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Hershey's Medal of Honor
One of the best kept secrets of the Korean War.

Hiroshi Miyamura was sent to Italy to join the 442nd, but the war ended before his transport ship arrived.  Six years later on a battlefield a world away, his heroism earned him our Nation's highest honor.  For half a century he was our Nation's only living Japanese-American Medal of Honor Recipient.

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Paradise Lost
The Attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941

A 10-page historical account of the Imperial Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor with the stories of the 15 sailors who earned Medals of Honor for their heroism on that Day of Infamy.

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Medal Of Honor Features in our Site

HISTORY and LISTS of recipients with links to citations.
Photographs of Medal of Honor Recipients.
Information on the LIVING Recipients.
Printable, full-color Medal of Honor E-BOOKS.


The pages from this web story are NOW AVAILABLE as an attractive, illustrated book from American Legacy Media.

Includes these pages, MOH Citations, ALL 100/442 DSC Citations & Roster of KIAs

The following recommended links and books provided much of the research for this series of pages.  We cite them here not only as references for our own work, but as recommended sources for additional reading by our web site visitors.

Related Pages we recommend on the WWW

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Daniel K. Inouye

These pages from the Hawaiian Senators official Senate web site document the story of Daniel Inouye from childhood, through his World War II service with the 442nd, and his rise to prominence in American government.  Very well written, it is an inspirational account we can not recommend highly enough.  Please take the time to visit and read the story of the young man whose dreams of becoming a doctor were shattered one fateful day in WWII, yet who rose above it to become an American icon.

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Japanese American War Veterans - Dedicated to veterans of all wars, this excellent site is co-sponsored by the Japanese American Korean War Veterans and the AJA WWII Memorial Alliance.  Presently they are compiling a database on the 811 Japanese Americans and their non-Japanese officers who died in World War II.

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Katonk.com - An excellent site with history of the 100th/442nd and much more including a solid list of links.

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From Katonk.com - A comprehensive list of soldiers who served with the 100th/442nd, sorted by unit.   Details awards for each man and identifies those killed in action.

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Japanese American War Veterans

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin provided excellent, in-depth coverage of the Medal of Honor awards to the Japanese-Americans of WWII, including a special feature titled "STRENGTH AND HONOR".  We encourage you to visit their site for the special feature.  We further recommend you use their search page for a listing of all their stories by searching on the key words "Medal of Honor".

STRENGTH AND HONOR      *     Star-Bulletin SEARCH page


Recommended Reading

Unlikely Liberators  by Masayo Umezawa Duus, University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, Hawaii, 1983.

Go For Broke by Chester Tanaka, Go For Broke, Inc. Richmond, California, 1982

America's Concentration Camps by Allan R. Bosworth, W-W-Norton & Company, New York, NY, 1967

The Great Betrayal by Audrie Girdner and Anne Loftis, The Macmillan Company, London, 1969

If you are aware of additional links or materials you would like to see included on this page, please e-mail me from our "Feedback" link below.
Doug Sterner, Webmaster



Webmaster's Note:

Preparing this series of stories was one of the most challenging I have yet undertaken as webmaster and writer for HomeOfHeroes.com.  Shortly after beginning the series, my email abounded with compliments and positive comments.  One of our readers went the extra mile and laboriously read and re-read each story for accuracy.   I would be remiss to fail to acknowledge his contribution to these pages, as well as the contribution of his family to freedom.
Isami Yoshihara has long followed the history of the Nisei of World War II.  The youngest in a family of 5 boys and 5 girls, his oldest brother served with the 1399th Engineering Bn. in Hawaii during World War II.  His second brother was an original member of the 100th Infantry Battalion, earning the Purple Heart in Italy.  His other two brothers served in the US Army as part of the post-war occupation of Germany.

Mr. Yoshihara spent his life as a professional (civilian) engineer for the military, including 24 years at Yokota FB, Japan.  He retired with 42 years of federal civil service.

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Through the long hours of preparing this series of stories, Isami Yoshihara (pictured above with his family) has become a close friend, despite the fact we have never met and have only communicated through e-mails.  I thank him kindly for his efforts in insuring the accuracy and voracity of these pages.

If you are aware of additional links or materials you would like to see included on this page, please e-mail me from our "Feedback" link below.
Doug Sterner, Webmaster


Hall Of Heroes Salute To our Japanese-American heroes of WWII

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