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Not all of our heroes wear the Medal of Honor.  In fact, since our Nation was born in 1776, more than 40 million American men and women have served in one of our branches of service.   From this crowd of those patriots who have served, less than 3,500 have received Medals of Honor.  But each and every one of them is, in their own way, a hero.

In every generation since our Country's birth, young soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen have been called upon to risk their lives, often on foreign shores, during time of war.   These combat veterans have all given "above and beyond the call of duty", many of them earning numerous awards other than the Medal of Honor.  Each can be justly proud of the medals they have received.

And even in time of peace, those who serve do so with the full knowledge that at any time they may be called upon to risk their lives on foreign shores.  Tragedies, such as the October 23, 1983 terrorist attack on the Marine headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon prove that even "peace-time" service is not without risk or hazard.  On that sad day in 1983 more American military men lost their lives than on any single day of the Vietnam War.  Again, more recently, the brave men and women who served on the USS Cole quickly learned that those who wear the uniform even when no war exists, face some of the same risks their fathers and grandfathers faced in conflicts around the world.

Indeed, every man or woman who chooses to serve their Nation in uniform, is a hero in their own right, and deserving of our respect and our prayers.

My Hero

My Hero is a special place we have designed to allow you to recognize the special hero in your life.   Every Medal of Honor recipient we speak to will quickly say, "I wear the Medal, not to honor myself, but to remind our Nation of the valiant service of those others who served but never received this award."  As such, it is fitting to welcome ALL servicemen and women to the Home Of Heroes.

04_jaime.jpg (37240 bytes)MY HERO is an interactive site within the Home Of Heroes that will allow you to print and/or post a tribute to someone you believe belongs in the Hall of Heroes.  Our simple form will allow you to upload their picture, select the elements for your tribute including the seal of their branch of service, background music (for on-line tribute pages), as well as including graphics of all the medals they have earned.  You can include personal information in text boxes, as well as a paragraph or poem you wish to include with the tribute.  You can even include links to your favorite patriotic sites.   When you have completed filling out our simple form, you will be able to preview a page just like the tribute page shown here, only with the photo and information on YOUR OWN HERO.

Once your form is created you will have many options.  You can print out the page (you might even want to frame it), to give as a special gift to your hero.  You also post the page here at the Hall of Heroes where other visitors to our site will have the chance to meet and appreciate the person to whom you are offering your respect.

HELPFUL HINT: Before beginning to create a tribute to YOUR hero, select a suitable photograph of your hero and size it to 220 pixels wide by 300 pixels highYou will then be able to upload the photo of your hero to include in your personalized tribute to them.  (If you do not have a photo to upload, in the photo-link box enter the text  http://www.homeofheroes.com/tribute/upload/default.jpg  to insert our default photo.)

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HomeOfHeroes.com is especially grateful to Martin Phillips of Australia who graciously donated his time to write the complicated script that makes this new feature possible.  Mr. Phillips has had a strong interest in computers since high school.  He taught himself HTML while creating a martin_phillips.jpg (11938 bytes)website for the Newcastle University Karate Club where he was an instructor while also pursuing an educational degree. 

A year ago he started his own web design business and found that some of the projects his clients wanted required CGI scripting, so he taught himself perl.  His main project was reflected in a script he called PageEdit, a script written for a client needing to easily update and maintain his own website without learning HTML or web design.  That script has now grown into a multi-user version ISPs and hosting companies offer their clients to assist them in maintaining their own website.

On November 11th, while busily working to finish the My Hero script, Martin and his fiancee Sandra (pictured above) were married.  We wish them both well, and extend our sincere thanks to Martin for making this new HomeOfHeroes.com feature possible for you to enjoy.



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