September. love, cheryl
Cheryl Huston <>
Skidmore, Mo USA -
Sammy, here is the web site for Freedom Fest 2004. We can't wait to see you in Skidmore!
Carla Wetzel <>
Skidmore, Mo USA -
Sammy, we are so excited about having you at Freedom Fest 2004. The dates this year are September 9 - 12 in Skidmore, Missouri. Area school kids will be on the grounds to visit with the speakers on Thursday and Friday. The main activities will be on Saturday, this will include speakers like Earl Hopper, John Musgrave, John Burnam, Noonie Fortin and more. Entertainment will include Britt Small, Michael Martin and more. There will also be many living history displays. The event will conclude on Sunday with an all-faith church service by John Steer. It will be a treat to have you back in Skidmore again. We have missed you. Check out the web site for more details.
Carla Wetzel <>
Skidmore, Mo USA -
I am a American Kid For those who fought for my Freedom; on this ground for which I stand. I am a American KID, Yes I am, Yes I am.. I am free to live my dreams, for ME To be the kid I want to be.. It is because of men and women who did what was Right, So kids like me can have sweet deams at night.. As I thank the one above, for my country to which I give my LOVE, may God bless you all, and I thank you for this country for which I stand, for I am a AMERICAN KID Yes I am, Yes I am.. Sharon masters, Greencastle Indiana.june 5th, 2004
Sharon masters
Greencastle, Ind USA -
Thank you for sharing your experiences and personal information.
LTC Scott R. Collins <>
Indianapolis, IN USA -
It was an honor to meet you at the Miracle Ride for Riley Hospital Kids 2004. I am thankful to you for what you gave to our Country and the smiles you gave to the children that need our help. God Bless You Always, Sonja A. Cole
Sonja Cole <>
Indianapolis, in USA -
Sammy, I was so impressed with your websight thatmy Nephew who is a webmaster did one for me. Give it a look. Hope to see you some day soon. I was sorry to heaar of your loss!!!!!!!! Georgie
Geeorgie Carter Krell <>
Miami, Florida USA -
Sammy, I checked out your web site after we saw you in Pittsburg, Ks. There were so many good comments. You are the epitome of "duty, honor, country", and apparently the epitome of 'grandpa', too, which is probably the most important of all. love you, Cheryl
cheryl Huston <>
Skidmore, Mo USA -
SFC Davis: Although I didn't get to meet you personnally it was indeed a great honor to be in the presence of a Medal of Honor recipient. I could see you were in great demand and didn't want to take any time away from the Vietnam Vets at the dedication of the Vietnam Memorial in Pittsburg Ks. I was in the Marine Corps from 1973 to 1975 and the Army Reserve from 1979 to 1994. I enlisted in the Corps so I could go to Vietnam like my Brother but did not get the opportunity. Now that I am older and wiser I suppose I was lucky I didn't. I can only imagine what all of you must have gone through and have nothing but the highest respect for you and your fellow serviceman. I wish all the best in this world and all the respect you deserve. Very Sincerely Duane (Buzz) Hill American Legion Post 43 Frontenac, Ks
Duane Hill <>
Frontenac, Ks USA -
Sammy - As a brother in combat from not only Vietnam, but also from the 9th. Infanrty Division and "D" Btry 2nd of the 4th Field Artillery down in the Delta from Jan.'69 through Mar. '70. Let me say that your past heroism makes all of us who served over there proud to be Americans at a time in our country's history which once again has challenged the young men and women of this country be show that they can show the same courage and honor that you have showed in battle. Thank you sir for the service and honor you have shown and demonstrated not only in battle, but also in the life you have lived after returning to "the world" (as we always referred to the USA). May God bless you, your family and the U.S.A. - Jerry Bowman (Sgt. U.S. Army until March 1970)
Jerry Bowman <>
Omaha, NE USA -
Thank you for your service

sir you recently visited 201st squadron of the australian air-force cadets, i wonted to thank you for taking the time to inspire a group of young cadets. you are truly a nobel man, you diserve it sir. you have really inspired me to give my all and live my life by the code... on behalf of 201sqn i thank you sir.
Brisbane, QLD Australian -
hihi i'm one of the cadet from the 201 squadron.. i was really please and happy to meet one of the survivor army from the world wars from the united states which also recieved the medal of honour,which is Segeant Sammy L.Davis. On behalf of our staff and cadet member i would like to thank you for comming to visit us from a long way journey and talked us how you survived in wars over the past. Sir you deserve the medal of honour..^^
Kingly Pang <>
Brisbane, QLD Australia -
Cool hoped you like Australia and we enjoyed you comeing to our sqn
kieren <>
brisbane, queensland australia -
Sir, you recently came to the 201st airforce cadet squadron that i am part of, and wouls like to thank you for the speech you gave to us... And like you said, i checked out your site... Thanks for the inspiration!!!
Jeremy Evain <>
Brisbane, QLD Australia -
Hello from Austria ! Best wishes, Anna
Klagenfurt, at Austria -
Hi! Sammy I hope that this message find's you in the best health and strength. My daughter's father is SGT.Keith Davis,He's with A Co.980TH EN.GP over there also. I will be praying for not only the both of you but for us all!!! GOD look after those that are willing to defend our Country by any cost necessary. Sammy, I know you are happy to know that there are people out here that love's you,and Blessed to have spent a moment to send you all the love,prayer's,and thank's for being that special person. Your Friend Alway's,Sandra Sanders
Sandra Sanders <>
Dallas, tx USA -
Sammy, Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
Doug and Pam
well i am in njrotc and i am a ns2 and i have 2 do a project about a medal of honor earner and i picked u
adam boaz <>
greenville, ohio USA -
Sammy...You can and should be extremely proud of all you have done both as a soldier and a husband. I am proud to be able to say that we served together. At this time of your personal loss of your wife, I want you to know that my prayers are truly with you and that I hope that you are able to recount all the pleasant memories. I know the pain and the emptiness as I just lost my wife two weeks prior to your loss. My heart is heavy and if there is any way in which I can do anything other than these simple words PLEASE give a shout. My sincereest condolences to you and your family....Bill Dow C Btry 2/4th Arty 1967
William Dow <>
Springwater, N.Y. USA -
Sammy, The San Diego Police Department and I would like to convey our best wishes on you and your family at this difficult time. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Carry on brother. C. Asbell
C. Asbell <>

Sammy- It is with heavy heart that the members of the Indianapolis Police Department SWAT team learned of your recent loss. Our hearts go out to you and your family. You mean so much to us and every man stands willing to do whatever possible to assist you, all you have to do is ask. I hope your good memories will last you a lifetime and ease your grief. Take care, our good friend...and know that you are welcome with IPD's finest anytime!
Dale True <>
Indianapolis, IN USA -

severd on the Tappahannock AO43 from Jan 1947 to April 1950
Paul Heller <>
Big Bear Lake, CA USA -
Sammy, looking through the comments in your guest book, I am blown away by the number of lives you have touched. You are one of the reasons Carla and I work our butts off to do Freedom Fest. God Bless you, Sammy. I am proud to call you my friend. love, cheryl
Cheryl Huston <>
Skidmore, Mo USA -
Hello ,I loved the website!!! I am so proud to be your GRANDDAUGHTER!!!!
Stevie Johnson <>
Flat Rock, IL USA -
Wade Tucker <>
Birmingham, al USA -
Served Americal/Chu Lai 69-70, Your story brought me back to the war I tried to forget. Enjoyed your web site. You should be proud!
Phil Ebbers
Port Angles, WA USA -
Sammy, I am from the era of Vietnam. I saw many of my classmates, when they graduated, shipped to Vietnam, some of them did not come back. Now I face seeing my niece being sent. Granted she is with a hospital group, and will be spending the next 3 months preparing to go overseas. You still worry. She is the mother of 1 and wife. But I know in her heart she is doing what is expected of her. God bless each and everyone of you that were in each of the wars from World War I to now. With out you we would not be free.
Linda <>
Lake of the Ozarks, Mo USA -
Mr. Davis, Just wanted to write a quick letter to tell you of the honor of meeting you through my course of work with the Indiana State Police. We met for the first time during the 2001 Police and Fire games when I was a member of the Indiana State Police SWAT team and you spent time with each team prior to each event. I thank you for taking the time to be with us that week. I have had the fortunate experience to be accepted and attend the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, KS while a member of the 76th BDE, Indiana National Guard located in Indianapolis, IN. While at school I have been tasked to give a short presentation on a MOH recipient. You were the first one to come to my mind. It is an honor to have an opportunity to talk about a man who served his country as you did for whom I have had the honor to meet. With the utmost regards, Major Robert Burke, INARNG
Robert Burke <>
Fort Leavenworth , KS USA -
Sammy, was nice talking to you on the phone. Read your chapter in Vietnam: Our Story compiled by Gary D. Gullickson. I live down Hwy 14 West of Gary a few towns. Nov 8, 1967 changed my life also. 9th Infantry Division, Third Field Hospital Saigon, malaria which I did not have. Please E-Mail me you are someone I want to meet, THANK YOU for what you have done for all of us. Welcome Home Mark
Mark E. Slama <>
Janesville, MN USA -
hey sammy i love your web and i hope you get this e-mail my some time okay at bye.
