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(This listing is as complete as we are able to provide from numerous resources, however it is possible that a few recipients may t be listed.  You can verify if someone received the DSC from this list, but absence of a name should NOT be construed to definitively negate a veteran's claim to this award.)

6,309 Total Awards

The list below contains the names of each of the 6,185 individuals who account for the 6,309 awards of the Distinguished Service Cross in World War I. The code (in parenthesis and in BOLD) indicates the category under which they are listed in our DETAILED listings of recipients.

Air Service
Armor - Tank Corps
U.S. Civilians
Foreign Awards
Machine Gun Infantry
Chemical Corps
Command & Staff
Military Police
Supply & Trans.
Signal Corps
Marine Corps



Aamodt, Morris H. G. (INF)
Aamot, Arthur (INF)
Aaronson, Julius (INF)
Abbott, George C. (INF)
Abbott, Robert L (Misc-ST)
Abbott, William Y. (INF)
Abele, Herbert A. (INF)
Abend, Louis (INF)
Abercrombie, Hugh (ARTY)
Abernathy, Charles V. (INF)
Abernathy, Thomas J. (AIR)
Abrams, Roland W. (INF)
Achenbach, Max (INF-MG)
Acheson, William C. (INF-MG)
Ackers, Deane E. (INF)
Ackley, Francis (INF)
Ackley, George (INF)
Ackley, James (INF)
Ackley, Ward M. (INF)
Adair, Russel K. (INF)
Adair, William R. (SIG)
Adams, Edward (INF)
Adams, Frank Howard (INF)
Adams, Frederick W. (INF)
Adams, Harry J. (INF)
Adams, James P. (USMC)
Adams, James S. (INF)
Adams, John Carver (INF)
Adams, John Ora (INF)
Adams, Quincy (INF-MG)
Adams, Roland Lee (INF)
Adams, Samuel T. (INF)
Adamski, Jiozef (INF)
Adelhelm, Hugo C. (ENGR)
Adelsperger, Earl (INF)
Adkisson, Samuel P. (INF)
Adler, Julius O. (INF)
Adler, Nick (Misc-ST)
Adrean, Charles H. (INF)
Adsit, Henry (INF-MG)
Affatato, Epifanio (INF)
Aghababian, Vartan (MED)
Ahearn, Timothy (INF)
Aibner, August (INF)
Aiello, Antonio (INF-MG)
Aird, William A. (INF-MG)
Akers, Edgar W. (INF)
Akins, Bennie A. (INF)
Albert, Ralph F. (INF)
Albrecht, George W. (Misc-ST)
Albright, Fred C. (INF)
Aldrich, Perry H. (AIR)
Aldridge, Joseph S., Jr. (INF)
Ale, John H. (INF)
Alekno, Frank (INF)
Alendal, Ole (INF)
Alexander, Arthur H. (AIR)
Alexander, Leon R. (INF-MG)
Alexander, Mearl Charles (USMC)
Alexander, Robert (Misc-CS)
Alexander, Stirling Campbell (AIR)
Alexander, Thomas L. (INF)
Alfonte, Dallas R. (INF)
Allamong, Isaac F. (INF)
Allen, Abe L. (INF)
Allen, Charles B. (INF)
Allen, Charles W. (INF)
Allen, Clarence E. (INF)
Allen, Edward (INF)
Allen, Fred (INF)
Allen, Gardner Philip (AIR)
Allen, Joseph E. (INF)
Allen, Leslie (INF)
Allen, Oliver (INF)
Allen, William Y. (INF)
Alley, Arvle H. (INF)
Allison, Carl Oscar (INF-MG)
Allman, Frank (ENGR)
Almon, Earl (INF)
Alonzo, Eugene (INF-MG)
Alsup, Julian W. (USMC)
Alt, Walter F. (INF)
Ambrunn, William C. (INF)
Ames, Oliver, Jr. (INF)
Ames, Patrick (INF)
Ammons, George H (ARTY)
Amory, Thomas D. (INF)
Anderson, Alexander E. (INF)
Anderson, Carter Leonard (USMC)
Anderson, Charles L. (SIG)
Anderson, Emory L. (INF)
Anderson, Ernest H. (Misc-CC)
Anderson, Fletcher D. (MED)
Anderson, Harry N. (ARTY)
Anderson, Joel (INF)
Anderson, Lane S. (INF)
Anderson, Leonard (INF)
Anderson, Oliver (INF)
Anderson, Paul H. (INF)
Anderson, Richard C. (INF)
Anderson, Robert B. (INF)
Anderson, Thomas B. (INF)
Anderson, Walter N. (INF)
Anderson, William A. (INF)
Anderson, William L. (INF)
Andes, James Cowan (INF)
Andes, Roy B. (INF)
Andral, Louis (FOR)
Andre, Charles H. (INF-MG)
Andrea, Frank E.  (INF)
Andres, John, Jr. (INF-MG)
Andrew, Flynn Lambert A. (AIR)
Andrews, Lawrence G. (INF)
Andrews, Myron Morris (INF)
Andrews, Sam E. (INF)
Andrews, Walter Gresham (INF)
Andrykowski, Victor (INF)
Angell, Howard M. (INF)
Angelly, Henry M. (INF)
Angelo, Joseph T. (ARM)
Angier, Albert E. (INF)
Ankudovitch, William D. (ARTY)
Antes, Jay Le. R. (MED)
Anthony, Clem (INF)
Anthony, George W. (INF)
Anthony, Harold B. (Misc-ST)
Anthony, Roy C. (INF)
Archer, Joseph D. (Misc-ST)
Arkman, Frank (INF)
Armengaud, Paul F. M. (FOR)
Armijo, Marcus B. (INF)
Armistead, Joseph G. (INF)
Armstrong, Edward V. (INF)
Armstrong, Rodney M. (AIR)
Armstrong, Thomas (INF)
Arnold, Albert C. (INF)
Arnold, Alfred C. (INF)
Arnold, Dewey G. (INF)
Arnold, Howard W. (INF)
Arnold, Walter F. (INF)
Arpin, Edmund P. (INF)
Arrants, William R. (MED)
Arsenault, Lucian L. (INF)
Arsenault, Thomas (INF)
Arthur, Dogan H. (AIR)
Artoni, Charles (FOR)
Ascher, Oscar (INF)
Aschliman, Paul (FOR)
Aselton, Ernest K. (USMC)
Ash, Harold James (ARM)
Ashburn, Isaac S. (INF)
Ashcraft, Eugene M. (INF)
Ashton, William E. (MED)
Atchavit, Calvin (INF)
Atkins, Marvin L. (INF)
Atkins, Moses D. (INF)
Atkinson, Joseph T. (ENGR)
Atkinson, Ralph (INF)
Atwater, Benjamin L. (AIR)
Atwood, John Baird (INF)
Auber, John J. (INF)
Auer, Charles (USMC)
Austermann, Richard W (INF)
Austin, Claude W. (INF)
Austin, Edwin (INF)
Austin, Francis R. (INF)
Austin, James B. (INF)
Austin, John C. (INF)
Austin, Raymond B. (ARTY)
Auty, Edward W. (FOR)
Avery, Charles D. (INF)
Avery, Walter L. (AIR)
Awbery, Clarence (INF)
Awl, Francis Asbury (INF)
Axton, Andrew Kramer (USMC)
Ayers, John W. (INF)
Aylward, William B. (INF)
Ayotte, Edward E. (INF)

Ba - Be

Babcock, Philip R. (AIR)
Babst, Julius J. (CHAP)
Bachman, John A. (INF-MG)
Backley, Edward J. (INF)
Backstrom, Robert E. (INF)
Backus, David H. (AIR)
Bacon, Benjamin R. (INF)
Badham, William T. (AIR)
Baer, Paul Frank (AIR)
Bagby, Ralph B. (AIR)
Bailey, Alfred G. (INF)
Bailey, Clarence A. (INF)
Bailey, Earl Wallace (INF-MG)
Bailey, Ernest O. (INF)
Bailey, George W. (USN)
Bailey, Henry S. (INF)
Bailey, Ivan Y. (INF)
Bailey, Jesse M. (MED)
Bailey, Robert M. (INF)
Bailey, Thomas (INF)
Bailey, Thomas F. (INF)
Bailey, Walter J. (INF-MG)
Bain, Edgar H. (INF)
Bainbridge, Roger J. (INF)
Bair, Howard A. (INF)
Baker, Douglas B. (INF)
Baker, Emory L. (INF)
Baker, Harry I. (USMC)
Baker, Jesse (INF)
Baker, John (INF)
Baker, John M. (INF)
Baker, John T. (ENGR)
Baker, Joseph M. (USMC)
Baker, McLaurin (SIG)
Balch, John Henry (USN)
Bald, Edward (USMC)
Baldridge, Robert L. (MED)
Baldridge, Troy J. (INF)
Baldwin, Geoffrey Prescott (INF)
Baldwin, Moses S. (INF)
Baldwin, Thomas (INF)
Baldwin, William W. (INF)
Ball, Ernest B. (USN)
Ball, Ernest W. (INF)
Ball, Ralph (INF)
Ball, William R. (INF)
Ballard, Blackburn W. (ENGR)
Ballard, Edwin L. (USMC)
Ballard, Frederick E. (INF-MG)
Ballard, Walter D. (INF)
Ballestero, Fred V. (INF)
Balling, Joseph P. (INF)
Banahan, Raymond F. (INF)
Bane, Thomas P. (INF)
Banister, Morris A. (INF)
Bank, Carl (INF)
Banks, Harley E. (INF)
Banks, Leonard S. (INF)
Bann, Edward (INF)
Barber, Henry A. (INF-MG)
Barber, Thomas M. (MED)
Barbier, Alex J. (INF)
Barbour, William C. (INF)
Barcsykowski, Frank John (USMC)
Bard, Franklin C. (INF)
Bardman, Barney (INF)
Bardou, Henri (FOR)
Barfield, H. M. (INF)
Barkalow, James W. (INF)
Barker, Mandeville J., Jr. (CIV)
Barksdale, Alfred D. (INF)
Barlow, Alfred M. (INF)
Barlow, Clyde (INF-MG)
Barlow, Francis A. (INF)
Barnard, Courtney H. (ARM)
Barnes, Frank C., Jr. (ARTY)
Barnes, Harry C., Jr. (INF)
Barnes, Julius L. (INF)
Barnes, Raymond (INF-MG)
Barnes, Robert (INF)
Barnett, Cecil E. (INF-MG)
Barnett, Leland M. (INF)
Barnhart, Frank A. (USMC)
Barnhart, Walter I. (INF)
Barnwell, Frank H. (INF)
Barr, Joseph T. (ARTY)
Barre, Marcel (FOR)
Barrett, Herbert W. (INF)
Barron, William Lawrence (USMC)
Barrow, Charles L. (INF-MG)
Barrows, Albert Edward (USMC)
Barrows, Clayton E. (INF-MG)
Barry, Edward (INF)
Barry, Edward W. (INF)
Barry, Herbert E. (INF)
Barry, John (INF)
Barry, William H. (INF)
Bartels, Herman B. (INF)
Barth, Frederick (INF)
Bartholf, Herbert B. (AIR)
Bartlett, Elmer E., Jr. (ENGR)
Bartlett, George W. (INF)
Bartlett, Murray (CIV)
Barto, Tom D. (ENGR)
Barton, Charles R. (INF)
Barton, Harry D. (ARTY)
Barton, Jesse M. (INF)
Barton, Thomas D. (INF)
Bascom, Robert (INF)
Bass, Urbane F. (MED)
Bassett, Rexford O. (INF)
Bassett, Waldo S. (INF)
Bassi, Joseph (INF)
Bassman, Barnett (INF)
Baston, Albert P. (USMC)
Batchelder, Harold W. (INF)
Bateman, Charles W. (USN)
Bateman, Henry (INF)
Bateman, Henry E. (INF)
Bates, Bret V. (MED)
 Bates, Charles E. H. (INF)
Bates, Paul A. (INF)
Batley, Harold (INF)
Batson, George Wells (INF)
Batta, Frank (INF)
Batten, Harold A. (INF-MG)
Baucom, Byrne V. (AIR)
Bauernfeind, John R. (INF-MG)
Baughn, Robert O. (INF)
Baume, John (USN)
Baurin, Albert (FOR)
Baxter, Albert F. (INF)
Baxter, George K. (INF)
Baxter, Stuart A. (INF)
Baxter, William V. (MED)
Bay, Roland W. (INF)
Bayly, Harry E. (INF)
Beach, William Burdett (ENGR)
Beal, Harold V. (ARTY)
Bean, Francis A. (INF)
Bean, Rufus (INF)
Beane, James Dudley (AIR)
Bear, Absalom F. (USN)
Beard, Cornelius (ENGR)
Beard, Edwin L. (INF)
Bearss, Hiram Iddings (USMC)
Beasley, Shadworth O. (MED)
Beato, John (INF)
Beaton, Stanley (MED)
Beattie, Arthur J. (INF)
Beattie, Morse N. B. (MED)
Beatty, George S. (INF)
Beatty, George W. (MED)
Beaty, Leslie (INF)
Beauchamp, Felix (USMC)
Beaudette, Joseph A. (INF)
Beauvais, Walter U. (INF)
Beck, Albert (INF)
Beck, Charles L. (INF)
Beck, John I. (INF)
Becker, Edward (INF)
Becker, Fred H. (INF)
Beckwith, Bryan (INF)
Becquart, Henri (FOR)
Bedolfe, Harold (ENGR)
Beebe, David C. (AIR)
Beebe, Lewis C. (INF)
Beeby, Albert E. (INF-MG)
Beecher, Harrison S. (INF-MG)
Beere, Donald M. (ARTY)
Beers, J. Clyde (INF)
Begley, William (INF)
Behan, James P. (ARTY)
Behrendt, August F. (INF)
Beifus, Martin (INF)
Beinlich, Harry F. (INF)
Beird, Roy H. (USMC)
Belanger, Edward Arthur (INF)
Belefant, Abraham (INF)
Belfry, Earl (USMC)
Belk, Edd (INF)
Belko, John G. (INF)
Bell, Albert H., Jr. (INF)
Bell, Blake (INF)
Bell, Frank (INF)
Bell, Frank J. (INF)
Bell, George (INF)
Bell, Glenn A. (INF)
Bell, Joe (USMC)
Bell, John A. (INF-MG)
Bell, William B. (INF)
Bell, William Z. (INF)
Bellamy, Hargrove (INF)
Bellows, Franklin B. (AIR)
Beloungea, William A. (INF)
Belt, Billie W. (Misc-ST)
Belzer, William E. (AIR)
Bender, John F. (INF)
Benefield, Corbett (INF)
Benell, Otto E. (AIR)
Benjamin, Ray N. (ENGR)
Benjamin, William F. (INF)
Bennett, Charles S. (INF)
Bennett, Harry L., Jr. (INF)
Bennett, Jack (INF)
Benning, Fred G. (INF-MG)
Benoit, Henry N. (INF)
Benson, Andrew A. (MED)
Bentley, Richard E. (INF)
Benton, Harwood O. (INF)
Benz, Cedric Charles (INF)
Bercerot, Jacques (FOR)
Berg, John N. (INF)
Berg, Joseph (INF)
Bergasse, Herman J. (INF)
Bergen, William J. (INF)
Bergstein, Alfred M. (MED)
Berkeley, Theodore I. (INF)
Berkley, George (INF)
Berkompas, Olius (INF)
Berlander, Albert M. (ENGR)
Bernheimer, Louis G. (AIR)
Bernier, Oliver D. (USMC)
Bernstein, David (USMC)
Berry, Benjamin I. (INF-MG)
Berry, Benjamin S. (USMC)
Berry, Ernest (INF)
Berry, Stanley H. (ARTY)
Berry, Thomas A. (INF)
Berry, Wayne R. (INF)
Berry, William (INF)
Berryhill, John W. (INF)
Bertrand (FOR)
Berwick, Elwyn L. (ARTY)
Bess, Roy A. (INF)
Bessinger, Edward (ARTY)
Best, Edward G. (INF)
Bevan, Stanley (INF-MG)

