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The Muleskinners
242nd ASHC-1st Aviation Brigade-Vietnam 1967-71


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The "Muleskinners" of the 242nd Assault Support Helicopter Company formed up at Ft. Benning, GA in October 1966. The Muleskinners flew the CH-47A transport helicopter. After extensive training under Major Paul L. Stansel, Commander, and Bobby J. Morris as First Sergeant, the unit deployed to Vietnam in August 1967. The 242nd supported the 25th Infantry Division and the III Corps Tactical Zone, especially in such areas as the "Iron Triangle", "Ho Bo Woods", "Nui Ba Den", "French Fort", "Mushroom", "Parrot"s Beak" and others. The Muleskinners performed with resolute valor and intrepidity until October 1971. At that time, the Muleskinners were killed by administrative means, left in the combat zone, and their name lost to history, by the actions of a few prideful men. They did with a typewriter what no enemy could accomplish with a weapon. The Muleskinner legacy is one of valor, determination, loyalty, and service to God and Country. Their awards and decorations are numerous. Their spirit will never rest until they find a new home and can fly again.

Further inquiries welcomed by; Roger G. Montgomery, 1SG, US Army retired

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