Cassodnra Del-Angel <>
kennewick, wa USA -
SFC Davis, I am writing to let you know how much your site meant to me. It is hard sometimes to see the things my country does; and I consider myself a great patriot. I met you in White Sands with 2/4 FA, the MLRS BN that showed the world how it's done in it's aggressive march to Baghdad. They made me proud, and I was proud to have been in a unit that could claim a man like you as an alumni. You are an inspiration to me, as I tried to inspire my troops to greatness. Tho I did not fight this last time with the BN, I sent over some well trained troops; I liked to think I was there in spirit. You awarded me a Coin for Excellence one day in the Sands, shortly before you had an open session with the troops of the BN. It liked to make me cry, and even now moves me; I cannot express how much that coin means to me among all else I have earned; it is the most special. I thought of you recently as I was chronicling my military career and life trying to sort through some stuff. I am proud to have met you, sir, and honored to have worn the same uniform. I hope I did it right by you, and shall have earned the right to consider myself Your Brother in Arms, *excellent song, BTW* Rayvn
SSG JS MCAnarney <>
Apache, OK USA -
Sammy I am sure you don,t remember me ,we met in Longview Tex at the Moving Wall I havent heard much about you since except that you had a severe accident hope you are doing alright.I will allways remember the talk you gave that afternoon I also have it on video if I get to feeling down I can Just put it on and feel better. I have aSon in The Navy now and I tell to bear down and do it. I hope you and youre are doing O.K. A member of THE LAST PATROL And A Walking Man Phil
Philip D. Doss <>
Avinger, Tx USA -
thanks for your web site,i was once a soldier at schofield barracks,and like all of us there i was proud to have served.i was with 4th.27th.wolfhounds.once again thanks for being here.
sgt. johnie l. smith <big john1955 2000>
tacoma, wa USA -
cool work !!! like your website ! best wishes from UK !
london , uk uk -
Dear Sammy, I first met you at the Welcome Home parade in LA, CA in 1987 then again in St. Louis at Jefferson Barracks in 1990. My husband was high bidder for the autographed POW flag in the Army vs Marines auction that Sat night. We need your help. We did a "Support Our Troops" rally on Mar. 22, 2003 and have formed a committee to do a follow-up "Welcome Home/Continued Support" parade and B-B-Q on the first anniversary. We live in Dahlonega, GA, a very Military and Patriotic town. We want to invite America to participate. Please contact me if you or anyone else may be interested. You can view our community on We are proud to have 3 star Gen. Guy La Boa on our committee. God Bless America, Mike and Pat Van Hecke
Pat Van Hecke <>
Dahlonega, GA USA -
I am a new sgt in the army national guard i have meet sammy daivis a couple of times at a kids camp in Indiana have listen to him speak he is a very powerful speaker he has made me relize my future in leadership how important it is to develpope highly trained soldiers i try to do my best in trainning them and i train my self to be has diiplined as he was it the time of battle
Sgt. Martin, Anthony <>
ft wayne, in USA -
Welcome Home Brother and thanks for your example to our kids.
Daniel Manguso
Great Site Sammy,I am best friend of Jim Gilbert,Orlando,We were in Charlie Co. 1st. Bn. 9th.Marines-66-67,Hope to see you again in Melbourne ,Fla.2004-
Dave Miller <>
Dunbar, WV USA -
12-7-03 We just viewed the video made by the man from Teutopolis " A time for Honor" It was excellent and I salute you for your noble efforts then and now. Thank you
Sgt Keith and Stacy Matson <>
Newton, Il USA -
i took over your job in nam in 70. i was with d co 2/4 3bge 9 inf. you were my insperation to do a good job as fo for the guys i serviced while i was there.
joseph l weiss <>
indpls, in USA -
Dear Mr. Davis, My name is Robert Tanner and I am from the Boy Scout Troop 499. You came to one of our scout meetings and spoke to us about the war, and I was wondering if you would be able to contact me about an enterview on tape. I have to do this project for my English 12A CP class. I hope that you can do this, but if you are unable to that is fine also. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Robert Tanner (317)783-0673
Robert Tanner <>
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Dave Teke gave me your URL. He sent me a Photo of you and spoke most highly of you and pride that he had met you. Loyd
Loyd Fleming ETC USN ret. 1977 <>
Florence, KY USA -
When we entered Vietnam, we became suddenly aware that we were entering into the heart of darkness and the edge of civilization; but we entered.. Our Country was beckoning...Illusion and reality blended into the landscape, and time, as we knew it, stopped! We now became...Brothers in Arms.
mike <>
Pendleton, in USA -
I just read "The Promise" Thank you! It is how I still feel today. I lost a very good friend on 9-11. I have spent my life knowing what a great country I live in, glad there are people like you here. Thank you for "My Freedom", and for what you have given to The United States of America. I take it very personally what you and others have given for this country! For if not for the brave men and women like you, there would be know place called America! Freedom is not Free, we know that now. I always did know it. Robin
Robin Garbe <>
Kansas City, MO USA -
It's been some time since we've seen each other. But I remember Pointman 1, E team like it was yesterday. Glad to see you finally got a web page. Lets you inspire even more people than you ever thought. It is a great sight! I remember you told me that it was a tremendous responsibility to represent the MOH. You have spent the last 36 years living up to that responsibility and then some. You have made America and every veteran proud!!!! Good health to you, Peg and the family.
Rich Gough <RPG3706@AOL.COM>
Whiting, NJ USA -
You are a true inspiration! I have met you at Ft. Sill in 2001 and also again at the Land Combat Expo at Heidelberg in 2003.You are a great man, and treat me like we have known eachother forever....THANK YOU!
Ricke Branum Jr. <>
Truckee, CA USA -
Great website!!!! Thank you for your service to this country!!! How does one go about getting a signed picture of you? Greg
Greg Tompkins <>
Anderson, In USA -
Dear Sammy L. Davis: Truly I say to you that I was honored and humbled by your presence at the annual meeting of the Indianapolis Public Schools Police. You are a TRUE American hero! Thank you for being there for all of us and may God bless you and your wife in the coming days. May there be many happy days ahead for you and your family. John Robert Coy, Police Officer Indianapolis Public Schools Police
John R. Coy <>
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Thank you so much for speaking to our department (Indaianapolis Public Schools Police). Your service to our country both in Vietnam and here today are greatly appreciated. I thank god for you and men like you. My prayers are with you,your wife and family. Thank you ever so much. Jeff
Jeff Brunner <>
Indianapolis, In USA -
So inspiring - we need more people like you speaking out for our country and its people!! The Promise is absolutely beautiful! WE are so proud of all of you have fought to defend our freedoms - Again my heartfelt thanks and God's blessing on you!!
Sue Madden <>
Tiffin, OH USA -
Thanks for your service to our the son of a WWII era Army vet, an Army Vet myself (78-81), and the parent of an Army soldier, I really enjoyed your site.
Dan Lee <>
Terre Haute, IN USA -
Hello Mr. Davis. I am a Sea Cadet I meet you last week at the SEALs Reunion. I was there at Mini BUD/s training. I just want to say that you have really encouraged me even more to serve our country. I did not even know who you were until I meet you. Your story was extremely inspiring, it helped me a lot to get threw the last week of training. I just wanted to say thank you. I was wondering if some how I could get in contact with you. Thank You
Andrew Nastasiak <>
Point Pleasnt Boro, NJ USA -
Mr. Davis, Thank you so much for your service to our country. Your web-site is an inspiration to us all. Proudly serving in the Persian Gulf, July-2003 Marty Miller POW/MIA "You are not forgotten"
SSG Marty Miller <>
Heath, OH USA -
Sammy, I want to thank you for the picture that you sent me that was autographed. I received it at the Mothers Of the Military Rally that took place in Indianappolis. Thank you for your service and the support and friendship you have given my support group. May God Bless you and yours Etta Love
Etta Love <>
Lubbock, TX USA -
Sammy, I would like to thank you for the personalized signiture with picture of you that was gave to me from you at the Mothers of Military rally in Indianapolis, In. Karen Hollondsworth gave it to me and I will charish it always. You are the best. Keep up the good work and I pray everyday that all of our soldiers can have someone like you always to look up to. Love Lynn
lynn clifton <>
oklahoma city, ok USA -
took time, and I hope you enjoyed partying with us. It was an honor for us when you came over and spent time with us 'The HERD always had very deep respect for you.Thanks for all you have done for us Sammy.Doc
Doc Daniels <>
Reading, Pa USA -
I met you last night at the ABATE party in Flat Rock. I have seen you speak and heard of you as a "local legend". What a fun loving and humble person you are. It was a real honor to meet you. Your website is great. I am passing it on to some friends and fellow disabled veterans and I am sure they will enjoy it.
Teri Nash Brogdon <>
Palestine, IL USA -
I really enjoy your web site. Thank you for your service!!!!!! Hope to be able to meet you would be a great honor. Greg T. USN 1980-1984
Greg Tompkins <>
Anderson, In USA -
I am wondering if you can help me with a problem I have. I am trying to find out if a man named Carroll Ward was the recipient of a Congressional Medal of Honour, probably between 1840 and 1870. Do you have any suggestions for where I should look? I would really appreciate any suggestions of where I might find the answer.
Katharine Wilson <>
Toronto, Canada -
My family, friends and I was at the Miracle Ride in Indianapolis, just got back today. This was our 5th year in a row. I never get tired of hearing your story and I tear up everytime you talk. Thanks so very much for all you do, and thanks for your help with the Riley Children.