Bi - Bo

Bible, Paul (INF)
Bickford, Ernest E. (INF)
Bicknell, Leroy A. (INF-MG)
Biddle, Charles John (AIR)
Biemueller, Origines P. (MED)
Bieryta, Michael (INF)
Bigoney, Philip W. (INF)
Bilek, John (INF)
Bilitski, John N. F. (INF)
Billingsley, Earl (INF)
Billis, Gust (INF)
Billman, Fred E. (MED)
Bills, Anthony C. (ARTY)
Bingham, John P. (INF)
Binkley, David V. (INF)
Birch, Albert E. (INF-MG)
Birch, Ernest W. (ARTY)
Birch, Robert I. (INF)
Birchfield, Kenneth (INF)
Bird, Felix (INF)
Bird, Francis M. (USN)
Bird, Hobart M. (ARTY)
Birkinshaw, Robert S. (FOR)
Birmingham, Daniel J. (INF)
Birney, Knox B. (ENGR)
Bischoff, Clifford E. (INF)
Biser, John L. (INF)
Bishop, George O. (INF)
Bishop, Ralph L. (INF)
Bissell, Clayton Lawrence (AIR)
Biwan, Joseph (ARTY)
Black, Frederick W. (MED)
Black, John M. (INF)
Black, Lamar (INF-MG)
Black, William A. (INF)
Blackburn, Raymond G. (INF)
Blackburn, Walden E. (INF)
Blackham, Henry Rysdyk (INF)
Blackinton, George W. (INF)
Blackman, Edward S. (INF)
Blair, George A. (INF)
Blair, Joseph E. (INF)
Blair, Tracy S. (INF)
Blake, Arthur David (INF-MG)
Blake, Charles Raymond (AIR)
Blake, Robert (USMC)
Blakeman, Chester W. (INF)
Blaknee, Faun (INF-MG)
Blalock, Robert (INF)
Blanchard, Edgar (INF)
Blanchard, Harold (INF)
Blanchard, Walter H. (ARM)
Blanchette, Edward W. (INF)
Blanchfield, John (USMC)
Blankenship, John C. (SIG)
Blaurock, Oscar (INF)
Bleasdale, Redwald H. (INF)
Bleasdale, Victor F. (USMC)
Bleau, Homer J. (INF)
Bleazard, Orson D., Jr. (SIG)
Blessing, George (INF)
Blewett, Charles H. (INF-MG)
Block, Samuel M. (INF)
Blohm, John (INF)
Blomberg, Henry S. (INF)
Blomgren, Ernest W. (MED)
Blond, Percy S. (INF)
Blood, Robert O. (MED)
Bloomberg, Sam (INF)
Blossom, Lynn (INF)
Blume, Ferdinand F. (INF)
Blume, Leo H. (INF)
Blumenthal, Alabel (MED)
Blust, Paul E. (ENGR)
Bly, Robert (INF)
Blynn, John M. (MED)
Blythe, William Jesse (INF)
Boal, Theodore D. (Misc-CS)
Boardman, Guy W. (INF)
Boardman, Walter J. (INF)
Boas, Ross H. (ENGR)
Bobb, Louis C. (INF)
 Bobo, John (INF)
Bobryk, Joseph (INF)
Boehle, William E. (INF)
Bogan, Henry S. (USMC)
Boggs, Ernest H. (INF)
Boggs, John C. (INF-MG)
Boglione (FOR)
Bohan, William J. (INF)
Boiko, Mike (INF)
Bolack, William F. (INF-MG)
Bolen, Jacob (INF)
Bolin, Herald E. (INF)
Bolles, Frank C. (INF)
Bolling, Alexander R. (INF)
Bollinger, Ernest V. (INF)
Bolt, Bernard H. (INF)
Bolton, Artie E. (INF)
Bolton, Herbert C. (SIG)
Bonack, Paul J. (INF)
Bonavantura, Ferdinando (INF)
Bonday, Robert (USMC)
Bongardt, Charles F. (ARTY)
Bonnalie, Allan F. (AIR)
Bonnard, Emile (FOR)
Bonneville, Marion Spencer (USMC)
Bonney, Timothy D. (INF)
Boone, Joel Thompson (USN)
Boone, Lewis W. (INF)
Boone, Raymond W. (USMC)
Boone, William Ewing (INF)
Boop, Lawrence (INF)
Booth, Charles W. (INF)
Booth, James O. (Misc-CK)
Bootz, Henry A. (INF)
Borden, Horace (AIR)
Bordkas, Gus (MED)
Bordvick, Monred A. (INF)
Boretz, Harry (INF)
Borkus, Thomas (ENGR)
Borst, Ralph P. (Misc-ST)
Borton, Edward W. (INF-MG)
Bos, Lambert (USMC)
Bosone, Peter P. (INF)
Boston, Willie (INF-MG)
Botelle, George W. (INF)
Bothwell, Eugene (INF)
Botsford, Norman L. (INF)
Bouchard, Joseph A. (Misc-ST)
Boucher, Adelarde (INF)
Boughan, Joseph F. (INF)
Bougie, James (MED)
Bourdon, William R. (INF-MG)
Bourdu, Joseph (FOR)
Bourland, William P. (ENGR)
Bourne, Russel K. (ARTY)
Boustead, George R. (INF)
Bouton, Arthur E. (INF)
Bower, George (USMC)
Bower, James R. (INF)
Bowers, Lloyd G. (AIR)
Bowes, David M. (ARM)
Bowles, Elver J. (ARTY)
Bowles, Whitney (INF)
Bowman, Alvin Lester (USN)
Bowman, Samuel A. (AIR)
Bowman, Silas E. (INF)
Boyatt, Charles H. (INF)
Boyd, Clyde M. (INF)
Boyd, Joseph A. (INF)
Boyd, Layton A. (MED)
Boyd, Logan W. (INF)
Boyd, Richard H. (INF)
Boyd, Theodore E. (AIR)
Boyd, William C. (INF)
Boykin, Samuel V. (INF)
Boyle, J. Edward (INF)
Boyle, James B. (INF)
Boyle, Junius I. (INF)
Boyle, William J. (INF-MG)
Boysen, Ernest J. (INF)
Bozarth, Louis (Misc-ST)
Bozenhart, Ernest G. (MED)

