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World War II

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Medal of Honor Recipients

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Click on a Recipient's Photo a larger, printable poster.  Click on his name to print his citation.

Jose Calugas
Philippine Scouts, 23rd Division
16 January 1942 - Culis, Bataan Province, Philippine Islands

Died January 18, 1998

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Jose Calugas received his Medal Of Honor from General George C. Marshall in the field at Camp Olivas, Philippine Islands on 30 April 1945.

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Mikio Hasemoto
Company B, 100th Infantry Battalion (Sep.)
29 November 1943 - Cerasuolo, Italy

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Allan M. Ohata
Company B, 100th Infantry Battalion (Sep.)
29-30 November 1943 - Cerasuolo, Italy

Died October 17, 1977

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Shizuya "Cesar" Hayashi
Company A, 100th Infantry Battalion (Sep.)
29 November 1943 - Cerasuolo, Italy

Currently Living in Hawaii

Rudolph B. Davila
Company H, 7th Infantry
28 May 1944 - Artena, Italy

Died January 26, 2002

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Yeiki Kobashigawa
Company B, 100th Infantry Battalion (Sep.)
2 June 1944 - Lanuvio, Italy

Currently Living in Hawaii

Shinyei Nakamine
Company B, 100th Infantry Battalion (Sep.)
2 June 1944 - La Torreto, Italy

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Kiyoshi K. Muranga
Company F, 442nd Infantry
26 June 1944 - Suverto, Italy

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William K. Nakamura
Company G, 442nd Infantry
4 July 1944 - Castelina, Italy

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Frank H. Ono
Company G, 442nd Regimental Combat Team
4 July 1944 - Castelina, Italy

Died in 1980

Kaoru Moto
Company C, 100th Infantry Battalion (Sep.)
7 July 1944 - Castelina, Italy

Died in August 26, 1992

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Ted T. Tanouye
Company K, 442nd Infantry
7 July 1944 - Molina A Ventoabbto, Italy

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Kazuo Otani
Company G, 442nd Infantry
15 July 1944 - Pieve di S. Luce, Italy

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Masato Nakae
Company A, 100th/442nd Infantry
19 August 1944 - Pisa, Italy

Died September 4, 1998

Barney F. Hajiro
Company I, 442nd Regimental Combat Team
19, 22 & 29 Oct 1944 - Bruyeres and Biffontaine, France

Currently Living in Hawaii

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Robert T. Kuroda
Company H, 442nd Regimental Combat Team
20 October 1944 - Bruyeres, France

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Francis B. Wai
Headquarters, 34th Infantry
20 October 1944 - Leyte, Philippine Islands

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James K. Okubo
442nd Regimental Combat Team
28-29 Oct & 4 Nov 1944 - Biffontaine, France

Died January 29, 1967

George T. Sakato
Company E, 442nd Regimental Combat Team
29 October 1944 - Biffontaine, France

Currently Living in Colorado

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Joe M. Nishimoto
Company G, 442nd Regimental Combat Team
7 November 1944 - La Houssiere, France

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Sadao Munemori
Company A, 442nd Regimental Combat Team
5 April 1945 - Seravezza, Italy

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Sadao Munemori's Medal of Honor was presented posthumously to his mother on 7 March 1946.

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Yukio Okutsu
Company F, 442nd Regimental Combat Team
7 April 1945 - Mount Belvedere, Italy

Died August 24, 2003

Daniel K. Inouye
Company E, 442nd Infantry
21 April 1945 - Sam Terenzo, Italy

Currently Living in Hawaii

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Joe Hayashi
Company K, 442nd Regimental Combat Team
20 & 22 April 1945 - Tendola, Italy

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