Tara Johnson <>
Bloomington, IN USA -
Sir, I am honored to have met such a brave and honorable man. I will forever treasure having met such a gallant patriot. I will always be indebted as all Americans should be for your brave and fearless service of your country.I salute you sir. With deepest respect, sincerely, Michael T. Mercurio
Mike Mercurio <>
Cincinnati, OH USA -
Sammy L. Davis. I really enjoyed your site I have made a few print outs so my mom and dad could read them. When you visited Union High School in Dugger I paid close attention to what you had to say. I'm quite interested in the millatary but I'm not shure of what branch. Perhaps your could send me information about the millatary. Evan Reynolds
Evan Dow Reynolds <>
Dugger, IN USA -
Mr. Davis Montgomery County is presenting a plaque to honor the Medal of Honor winners from Montgomery County in the two hundred year of statehood and they would like you to attend. Since you represent the only living Medal of Honor winner still alive from Montgomery County. The Cermony is June 11, 2003 at 10:30 am at Memorial Hall in Dayton Ohio. If you could contact, Matt Riffel from the Commissioner's office at (937)225-4690 or you can e-mail him at Also Dale Huffman from the Dayton Daily News (937)225-2272.
Aaron Crawford <>
miamisburg, oh USA -
Brother Sammy, thank you for your service to Country and Combat Buddies. While Duty, Honor, and Committment to our Country is indeed commendable, when the krap hits the fan, we put our life on the line "for our combat buddies", don't you agree ? Semper Fidelis, Brother ... I am PROUD to call you a Fellow American, Honorable Sodier, and Friend.
Loyde P. SNAKE Arender <>
Monroe, LA USA -
Hi Uncle Sammy! Just thought I would drop you a line, let you know how greatful I am for what you, and many others, have done.
Chad Hershey <>
Bolivar, MO USA -
Your courage is truly inspiring. God bless you and your family.
SSgt Tito Amoguis <>
Robins AFB, GA USA -
Dear Sir, I heard you for the first time today (03-25-03) on Real Radio 104.1 WTKS in Orlando on the "Monsters of the Mid-day show. Your poem "The Promise" and your demeanor, love and respect for your country far exceed any recruiters spiel. You make me PROUD to be born an American! Good Luck and my God Bless you and Our Troops as they protect our country in this time of war. Let me end this by saying Thank YOU for what you have done in making our country the Best in the World. DW
Donn Williams <>
Orlando, FL USA -
What a wonderful website!!! I am the proud sister of a Marine stationed in the Persian Gulf. This website has shown me, that throughout our history, there have been men an women ready to stand up for MY rights and those of every other American. For that, they should always be remembered and commemorated. I heard Sammy Davis on a radio show today and by the time his interview was over, I had chills up my spine and tears in my eyes. THANK YOU SAMMY!!
Tracy Robinson
South Daytona, Florida USA -
I heard you on the radio today and I wanted to tell you how much better you made me feel. I am afraid for my son and his brothers and sisters in the military. My boy is in the Persian Gulf as I write this. I have not heard from him in over 2 months due to the secrecy of the Submarine Service. Listening to you and all the things you had to say made me feel much better. Thank You so Much... You are truly an American Hero. May God Bless You And Keep You.
Viki Salter --Proud Navy Mom <>
lake Worth, FL USA -
SFC Davis I had the honor of meeting you while I was in training in White Sands with Alpha 2/4 FA. I just wanted to say Thank You for your time and I will never forget you. You are a true hero!
Aaron Ward <>
Detroit, MI USA -
Just checking in to see how you are doing and how is the family. We will see you soon in Kokomo. Take care and God Bless
Robert Bobee <>
Canton, MI USA -
I will forever treasure meeting you, I will never forget how we came together in downtown Indy and stood in support of our troops...past and present. It is an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I will never forget the faces I saw staring back at us from the crowd. The support, the tears and the true support that was shown. I am honored to have stood with you and all the others who stood up to "Support Our Troops." God Bless Karen Mothers of the Military Indiana Chapter
Karen <>
Douglas Adams said: We demand rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty!
Douglas Said <>
Italy -
ˇThank You!
Stephen Patrick
Robinson, Il USA -
Great site and a good forum to get your events out. Good luck and peace!
Samantha Williams <>
USA, none USA -
I think that is grate for you to talk about this and to share it with others. Thank You So Much.
Avalina Winner <uncontained_chaos>
Seaside, OR USA -
ray thank you , andy
andy lichtenstein
palm bay , fl USA -
It is said that everyone will meet at least one person in their lifetime that will change their life. I met Sam in 1984 and we have been close since that time. As Sam said many times, as long as I have family and friends, I will survive. Thanks Sam for the inspirations you have given everyone that has ever met you. Once, you meet Sam, you become a friend of Sams. Love ya Brother DK
Don Kelby <>
St. Peters, MO USA -
Paddy Irish....please e-mail as your address is no longer valid.. Sammy
Sammy Davis C.M.H. <>
Flat Rock, IL USA -
We are stationed at Schofield Barracks in HI and recently you spoke to my husband's unit. I wanted to let you know how much you really touched his heart and soul. He came home and immediately told me your story over dinner and when he was just half way through we were both crying. My father's best friend was killed in Vietnam at 18 years old ... his name was Randy Cagle and ever since I went to The Wall in 99 I have had the greatest respect for you and all of the soldiers who have fought for our country ... especially at Vietnam. Thank you so much for speaking from your heart and telling your story. I know it must be difficult in ways for I have met others who have fought there and never like to discuss it but you will never know how much your speaking means to those men and women. God Bless you and keep you and yours. I would have really have loved to meet you and listen but wasn't able to. Maybe if you are able to come back to Hawaii I can be there.
Tanya Mayotte <>
Wahiawa, HI USA -
God bless you ,I remember the Delta just like it was yesterday
As an old infantryman let me just say, God bless the artillery for you sure made my day on many occasions. Enjoyed your site. Thanks!
Jim Holland <>
Tallahassee, FL USA -
Hello Sammy, This is the 1st time that I have been to your site that it was up and running.God Bless You Brother! Jim Rodriguez 3rd Surg Hosp 1970
Jim Rodriguez <>
Indpls, In USA -
a highlight in my life just to shake his hand and say thanks sammy
patrick m. callahan <paddyirish417@aol>
mt ephraim, n. j. USA -
My friend, Christina Chopp is really proud of all of you Veterans! Thank You For making Us FREE!
Alex Munk <>
Belleville, KS USA -
Sammy, meeting you on veterans day at the Field House was an honor that will always fill me with pride. Thank you.
Rob Hook <>
Carmel, IN USA -
Thank You. You represent all that is good in this country.
Michael Mover <>
Indianapolis, IN USA -
I loved you as a dear friend the first time I laid eye's on you. I feel like I have known you for years.your are at the top of my list. we need more Men like you.
Alice Miller <>
Lawrenceburg, In USA -
Mr. Davis I just want you to know after reading your medal of honor citation has made me more proud to be an red leg. You are a great role model to many soldiers and inspired me to stay in the military and fight for my country with pride. I hope to meet with you someday.
Robert Clark <>
Sacramento, CA USA -
Sammy, I met you in Lawrenceburg with my buddy Dave Teke. I was the guy in the wheelchair who found a name on the moving wall I had been searching for for 30 years. You have made a very lasting impression on me and my loved ones my friend and I am proud to be able to call you friend. Keep up the good work. Terry
Terry Rook Sr. <>
Ft. Madison, IA USA -
My thanks goes to Dave Teke in Lawrenceburg Indiana for bring you to my attention. I saw you in June at the wall. I hope you will be able visit us here in ohio in 2004.You are a real big Inspiration to everybody.
Tom Stone <>
Blue Ash, Oh USA -
pat phillips <>
marshall, il USA -
Sammy, I want to thank you for your visits to Lawrenceburg for the Moving Wall in June of 2002 and your return visit for the dedication of the " War Memorial to the Common Man." I'll always be indebted to Dave Teke for bringing you to Lawrenceburg and giving me the honor of meeting you. Your most recent visit in September was especially rewarding because we were able to visit the Greendale Middle School and St. Lawrence School where you were able to mingle with the students. I was amazed at the way they reacted to you and the many interesting questions they had for you. This is what the students of America need today. They need to realize that the true heroes are their parents, doctors, nurses, clergy, firefighters, police officers, teachers and the veterans of America who have given so much so we can remain the greatest nation in the world. I was so honored that I was able to introduce you to the students and then sit and watch as they warmed up to you. As a Medal of Honor recipient you stand out as someone they can look up to and your message to them is something they can carry through life with them. I've had several students and adults stop me and tell me how much they enjoyed your visits. I hope you and your family are doing well. We are certainly keeping all of you in our thoughts and prayers. My wife, Paula, said she also has talked to several people who were at the Wall and the Memorial Dedication and they told her how much they appreciated and enjoyed the festivities. Sammy, keep up the good work and keep the voice of our freedom alive. Again, I want to thank Marie Edwards and her staff, the Lawrenceburg Bicentennial Committee, Lawrenceburg City Council, Mayor Paul Tremain and especially Dave and Linda Teke for bringing you to town and for a great town celebration. As I said when I introduced you to the students- - - - A true American Hero and my friend, Sammy Davis. I hope to see you soon and hopefully you'll get back to Lawrenceburg before too long. Take care !!! PG Gentrup
P. G. Gentrup <>
Lawrenceburg, IN USA -
Sammy - You were a great inspiration to me and the Seals I served with when you spoke to us at Camp Atterbury several years ago. I am now assigned to the US Naval Academy and hope you can come and pass some of that inspiration on to the future Naval Officers of the United States Navy. God Bless you and God Bless America.