Br - By

Bracey, James E. (ENGR)
Brackett, Albert C. (INF)
Bradbury, Arthur W. (INF)
Bradfield, Walter E. (INF)
Bradford, Joseph W. (INF)
Bradford, Thomas C. (INF)
Bradley, Joseph L. (INF)
Bradley, Manley (INF)
Bradley, Paul W. (INF-MG)
Bradley, Roe (INF)
Bradshaw, Howard W. (INF)
Bradsnyder, Henry (INF)
Brady, Clifford N. (INF)
Brady, Dalton E. (INF)
Brady, Francis M. (INF-MG)
Brady, John J. (USN)
Brady, Vincent J. (FOR)
Bragg, James W. (MED)
Bramble, Edwin D. (INF)
Brandon, Clyde (USMC)
Brandt, Arthur F. (INF)
Brandt, Lenno H. (INF)
Branson, Walter W. (INF)
Brant, Frank A. (INF)
Brantley, Robert Cline (Misc-CC)
Braun, Gustav J. (INF)
Braun, Paul (INF)
Braungardt, Lafayette (ARTY)
Brautigam, George F. (USMC)
Breakey, John W. (INF)
Breckenridge, Robert M. (INF)
Breckinridge, Lucien S. (INF)
Bredin, Andre E. (FOR)
Breeden, Eldon (INF)
Breeding, Dick B. (INF)
Breen, Vincent C. (INF)
Breese, Clinton S. (AIR)
Bregger, Thomas (MED)
Brekke, Olaf (INF)
Brelier, Francois (FOR)
Brelivet, Herve M. (FOR)
Bremer, Herman F. (INF-MG)
Bremner, Frank M. (INF)
Brennan, Elmer W. (INF)
Brennan, Hugh F. (INF)
Brennan, Matthew (INF)
Brenner, Jacob P. (ARTY)
Brenstuhl, George (INF)
Brereton, Lewis Hyde (AIR)
Breslin, James E. (INF)
Bresnahan, Thomas F. (INF)
Brett, Sereno Elmer (ARM)
Brewer, Guy S. (INF)
Brewer, John B. (INF)
Brewer, Louis M. (INF)
Brewster, Hugh (AIR)
Brice, Arthur Tilghman, Jr. (INF)
Brickley, David J. (INF)
Bridenstine, Leslie (ENGR)
Bridges, Alvin O. (INF)
Bridgford, John V. (USMC)
Brigando, William J. (INF)
Briggs, Charles A. (INF-MG)
Brigham, George N. (INF)
Bright, Horace O. (INF)
Brimer, Frank M. (INF-MG)
Brinda, John (INF)
Brink, Herbert M. (ARTY)
Brinkley, Amiel W. (INF)
Brison, Charles W. (INF)
Britt, Charles (INF)
Brittain, William S. (INF-MG)
Britton, Joe (INF)
Broadfoot, Josiah (ARM)
Broadhead, Joshua K. (ARTY)
Broberg, Carl J. (USMC)
Brock, Edward J. (Misc-ST)
Brocki, Mieczyslaw (INF)
Brockman, William L. (INF-MG)
Brocopp, Herman A. (INF)
Brogden, Ronald (USN)
Brooks, Arthur Raymond (AIR)
Brooks, Charles W. (USMC)
Brooks, Edward Hale (ARTY)
Brooks, Edward P. (ENGR)
Brooks, Elbert E. (USMC)
Brooks, Everett J. (Misc-ST)
Brooks, Floyd A. (INF)
Brooks, Ora B. (INF)
Brookshire, Albert B. (INF-MG)
Brookshire, Wilson D. (INF)
Broomfield, Hugh D. G. (AIR)
Brophy, William E. (ARM)
Brosnahan, Daniel T. (INF)
Brotherton, William E. (AIR)
Brown, Albert B. (MED)
Brown, Bayard (INF)
Brown, Berlin Wesley (INF)
Brown, Bill (INF)
Brown, Clifford E. (INF-MG)
Brown, Clifford R. (INF)
Brown, Dewey S. (INF)
Brown, Dilmus (USMC)
Brown, Edward B. (INF)
Brown, Francis J. (ARTY)
Brown, Frank  (INF)
Brown, Frederick H., Jr. (INF)
Brown, George (INF)
Brown, George L. (INF)
Brown, George V. (INF)
Brown, Harold (INF)
Brown, Harold A. (INF)
Brown, Harry A. (INF)
Brown, Herbert A. (INF)
Brown, James (INF)
Brown, James E. (INF)
Brown, James Finley (ENGR)
Brown, James R. (MED)
Brown, John (MED)
Brown, Joseph France (INF)
Brown, Joseph J. (INF)
Brown, Joshua D. (INF)
Brown, Leland (INF)
Brown, Leslie W. (INF)
 Brown, Lester (INF)
Brown, Mitchell H. (AIR)
Brown, Paul Francis (MED)
Brown, Roy A. (INF)
Brown, Roy J. (INF)
Brown, Russell A. (INF)
Brown, Samuel A., Jr. (INF)
Brown, Samuel R. (INF)
Brown, Vincil E. (INF)
Brown, Walter B. (INF)
Brown, William J. (SIG)
Browne, Jennings B. (INF-MG)
Brownville, Charles G. (MED)
Broxup, John (USMC)
Bruce, Andrew D. (INF-MG)
Bruce, John S. (INF)
Bruce, Will (INF)
Brummett, James R. (USMC)
Brundrett, Charles E. (INF)
Bruner, Norman K. (INF)
Brunner, Howard V. (INF-MG)
Bryan, Claude (INF)
Bryant, Homer E. (INF)
Bryant, William E. (INF)
Bryson, Julius Jessee (INF)
Bryson, Samuel R. (INF)
Bryson, William (INF)
Bub, Elroy (INF)
Buchanan, Alfred (INF)
Buchanan, Max C. (INF)
Buchanan, Robert C. (INF)
Buchet, Xavier (FOR)
Buck, Beaumont B. (Misc-CS)
Buck, Benjamin (INF)
Buck, Oscar L. (INF)
Buck, Robert (INF)
Buckendahl, Emil (INF)
Buckley, Harold Robert (AIR)
Budd, Arthur D. (INF)
Budd, John O. (MED)
Budd, Kenneth P. (INF)
Budde, George William (USMC)
Buell, Ralph Polk (INF)
Buffalo, Joseph A. (INF)
Buford, David L. (USMC)
Buford, Edward, Jr. (AIR)
Buisson (FOR)
Bulkley, Stanley (INF)
Bullion, George (INF)
Bullock, Benjamin, III (INF)
Buma, Raymond (INF-MG)
Bump, Arthur L. (INF)
Bunch, Henry E. (MED)
Bunge, Robert C. (INF)
Bunyard, Clarence H. (INF-MG)
Buonomo, Anthony (INF)
Burbank, Frank J. (INF)
Burch, Albert S. (INF)
Burchfield, Joseph H. (MED)
Burchill, George H. (ARTY)
Burden, Edward F. (MED)
Burdett, William C. (INF)
Burdick, Howard (AIR)
Burel, Michel (FOR)
Burgard, John C. (INF)
Burger, Valentine Joseph (AIR)
Burgess, Frederick V. (INF-MG)
Burgh, David T. (CHAP)
Burgin, John C. (ENGR)
Burk, Walter S. (INF)
Burke, Campbell (INF)
Burke, Charles H. (INF)
Burke, Jackson D. (INF)
Burke, John J. (INF)
Burke, Stanley W. (USMC)
Burke, Walter F. (MED)
Burks, Charles R. (INF)
Burks, James B. (INF)
Burleigh, Nelson (INF)
Burnes, John F. (USMC)
Burnett, Clifton (INF)
Burns, Edward N. (INF)
Burns, Forrest (INF)
Burns, Harold W. (ARTY)
Burns, James S. D. (AIR)
Burns, Joseph W. (INF)
Burns, Myron D. (INF)
Burns, Thomas V. (INF)
Burr, George E. (SIG)
Burr, John G. (INF)
Burrell, Reuben (INF-MG)
Burroughs, Frank Albert (INF-MG)
Burt, Byron T., Jr. (AIR)
Burton, Edward A. (INF)
Burton, Milton G. (ENGR)
Busch, George L. (INF)
Busching, George A. (INF)
Buschmann, Jerome (INF)
Busey, Charles Bowen (INF)
Bush, Alden (INF)
Bush, Garret (INF)
Bush, Herman L. (INF-MG)
Bushnell, Theodore K. (INF-MG)
Busk, Joseph R. (INF)
Butcher, George S. (INF-MG)
Butcher, Ora Lee (INF)
Butcher, Thomas W. (INF)
Butler, Charles (INF-MG)
Butler, Emory L. (INF)
Butler, James S. (INF)
Butler, Richard (INF-MG)
Butler, William (INF)
Butterfield, Clark (INF-MG)
Butterfield, Olin J. (USMC)
Butts, Edmund L. (INF)
Byam, Oliver P. (INF)
Byington, Russell P. (INF)
Byrd, Daniel B. (INF)
Byrd, Mack C. (ENGR)
Byrd, Woodie E. (INF)
Byrne, James J. (INF)
Byrns, Robert A. (INF)
Byron, Thomas F. (INF)
Byrum, John C. (INF)

Ca - Cl

Cable, Robert B. (INF)
Caddle, James (INF)
Caddy, Thomas E. (FOR)
Cagle, Thomas G. (INF)
Cahill, Harry F. (INF)
Cahill, William J. (INF)
Cain, Charles (INF)
Cain, James S. (INF-MG)
Cain, Lyle B. (INF)
Cain, Robert S. (INF)
Calbi, Carmen (INF)
Caldeira, Joseph R. (MED)
Caldwell, Edgar N. (INF)
Caldwell, George S. (INF)
Caldwell, George W. (MED)
Calhoun, Grover W. (INF-MG)
Callahan, William (INF)
Callard, Arthur (INF)
Callen, Nathaniel Ernest (INF)
Callewaert, Alberis (INF)
Calvin, Harry Leslie (ARTY)
Camell, Harvey E. (INF)
Cameron, Charles (FOR)
Cameron, Charles (INF-MG)
Campbell, Alexander (INF)
Campbell, Douglas (AIR)
Campbell, George A. (INF)
Campbell, Harry W. (ENGR)
Campbell, James E. (INF)
Campbell, John A. (INF)
Campbell, Martin H. (INF)
Campbell, Robert L. (INF)
Campbell, William E. (USMC)
Campbell, Willis M. (INF)
Campitelli, Donato (INF)
Canavan, Patrick (MED)
Cannon, Clarence F. (INF)
Capen, Ralph A. (INF-MG)
Capezio, John (INF)
Cappadocia, Louis (INF)
Cappel, Marvin (MED)
Capps, Elijah A. (INF)
Capwell, Andrew W. (INF-MG)
Carageorge, Socrates (INF-MG)
Carbary, James (USMC)
Carbaugh, Charles F. (INF)
Carder, Cyril (INF)
Cardwell, Henry Warren (INF)
Cardwell, Marion H. (INF)
Carey, Eddie (INF)
Cargin, George I. (INF)
Carhart, Joseph B. (USMC)
Carkener, Stuart (ARTY)
Carley, Victor A. (INF)
Carlisle, Robert Gunn (INF)
Carlisle, Thomas W. (INF)
Carlson, Charles G. (INF)
Carlson, Earnest A. (SIG)
Carlson, Emil (INF)
Carlson, Gustus H. (INF)
Carlson, Swen (INF)
Carlson, Walter C. (INF)
Carnahan, Harry F. (INF)
Carner, Frank W. (INF)
Carney, Thomas J. (INF-MG)
Carpenter, Frank B. (INF)
Carpenter, James B. (INF)
Carpentier, George R. (CHAP)
Carr, John M. (INF-MG)
Carr, Warner W. (INF)
Carrere, Jean B. (FOR)
Carrier, William H. (INF)
Carrigan, Alfred H. (INF)
Carrole, Alick (INF)
Carroll, Clarence E. (INF)
Carroll, Daniel B. (INF)
Carroll, George A. (INF-MG)
Carroll, George C. (AIR)
Carroll, Patrick J. (INF)
Carroll, Robert E. (INF)
Carroll, Thomas A. (INF)
Carroll, Thomas P. (INF)
Carroll, Troy C. (ARM)
Carroll, William M., Jr. (INF)
Carry, Champ (ARTY)
Carson, Ben C. (INF-MG)
Carson, Joseph C. (INF)
Carson, Lester (INF)
Carter, Buck A. (INF)
Carter, Carl C. (INF)
Carter, Carl H. (INF)
Carter, Clary (INF)
Carter, Edward J. (INF)
Carter, Eliot A. (INF)
Carter, Frank (INF)
Carter, Franklin W. (INF)
Carter, Hugh C. (MED)
Carter, James W. (USMC)
Carter, John C. (MED)
Carter, Michael (INF)
Carter, Paul D. (INF)
Carter, Robert G. (INF)
Carter, Thomas E. (INF)
Carter, William C. (INF)
Carton, Charles A. (ARTY)
Cartona, Charles (INF)
Carty, James F. (INF)
Carver, John (INF)
Carver, Paul M. (INF)
Carvo, Joseph H. (INF)
Casaga, Samuel E. (INF)
Case, Archibald B. (MED)
Caserta, Vincenzo (INF)
Casey, Charles J. (INF)
Casey, George A. (INF)
Casey, John (USMC)
Casey, John L. (INF)
Casey, Joseph W. (INF)
Cassady, Thomas G. (AIR)
Casselo, Angelo (INF)
Cassidy, Eugene B. (INF)
Cassidy, Henry K. (INF)
Cassidy, Joseph D. (ARTY)
Cassidy, Joseph J. (INF-MG)
Cassingham, Leroy (INF)
Castleman, John R. (AIR)
Castleman, Lawrence A. (INF)
Castura, Michael (INF)
Caswell, George D. (INF)
Catalano, Solomon (INF)
Cates, Clifton Bledsoe (USMC)
Cathcart, James O. (INF)
Cathcart, Wilbur (INF)
Cather, Grosvenor P. (INF)
Cattus, John C. (INF)
Caulder, Lawrence E. (INF)
Causland, Harry L. (INF)
Cavanaugh, James A. (ENGR)
Cavanaugh, Leonard (INF)
Cavanaugh, Thomas J. (INF)
Cavenaugh, Harry LaTour (INF)
Cavenee, Claude E. (INF)
Cayer, Albert J. (INF)
Caywood, Hugh T. (ENGR)
Cecilia, Louis (INF)
Cellar, Chester M. (INF)
Cepaglia, Philip (INF)
Cerbin, Stanley F. (INF)
Chadwick, Harry R. (INF)
Chafin, Marile (INF)
Chamberlain, Israel J. (INF)
Chamberlain, Max C. (INF)
Chamberlain, Ward B. (INF)
Chambers, Charles C. (INF-MG)
Chambers, Reed McKinley (AIR)
Champeny, Arthur S. (INF)
Champion, Herbert O. (MED)
Chandler, Henry E. (USMC)
Chandler, Isaac (INF)
Chaney, Edward (INF)
Chanoine, Charles M. M. (FOR)
Chapin, Ivory H. (MED)
Chapin, Wilbur M. (INF-MG)
Chapman, Charles W., Jr. (AIR)
Chapman, Elbridge G., Jr. (INF)
Chappell, Ralph A. (INF)
Charles, Joseph (INF)
Charron, Jean M. H. (FOR)
Chartier, Ernest J. (INF-MG)
Chartier, Pearl D. (INF)
Chase, John W. (INF)
Chase, Roy Wesley (USMC)
Chataigneau, Yves (FOR)
Chatman, Grover M. (USMC)
Chayie, Joseph A. (INF)
Cheevers, Earl J. (INF)
Chellis, Walter L. (INF)
Cheney, Henry A. (INF-MG)
Chenoweth, Charles E. (INF)
Cherry, Claud E. (INF-MG)
Chesney, Anthony (INF)
Chevalier, Oliver (FOR)
Child, Howard James (USMC)
Childers, John W. (INF)
Chiles, Walter K. (ENGR)
Chirafisi, Anthony J. (INF)
Chisholm, Raymond C. (ARM)
Chittum, Warren A. (INF)
Christenberry, Curn (INF)
Christensen, Leroy C. (USMC)
Christensen, Walter (INF)
Christenson, Walter T. (INF-MG)
Christiansen, Hans P. (INF)
Christiansen, Henry (MED)
Christianson, Enoch (INF)
Christman, Clarence R. (INF-MG)
Christopher, John C. (INF)
Church, John H. (INF)
Chyko, John (INF)
Cinamon, Archie (INF-MG)
Cisek, Julian (INF)
Clabby, John L. (INF)
Claflin, James A. (MED)
Clapp, David O. (INF)
Clapp, Kenneth Smith (AIR)
Clark, Arthur I. (INF)
Clark, Beauvais (ARTY)
Clark, Chalmers (USMC)
Clark, George E. (ARTY)
Clark, Guy H. (USMC)
Clark, Harold S. (MED)
Clark, Harry C. (INF)
Clark, James Lawrence (USMC)
Clark, James Paul (INF)
Clark, John F. (INF)
Clark, Joseph (INF-MG)
Clark, Merl E. (INF)
Clark, Orrie A. (INF)
Clark, Patrick J. (INF-MG)
Clark, Robert P. (INF)
Clark, William L. (INF)
Clarke, George (MED)
Clarke, Leo George (INF)
Clarke, Sheldon V. (AIR)
Clarkston, Samuel (USMC)
Clary, Emmet S. (INF-MG)
Clasby, Daniel J. (INF)
Clauson, Oscar (INF)
Clay, Fred (INF)
Clay, Henry Robinson, Jr. (AIR)
Cleary, Albert F. (Misc-MP)
Cleland, John R. D. (INF)
Clement, Joseph T. (INF)
Clementson, Harry B. (INF)
Clermont, Joseph R. (INF)
Cleveland, Victor A. (INF)
Cleverly, Irving N. (MED)
Clincy, Will (INF)
Cline, Floyd (INF)
Cline, Jacob F. (INF-MG)
Cline, Jesse L. (INF)
Clinton, Walter E. (INF)
Cloonan, John J. (INF)
Close, Harry L. (INF)
Clowe, Edward P. (INF)

