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First Ladies

The role of First Ladies, the wives of our Presidents, has always had a major impact upon American politics and society. The charming Dolley Madison was universally loved and respected, and many said without her, James Madison would have been a one-term president.

Other First Ladies have played prominent roles as well. Sarah Polk initiated the practice of playing "Hail to the Chief" to announce the appearance of the President. During World War II Eleanor Roosevelt visited American troops in the war zones, and Hillary Clinton left the White House to pursue her own political career as a Senator. 

Below are facts about five of our First Ladies. 
Can you correctly identify them? 

When a temperance (though not prohibitionist) President entered the White House, his wife stopped the practice of serving alcohol at state dinners, prompting one American Official to note sarcastically about one function, "It was a brilliant affair; the water flowed like champagne." The practice earned the First Lady the nickname of


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  1. Helen (Taft). 
  2. Edith (Wilson).
  3. Lou (Hoover).
  4. Lucy (Hayes)
  5. Lady Bird (Johnson).

When infirmity incapacitated the President, this first lady effectively downplayed his serious condition from the media and from the American Public. Working behind the scenes to personally attend to many of the President's duties, her political efforts during the period were later labeled the "Petticoat Government."

Who was this First Lady?

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  1. Abigail Adams.
  2. Eleanor Roosevelt
  3. Edith Wilson
  4. Anna Harrison
  5. Mary Todd Lincoln

Born in a log cabin, this future president lost his father when he was 3 years old and grew up in poverty. In lieu of formal education, he apprenticed himself for two years, then ran away and hid for two years. Unable to read, write, or perform arithmetic when he married at age eighteen, he was taught these important skills by his young wife, a future first lady. His wife was....
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  1. Rachel Jackson
  2. Mary Todd Lincoln
  3. Elizabeth Johnson
  4. Julia Grant 
  5. Edith Roosevelt

One year after the bachelor U.S. President entered the White House, he married this young lady. What First Lady gave us our first White House Wedding?

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  1. Frances Folsom Cleveland
  2. Rachel Jackson
  3. Angelica Van Buren
  4. Caroline Harrison
  5. Helen Taft

As the wife of a foreign diplomat during the Boxer Rebellion, this future first lady gained renown for her courage under fire, helping to prepare the defenses and encourage the defenders. Years later, as First Lady, when poverty-stricken veterans marched on Washington, D.C., she personally served them coffee and sandwiches.

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  1. Edith Roosevelt
  2. Edith Taft
  3. Grace Anna Coolidge
  4. Lou Henry Hoover
  5. Eleanor Roosevelt

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