Bob Schoultz <>
Annapolis, Md USA -
Sammy.You are truly an inspiration to all American people.From one Redleg Brother to another, Welcome Home.
bill taylor <>
lancaster, oh USA -
Sammy, What an honor it was to meet you. Thanks to Dave and PG for bringing you to St. Lawrence School. You are an inspiration to all generations. The message of "never give up" Duty, Honor, and Country came throgh loud and clear during your visit. God bless you and Hooahhh!! Kyle P.S. GO ARMY BEAT NAVY
Kyle Koelling
Lawenceburg, IN USA -
Sammy, I met you at Lawrenceburg. It was an honor to meet you. Thank you for serving your country. I read what you did in Viet Nam to earn your medal. You deserve more. Good luck.
David Steigerwald
Lawrenceburg, IN USA -
G/Day Sgt. Davis. Great page you have. God Bless you and your country. In memory of Maj. K. B. Goff, USA. MIA Vietnam. All Gave Some..... Some, GAVE ALL.
Noel Johnson <>
Melbourne, Vic. , Australia -
Hi Sammy Just thought I would stop by adn see how things were going. Looking good and god bless. C Btry 2/4th Arty
Bill White < >
Strong, ME USA -
Hi Sammy Just thought I would stop by adn see how things were going. Looking good and god bless. C Btry 2/4th Arty
Bill White <>
Strong, ME USA -
Paul Belham Sr <>
North Attleboro, MA USA -
Hey Cousin great web site! I am in England now and it is nice to know that this web site is out there to let people know about you and what you done for freedom. Take Care Gayle :o)
Gayle M. Davis <>
Cambridge, UK -
Pj Belham <>
North Attleboro, Ma USA -
Pj Belham <>
North Attleboro, Ma USA -
Sammy, In my eyes you are a true American hero, and I am very proud to call you my friend. Thank you for being a part of our event, and for being a part of my life. Whenever I am having a rough time, I think about the "Forrest Gump" story that you told the kids one year when The Moving Wall was here in Skidmore. "You are only down when you quit getting up." You have no idea how many times that message has helped me 'get back up'. Thank you for your inspiration, and your selfless devotion not only to "Duty, Honor, Country", but to you fellow man. love, cheryl
Cheryl Huston <>
Skidmore, mo USA -
Mr. Davis: I know you have been told this before but I must say it again. Thank you for being there when your country needed you and giving above and beyond the call of duty. Not only in wartime but also in peace, you are an outstanding role model for the American youth. Where do we find such men? Men such as yourself that appear from the ranks of the common soldier to distinguish themselves when faced with a seemingly hopeless situation and overwhelming odds. Thank God for men such as you. Good luck in life, you certainly deserve it.
Dennis J. Bridwell <>
Sumner, Il USA -
Mr. Davis: It was an honor to meet you at the 4th of July parade in Cody this year. We appreciate the time you took to stop and take a picture with our 2 daughters. We will keep it in our photo album for them to look back on in the years to come. Thank you to you and all veterans of our great country for the service that you have provided in keeping our citizens safe. God bless. --- Keith and Anne Keehn 7/14/02
KeithKeehn <>
Floyds Knobs, IN USA -
Mr. Davis, I just wanted to wish you a belated happy 4th of July. I was a listener to the radio show when you were a guest on the Monsters of the Mid-Day with Russ, Jim, Savannah and the rest. When ever I hear a rebroadcast of that show, of your speach, I still get a lump in my throat even more so then when I hear the National Anthym. I wanted to tell you that I used a quote from you on a mailing to all my friends and relatives, your definition of freedom. I hope you don't mind. I look forward to meeting you one day. Thank you again for the part you played to protect this ".... one nation, under God...." Respectfully, Joseph Barbarise
Joseph Barbarise, Photography <>
Orlando, Florida USA -
I too had the privlage of meeting you during your stay in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. I was one of the Volunteer Coordinators. I didn't know I knew so many people that were in Vietnam or had family or friends who didn't make it back home. I still can't say I know how it feels to lose someone from a war or any other reasons other than natural causes, but that weekend gave me a real good idea of the pain and suffering this families and friends went through. Listening to you and to Pat Bowes really helped me to understand what this was all about. Someone that weekend (June 6 - 9) said, Maybe not in these exact words but, "Even if you don't know anyone on the Wall, go to the Wall and touch a name and say a prayer for that person and you will connect with a sence of pride you have ever experienced". I did that and I was overwhelmed by the feelings I had of being so PROUD to have been apart of something so Moving. If there is ANY ONE out there who hasn't visited The Moving Wall The Wall that Heals or any of the other traveling walls, please do so it is truly an experience you will NEVER forget. It is NOT just a wall with lot of Names on it. It is a WALL of HEROS!!!!!
Sue Martin <>
Lawrenceburg, IN USA -
I recently had the privilege of meeting you.(June 6-9) My Dad, Dave Teke, was very proud of getting you to come to Lawrenceburg to speak. It was a very moving weekend. Keep up the good work about sharing your experience in Vietnam and all your knowledge about the fact. I feel very honored to have been able to meet you!
Dawn Carlisle <>
Lawrenceburg, IN USA -
Thank you for you efforts to not let the POW/MIA die. My hope is that no mother or father ever have to know the pain of out nation leaving their children behind.May God always hold you in the palm of his hands.
Ron Henderson <>
Nashville, IN USA -
hi sammy how are you and the wife doing. i hope you all are fine.what do you think of this?i'm trying to get my state to make a plate for our cars .that would show the sliver star& bronze star people that we care about you think that that is a good idea.we are one of the few statesthat has no plates of that kind.they told me that i would have to come up with a 1000 names to do this.i'm a desert storm vet my self.i meant you at jackson tn a few years a go. i've been try to get don summers to talk to him but had no luck so you think that you will come to jackson tn this year for the reunion.i've been helping them down at jackson this year.i juat got back form ft.irwin ca form camp.boy was it HOT out there.well i got to go .thank you for your time.god bless you sammy and your family.i would like to say thank you for the job that you have donefor this world andto me. your frind ssg bo galey
bo galey <>
dresden, tn USA -
SFC Davis, Your sence of duty, love of life, and love of soldiers was inspiring when the soldiers of 2d Bn 4th FA saw you in White Sands, NW in April/May 2002. Thank You for the time that you shared with us.
SSG Robert Young <>
Fort Sill, OK USA -
Sammy: You are one amazing man. And you have changed lives all over the United States of America.
Kylie Krahl
Salina, Ks USA -
Kiley Commerfod <>
Salina, KS USA -
I saw your video and was very moved by your story and just wanted to say Thank You so very much..You are truly a wonderful man. And I send you a hug through the email.
SSGT Samantha Cairy <>
Troy, il USA -
Good site Bro', Done a great job! ARTILLERY-KING OF BATTLE! 2/94th Arty, 8in & 175mm Guns. Defenders of the DMZ. Camp J.J.Carroll and Dong Ha Combat Base. To all my brothers who served in the Nam, God brought you home for a reason. What have you done for him?
Dean E. Shanklin <>
Lawrence, IN USA -
hi sammy just got online the steel head are in and the offer still stands lots of fish over 10# plus walleye opened today .good chance for a trophy (over 8#) so iif your feeling well shure love to seeya if not see ya in KOKOMO LOVE YA MY BROTHER SHOT OUT
tom schneider <>
oscoda, mi USA -
Sgt Davis, Great website. Thank you for what you have done for our country and all that you still do. You are a "True American"
Christopher K. Schick <>
Charleston AFB, SC USA -
this is to you uncle sam. i love you renai.
renai dunlap <>
cody , wyoming USA -
Sammy, This is a wonderful site. Thank you so much for sending it to us. It really makes us proud that we are part of your family. Thank you so much for all that you do for the cause. Love ya, Tom and Carolyn
Carolyn and Tom Hammond <>
Crossville, IL USA -
GREAT! Just wonderful! I must say it's an honor to say I grew up with you (although you were older) but can remember most of the songs. Keep up the good work, what you do is so important. Love you and your family. Judy
Judy Wells <>
Marshall, IL USA -
Sammy: As the former Assistant State Director of Veterans Employment and Training Service, US Department of Labor for Southern Illinois, I remember a number of occassions when we had the opportunity to break bread and work on ideas on how to help our fellow veterans. It was always great to be in your company. God Bless you my friend - you are a credit to your Community, State and Nation. Paul
Paul L Balaich, MSgt USAF (Retired) <>
Alamogordo, NM USA -
hello sammy hope to see you in jackson tn this year at rockytop.hope you and your family are doing fine.take care and god bless you and your welcome home old frind.
bo galey <>
dresden, tn USA -
Good Day Sam,Mate I was just looking through your guest book and read were your Son Blue ( Blueboy ) signed it. Mate a father and True Blue Hero could not ask for more than what your Son Blue entered into.That is the ultimate praise any Dad could ask for,Good On You Blue for telling your Father just how much you love and Respect him and im sure he's your Best Friend as well as your Dad. I am looking forward to hopefully meeting you Blue when I visit the States later this year.Well Done young Man,you do your Family Proud. Hoo Roo and you Keep on Marching Sammy. Your Aussie Vietnam Vet Mate, Bob Gibbo Gibson.