Co - Cu

Coakley, John L. (ARTY)
Coats, Lorenza C. (INF)
Cobbey, Luther W. (INF-MG)
Cochran, Carlisle C. (MED)
Cochran, John B. (INF)
Cochran, William B. (INF)
Cochrane, Robert S. (USN)
Coday, William C. (INF)
Coff, Joseph J. (INF)
Coffey, Joseph E. (INF)
Coffman, Ralph L. (INF-MG)
Cogswell, Julius C. (USMC)
Cogswell, Theodore L. (INF)
Cohan, Abraham (MED)
Cohee, Ora J. (CHAP)
Cohen, Frank J. (ARTY)
Cohn, David H. (INF)
Cohn, Eugene S. (INF)
Cohn, Herbert Arnold (INF)
Cohoon, William M. (INF)
Colburn, Alvin (INF)
Cole, Alan Ramsay (INF)
Cole, Arthur Clemence (INF)
Cole, Charles Edward (INF)
Cole, Edward B. (USMC)
Cole, James E. (USMC)
Colebank, Philip R. (INF)
Coleman, Carroll J. (INF)
Coleman, Rufus M. (INF)
Coleman, Wallace (AIR)
Coleman, William O. (Misc-CS)
Colflesh, Robert (INF)
Collette, Joe (INF)
Colley, Dwight T. (INF)
Colley, Thomas M. (INF)
Collier, Clive C. (INF)
Collier, James W. (ARTY)
Collinge, Percy T. (MED)
Collins, Cornelius P. (INF)
Collins, Emmett E. (INF-MG)
Collins, Irum Q. (INF)
Collins, James H. (INF)
Collins, James P. (INF)
Collins, Patrick (INF)
Collins, Peter, Jr. (INF)
Collins, Robert L. (INF)
Collins, Walter T. (INF)
Collins, Wilbur M. (INF)
Colonna, Thomas (INF)
Colton, James Stanley (ENGR)
Colville, George, Jr. (INF-MG)
Colvin, David P. (USMC)
Combs, Hanon Fields (INF)
Combs, Steve (INF)
Comerford, John T. (INF-MG)
Comfort, Charles W., Jr. (MED)
Comfort, Willis E. (INF)
Comina, Louis (INF)
Compana, Antoine (FOR)
Compton, Letcher C. (Misc-CS)
Conaty, Charles C. (CHAP)
Condit, George W. (MED)
Condit, Phillip H. (INF)
Cone, Ben (USMC)
Conklin, Mathew E. (INF)
Conkling, Joseph W. (INF)
Conlin, John J. (INF)
Conn, Jerome W. (ARTY)
Conn, Robbins L. (INF)
Connell, Andrew F. (MED)
Connelly, Francis J. (ARM)
Connelly, James A. (FOR)
Connelly, Martin F. (INF-MG)
Connelly, Michael F. (INF)
Connette, Fred (INF)
Connors, John (INF)
Conover, Harvey (AIR)
Conover, Howard R. (INF)
Conrad, Robert Y. (INF)
Conroy, Lawrence (INF)
Considine, Albert J. (INF)
Considine, Francis (INF)
Content, Harold A. (CIV)
Conway, James (INF)
Cook, Everett Richard (AIR)
Cook, Frank B., Jr. (ENGR)
Cook, Fred A. (INF)
Cook, Harvey Weir (AIR)
Cook, Howard C. (USMC)
Cook, Lloyd H. (INF-MG)
Cook, Robert P. (INF)
Cook, Robert R. (INF)
Cook, Walter (USMC)
Cooksey, Thomas Larkin (Misc-MP)
Coolahan, William T. (INF-MG)
Coolidge, Edmund (INF)
Coolidge, Hamilton (AIR)
Cooney, James M. (INF)
Cooney, Michael (INF)
Cooper, Edwin H. (SIG)
Cooper, Everett B. (INF)
Cooper, James A. (INF-MG)
Cooper, Oscar M. (USMC)
Cooper, Thomas (INF)
Cooper, William N. (INF)
Cope, Onal M. (ENGR)
Cope, Tobe C. (INF)
Copeland, Francis T. (INF)
Coram, Claude A. (INF-MG)
Corbabon, Benigme V. M. J. (FOR)
Corbett, Murl (USMC)
Cornell, Elmo (INF)
Cornell, Percy Duryea (USMC)
Cornell, Thomas L. (INF)
Cornell, Walter R. (USMC)
Cornwell, Arthur B. (INF)
Cosgrove, John D. (INF)
Costa De Beauregard, Robert (FOR)
Costianes, Nick L. (INF)
Costner, Oley (INF)
Cotten, Orvil L. (SIG)
Cotton, John W. (INF-MG)
Couchot, Otto V. (INF)
Coughlin, William C. (INF)
Courter, James L. (SIG)
Courtney, Arthur M. (INF)
Courtney, Gerald (INF-MG)
Courtney, James (USMC)
Courtney, John T. (INF)
Courtois, Andre (FOR)
Cousins, John W. (AIR)
Coventry, Harry (INF)
Coverdell, Vern A. (USMC)
Covert, Samuel J. (MED)
Cowan, Jack (INF-MG)
Cowie, James (INF)
Cox, Edgar L. (INF-MG)
Cox, Edward J. (INF)
Cox, George C. (SIG)
Cox, John J. (INF)
Cox, Leonard (INF)
Cox, Lewis B. (INF)
Cox, Omar Clark (SIG)
Coxe, Edward G. (INF)
Coyle, Edward A. (INF)
Coyle, William J. (INF)
Crabbe, George S. (INF)
Crabbe, Thomas P. (USMC)
Craddock, John E. (Misc-MP)
Craft, Urban V. (ARTY)
Craidge, Robert E. (INF)
Craig, Claude H. (INF)
Craig, John M. (INF)
Craig, William H. (ARTY)
Cramer, John W. (INF)
Cramp, Tony (INF-MG)
Crandall, Dewitt H. (MED)
Crandall, Joseph B. (INF-MG)
Crandall, Robert F. (INF)
Crandall, Robert L. (INF)
Crane, John A. (ARTY)
Cranford, Albert Lee (INF)
Craven, Albert D. (INF)
Craven, Frederick P. (INF)
Craven, Herman C. (INF)
Craven, Howard (INF)
Craven, William J. (MED)
Crawford, Clifford (INF)
Crawford, Harold E. (INF-MG)
Crawford, Ned (SIG)
Crawford, Robert E. (ENGR)
Crawford, William B. (INF)
Creech, Jesse Orin (AIR)
Crepeau, Louis J. (USMC)
Cressman, Calvin J. (INF)
Cresswell, James A. (INF)
Crisp, Curtis M. (INF)
Cristofaro, Vittorio (INF)
Crites, Herman (INF)
Crocker, John M. (ARTY)
Crockett, Edward L. (INF)
Crockett, Oren O. (INF-MG)
Crofts, John A. (INF)
Croll, George H. (USMC)
Crompton, William H. (MED)
Cromwell, Joseph P. (INF)
Crone, John B. (INF)
Cronin, Raymond P. (USMC)
Cronkhite, Leroy G. (INF)
Crosbie, Samuel F. (INF)
Cross, Herbert A. (ARTY)
Cross, James (INF)
Cross, Paul (INF-MG)
Cross, Willie (INF)
Crossen, Vernon J. (USMC)
Crotty, Peter J. (INF)
Crow, John H. (INF)
Crowe, Fred A. (ENGR)
Crowell, Clarence A. (INF)
Crowley, Edward J. (INF)
Crowley, John J. (INF)
Crowther, Orlando C. (USMC)
Crum, Leo J. (MED)
Cryder, Charles C. (INF)
Cuddy, George J. (INF)
Cuff, William E. (INF-MG)
Cullen, Fred E. (INF-MG)
Cullen, Michael J. (INF)
Cullen, William J. (INF)
Cullison, Jesse Marling (INF)
Culnan, John H. (USMC)
Culver, Stanley (INF)
Cummings, Avery D. (INF)
Cummings, Frank J. (INF)
Cummins, Fred (INF)
Cunningham, Charles E. (INF)
Cunningham, Floyd L. (INF)
Cunningham, Oliver B. (ARTY)
Cunningham, William A. (INF-MG)
Curfman, Thomas D. (INF)
Curlee, William (INF)
Curnow, Earl M. (INF)
Curran, Fred F. (INF)
Currie, Walter (INF)
Curry, George F. (INF)
Curti, Mike (INF)
Curtin, David F. (INF-MG)
Curtis, Bernard B. (INF)
Curtis, Clyde O. (INF)
Curtis, Earl W. (INF)
Curtis, Edward P. (AIR)
Curtis, John E. (INF)
Curtis, Nathan M. (INF)
Curtis, Rollin B. (INF)
Curtis, Will C. (INF)
Cushing, Frederick R. (ARTY)
Cushion, Leon J. (INF)
Custeau, Odilon (INF)
Cutler, Merritt D. (INF)
Cutter, Edward B. (AIR)


