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   Korean War 

Army Recipients Of The Distinguished Service Cross


(We believe this listing to be COMPLETE. While there is a remote possibility we have missed someone, particularly a LATE AWARD, in all probability these are the ONLY recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross  in the Korean War.)

733 Awards

  Detailed Chronological List 

1950  *  1951  *  1952  *  1953

* Indicated Posthumous Awards

January - July, 1953

Name Rank Date of Action Co Bn Reg Div Remarks
Murphy, James F. 1Lt Jan 18, 1953          
Beckett, James O. 1Lt Jan 25, 1953          
*Fancher, Maxie Pfc Jan 28, 1953 G 2 5th RCT 1st Cav  
Maudie, Bert W. Cpl Jan 28, 1953     5th RCT 1st Cav  
Dixon, Kenneth B. Pfc Feb 7, 1953     279th Inf 45th INF  
*Pohlman, William R. Pfc Feb 7, 1953 HHC   279th Inf 45th INF  
Koehnen, Mark B. Cpl Feb 13, 1953     180th Inf 45th INF  
Krilling, William E. Sfc Feb 13, 1953     180th Inf 45th INF  
*Pierce, Carl F. M/Sgt Feb 24, 1953 B 1 180th Inf 45th INF  
*Hatfield, Raymond L. Cpl Mar 6, 1953 K 3 31st Inf 7th INF RTO
Clark, Harry A., Jr. Ltc Mar 17, 1953 C.O. 3 9th Inf 2d INF  
Stanley, Courtney L. Pvt Mar 17, 1953 I 3 9th Inf 2d INF  
*Johnson, Charles F. 2Lt Mar 21, 1953     38th Inf 2d INF  
Felger, Alan C. 2Lt Mar 23, 1953   FA      
Pinney, David R. M/Sgt Mar 23, 1953     15th Inf 3d INF  
*Lundquist, Charles L. Cpl Mar 24, 1953 L 3 32d Inf 7th INF  
Montez, Benito Jr. Pvt Apr 16, 1953     15th Inf 3d INF  
Smith, Joseph E. Pfc Apr 16, 1953          
Walls, Henry R., Jr. 2Lt Apr 16, 1953     15th Inf 3d INF  
Hemphill, John Allen 1Lt Apr 17, 1953 I 3 31st Inf 7th INF  
McKinley, Richard Pfc Apr 18, 1953 B 1 31st Inf 7th INF  
Baker, James F. 1Lt Apr 24, 1953          
*Sardeson, Arnold L. Pvt May 1, 1953     224th Inf 40th INF Medic
Richards, J. C., Jr. M/Sgt May 5, 1953     179th Inf 45th INF  
*Swihart, Harold M. M/Sgt May 24, 1953     7th Inf 3d INF  
*Wetzel, Eugene V. Cpl May 24, 1953 E 2 224th Inf 40th INF  
Zackman, Louis H. Pfc May 24, 1953 C 1 7th Inf 3d INF RTO
*Johnson, Charles L. Cpl May 29, 1953 B 1 14th Inf 25th INF Medic
*Kirk, Dwight Allan 1Lt May 29, 1953 HHC 1 14th Inf 25th INF  
Baldwin, George R. Sgt Jun 1, 1953          
*McPhate, Prentiss E. M/Sgt Jun 2, 1953     35th Inf 25th INF  
Nichol, Bromfield B. 2Lt Jun 5, 1953 Tank     40th INF  
Kopsick, Albert R. 2Lt Jun 8, 1953     15th Inf 3d INF  
Dooley, James W. Sgt Jun 9, 1953 E 2 65th Inf 3d INF  
Lack, Charles E. Cpl Jun 10, 1953          
*Sherman, Albert (MIA) Pvt Jun 10 1953     15th Inf 3d INF Medic
*Cerri, Joe V. 2Lt Jun 11, 1953 G 2 65th Inf 3d INF  
Gallimore, Dan L. Pfc Jun 11, 1953          
Tolbert, Jack P. Sfc Jun 11, 1953 B 1 65th Inf 3d INF  
Rollins, John L. (POW) M/Sgt Jun 12, 1953   987 FA   24th INF  
Cardenas, Ricardo Capt Jun 13, 1953 F 2 7th Inf 3d INF  
Kehl, Alvin W. 1Lt Jun 13, 1953          
Cavazos, Richard E. (1st) 1Lt Jun 14, 1953 E 2 65th Inf 3d INF OLC In RVN
Parsley, Jimmie R. Pvt Jun 24, 1953 Mortar   7th Inf 3d INF  
Roberts, James E. M/Sgt Jul 1, 1953     35th Inf 25th INF  
Bamford, Charles F. II 2Lt Jul 4, 1953     223d Inf 40th INF  
*Dankowski, Stanley Raymond (MIA) 1Lt Jul 6, 1953 K 3 65th Inf 3d INF  
*Hovey, Howard Cleasby (MIA) M/Sgt Jul 6, 1953 A 1 17th Inf 7th INF  
Read, Beverly M. Ltc Jul 7, 1953       7th INF  
Daniel, Samuel E. 2Lt Jul 8, 1953     17th Inf 7th INF  
Noble, Joseph E., Jr. Ltc Jul 8, 1953       7th INF  
Northcutt, Robert Sgt Jul 8 & 9, 1953     17th Inf 7th INF  
Wood, Steven H. 2Lt Jul 8, 1953     17th Inf 7th INF  
*Barnes, Thomas J. 1Lt Jul 9, 1953 K 3 17th Inf 7th INF  
*McDonald, William E. 1Lt Jul 9, 1953   57 FA   7th INF  
Taylor, Royal R. Ltc Jul 10, 1953 XO 2 32d Inf 7th INF  
Fritts Billy E. Maj Jul 11, 1953     17th Inf 7th INF  
*Klinefelter, Joe Thomas (MIA) 2Lt Jul 13, 1953 A 955 FA   8th Army  
St. Clair, Charley L. 1Lt Jul 13, 1953   955 FA   8th Army  
Bowser, Donald H. Sgt Jul 15, 1953          
Nehls, Edwin E. Sfc Jul 15, 1953          
Williams, Samuel T. M/Gen Jul 15, 1953 C.G.     25th INF  
*Hansen, Darrell J. 2Lt Jul 16, 1953     65th Inf 3d INF  
Elthon, Eldon J. Sfc Jul 18, 1953          
Agnew, Richard S. 1Lt Jul 19, 1953     223d Inf 40th INF  


We do not have either the full-text citations or details of actions (including date) for the following recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross in Korea.

Name Rank Date of Acton Co Bn Reg Div
Barnes, James C., Jr. 1Lt     48 FA   7th INF
Edwards, James W.     HHC   23d Inf 2d INF
Jackson, William E. M/Sgt   G 2 23d Inf 2d INF
Powers, John J., Jr. Capt   B 1 7th Inf 3d INF

1950  *  1951  *  1952  *  1953


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