Hi there Sammy we met in country once but I know you don't know me. I was with Delta Battery and I replaced a guy that was in the battle with you and heard the story many times. I alwas remembered your name because of your bravery in action. You inspired me to hang in there. Do you remeber hitch hiking to Sigon or was that just a story?
Bob Hancock <>
Portland, OR USA -
A really inspiring site. Welcome home from one "OLD RELIABLE" to another. Keeping us together, together, Ron Quezada,Pres. 3/5 Armored Cavalry-Vietnam-BLACK KNIGHTS BROTHERS IN ARMS
Ron Quezada <>
Ponce De Leon, Fl USA -
An absolutely GREAT web site. Words can not begin to explain the respect I have for you and your fellow MOH heros. I will visit this site often and contemplate each word and its meaning. Thank you and God Bless
Lawrence P. Galia <>
Lansing, Il USA -
Thanks for participating in our E-mail project . It was a fun, enjoyable project, well I've got to go . By the way I am in Mrs.Mulcahy's class.
SanAntonio, Tx USA -
This is a great website!!!!!!!!!!!!
San Antonio, TX USA -
Thanks for such a great website. Never seen one like it! Thanks for participating in our project !!!! Mrs.Mulcahy's 5th grade class
San Antonio, Tx USA -
Thank you for protecting are country. I am a student from Mrs.Mulcahy's class.
San Antonio , Tx USA -
Thanks for letting us see your site. I enjoyed it very much!
Jacob in Mrs. Mulcahy's Class
San Antonio, TX USA -
I recently had the pleasure of watching a videotape of you Sammy Davis speaking at a Sheppard Air Force Base Technical School graduation (I think it was his daughters grad). I was blown away by his story. It was something I will remember the rest of my life.
Sra Adam Henson <>
wichita falls, tx USA -
Thank you for sharing you website with my class. I will have them visit during their internet session in the computer lab. Thanks for responding to our project!!
Valerie J. Mulcahy <>
San Antonio, TX USA -
Thank You! Steven P. Norbeck (SGT.,D Co. 1/503, 173 ABN BDE, RVN 1969)
Steven P. Norbeck <>
Charlton City, MA USA -
Mr. Davis Hello. I was recently at the wall. I was with the School of the Osage. Your story was unbeliveable. It toched me. You had enough curage for everyone in the world to have a piece of. I thought what you done for those Americans is something that will NEVER be forgotten. Your speech changed me. It tought me that war is something that war is something not to joke about and that I should be proud to be an American. I would like for you to e-mail me back if you find the time. Your biggest fan, Chelsey Jo Burton P.S thanks for the autograph.
Chelsey Burton <>
Brumley, MO USA -
Spencer Shaw <>
Camdenton, MO USA -
Dear Sammy Davis Thanks for telling us about your Vietnam experience. It was cool when they used your medal in the Forrest Gump Movie. I think your story on Vietnam was interesting and thank you for your autograph. I'm going to put it in a frame and hang it up in my room. Sincerely Kyle Bruemmer dear sammy davis thank you for talking to us on thursday. and have very good luck your friend chassidy Dear Sammy Davis, Thank you for talking to us. Thank you for what you did, and thank you for our freedom.I had a fun time learning about it. Tank you! Signed, Alicia Stalter Hey Sammy, That speech/ presentation thing you did was neat. We all feel sorry about how hurt you got during the Vietnam war. But are proud you saved a few lives a\ for our country. You stood grounds for our country and took pain for it. Thats pretty darn cool!. :) Im thinking about joining the NAvy or Army when I get out of highschool, and you will be a major influence on me and millions of oither future navy and army people that you havent yet. Thats pretty cool. Sincerely, Keisha Neihart Dear Saergant Davis I really appreciated what you did for me and for everyone and for giving that speech I really thought about it and i realized that freedom really isn't free./ If it weren't for you and all the other soldiers we would never get to go to the school that we wanted to. Signed Elizabeth Sobocinski Dear Sammy, Hi.How are you? I am doing fine. Look I din't know what you are going throudg but me dad does. He got drafted in the miltary when he was 19.He said,"It was not very fun." But ever sence he was in the miltary he loves war movies,books,and stuff that is on the internet.He says,"Everytime he watcheds ha war movie it reminds him about the miltary.He loves war.Well not war war but he loves war mivies. But what you have gone through must have been awful.But when you are done it makes you think you won't regert it.Does it?That speech/presentation really made ne think.Abouthope war is so bad but you sticking up for your countey.After the war is over you will be so glad and happy that you stood up for your country.Isn't that right?Well thast si all i have to say know.Oh and thans for the picture.My dad really enjoty it.I tol him about you saving the 3 anrecians and he said,"it mand me think about what i did when i was in the miltary.well that is all i ahve to say.bye. Sincerely, Kayla Hulse
Linn Middle School <>
Linn, MO USA -
I'm Michael Kliethermes and I think it is pretty cool how you saved those men and how you served our counntry in the Vietnam war. Thank you for defending our country and savin those men's lives. thank you for giving me a picture. it was really cool to meet you. Thank you for fighting for me and many other people. And thanks you for taking time and talking to us and giving us your autograph. Thank you for taking your time to talk to us. you gave me more meaning to the wall when you talked to us thanks. jami Thank you for my freedom! You are a very brave person and not everyone whou could have been there would have gone back and gotten those men Thanks. Emily Thank you for all that you have done. What you did was really brave and amazing. Brent Thanks for your brave and heroic actions.Clayton Verdot Thank you very much sir for you heroic actions and your great contributions to the country. Michael Flint Your heroic efforts have inspired all of us - Jim G. Thank you for all you did in the Vietnam War. You where really brave and kind to save those 3 people. Thank you, Tina Clark Thank you for saving those people and for killing those enemy soliders and for saving our country and for telling us about the war. Brad Light thank you for your sacrifices you made for our fredoom. Bradley Williams Dear Sammy Davis, I think what you did at the Vietnam War was very brave. I wish I were that brave. Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to be in the armyand military like my dad. When I was little I promised him that I would join the army too. My dad was in the army when we lived in Hawaii. That's where I hope to go when I join the army or military. I have a few questions for you. Could you please answer them. 1. What kin of training did you go through? 2. What branch of army or military were you in? 3. Did you have family while you were at war? 4. How old were you? 5. Where were you stationed during the war? Yours Truely, Mileisha Wileman email address( your a brave person. sean willige Dear Mr.Davis, I want to thank you for what you did in Vietnam,andthe picture you gave me. Your Friend, John Furgeson Dear Sammy: I would like to thank you for takeing the time to come to Linn Creek and takeing the time to talk to my class. I thought of that as a big prevlidge. I would also like to thank you for fighting for the U.S.A Sincerly Brianna Morrison Dear Sammy Davis, Thank you for speaking to us and thank you for what you did in the war too. That was very nice. THanks for the picture too. Sincerely Heather Dear sargent Davis, I would like to thank you for all that you have done for us and for takeing the time to talk to us we learned alot from it Sincerly AmandaDunlap dear sargent Davis, thanks for what you did at vietnam and for the picture. your friend terry clark Dear Sargent, Davis thank you for doing what you did for our country. Your Friend, Tyler Strope Dear Mr. Davis Thank You for your speach. It tought a lot of people know the meaning of Freedom. It was really good Thank You Sincerly, Jeneva Arlen Dear Sargent Davis, Thank you for talking to us and taking time to tell us storys about what happen. It was fun. Thank You Sincerly, Jennifer Rogers Dear Sgt. Davis, Thank you for the picture my dad liked it.Thank youy for what you did for our country.It was interesting when you told us about how you won the CMH.My dad's dad was in WW2 and was going to go to Pearl Harbor but was not drafted. free Free at Last Sincerly, Meredith Hunt Dear Sam Davis
Linn Middle School <>
Linn, MO USA -
I love Sammy Davis!! He inspires not only old soldiers but more importantly the one's that hold our freedom in their's military members. Soldiers, Marines, Sairlors, Airmen, and Coast Guard seek him out.
Joe Stanley, CSM, USA, RET <>
G'Day Sammy, This is my first visit to your web site and I will be back for many more visits. As I said in my E-mail message to you today, American and Australian Viet Nam Veterans are "Brothers and Sisters". Blue Parsons, HQ Coy, First Australian Task Force 67/68(1ATF)
Charles "Blue" Parsons <>
Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia -
Dear Uncle Sammy CMH , how are you. Your website was wonderful . And you one about Bin larden was very interesting. How is Aunty Peggy Jo hope that you both are good and well . Love and care always Lauren Danielle Gibson x x x
Lauren Danielle Gibson <>
Gold Coast, Queensland Australia -
Sam, I came across your website while I was dinking around and brings back good memories of the too few hours I have had the pleasure of spending in your presence. Sure would be fun to pheasant hunt together again. Hope we get another chance. Thanks for getting my brother back home to us almost 34 years ago now. He has been such a positive influence on so many people in the time since and never forgets to invoke your name as the one responsible for "bringing him home" . Thank you from all of our family. I hope to see you and Peg again sometime soon! DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY /Love from lil bro, Bob D.
Bob Deister <>
Buhler, KS USA -
Sammy Davis! Hello my friend and how's Peggy doing? I enjoyed your appearance at the 19th Kokomo re-union this year. I especially enjoyed you and Brett Small on stage together again. I look forward to hearing from you when you can. Your Friend, Doc 'Pax Bro!'