Dabney, Milan (INF-MG)
Dabney, William C. (INF)
Dachnowicz, Peter (INF)
Dahl, Oscar (INF)
Dakin, Hursey A. (Misc-CC)
Dale, John R. (INF)
Daley, Philip A. (ENGR)
Dallas, Fred W. (INF)
Dalrymple, Theron E. (ENGR)
Dalrymple, William (INF)
Dalton, Gilbert R. (INF)
Daly, Daniel Joseph (USMC)
Daly, Paul (INF)
Daniel, Charles E. (INF)
Daniel, Henry (ARTY)
Daniel, Josiah (INF)
Daniell, William H. (INF)
Daniels, Francis L. (INF)
Danley, Raymond (INF-MG)
Dano, Robert (FOR)
Dantuono, Ferdinand A. (INF-MG)
Danysch, Steve G. (INF-MG)
Danzig, Samuel (S.H. Vallance) (INF-MG)
Darcy, James J. (INF)
Dargis, Joseph A. (USMC)
Darkoski, Waclaw (INF)
Darling, Homer C. (INF)
Dasch, Carl W. (INF)
Daughty, John E. (INF)
Daune, Charles Emile (FOR)
Dausch, William (INF)
Davidson, Alex (INF)
Davidson, Joseph M. (INF)
Davidson, Lilburn C. (INF)
Davidson, William Lee (MED)
Davis, Abel (INF)
Davis, Ben G. (INF-MG)
Davis, Chester A. (INF-MG)
Davis, Chester V. (INF)
Davis, Clarence A. (INF)
Davis, Dunk (INF)
Davis, Dwight Filley (Misc-CS)
Davis, Edgar C. (INF)
Davis, Frank E. (USMC)
Davis, Fred C. (INF)
Davis, Guy K. (INF)
Davis, Harry J. (INF)
Davis, Henry (INF)
Davis, Herman (INF)
Davis, Hildred D. (INF-MG)
Davis, Howard Hubber (MED)
Davis, Joseph Carlton (ARTY)
Davis, Leroy (INF)
Davis, Luther F. (INF)
Davis, Murray (INF)
Davis, Newell B. (INF)
Davis, Newman (INF)
Davis, Thomas H. (MED)
Davis, Walter E. (INF)
Davis, William David (INF)
Davis, William R. (INF)
Davis, Wiltshire C. (INF)
Dawson, Harold A. (MED)
Dawson, Leo H. (AIR)
Day, Clinton (INF)
Day, Louis T. (INF)
Dayton, Allan S. (ARTY)
De Berardinas, Pietro (INF)
De Boulancy, D'escayarac M. (FOR)
De Carl, Theodore J. (INF)
De Carre, Alphonse (USMC)
De Castro, Ralph Ellison (AIR)
De Cota, Joseph (INF)
De Froissard-Broissis, Michel M.F. (FOR)
De Guiroye (FOR)
De Jacquelot De Boisrouvay (FOR)
De Lacour, Reginald B. (INF)
De Lacy, Aubrey B. (INF)
De Laite, Donald K. (ARTY)
De Lesseps, Jacques B. M. (FOR)
De Loiselle, Harold C. (INF)
De Mandat, Grancey (FOR)
De May, Joseph (INF)
De Pavant, Francois (FOR)
De Rham, Charles, Jr. (INF)
De Rogatis, Albert. (INF)
De Rosselli, Peter L. (INF)
De Smidt, John (INF)
De Valles, John B. (CHAP)
De Vos, Peter A. (INF)
Deakins, Jesse S. (INF)
Dean, John J. (INF)
Dean, Thomas G., Jr. (INF)
Dearing, Vinton Adams (INF)
Deasey, Herbert A. (INF)
Debrut, F. O. (FOR)
Decaire, George (INF)
Dechert, Robert (INF)
DeCoppet, Andre (Misc-CS)
Dee, Frank E. (INF)
Deeringer, Henry (INF)
Deese, Peyton V. (INF)
Deford, August H. (INF)
Deggs, George (INF)
Delambo, Mike (INF)
Deland, Thorndike (ARTY)
Delario, Charles E. (INF)
Delesdernier, Lionel W. (INF)
Deleuw, Charles E. (ENGR)
Deloto, Peter (INF)
Denig, Robert L. (USMC)
Denn, Andrew (INF)
Dennelley, John Henry (INF)
Dennis, Clarence A. (USMC)
Dennis, Erwin A. (INF)
Dennison, Charles S. (INF)
DePue, David T. (USMC)
Derochers, Rodolphe (INF-MG)
Derrickson, Paul W. (INF)
Derry, John W. (INF)
DeRum, Howard P. (SIG)
Desaussure, Edward C. (INF)
Deskins, Frank (INF)
Dessez, Paul T. (USN)
Detrow, Walter H. (INF)
Dettre, Rexford H. (ARTY)
Devane, Duncan J. (INF-MG)
Devereaux, Harold J. (INF)
Devlin, Bert William (USMC)
Dewalt, Clyde H. (INF)
Dewitz, Helmuth (INF)
Dexter, Allan L. (INF)
Di Pasquale, Fortunato (INF)
Dial, Walter V. (INF-MG)
Dicarlo, Salvatore (INF-MG)
Dick, Henry J. (INF)
Dickens, Benjamin (INF)
Dickerson, William L. (INF)
Dickey, Leslie J. (INF)
Dickinson, Clement P. (INF-MG)
Dickinson, Dwight, Jr. (USN)
Dickop, Ray C. (INF)
Dickson, Harrison A. (INF)
Diekema, Willis A. (AIR)
Diener, Louis (MED)
Dieter, Arthur (ENGR)
Dietz, Albert (INF)
Dietz, Edward W. A. (ENGR)
Diggins, John P. (INF)
Diggs, Benjamin W. (INF)
Diggs, Junius (INF)
Digiacomo, Pasquale (INF)
Dilbeck, Andrew W. (INF)
Dile, Percy L. (INF-MG)
Dill, Lester C. (INF)
Dillard, Marquis L. (INF)
Dillenbeck, Willard (INF)
Dilliard, John A. (INF-MG)
Dillingham, Charles K. (INF)
Dillion, John E. (USMC)
Dillon, Harry (INF)
Dillon, John T. (INF)
Dillon, Raymond P. (AIR)
Dilworth, Joseph (INF)
Dion, Arthur J. (INF)
Dion, Edward L. (INF)
Diot, Lucien (FOR)
Dipasquale, Americo (INF)
Disalvo, Charles (INF)
Dixon, Ben F. (INF)
Dixon, John R. (INF)
Dixon, Roy T. (INF)
Dobbs, Lain (INF)
Dobson, Woodruff W. (INF)
Dock, Francis Joseph (USMC)
Dodd, Brendon J. (INF)
Dodder, Alexander (INF)
Dodge, Charlie M. (MED)
Dodge, Rowland S. (INF)
Dodwell, Thomas B. (FOR)
D'Ogostino, Antonio (INF)
Dogress, Christian (INF)
Doherty, John (INF)
Dolan, Bernard Leo (INF)
Dolan, Charles E. (INF)
Dolan, James (INF)
Dolce, Louis C. (SIG)
D'Olive, Charles Rudolph (AIR)
Doll, John A. (INF)
Dollard, William B. (MED)
Dombrowski, Leon A. (INF)
Dommet, C. Harry (MED)
Donaghue, Robert H. (USMC)
Donahoe, Frank C. (INF)
Donahue, Harry J. (INF)
Donahue, Joe J. (ARTY)
Donahue, Michael J. (INF)
Donahue, William H. (ARTY)
Donaldson, Glenn S. (MED)
Donaldson, James Howland (INF)
Donaldson, John Owen (AIR)
Donaldson, Stuart S. (MED)
Donnelly, Edward (INF)
Donnelly, Patrick C. (ENGR)
Donoghue, Walter P. (INF)
Donovan, James J. (MED)
Donovan, John P. (INF)
Donovan, Paul J. (INF)
Donovan, William Joseph "Wild Bill" (INF)
Doocy, Elmer T. (INF)
Doody, John (USMC)
Doogs, John A. (ENGR)
Dooley, James (INF)
Dooley, John J. (INF)
Doremus, Harry B. (INF)
Dorey, Halstead (INF)
Dorey, Leo J. (INF)
Dorgan, John Joseph (INF)
Dormoy, Georges (FOR)
Dorsey, James W., Jr. (SIG)
Doty, Merl (INF)
Doucette, George (INF)
Doudna, John F. (MED)
Dougeneck, Francis (INF)
Dougherty, Neil F. (USMC)
Dougherty, Raymond M. (INF)
Doughty, Charles A. (INF)
Douglas, John E. (INF)
Douglas, Otis R. (INF)
Douglas, Reed S. (INF)
Douglass, Allan W. (ARTY)
Douglass, James M. (INF-MG)
Douglass, Joseph U. (INF)
Douglass, Kingman (AIR)
Dovell, Chauncey E. (MED)
Dowd, Meredith L. (AIR)
Downer, John W. (ARTY)
Downey, Ernest L. (INF)
Downham, Lexie (INF)
Downs, Frank J. (INF)
Doyle, John J. (INF)
Doyle, John W. (MED)
Doyle, William (INF)
Dozer, Otis V. (INF)
Dozier, Carmon (INF)
Dozier, Roy C. (INF)
Drake, Thomas D. (INF)
Draper, Charles L. (INF)
Draughon, Edgar S. W. (MED)
Dravland, Albert B. (INF)
Dravo, Charles A. (INF)
Dreben, Sam (INF)
Drechsel, George (Misc-CC)
Drees, Albert J. (INF-MG)
Drennon, Lou H. (INF)
Dresbach, Irvin H. (INF)
Dressel, Everett G. (INF-MG)
Drew, Charles W. (AIR)
Drotning, Harold J. (ARTY)
Drouhin, Maurice (FOR)
Drouhin, Robert G. (FOR)
Drumm, Clarence M. (INF)
Dry, Clarence C. (INF)
Drysdale, George (INF)
Du Bois, Alfred (FOR)
Du Bois, Victor A. (INF)
Dubet, Jean Olinde (FOR)
Dubie, Eugene (INF)
Dublinsky, Morris (INF)
DuBois, Russell L. (MED)
Dubord, Frank F. (INF)
Duckstein, Arthur William (AIR)
Dudderar, Marshall B. (INF)
Dudley, Mack (INF)
Dudzinski, Franciszak (INF)
Duell, Holland S. (ARTY)
Duey, Arma (INF)
Duff, Eldon A. (INF)
Duff, Philip T. (INF)
Duffy, Francis A. (MED)
Duffy, Francis P. (CHAP)
Duffy, John (INF)
Duffy, John C. (INF)
Duffy, Mark Matthew (MED)
Duffy, Owen F. (INF)
Duffy, Thomas J. (INF)
Dugan, Daniel, Jr. (INF)
Dugan, Frank (INF)
Dugan, John I. (INF)
Dugat, George T. (INF)
Duke, Ary A. (INF)
Dulaney, Dick (MED)
Dulevitz, Fred C. (INF)
Duly, John (INF)
Dumais, Candide (INF)
Dunbar, Charles T. (ENGR)
Dunbeck, Charley (USMC)
Duncan, Alvin P. (INF)
Duncan, Basil E. (INF-MG)
Duncan, Charles B. (ARTY)
Duncan, Donald F. (USMC)
Duncan, Edward A. (INF)
Duncan, Ernest (INF)
Duncan, George E. (INF)
Duncan, John C. (INF)
Dunigan, Patrick Richard (CHAP)
Dunlap, Jay (INF)
Dunlavy, Herbert D. (USMC)
Dunn, Don (MED)
Dunn, George H. (INF)
Dunn, James R. (INF)
Dunn, Joseph H. (MED)
Dunn, Joseph J. (INF)
Dunne, Christopher C. (INF)
Dunne, James F. (ARTY)
Dunne, Thomas J. (CHAP)
Dunnington, Walter G., Jr. (ARTY)
Dunsing, Clarence L. A. (INF)
Dupre, Harold J. (INF)
Dupree, George A. (ARTY)
Durand, Leon (FOR)
Durham, James E. (INF-MG)
During, Fred (INF)
Durr, Joseph S. (INF)
Dutton, Herbert Wallace (INF)
Duty, Ray (ARTY)
Dwiggins, Daniel M. (INF)
Dye, Henry E. (INF)
Dyer, Herbert Ralph (INF)



