Do you use humor in your presentations?
"I'm a story teller, not a one liner. There are a lot of stories about me in the military, business and growing up in a small town, population eighty-six, that people find hysterical. All those stories may not be true, but they are funny."

Do you have copies of your books available for our attendees to purchase?
"During each speaking engagement, if the client desires, I will bring a limited number of books to be made available for purchase."

Many dignitaries don't stay after their engagement to greet people, do you?
"My presentations are very moving and personal. They touch people at their deepest emotional level. After the speech I always make myself personally and compassionately available to everyone that desires my undivided attention. This is as important as the speech itself."

We have heard your presentations are very unique, how so?
"What you may be referring to is my reputation of doing an entire gala performance unheard of in the professional speaking industry. Mr. Larry Linder, President & CEO of LJ Linder, Inc., Insurance Services said it best, Toasting, music, audience participation, I have never seen or been part of anything like it in my entire career and it was all done with class."

We always have our speakers do a photo opportunity with our members, will you?
"Photo sessions are always optional, including having them personally autographed."

If our members come up to you for an autograph during the event will you accommodate them?
"I try to accommodate everyone."

We have been told you can provide table center-pieces and place-settings as part of the program. Is it true?
"For breakfasts, luncheons, dinners and black-tie affairs we have available magnificent gold etched water toasting bottles as center-pieces. We can also provide logo magnets for your place-setting. These items can be engraved with your logo, sponsor or both."



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