Sammy, You're an inspiration. Not because of how you've livED but how you LIVE. You are the man. Continue kicking ass! "On The Way" CPT Bill Morris Commander, Co C 2-102nd Armor
CPT Bill Morris <>
Washington, NJ USA -
Injoy your web site.
Ron Human
Mooresville, IN USA -
Great. 34 years since and most seems like last week. Proud to have served with you. B Btry, 2-4FA, 1966-67.
D.R. Hamilton <>
Lawton, OK USA -
Dear Brother Sammy, We spoke last night at the Kokomo Reunion and you gave me addtional information regarding the Home of Heros. Thank you very much. As I browsed the website, I was able to send in a correction regarding the hometown of Emilio De La Garza, USMC MoH recipient who was listed from East Chicago, "Illinois" but, he was from East Chicago, INDIANA. I hope that the record will be corrected thanks to your helping me with this website. You and I have known eachother for about six or seven years now and each time we meet and talk I continue to be honored to be in your presence. Thank you for your service, and thank you for your friendship and brotherhood. I hope that you, Peg and your family continue to stay well. Sincerely, Ralph Garcia formerly from East Chicago, INDIANA, and now living in Bluffton, Indiana.
Ralph Garcia <>
Bluffton, IN USA -
Wonderful Sammie...Remember us? Friends of Paul SUtton. You have been to our home a couple times wit Sir Sutton. Be sure to view the website for my Son L/Cpl. George L. Dramis USMC Beirut 1984. Hope all is well Love you! L&B
Luretta/Bob Undercuffler <>
Ocean View, NJ USA -
The wall and you are coming to Merrillville, Indiana. Welcome and God Bless. Duty, honor, country are preserved by people like you.
Wally Derose <>
Merrillville, IN USA -
matthew robinson <>
hammond, in USA -
Welcome home. Great site and inspirational story. I was with the 9th Div 66/67 Rach Kein, French Fort & Hill 837. Stay well and spread the message.
Carl <CarlFS@WorldNet.ATT.Net>
New York, NY USA -
I am so proud to have met you. Also I wouldn't take anything for the picture you signed for me and has been framed and on my wall ever since you were in Muscatine. It was a great honor to meet you. Everyone in the USA should be proud of you. Betty Gifford
Betty gifford <>
Columbus Jct., Ia USA -
To SFC Davis: This is the first time I have ever written a letter of this sort, I just feel compelled to do so now. I believe that it was in this past school year, that my son came home from school at Westlake Elementary, very excited about meeting "a guy that was in the Vietnam war and got an award called The Congtessional Medal of Honor." He told me all about it, your name and was very excited that he got to hold "The Medal". As I was in the US Army and stationed in Germany at the time he was born, I thought maybe he associated my service with yours. I explained to him that that was the highest award a serviceman can get, and that most people who received the CMH were killed while doing something extremely brave. Your name has come up several times since. You made quite an impression. I had lunch at Daves All American Pizza in Danville, Indiana today, and found your autographed photo under the glass top on the table. I recognized the name immediately from the stories my son told me. Also there was a narrative of your citation. As a veteran of 8 years active duty, I was the subject of many a narrative for award recommendation, and am still filled with pride when I read them, after 11 years of civilian life. None of my citations read like yours. But as I read the narrative of your award, I was nearly overwhelmed with pride and emotion. I know that I didn't make the contribution or the sacrifice that you did, but I am still proud that we wore the same uniform. So I say, Thank you, Sergeant Davis, for being a positive role model, and I will never let my son forget who you are. I will also remind both of my children of the sacrifices that you and your brothers have made for us. I am happy that you are still here to tell your story, as so many others did not get that opportunity. You are one of very few, as you know. I wish you Godspeed in all of your efforts, and again, thank you for everything. Dave Garrison
Dave Garrison <>
brownsburg, ind USA -
Great site!!
Larry McDevitt <>
Omaha, Ne USA -
Sammy: I am already on your mailing list, just the 1st visit to your site. Well done and thanks for your service, both then and especially now. Our youth, especially, need your message. By the way, did the fire support base have a name? Nesmith
William Nesmith
The Hilltop Singers Linda and Jeanie Carpenter had a dream to be of service to their country during the VietNam war. Their dream came true as The Hilltop Singers sang their way into the hearts of the servicemen in Southeast Asia bringing the coffeehouse to them. I hope you enjoy our website and seeing the pictures from our shows. The Hilltop Singers LINDA *&* JEANIE THE HILLTOP SINGERS PO BOX 330101 NASHVILLE, TN. 37203
Sammy - I found your site from the 9th. Infantry's site link. I also served in the 2/4th FA in Nam from 1/69 - 3/70 I was in "D" Battery though. I also have a friend (Brian Price) who edited the Viet Nam book titled "Viet Nam in Their Own Words" in which I read your chapter and its truly heroic resluts. You have made us ALL pround. Thank God for you and the other brave souls (many of whom did NOT come back) for the efforts that we made for our counrty in those way too trying times. Thanks! Jerry Bowman
Jerry Bowman <>
Omaha, NE USA -
Great Site. Thankz!
It was an honour to meet you in Indianapolis. We hope you are well, we hope to meet you again some day.
the irish swat teams <>
Sammy, Great website. I showed your site to my 7 1/2 year old son when I explained the importance of Memorial Day and why I hold that holiday sacred. Thank you for serving our country and keeping Duty, Honor, Country active in day to day living. God Bless You! Your friend, Joe DeCarlo
Joe DeCarlo <>
Naperville, IL USA -
G'day Sammy, Pleased you wandered into the "Boozer" for a gander and a tinnie, Always pleased to have our American mates drop by. Although it is 32 years ago we would like to thank you blokes for the support and back up in doing a tough job in Vietnam. We were but a small committment and going into the field doing our little "thing" it was reassuring that not far away the Yanks were there to back us up if we got into too much poo, that we needed help. So near yet so far it was a comforting feeling so again thanks mate. Pedro 8th, Battalion Royal Australian Regiment Ps: will establish a link to your great site.
Pedro <>
Aust/USA, OK USA -
good to see your web. was proud to have you at our American Legion Post 552 at Somers along with Gary Wetzel for our Pow/Mia fund raiser. hope to see you again soon. ted
Ted De Micchi <>
somers, wi USA -
i like the site Sammy
Chris Bonnell <>
Uncle have always been the man that i have tried to be. I have so much respect for you and what you have done for our country and me. I love you with all of my heart and every day that I am here I try to give a portion of what you have gave. Your not only a hero of Vietnam but your a hero to your nephew as well! I love ya! Lucas P.S. Look forward to seeing you in July!
Lucas Dunlap <>
Cody, WY USA -
Great site Sammy just surfed in,was in HHC 2/60th. Boat Platoon , right across the road from you in 1967 . We talked in KoKomo a couple of years back . Hope to see ya at kokomo 2001?
Patrick F.Werner <>
chicago, il USA -
I met you a long time ago and you touched my heart then, as you always will. You are a great inspiration to our young and most of them will never forget meeting you. I am a veteran also and a widow. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you again soon. Love to your family.
Diane Griffiths <>
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Greast job Sammy. I would expect nothing less.
Danny "Greasy" Belcher <>
Preston, KY USA -
Mr.Davis You are an amazing individual. I can hardly explain to you the way that I'm feeling right now. My name is Megan McBryar. I'm the one that started crying. I told my friend Kate that was there listening today also that I don't know what to do with myself when I come across a person who touches me the way you did. The way you looked, spoke, and felt is what got to me. I could see in your eyes the man that deserved that Congressional Medal of Honor, a man that represents the wonderful part of America, a man that is full of life and feeling, and a man that I will never forget even though I spent only 45 minutes with him. In a way, you remind me of the ideal father I would like to have. I don't know exactly why you came across to me as a father figure, but you did, and in that means a lot to me even though you weren't aware of doing so. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my soul for coming today and sharing with all of us what you experienced in the Vietnam war. I know that you inspired many people today including myself, and inspiration is something that could get someone through life. It's like having something to look forward to and keep pushing you to do good and knowing that there are others out in this world similar to you that can keep touching the hearts of people everywhere you go. Once you recieve this email, I would like it very much if you emailed back. It would make me even happier if we could keep in touch. Thank you again. With deepest emotion, Megan
Megan McBryar <>
speedway, ind USA -
Thank you Sir. Though I am not a Marine, my grandfather, John Francis Marsden was the last known survivor of the "Ordeal of Samar" and received the "six most significant words in Marine Corps history" when he was the last to be accorded the verbal salute, "STAND GENTLEMEN, HE SERVED ON SAMAR", at the O Club in San Diego in 1965. He passed away two month later. It is an honor to communicate with you sir. John Marsden
John F. Marsden III <>
Malone, New York USA -
Dear Mr. Davis: I'm sure you won't remember this, but ten years ago you visited Wheaton North High School in Wheaton, Illinois, where you spoke to an assembly of U.S. History students. I was student teaching there at the time and I was so honored to have had the privilege to meet you following your presentaion. It was an experience I will never forget. You signed a photo for me and made the comment that your wife's name is also "Jo". I promised you that when I had my own classroom one day, that your picture and your story would have a special place in my room and that the students that I teach will know your story. I have been teaching at Dundee-Crown High School in Carpentersville,Illinois since 1992, and since then, your face and your story welcomes all who enter Room 214.I have a wall dedicated to those who serve to preserve our sacred freedoms, and your photo is the focal point. I am proud to be among those with whom your life has touched, and I promise to continue sharing your story with my students, so they, too, will remember the sacrifices and valor of our nation's veterans, and the high price of freedom that they have paid for all of us. I am grateful to have the opportunity to forward these thoughts to you, and want you to know how much I have enjoyed the "homeofheroes" website! It is a marvelous teaching tool and one I'm certain my students will appreciate. I hope this message finds you and your family well. God bless you, Sammy L. Davis! Yours very sincerely, Jo Helminski
Jo Helminski <>
East Dundee, IL USA -
Sammy, Great website as I would expect from a person I am proud to say I served with in Vietnam.