Eads, Lee S. (INF)
Earl, Elmer (INF)
Earle, William J. (INF)
Early, Bernard (INF)
East, James (INF)
Easterbrook, Arthur Edmund (AIR)
Eaton, Roy H. (INF)
Eaton, Starr Sedgwick (INF)
Eaton, Warren Edwin (AIR)
Ebbert, Peter W. (INF)
Eberlin, Ralph (INF)
Echols, Byron C. (INF-MG)
Eckel, William H. (INF)
Ecker, Frederick W. (INF)
Eckweiler, Robert J. (Misc-ST)
Economos, Constantine D. (INF)
Eddy, Henry Leslie (INF)
Eddy, William A. (USMC)
Edell, Christopher L. (ENGR)
Edgar, Fred W. (INF)
Edmiston, Andrew, Jr. (INF)
Edmunds, Edward, Jr (INF)
Edsall, William A. (INF)
Edwards, Daniel Richmond (INF-MG)
Edwards, Garrett (INF)
Edwards, George H. (ARTY)
Edwards, Harley S. (ARTY)
Edwards, Hugh F. (INF)
Edwards, Norman E. (INF)
Edwards, Paul S. (ARM)
Egler, Frederick A. (INF)
Ehlers, Carl H. (INF)
Ehrhardt, Gustave (FOR)
Eich, Werner (INF)
Eichelsdoerfer, Robert M. (Misc-CS)
Eichorn, Victor L. (MED)
Eigenauer, John E. (INF)
Eikleberry, Gideon J. (SIG)
Eklund, Emil J. (INF)
Elia, Pasquale (INF)
Elicky, Frank (ARTY)
Eliot, Amory Vivion (INF)
Elkins, Stephen B. (INF)
Eller, Lloyd (ENGR)
Ellet, Monroe (ARTY)
Ellington, James M. (INF)
Elliott, Charles B. (INF)
Elliott, Charles G. (INF)
Elliott, Clark R. (INF)
Elliott, Edwin A. (INF)
Elliott, Robert P. (AIR)
Ellis, George L. (INF)
Ellis, Herbert J. (ARM)
Ellis, Luther Edward (INF)
Ellis, Nathaniel Watson (INF)
Ellsworth, Bradford (INF)
Ellsworth, Leon E. (INF-MG)
Elmer, Clarence G. (INF)
Elmes, Chester H. (INF)
Elpern, Benjamin D. (INF)
Elsea, Albert E. (INF-MG)
Elsworth, Edward, Jr. (ENGR)
Ely, Earnest E. (ARM)
Ely, Hanson Edward (Misc-CS)
Emerson, Harlow B. (INF)
Emerson, Willard Ingham (INF)
Emery, Donald (MED)
Emery, John G. (INF)
Emery, Joseph W., Jr. (INF)
Emory, German H. H. (INF)
Endicott, Burtis A. (INF)
Endler, Frank (INF)
Engel, George F. (INF)
Engel, William Frederick (USMC)
Engelbrecht, Fred (INF)
Englander, Leo (INF)
Engle, Joseph C. (INF)
English, Lee M. (MED)
English, Math L. (ARM)
Enochs, Rex Paul (INF)
Enright, Harold W. (INF)
Epler, Charles H. (INF)
Epley, Bruce (INF)
Eppiheimer, Elmer L. (INF)
Erb, Daniel (INF)
Erkenbrack, Harry B. (INF)
Eromo, Gilimo (INF)
Errington, Arthur (FOR)
Ervin, Samuel J., Jr. (INF)
Erwin, William P. (AIR)
Escudier, Etienne (FOR)
Espy, Robert (INF)
Esser, Joseph F. (INF)
Este, J. Dickinson (AIR)
Estep, Isaac (INF)
Ethier, Ralph (INF)
Etienne, Eugene (FOR)
Evans, Benjamin A. (INF)
Evans, Charles H. (INF)
Evans, Edwin V. (INF)
Evans, George R. (INF)
Evans, Gwilyn R. (INF)
Evans, Henry C. (ARTY)
Evans, Plummer (INF-MG)
Evans, Roderick (INF)
Evans, William C. (MED)
Evenson, Elmer (INF)
Eversole, Clay (MED)
Everson, Ludwig L. (INF-MG)
Eyler, William H. (INF)


Faatz, Stephen R. (ARTY)
Faga, William H. (USMC)
Fahey, Joseph H. (INF)
Fair, Harold I. (INF)
Fairall, George S. (INF-MG)
Faison, James K. (MED)
Falacchi, Joseph (INF)
Falkinburg, Edwin A. (MED)
Fallaw, Thomas H. (INF)
Fanning, Harry W. (ARTY)
Farber, Lloyd (INF)
Farkas, Joe F. (INF)
Farmer, James B. (INF)
Farmer, William R. (CIV)
Farnsworth, Thomas H. (AIR)
Farrant, Oliver C. (USMC)
Farrell, Edward J. (INF)
Farrell, John J. (INF)
Farrell, Thomas F. (ENGR)
Farrell, William J. (CHAP)
Farris, Oscar L. (INF-MG)
Farst, Laroy (INF)
Farwell, George W. (INF)
Farwell, Wrey Gilmore (USN)
Fay, John H. (USMC)
Fazler, Robert (INF)
Feathers, Earl H. (MED)
Feb, Elmer E. (INF)
Fechet, D'Alary (INF)
Feegal, John R. (INF)
Fegeley, Byron S. (MED)
Feigle, William M. (USMC)
Feinberg, Hirche J. (MED)
Feland, Logan (USMC)
Felitto, Carmine (INF)
Fenouillet, Carl (INF)
Fenton, Neal D. (MED)
Fenton, Roland T. (INF-MG)
Fenwick, Edward G. (MED)
Ferentchak, Martin (INF)
Ferguson, Dougald (INF-MG)
Ferguson, Eugene R. (INF)
Ferguson, George H. (INF)
Ferguson, George L. (SIG)
Ferguson, Harold (INF)
Ferguson, John E. (INF)
Ferguson, Joseph Simpson (INF)
Ferguson, Lloyd L. (INF)
Ferguson, William J. (USMC)
Ferrell, William M. (MED)
Ferrenbach, Leo C. (AIR)
Ferry, Bradford (INF)
Fesselmeyer, William T. (INF)
Fiechter, Walter (INF)
Field, John Henry, Jr. (INF)
Fields, James O. (INF)
Fields, William E. (INF-MG)
Figgins, Charles R. (INF)
Fiigen, Peter (INF)
Filippi, Jean (FOR)
Fillingin, Linnie G. (INF)
Fillyaw, Walter J. (MED)
Finch, Robert L. (Misc-CS)
Fink, William W. (ARTY)
Finkle, Burr (INF)
Finley, Archie J. (INF)
Finn, Henry (MED)
Finn, John J. (INF)
Finnegan, John J. (INF)
Finnegan, Robert (INF)
Finnerty, Bernard R. (INF)
Finucane, Peter (INF)
Fiorentino, Anthony (INF)
Fiorito, Dionigo (INF)
Fischer, John C. (INF)
Fischer, Robert McCaughin (USMC)
Fisher, Aaron R. (INF)
Fisher, Frank J. (INF)
Fisher, George F. (AIR)
Fisher, Harold (INF)
Fisher, Russell S. (INF)
Fisher, Walter S. (SIG)
Fiske, Newell R. (INF)
Fitts, William T., Jr. (INF)
Fitzgerald, Howard P. (INF)
Fitzgerald, James (INF)
Fitzgerald, Robert J. (MED)
Fitzpatrick, Michael (INF)
Fitzpatrick, Michael F. (INF)
Fitzsimmons, Thomas E. (INF)
Flagg, Daniel S. (INF)
Flanagan, Gordon D. (ARTY)
Flanagan, Hugh M. (INF)
Flannery, Harry E. (INF-MG)
Flannery, Walter R. (INF)
Fleeson, Howard T. (AIR)
Fleet, George T. (INF)
Flegel, Frank H. (INF)
Fleischman, Frank F. (INF)
Fleitz, Morris Frederick (USMC)
Fleming, John L. (INF)
Fleming, Patrick F. (INF)
Fleming, Samuel Wilson, Jr. (INF)
Fleming, Thomas W. (INF)
Flesher, Herbert W. (ENGR)
Fletcher, Allen (INF)
Fletcher, Harry Benton (USMC)
Fletcher, Jefferson B. (MED)
Fletcher, Lee C. (INF)
Fling, John H. (INF)
Flint, John H. (INF-MG)
Flocken, John Beck (USMC)
Flood, James E. (INF)
Flood, John Vincent (INF)
Florian, Paul A., Jr. (INF)
Flowers, Abner (INF)
Floyd, William M. (INF)
Flynn, Francis J. (USMC)
Flynn, John L. (INF)
Focht, John A. (ENGR)
Fogg, Preston Doane (INF)
Fogo, Edward T. (INF)
Foley, Harry J. (INF)
Foley, Thomas F. (INF)
Follette, Justin P. (AIR)
Follis, Charles (INF)
Folsom, John V. (INF)
Folsom, Lynn H. (INF)
Folz, Alexander (INF)
Fontaine, Hugh L. (AIR)
Fooks, Herbert C. (INF)
Forbes, Burt T. (INF)
Forbis, Fred M. (INF)
Ford, Charles M. (INF)
Ford, Christopher W. (AIR)
Ford, Daris V. (ENGR)
Ford, Frank M. (INF)
Fore, James Edward (INF)
Fore, Samuel Witt (INF)
Forehand, Walter S. (INF)
Foreman, Milton J. (ARTY)
Formica, Pietro (INF)
Forrest, Harry E. (INF)
Forrester, Robert R. (INF)
Forster, George J. (INF)
Forster, Harold R. (INF)
Forsyth, Matthew W., Jr. (ARTY)
Fort, Howard H. (INF)
Forth, Herman (MED)
Fosnes, Ernest (INF)
Foss, Saxton C. (INF)
Fossett, Edward Joseph (INF)
Fossie, Lester (Misc-ST)
Foster, Hamilton K. (INF)
Foster, Peter (FOR)
Foster, Walter L. (INF)
Foureman, Roy B. (ARTY)
Foust, Benjamin E. (INF)
Foust, John W. (INF-MG)
Fowle, John G. (MED)
Fowler, Edward C. (USMC)
Fowler, Lewis K. (INF)
Fox, Charles M. (MED)
Fox, Daniel R. (USMC)
Fox, Frank (INF)
Fox, Frank I. (ARTY)
Fox, George F. (INF)
Fox, Mathew S. (ARTY)
Fox, Wade Hobert (USMC)
Foy, Richard (INF)
Francis, Raymond (ARTY)
Francisco, John (INF)
Frank, Emanuel (INF-MG)
Frank, George Percy (USMC)
Frank, William F. (AIR)
Frank, William J. (INF)
Frary, Frank M. (ARTY)
Fraser, Duncan (INF)
Fraser, Harry L. (Misc-ST)
Frasier, Lyman S. (INF)
Fratus, George R. (INF)
Fray, John P. (INF)
Frazier, Walter D. (USMC)
Fredericks, Cornelius C. (INF)
Fredlund, Victor (ENGR)
Free, George M. (INF)
Freehoff, William F. (INF)
Freeman, Edgar H. (INF)
Freeman, Patrick (INF)
Freeman, Robert L. (INF)
Freiberg, Hyman (INF)
Freml, Wesley (INF)
French, Henry (INF)
Freshour, Ernest W. (INF)
Fretz, Earl R. (INF-MG)
Frew, Stephen P. (INF)
Frey, Amel (INF)
Frey, Clarence F. (INF)
Frey, George J. (INF)
Friel, John W. (INF)
Friel, Joseph (INF)
Frierson, Meade, Jr. (INF)
Fries, George J., Jr. (MED)
Fritz, Albert W. (INF)
Fritz, Clyde A. (INF)
Fritz, Leonard B. (INF)
Frizzell, Charles F. (INF)
Froman, Hjalmar (INF)
Frost, John (AIR)
Frye, John G. (USMC)
Fuhrman, Paul C. (INF-MG)
Fuller, Arthur M. (Misc-ST)
Fuller, Edward C. (USMC)
Fuller, Joseph M. (ARTY)
Fuller, Kenneth E. (INF)
Fuller, Lonzo L. (INF)
Fuller, Smith (INF)
Fuller, William H. (INF)
Fulton, Selmo (ARTY)
Funderburk, Myron M. (INF)
Funk, Peter (USMC)
Fuquay, James (INF)
Furbush, George W. , Jr. (INF)
Furey, John Patrick (INF)
Furforo, Vinacezo (INF)
Furlow, George Willard (AIR)
Furness, Thomas F. (ARTY)
Furr, Walter E. (USMC)
Fury, William H. (USMC)


