As do many of my brothers in the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, I can often be found visiting veterans and active duty personnel at veterans posts and military bases around the country.  Some of my upcoming activities, as well as those of some of my fellow recipients, are listed below.

NOTE: The schedule of events below includes numerous Medal of Honor and/or Veteran related activities. While I can not attend ALL of them, you will find my name listed for those events at which I will be in attendance.

If you are involved in or are aware of an appropriate event or reunion that should be listed here, please E-Mail us with the details including: Date/Time/Place/Contact Person/Synopsis of activities.

Date: Description:


17 QUANTICO, VA - Medal of Honor Recipient WESLEY FOX will be the Speaker for the Warrant Officer Mess Night, TBS, Quantico, VA.
18 - 20 FRANKFORT, KY - The Kentucky All Veterans Reunion will be held at the Capital Plaza in Frankfort. For more information visit or call Mike "Hoss" Cartwright at (502) 229-8454.
19 AMARILLO, TX - The Traveling Wall will be on display for the L. Z. Rainelle Veterans Reunion 2007. For more information call Charley Dattillo (502) 896-1544 or Danny "Greasy" Belcher" (505) 845-0435.
19 ARCATA, CA - Medal of Honor Recipients Jim Swett (WWII) and Jim Taylor (RVN) will be honored during an "Armed Forces Day" dinner hosted by American Legion Post 274. To purchase a ticket for the event, phone 707-822-2754 or submit a check in the amount of $15 per person to AL Post 274, P.O. Box 274, Arcata, Calif., 95518.
22 - 23 Charleston, SC - Many of the living MOH recipients will join with Staff and Friends for the opening of the remodeled MOH Society Museum aboard the USS Yorktown, at Patriot's Point, South Carolina. For more info see: CMOHS MUSEUM
24 - 28 RAINELLE, WV - The "America Supports You" council will host its annual ball in Amarillo, TX, with the theme Celebrating Freedom and Honoring Service. For more information email SSgt Jeffery Brown.
25 Woodlands, TX - A monument, located in the Town Green Park, will be dedicated in honor of the 16 Marines and 1 Navy Corpsman Born or Enlisted in Texas who received the Medal of Honor. For more information contact Tom Early at P.O. Box 7685, The Woodlands, TX, 77387.
27 ABINGDON, VA - Medal of Honor Recipient WESLEY FOX will be the speaker for Memorial Day Ceremonies.
29 GETTYSBURG, PA - Medal of Honor Recipient WESLEY FOX will present the Eric McColley Scholarship Award.


4 MINOT, ND - Medal of Honor Recipient MICHAEL FITZMAURICE will be among the honored guests at a dignitary-studded gala in Minot, ND's Roosevelt Park for the unveiling and dedication of the NEW North Dakota Medal of Honor Memorial. For more information email Randy A. Schobinger.


14 VIRGINIA - Medal of Honor Recipient WESLEY FOX will be the speaker for the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets.
15 - 19 Las Vegas, NV - Medal of Honor Recipient WESLEY FOX will join with Marines of the Third Marine Division for the association reunion in Las Vegas, NV.


3 - 7 The 2007 National Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention will be held in Green Bay, WI.
12 - 15 Charleston, SC - Medal of Honor Recipient WESLEY FOX will attend the Force Recon Reunion in Charleston.


2 Lubbock, TX - Medal of Honor Recipient WESLEY FOX will be the speaker for the Vietnam Center in Lubbock, TX.
18 & 19 Black Mountain, NC - Medal of Honor Recipient WESLEY FOX will be the speaker for the Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership.
24 Richmond, VA - Medal of Honor Recipient WESLEY FOX will participate in activities at the Virginia War Memorial.


3 Quantico, VA - Medal of Honor Recipient WESLEY FOX will be the speaker for the Marine Corps Ball, TBS, Quantico, VA.
9 BRANSON, MO - The POW Network will host its 11th Annual Military Gala & Banquet in Branson. For more information call (866) 481-4252 or email Chuck and Mary Schantag. For more information Visit their WEBSITE.
10 San Francisco, CA - Medal of Honor Recipient WESLEY FOX will participate in activities at the Big Band Swing in San Francisco.
16 17 Augusta, GA - Medal of Honor Recipient WESLEY FOX will be the speaker for the Marine Corps Ball in Augusta.
EMAIL NEWS OF YOUR EVENT webmaster, author and historian Doug Sterner is available for a limited number of speaking engagements during this year.  For more information about Doug Sterner CLICK HERE.  For a detailed news story about him and his background, take time to read the story that profiled him last year in his hometown PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN newspaper.

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