Larry Zimmerman <>
Pennsville, NJ USA -
Dad, An honor knowing you and an even greater honor being your son. A hero to your country, A hero to your son. I will always do my best to make you proud. With love and great respect, Blueboy
J. Blue Davis <>
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Sammy, What a beautiful job you have done putting this together. It is so inspiring! It is great to know that someone like you is out there speaking to our kids. What a difference you have made! Love to Peggy & the kids.
Carrie Schmerler <CarSchmer@aol>
Chicago, IL USA -
We won't forget... I feel this statement encompasses all our feelings. You are the imbodiment of this statement. Thanks for all you do to touch the hearts of people - through you, they start remembering and will one day carry on our torch for the ones' left behind. You are truly an inspiration to all who get the opportunity to hear you speak, because you talk with your heart!
Jerry and Janet Cummings <>
Indianapolis, IN USA -
Sam, tremendous site and one that we would expect from such a tremendous friend not only to all of the Nam Vets, school children, and for keeping the memories alive of those we left behind. Looking forward to seeing you during your next trip to visit with your Kansas "family." From all the guys from VVA Chapter 809. One of the most heart warming feelings I will ever have is seeing you and your buddy Jim D. together. What a feeling of total bonding. Thanks Sammy and give our love to Peggy..
Jim Moore <>
Lindsborg, Ks USA -
I Saw your speech when your daughter graduated from Tec school@ Sheppard.It was outstanding. I feel luck to have seen it. When I was Instructing here I used to use a copy of your speech to motivate my students. Keep it up.... JJ
TSgt JJ Boll <>
Wichita Falls, TX USA -
If a man could measure his wealth by number of lives he has touched, you would be one of the richest people I know. Thank You for being willing to LIVE for your country. You truly are DUTY..HONOR..COUNTY..and I feel honored to know you. With much Love and Respect to you and all your family.
Linda Judd <>
Sammy, I love your site! Len sent me a link... Keep up the Great work!! My Best to you and your family, Michelle
Great site Sammy. Hope to see you Memorial Day weekend in D.C. I'll have my Canucks with me as usual.
Mike "Iceman" Gillhoolley <>
Milton, Ontario, Canada CANADA -
Sammy, what a great site! You did a fantastic job on this! I just wanted to say that we will miss you in DC for Rolling we do every year. So I will take this opportunity to say now..."Welcome home!" I hope to see you and Peg really soon cuz I miss you both tons! Please give each other kisses and hugs from me..Luv BunnY
Angela aka Bunny <>
Queens, NY USA -
Hi Sam,You have put together a piece of Art,be proud of it!Sure hope you and Peggy make the next reunion.
Louis D.Dion <>
Ranier, Mn USA -
Sam, the site is great, just what I would expect from you. You have been such an inspiration to so many people, including myself. I always enjoy being with you when you talk to the kids, you can see in their eyes the admiration, the respect that you deserve. Pretty good for a guy I met on a riverbank one dark November night! Love to you and Peg, and the whole family. Nam Brother Jim Deister
Jim Deister <>
salina, ks USA -
Sammy, this is very inspirational. It moves those of us currently serving. I am glad it was put together. I passed it around to our battalion folks so they can be inspired by the story of a fellow cannoncocker.
LTC Tony Puckett <>
Ft Sill, OK USA -
wow, this is a hot site Sam. You have done a terrific job. Proud to be related to you through Peggy. Glad your family. keep it up!! Love.
judy eveland <>
robinson, il USA -
Brother Sammy, Great site, but what else would one expect from such a great man. God Bless You Sammy. I am proud to know you, even prouder to call you a Nam Knights M/C brother. Love to Peggy too from me and Bunny KFFK
Slider <>
New York, NY USA -
Thanks for the invite Sammy. GREAT JOB, and a GREAT MESSAGE, I expected nothing less from a GREAT MAN. Thank you for all you have done, and continue to do my friend.
Buzz Parish <>
Bangkok, Thailand -
SFC Davis, what a wonderful site. Reading your guest book I am not surprised that you have touched so many lives over the years. Keep up the great work that you do for this nation every day.
Tom Weiss <>
Copperas Cove, TX USA -
Sammy, Well done! Were you ever that y9oung? Keep the message a challenge to patriotic service--as you always have done; that has become a forgotten concept. Freedom isn't free! Semper fi, Tom
Tom McKenney <>
Ocean Springs, Miss USA -
Awsom site, Sammy! Great job.
Patty Hopper <>
Glendale, AZ USA -
Hey Sam, great site. Words can't express how proud I am of not only your sacrifice but our entire family's commitment to serving our country. Semper Fi, Sam
Raymond "Dusty" Wright <>
Newton, IL USA -
Sammy, great website. I enjoyed reading the literature and viewing the photos. Regards, Noel Benavidez (Roy's son)
Noel Benavidez <>
El Campo, TX USA -
To Sammy Leroy Davis Hero good to find you here.
There is so much to say, so much to express. I will keep it simple: Thank you vets. Thank you Sam.
Lance Sinclair <>
Cordova, TN USA -
G'DAY Sam from Down Under, Gibbo sent me your address & i am having a look at your work, it is a pleasure to meet a Medal Of Honour Winner, as i met an Aussie Victoria Cross winner once, somthing i will long remember, as i will meeting you. Keep up the good work as there is no doubt that the USA needs men of your charactor in todays world. An Aussie Grunt SALUTES You!~! oink, tony 7 Battalion (PIGS) Royal Australian Regiment, Vietnam 70-71.
tony oink blake <>
Mittagong, sw AUSTRALIA -
Great site. You've done a great job of keeping history aliv with your accounts of these heros. I'm a retired USAF major--
Trent Fry <>
Vacaville, CA USA -
It is good to see your smiling face again Sam.
Jerry Curtis <>
Topeka, Ks USA -
The new web site is awesome and very inspiring. The rest of us are fortunate to have a man that our young people can look up to. A true hero on the inside as well as the outside. You have a good and kind heart. Welcome home Sammy. Dixie Holiday Taylor
Dixie Holiday Taylor <>
Hawkins, Tx. USA -
Great Site Sammy,
Art Cooke <>
Carson City, NV USA -
Dear Sam. I love the site! I'm so proud of you and what you have done and continue to do for our country. Thank you for being a great american and an even greater friend. Love to Peggy, the kids, and grandkids. Love ya, Ray Bob
Ray Roth <>
St. Cloud, MN USA -
Thanks for inviting me to visit your web site, Sammy. You have done a wonderful job on it. More importantly, thank you for your selfless service to this great country. I am proud to know you and to have served in the 2nd Battalion, 4th Field Artillery with you. Hope to see you at our next reunion in Tampa/St. Petersburg next year. Tom Striegler A Battery & B Battery, 2nd Battalion, 4th Field Artillery
Tom Striegler <>
Fredericksburg, TX USA -
Sammy, your website is very appropriate.I remember you well as a hero and a modest one.Great to be in contact with again.Best regards. gary burns.
gary burns <>
sydney, USA -
Sammy, Thank You for the personal invite to your site, Its GREAT!! Also , Thanks again for the Picture you sent to my son Tyler, he's so proud to display it and has used it in several presentations at school and with the Boy Scouts. Sammy, I am Honored to call you my Brother in Arms, You were a Hell of a Warrior but most important your a WONDERFUL Role model for our children. Hope to see you in DC this year for Veterans Day 2001. God Bless you Sam and God Bless America..
Harry Grimmett <>
Oh USA -
Hey Sammy - What a great site - I hope you can touch many more lives through the website. You are the glue that has bound the hearts of veterans and lovers of America all across the country and I am so proud of you. Keep on Keepin on - God Bless you and God Bless America!
Mark Reinig <>
Skidmore, MO USA -
Aloha my friend, wishin you all you desire, come visit again it's time, it should only be 20 40 bucks each, on military hop, to fly! Tryin Peace, in Paradise, with Patriotism, MNL
Letton M.N. <>
Puna, hHi. USA -
Dear Sammy cool web site. Keep up the good work. ARMY arn't really MARINES yeat. Love ya MAN SEMPER FI Dr. Rock Dr. Rock
R.E.Jacobs <>
St.Louis, Mo USA -
I Love Your Website! Thanks again for coming to speak to our school (Speedway High School) and inspiring us all!!
