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Jeff (Doc) Dentice
US Army - Vietnam - Medic


medal medal medal medal medal

My Dad served as a Medic in Vietnam in 1967-1968 with the 25th Tropic Lightning Division at CuChi. He continues to serve all Veterans through his Military-Veterans websites. Check his sites out at (www.war-veterans.org) He is once again a Foster parent to 2 young girls whose Mom died near Christmas 2008. He runs Christmas with the Vets at the the Zablocki VA hospital and is the Founder of the Wisconsin POW-MIA National Balloon Launch event that takes place on Memorial Day every year at the Bunker/DMZ in Rochester, Wisconsin..............I am very Proud of my Dad.

Tribute rendered by his daughter Jenna Dentice

My Favorite Links:

Doc's Military-War Veterans Sites

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