Gabriel, Harry S. (INF)
Gaddis, Thomas (INF)
Gaffey, Luke (INF)
Gage, George H. (MED)
Gahring, W. Ross (INF)
Gaillot, Maurice G. (FOR)
Gaines, John P. (INF)
Galbraith, Frederick W., Jr. (INF)
Gale, Carroll M. (INF)
Gale, Hugh K. (INF-MG)
Galka, Tony (INF)
Gallagher, Cornelius E. (INF-MG)
Gallagher, George (INF)
Gallagher, John M. (ENGR)
Gallo, Joseph (ENGR)
Galloway, Judson Paul (INF)
Galoff, Fred (INF)
Gammell, Warren S. (MED)
Gancaz, Stanley (INF)
Gander, William (INF)
Gannon, Joseph J. (INF)
Garber, Harry E. (ARTY)
Garcia, Amado (INF)
Garcia, Graviel (INF)
Gardella, Frank J. (INF-MG)
Gardiner, Kenneth (ARTY)
Gardner, Alfred W. (INF)
Gardner, Elmer W. (INF)
Gardner, George W. (INF)
Gardner, John H. (INF)
Gardner, Martin E. (INF)
Garey, Enoch B. (INF-MG)
Garey, Philip (INF)
Gariepy, Theodore T. (INF)
Garlington, Creswell (Misc-CS)
Garner, Cortis H. (SIG)
Garner, George W. (INF)
Garner, John B. (INF)
Garnsey, Cyrus, III (ARTY)
Garr, Charles W. (ENGR)
Garrett, Victor E. (INF)
Garrison, Frederick R. (INF)
Garrison, William H. (SIG)
Garrity, Patrick (INF)
Garside, Henry P. (INF)
Garst, Henry J. (INF)
Garthright, John E. (INF)
Garvin, Frank W. (INF)
Gasaway, Thomas (INF)
Gaskins, Frederick O. (INF)
Gasparotto, Tony (INF)
Gaston, George F. (INF)
Gaston, Paul J. (MED)
Gaston, Robert A. (INF)
Gataino, Isaac (INF)
Gates, Austin (INF)
Gaudette, George J. (INF)
Gauffeny, Emmanual P. F. (FOR)
Gauthier, Jean C. (FOR)
Gay, James H. (INF)
Gay, Lawrence W. (ARTY)
Gay, Luther (INF)
Gaylord, Bradley J. (AIR)
Gaynier, Charles E. (INF)
Gcalairtch, August (INF)
Geaney, Edward J. (INF)
Gearhard, August F. (CHAP)
Geary, William J. (USMC)
Gee, Othel J. (MED)
Geer, Clarence W. (INF)
Geer, Frederick W. (INF)
Geer, Prentice S. (USMC)
Gehris, Jack D. (MED)
Geiger, Frank F. (USMC)
Genest, Paul P. (INF)
Genicke, Raymond (INF)
Genrich, Ludwig (INF)
Gentry, Carl C. (INF)
Gentry, Herman D. (INF)
George, Harold Huston (AIR)
George, Rubin L. (INF)
George, William B., Jr. (ARTY)
Gerling, Frank C. (INF)
Gest, Sydney G. (USMC)
Getchell, Charles H. (Misc-CK)
Geyer, Robert E. (ARTY)
Gholston, Jabez G. (INF)
Gibbons, James J. (USMC)
Gibbs, Dudley R. (ARTY)
Gibney, John J. (ARTY)
Gibson, Charles S. (USMC)
Gibson, Herbert D. (INF)
Gibson, Ralph (INF)
Gibson, Raymond (USMC)
Gibson, Thomas R. (INF)
Giescke, Lewis M. (INF)
Giet, Auguste A. (FOR)
Giger, George J. (INF)
Gilbert, Francis W. (INF)
Gilbert, Harold N. (INF)
Gilbert, Leslie T. (USMC)
Gilbertie, John S. (INF)
Gilchrist, Edward J. (INF)
Giles, Florain D. (INF)
Gilfillan, Dean McGrew (ARM)
Gilkeson, Shanklin Ebenezer (MED)
Gill, John Henry (INF)
Gill, Martin Matthew (INF)
Gill, Raymond (INF)
Gill, William Tignor, Jr. (USN)
Gillen, Edward N. (MED)
Gillespie, Peter (INF-MG)
Gillespie, William L. (INF)
Gillett, Tod Ford (MED)
Gillette, Norris W. (MED)
Gilliam, Rexie E. (INF)
Gilliland, Samuel F. (MED)
Gillis, Angus J. (ENGR)
Gillotti, Angelo J. (ARTY)
Gilmer, Robert A. (INF)
Gilstrap, Lee F. (INF)
Gilts, Dan (ENGR)
Gingras, Jules, Jr (ENGR)
Giroux, Ernest A. (AIR)
Gitz, Ralph (ARTY)
Givens, Fred G. (INF)
Gjerstad, Gustav (INF)
Gladney, William H. (INF)
Gladstone, Leo (USMC)
Glass, Henry B. (INF)
Glassbrenner, Fred L. (INF)
Gleason, James V. (INF)
Gleason, John W. (ARM)
Glendenning, Hugh L. (INF)
Glenn, Charles (ENGR)
Glomski, Frank (INF)
Gluck, Frederick (INF)
Glucksman, Samuel (USMC)
Glynn, Cornelius T. (INF)
Gobey, Nathan (INF)
Godbey, Arnold Dee (USMC)
Godfrey, John R. (INF)
Goetsch, Arthur J. (ENGR)
Goetz, Mowry E. (INF)
Gold, Thomas B. (MED)
Goldberg, Sam (INF)
Goldcamp, Frank J. (ENGR)
Golden, William T. (INF)
Goldstein, Isaac (INF)
Goldthwaite, George E. (AIR)
Goltra, Isaac V. (INF)
Gonzales, Benjamin (Misc-ST)
Goodall, Robert M. (INF-MG)
Gooding, Roy H. (MED)
Goodman, Lionel (INF)
Goodman, Walter O. (INF)
Goodrich, Louis D. (ENGR)
Goodridge, George L. (INF)
Goodwillie, Herrick R. (INF)
Goodwin, Robert Hazen (INF)
Gordon, Erskine (INF)
Gordon, Frank P. (ARTY)
Gordon, Harold J. (MED)
Gordon, Milledge A. (INF-MG)
Gorman, Carlysle A. (INF)
Gorman, James A. (INF)
Gosselin, Alexander (SIG)
Gottschalk, Frank L. (INF)
Gottschalk, James (INF-MG)
Gould, William (INF)
Goumas, Georges (SIG)
Gourley, George B. (INF)
Gow, Kenneth (INF-MG)
Goyne, Antoine (FOR)
Grabau, John C. (MED)
Grabinski, Elmer C. (INF-MG)
Graddy, William E. (ENGR)
Grady, John J. (INF)
Graham, Edward L. (INF)
Graham, John D. (MED)
Graham, Joseph D. (INF)
Granger, John McClave (INF)
Grant, Alfred A. (AIR)
Grant, David S. (INF)
Grant, Donald H. (INF)
Grant, John (USMC)
Grauer, Shipton G. (INF-MG)
Grave, Henry. H. (INF)
Graveline, Fred C. (AIR)
Graves, John C. (Misc-CC)
Graves, Sidney C. (INF)
Gray, Cola A. (INF-MG)
Gray, Joseph W. (ENGR)
Gray, Thomas J. (INF)
Grayson, Thomas J. (INF)
Green, Donald R. (ARTY)
Green, Donald W. (INF)
Green, Ernest B. (INF)
Green, Garland (INF)
Green, Herbert D. (INF)
Green, James O., Jr. (INF)
Green, Wallace (INF)
Green, William W. (INF)
Green, Willie (INF)
Greene, Don (INF)
Greene, Edward B. (Misc-CK)
Greene, Harold (INF)
Greene, Henry W. (INF)
Greene, James A. (INF)
Greene, John N. (ARTY)
Greenfield, William G. (INF)
Greenway, John C. (INF)
Greenwood, Harry L. (INF)
Greer, George B. (ARTY)
Gregory, Ralph Amherst (INF)
Greist, Edwards Harold (AIR)
Gresham, Frank B. (INF)
Grey, Charles Gossage (AIR)
Gribbon, John J. (INF)
Grider, Thomas E. (INF)
Griffin, Harry Q. (INF)
Griffin, Martin G. (INF)
Griffin, Robert A. (INF)
Griffin, William L. (USMC)
Griffith, Chancy W. (ARTY)
Griffith, Luther C. (INF)
Griffith, Oscar C. (MED)
Griffith, Walter (INF)
Griffiths, Alfred S. (INF)
Grimes, Eustis B. (INF)
Grindle, Ivor (INF)
Grinstead, James R. (INF)
Grisham, Jesse M. (INF)
Griswold, Ava H. (INF)
Griswold, Chauncey J. (MED)
Griswold, Levi W. (INF)
Grizel, Marcel (FOR)
Grobtuck, Samuel D. (INF)
Groenenboon, Onno (INF)
Groff, John (USMC)
Gros, Joseph (FOR)
Gross, George (INF)
Gross, John J. (INF)
Grove, Glenn M. (INF-MG)
Groves, John H. (INF)
Growdon, James P. (ENGR)
Grulkey, Fred F. (INF)
Grumley, Fred (INF)
Grundy, John (INF)
Gucwa, Joseph (INF)
Gude, Charles J. (INF-MG)
Guenther, Alois J. (INF)
Guenther, Charles R. (ARTY)
Guess, John, Jr. (INF)
Guinet, Eugene (FOR)
Guinup, Earl M. (INF)
Gulbrandsen, Arvid W. (INF)
Gullion, Otto (USMC)
Gumbs , Esric C. (INF)
Gumm, Jay D. (Misc-MP)
Gump, Noah L. (ENGR)
Gunckle, Wilk (INF)
Gundelach, Andre P. (AIR)
Gunderson, Arthur J. (INF)
Gunn, Fred L. (MED)
Gunst, Gerald H. (INF)
Gunterman, James (INF)
Gustafson, Carl (ENGR)
Gustafson, Charles (Misc-ST)
Gustafson, John A. (USMC)
Guthrie, Elmer F. (INF)
Guthrie, Murray Kenneth (AIR)
Guy, Leonard E. (INF)
Guyer, Thomas L. (INF)
Guyot, Benjamin (FOR)