Karen Bower <>
Speedway, IN USA -
Dear Sammy cool web site. Keep up the good work. ARMY arn't really MARINES yeat. Love ya MAn. SEMPER FI Dr. Rock
R.E.Jacobs <>
St.Louis, Mo USA -
Sammy ! Welcome home Brother!Was reading Hacks news letter and seen your Name ,Remembered it from and old copy of the Octafoil mag. Take care my friend, Don Wills E Co 15th Combat Engrs Dong Tam 68/69
Don Wills <>
Arnold, Mo USA -
FANTASTIC,Sam!!!I consider it a true HONOR and PRIVELEDGE to be your friend and fishin` buddy Bill Asbell LCDR(USN) Fighter Pilot Gulf of Tonkin 1968,1969 and 1972
Bill Asbell <>
lawrenceville, IL USA -
Hi,Sammy It Has Been A Honor TO know You ....From The Day's At Fort Sill With My Brother Ray To Today ...
Don Kolka (Ret) USArmy <segitseg@juno.>
Bay City , Mi USA -
Sammy...Thank you!. Larry Woods, SFC, USA (Ret)
Larry Woods <>
Pismo Beach, CAThanCA USA -
I met you through my brother Ron and have considered it a great priviledge to know you. We got to see you again in Albuquerque at a parade down Central Ave. Keep up the good work.
Les & Ann Stamps <>
New Castle, IN USA -
Found out about your site through Hack's column. I'll be in and out of it regularly. Thanks for what you did. Mike Bianchino MSgt USMC Ret Vietnam Oct65-Nov66,May-Dec69,Oct72-Mar73
Mike Bianchino <>
Sierra Vista, AZ USA -
Found your Web Site through one of Hack's recent columns. Great job. Am passing it on to a writer friend who often touches down with me on fiction incorporating military details. Formerly with G Company, 27th INF, 25th Division. Purple Heart and Combat Infantry Badge. Korea 1951.
Walter B. Klink <>
Mill Valley, CA USA -
Thanks for serving and saving your buddies
Jim Bennett <>
Cleveland, OH USA -
Sammy, Your Website is outstanding - plan on visiting it often to see updates -- by the way your missing a date on your schedule page -- you need to come to E. Peroia and visit a few Ole friends.. Keep up the good work If I can Help just let Me know -- Best always, Your long time Friend Mike
Mike (Fergy) Ferguson <>
E. Peoria, Il USA -
I Have Had The Pleasure To Meet You And Shake Your Hand. I Am A Life Member VVA Chapter With Jim Diester. God Bless You For Your Efforts In The Cause.
Joe McMichael <>
Salina, Ks USA -
Sammy, great website for a great American! I printed the poster. Now I need to have it autographed!
Dan Hohn <>
Branson, MO USA -
Sammy, a great web site from a great friend who has always been there when needed.
Dick Forrey <>
Kokomo, IN USA -
Your site is outstanding. I have passed this site on to all my friends. I know they will enjoy it also. Reading this makes me proud to be a veteran. Invite Sammy to your town. Having met Sammy, he is just as great a person as he is a hero. Duty, Honor, and Country is what it is all about. I have grown up with those values, having come from relatives who were also war veterans. Keep up the good work.
Vern Croffoot <croffoot>
Freeport, Illinois USA -
Sammy, your website is uplifting. DUTY,HONOR,COUNTRY, those three words say it all. Thank you for your service to our country and for being a role model to the generations that follow us. God bless you and your family.
Lt. Wayne Vernon AACOPD <LTWDV795@AOL.COM>
Annapolis, Md USA -
Great website!
SFC Pearl Houck <>
Washington, DC USA -
Uncle Sammy, I've learned so much from you without it feeling like learning! Am proud to call you uncle and I just want to say congrats on the site and thank you so much for always making me feel like more than a ya always!!!
Dusty Alamiker <>
What a thrill to read some of the comments. people truly recognize a hero when they see one. Proud to have this site on my "favorite places. Don Johnson, USMC, 1987633
Don Johnson <>
Evansville, IN USA -
Hi to you and family. Yesterday I had a middle school student ask me when you are coming back. You were here on nov 6, 2000. You made such an impact on our schools. Please keep me in mind when next Nov. rolls around. Your Friend Pat
pat <>
Beech Grove, in USA -
great site. patriotism is something more people should take seriously. the people that have died for this country and its freedom take it for granted any more. its nice to see someone care so much. thanks sammy eric
eric flickner <>
vincennes, in USA -
It's great to see some one take pride in what he did, and what he does today, by speakin about the times he experienced. Great website too.
Geoff Knoll <>
Vincennes, IN USA -
To you, and all of the other courageous men that have served our country, Thank You!!!! Great website, too!
Jessie <>
Robinson, IL USA -
Sammy, Since I met you at LZ Bluegrass in Frankfort, KY, I have been very proud to know you and very proud of the work you do for the veterans. We need more men like you. Keep the faith, brother and WELCOME HOME!!!!!
Danny Adams <>
Lexington, KY USA -
Sammy, I think your web site is terrific! I am very proud of you and all that you have are a great brother-in-law, and glad you are MY brother-in-law! All my love.
Rhonda Dunlap <>
Cody, WY USA -
Outstanding Sammy!! Honored to know you and we cherish our association with you here in 2-4 FA. Thank you for all you did and all you're doing for our country.
LTC David D. Haught <>
Fort Sill, OK USA -
Sammy You have a great web page .I am also proud to know you and your wife, thanks for the sacrfices you have made to help others, God bless you and our country Dennis Blalock C btry 2/4 FA Vietnam 1967
Dennis Blalock <>
Flowery Branch, GA USA -
SAM,In my 55 years on this planet it has been one of my Greatest Pleasures Meeting you in Chicago at the Welcome Home Parade in 1986, And Then when you came Down-Under to Australia in 1987 to help us Diggers.Sam your presents helped us get our welcome home in Sydney Oct87,Due to your HELP.GOD BLESS your Family,what a wonderful human being you are Sam. Your Aussie Digger Mate,Bob GIBSON ex-army Vietnam 1967&TET68 Rifleman 2RAR& D&E PLATOON,Survivor of the Battle of (FireBASE CORAL MAY 68) HOO-ROO Mate GREAT SITE,Will pass it onto me Digger Mates here in the land of the Big RED KANGAROO'S.
Great site!
Cheri R <>
Way to go, Sammy! It's always been a thrill and an honor to be associated with you and your work. As commander of VFW Post 846 in Overland Park, KS, I extend our best wishes to you and yours. Welcome Home, Brother!
Ray Calore <>
Overland Park, KS USA -
logansport , in USA -
Sammy is a war hero and a real living hero with his contributions and concern for his brothers at reunions and his patriotic and loyal attitude for his Country, Family and friends. God bless my Brother Sammy always!
Vance A. van Wieren <>
Fennville, Mi USA -
Thanks, Sam. Looks like a great page. Am adding it to my bookmarks.
Ron Stamps <>
Pendleton, IN USA -
Nice job!
ryan <>
louisville, co USA -
We think of you every day here in Indy, just when we think we are having a bad day we think of your dedication to our great country and soon realize how easy we have it. Thanks again!
John Traub
Indpls, IN USA -
Sammy Welcome to the world of cyber Vets!Any Help you need for your website please let me know.It would be my Honor. Been friends for many years now and were real proud of you. See you at WinterFest in New Glarus,WI January 2001.
Sammy, thanks for the invitation to check out your website, I am so glad I did. It is incredibly inspiring...and I think can really make a difference in the way that all Americans view their own patriotism. I am going to link it to my site, and forward it to everyone I know. I salute you yet again, you continue to be a Hero we can all look up to. And I send out a special thanks to all military personnel - past, present and future - for the sacrifices you continue to make so that we can live in this free country. God Bless, Barbara Niven "Pensacola: Wings of Gold"
Barbara Niven <>
Los Angeles, CA USA -
A great pleasure to have visited your site an to see more of a fellow Nam Knight. KFFK David Lewis RVN - 68-69
David Lewis <>
Moorestown, NJ USA -
Mr. Davis your web site is outstanding. We enjoyed having you as our guest this last weekend. Hope to see you again real soon.
Tammy Tharp <>
Stevensville, MI USA -
Sammy, Thank you for the invitation to view your website. I will recommend your site not only to VVA members in Texas, but across our great country. Semper Fi, Bill Meeks Jr. President VVA Texas State Council
Bill Meeks Jr. <>
Spring, TX USA -
CSM Joseph W. Stanley <>
Ft Sill, OK USA -
Sammy, I have always been proud to have you as a brother. Your site is terrific. Hope to see you soon.
Joe Thomas <>
Nam Knights MC, USA -
ELMWOOD PARK, IL United States -
Sammy...What a beautiful web site; I really love it! Hope this finds you, Peggy, and your family enjoying life to the fullest. Keep up the good work, and thanks for reminding us all of the values that made this country grow. God bless you and God bless the USA!
Dawn DiNardo <>
Hoffman Estates, IL USA -
Sammy, You are one of the most honorable men that I know. Good luck with the new web site. FREEDOM NOW!!!

To my brother-in-law, Glad you married my sister! We are proud of all of the special things you do. Hope you can expand your sight soon. Love you.
Tami Ikemire
Robinson, Il USA -
Sammy, you are a true hero. Welcome to the Home Of Heroes.
Doug Sterner <>
Pueblo, CO USA -
Hello Sam and family. Great job I love it.....very thorough and complete...and I am sure you have pictures for this sight....keep up the great work America needs all of you and your family to keep you Happy and Healthy and us following the code....DUTY HONOR COUNTRY....GOD BLESS AMERICA
Len Bertini <>
Chicago, IL USA -


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