Ha - Hi

Haas, Robert K. (INF)
Haas, William A. (INF)
Habecker, Guy M. (INF)
Hacker, Henry E. (INF)
Hadley, Lee A. (MED)
Hadnett, George (INF)
Haefliger, Fred (USMC)
Hagan, Joseph A. (USMC)
Hagan, Luther J. (INF)
Hageman, August (INF)
Hagemeyer, George K. (INF)
Hagerman, Otho M. (INF)
Hahn, Frederick (ARTY)
Hahn, Joseph C. (INF-MG)
Hale, Claud P. (MED)
Haley, Rosco Robert (INF)
Halfmann, Anthony N. (INF-MG)
Hall, Charles P. (Misc-CS)
Hall, Fred L. (INF)
Hall, George W. (INF-MG)
Hall, Harold De La Monte (INF)
Hall, Henry H. (INF)
Hall, Herbert W. (ARTY)
Hall, James G. (MED)
Hall, James Norman (AIR)
Hall, Percy M. (INF)
Hall, Ramon L. (INF)
Hall, Thomas H. (INF)
Hall, Varner (INF)
Hall, William A. (INF)
Halley, Orvel H. (INF)
Hallier, Andre (FOR)
Halphen, Dewey (INF)
Ham, Samuel V. (INF)
Hamak, Frank A. (INF)
Hambleton, John A. (AIR)
Hambrick, Gordon A. (INF)
Hamel, Alfred R. (INF)
Hames, William W. (INF)
Hamilton, Arthur M. (INF)
Hamilton, Bryan (INF)
Hamilton, Byron W. (INF)
Hamilton, George Wallace (USMC)
Hamilton, James A. (INF)
Hamilton, John W. (INF)
Hamilton, Lloyd A. (AIR)
Hamilton, Otho (INF)
Hamilton, Reuben G. (MED)
Hamm, Arthur E. (INF)
Hammond, Alex (INF)
Hammond, Charles A. (INF)
Hammond, Charles Galloway (Misc-MP)
Hammond, John (INF)
Hammond, Leonard Coombes (AIR)
Hammond, LeRoy H. (INF)
Hammond, William H. (INF)
Hammons, Charles C. (Misc-ST)
Hample, Harry E. (INF)
Hampson, Edmund R. (INF-MG)
Hamric, Ervin (INF-MG)
Hanbery, James W. (INF)
Hancock, Glen (INF-MG)
Hand, Leo (INF-MG)
Handwerk, Russell E. (INF)
Handy, Edward H. (INF)
Handy, Thomas Troy (ARTY)
Haney, John S. (USMC)
Haney, Mathias Willoughby (INF)
Hanford, John P. (INF)
Hanger, Charles R. (INF)
Hankins, Stayton M. (INF)
Hanley, George E. (INF-MG)
Hanley, James Matthew (CHAP)
Hanley, John J. (INF)
Hanley, William T. (INF)
Hanna, Edward G. (INF-MG)
Hanna, Leon M. (INF)
Hanna, Mark (INF)
Hanna, Samuel H. (INF-MG)
Hansen, Arthur A. (INF)
Hansen, Herman L. (INF)
Hansen, William (USMC)
Hanson, Walter R. (MED)
Hantschke, Edward (INF-MG)
Hapsch, John P. (INF)
Harbin, Elliott R. (SIG)
Harbison, Harry J. (INF)
Harder, Fred J. (INF)
Hardie, William C. (INF)
Hardiman, Michael J. (USMC)
Hardin, Melvin N. (INF)
Hardin, William T. (INF)
Harding, Stacy L. (ARTY)
Hardison, Dewitt (SIG)
Hardy, Harrison A. (INF)
Hardy, Leslie (INF)
Hardy, Orville, Jr. (INF-MG)
Harelis, Steve J. (INF)
Hargrave, Thomas J. (INF-MG)
Harkenrider, Louis H. (MED)
Harlin, Henry John (INF-MG)
Harlow, Leon E. (ARTY)
Harman, John T. (INF)
Harmon, Henry C. (INF)
Harmon, John J. (INF)
Harrel, Benjamin H. (INF)
Harrell, Raymond (INF)
Harrell, William F. (INF)
Harriman, Lynn H. (INF)
Harriman, Sherman G. (ENGR)
Harrington, Alexander (INF)
Harrington, Ernest A. S. (INF)
Harrington, James C. (INF)
Harrington, John H. (INF)
Harris, Charles (INF)
Harris, Charles D. (ENGR)
Harris, Clifford O. (INF)
Harris, David C., Jr. (INF)
Harris, Duncan G. (INF)
Harris, Edward C. (INF)
Harris, Graham W. (INF-MG)
Harris, Job R. (INF-MG)
Harris, Mahlon H. (INF)
Harris, Morgan K. (INF)
Harris, Roy (ENGR)
Harris, William L. (INF)
Harrison, Curtis (Misc-ST)
Harssell, George J. (INF-MG)
Hart, Claude V. (INF)
Hart, Frank I. (ENGR)
Hart, George C. (INF-MG)
Hart, Jack S. (USMC)
Hart, Louis Francis (INF-MG)
Hart, Percival G. (AIR)
Hart, Samuel C. (INF)
Hartigan, Walter F. L. (INF)
Hartley, Paul Livingston (INF)
Hartman, Guy L. (INF)
Hartman, William A. (ENGR)
Hartmann, Mike A. (INF)
Hartney, Harold E. (AIR)
Hartung, John A. (INF)
Hartwell, Albert S. (MED)
Harvey, George U. (INF)
Harvey, Harry A. (ARTY)
Harville, Braxton B. (INF)
Harwood, Benjamin P. (AIR)
Harwood, Frank M. (INF)
Harwood, Ralph W. (INF)
Haskew, Edward D. (MED)
Haskins, Clifford R. (INF-MG)
Haslett, Elmer R. (AIR)
Hassard, Robert J. (INF)
Hassebrock, William M. (INF-MG)
Hassig, Albert U. (INF)
Hassler, Rudolph P. (INF)
Hatch, Benjamin T., Jr. (INF)
Hatch, Carl T. (INF)
Hatch, Sidney H. (INF)
Hatcher, Samuel H. (INF)
Hatlestad, Andrew W. (INF-MG)
Haubrich, Robert (INF)
Haumant, Marcel A. E. (FOR)
Hausmann, William L. (INF)
Hauss, Albert M. (INF)
Haven, Chester (ENGR)
Haverfield, James G. (INF)
Hawie, Ashad G. (INF)
Hawke, Frederick J. (INF)
Hawkins, Owen C. (INF)
Hawkins, Paul G. (INF-MG)
Hawkins, William S. (INF)
Hawkinson, Howard E. (INF)
Hawks, Emery (INF)
Haws, Edward H. (USMC)
Hayes, Casey H. (ARTY)
Hayes, Edward S. (Misc-CS)
Hayes, Joseph (INF)
Hayes, Michael J. (INF)
Hayes, Morrison (INF-MG)
Haynes, Glenn C. (INF)
Haynes, William G. (INF)
Hays, Frank Kerr (AIR)
Hazlegrove, William P. (INF)
Hazlett, Clark S. (INF-MG)
Heacox, Harry W. (INF)
Head, Carroll E. (SIG)
Healey, Jeremiah (INF)
Healy, Harold A. (INF-MG)
Healy, James Andrew (AIR)
Healy, James E. (INF)
Heard, Elmer (INF)
Heath, Carl (INF)
Heath, Floyd E. (INF)
Heath, Laurel B. (INF-MG)
Hechtl, Albert Louis (INF)
Heckman, Jacob Harrison (USMC)
Hedlund, Fritz (INF)
Hedrick, Arly L. (ENGR)
Heffron, John J. (INF)
Heffron, Walter R. (INF)
Heiden, Laurence E. (INF)
Heiken, Eilert G. (INF)
Heikkinen, John (INF)
Heim, Carl A. (INF)
Heimerdinger, Charles (INF)
Heintz, Victor (INF)
Heiny, John D. (INF)
Heinz, Nick (INF)
Heinzmann, Grover P. (INF)
Heitz, Harry D. (ARM)
Helikson, Frank (ARTY)
Helliwell, Harold H. (INF)
Hellman, Charles F. (INF)
Helm, Lynn, Jr. (ARTY)
Helmick, Dan S. (ENGR)
Helmore, Joseph F. (INF)
Helsley, Albert B. (INF)
Hemingway,  Harold L. (INF)
Hendershot, Ford J. (INF)
Henderson, Charles R. (INF)
Henderson, George H. (MED)
Henderson, Henry (INF)
Henderson, Phil A. (AIR)
Hendler, Ullman C. (INF)
Hendrick, Pierre H. (FOR)
Hendricks, Patrick (INF)
Hendricks, Terry Nichols (ARTY)
Henley, Courtney S. (INF)
Hennelly, James H. (ARTY)
Hennessey, James (INF)
Hennessy, Patrick (INF)
Henriksen, Hans (INF-MG)
Henry, Clifford West (INF)
Henry, Daniel C. (INF)
Henry, Norman (INF-MG)
Henry, Ray (INF)
Henry, Thomas (INF)
Hensley, Henry G. (INF)
Hensley, Thomas L. (INF)
Hepburn, William (INF)
Herbert, Thomas W. (AIR)
Heritier, Arthur (INF)
Herman, Albert W. (INF)
Hermle, Leo D. (USMC)
Herr, Charles Ryman (INF)
Herren, William (INF-MG)
Herrick, Lester (INF)
Herrmann, Bertrand (INF)
Herrmann, Victor (INF)
Herschkowitz, Jack (INF)
Herter, Edward (INF)
Hess, Herman L. (INF)
Hester, Harvey S. (INF)
Heueisen, Frank A. (INF)
Hewit, Benjamin H. (INF)
Hewitt, Charles Wilmer, Jr. (USMC)
Heydenberk, Dick (INF-MG)
Hickey, Thomas J. (ARTY)
Hickok, Charles H., Jr. (ARTY)
Hicks, Charles L. (INF)
Higgins, Martin J. (INF)
Higgins, Patrick P. (ENGR)
Higgins, Westra (INF)
Higgins, William H. (INF)
Higginson, William Paul (USMC)
Higgs, Herman C. (MED)
Higgs, James Allen, Jr. (AIR)
Highley, Charles C. (INF)
Highley, Elmer W. (MED)
Higley, George R. (INF-MG)
Higley, James S. (INF)
Higley, Robert F. (USMC)
Higson, Willie (INF)
Hilburn, Herbert S. (INF)
Hildebrand, Harry (INF-MG)
Hildreth, Richard P. (INF)
Hilger, John (INF)
Hill, Frank Y. (INF)
Hill, Fred William (USMC)
Hill, Glen (INF)
Hill, Guy H. (INF)
Hill, Henry R. (INF)
Hill, John H. (FOR)
Hill, Lloyd G. (INF)
Hill, Maury (AIR)
Hill, Raymond C. (AIR)
Hill, Robert (INF)
Hill, Samuel (INF)
Hill, Terrell Winfred (INF)
Hill, William H. (INF)
Hilldring, John H. (INF)
Hiller, Walter S. (USMC)
Hilliard, Grover C. (INF)
Hillig, Harry (INF)
Hine, Otto L. H. (MED)
Hines, John Leonard (Misc-CS)
Hines, Paul H. (INF)
Hinson, Guy R. (ENGR)
Hintz, Edward E. (INF)
Hirschfelder, Chester J. (INF-MG)
Hirst, Samuel Carroll (USMC)
Hiser, Henry (INF-MG)
Hitchcock, Roger W. (AIR)
Hitchens, Ernest L. (INF)
Hix, James C. (INF)

Ho - Hy

Hobbs, Avis T. (INF)
Hobscheid, Paul (INF)
Hobson, Henry W. (INF)
Hodges, Courtney H. (INF)
Hoeynck, Frank J. (ENGR)
Hoffenbach, Edouard (FOR)
Hoffman, Clyde O. (INF)
Hoffman, Earl A. (INF-MG)
Hoffman, Henry J. (ARTY)
Hoffman, Leonard Lawrence (USMC)
Hoffman, Myron I. (INF)
Hogan, John A. (INF)
Hogan, John V. (INF)
Hoge, William M. (ENGR)
Hoggle, John (ENGR)
Holcomb, Roy (INF)
Holden, James E. (INF)
Holden, Kenneth H. (AIR)
Holden, Lansing Colton, Jr. (AIR)
Holland, Harry G. (INF-MG)
Holland, James W. (ENGR)
Holland, Richard W. (INF)
Holland, Spessard L. (AIR)
Holliday, Harry (INF-MG)
Hollingsworth, Alexander (INF)
Hollis, George G. (INF)
Holloway, Horace L. (ARTY)
Holly, George W. (INF)
Holmes, Albert P. (INF)
Holmes, Burton (INF)
Holmes, Charles (INF)
Holmes, Christian R. (INF)
Holmes, Felix R. (INF)
Holmes, Frank D. (INF)
Holmes, Harvey H. (INF)
Holmes, James H., Jr. (INF)
Holmes, Oliver Wendell (INF)
Holroyd, Crossley Montrose (INF)
Holt, Frank Maurice (ARTY)
Holt, Jefferson L. (MED)
Holt, Walter A. (INF)
Holtz, Adolph (INF)
Holtz, Frank F. (INF)
Holz, William (INF)
Holzgrebe, William (INF)
Holzman, George D. (INF)
Holzman, Sidney (INF-MG)
Honchar, Steve (INF)
Hood, Robert B. (ARTY)
Hook, Alfred J. (INF)
Hook, Frederick R. (USN)
Hook, Joseph J. (INF)
Hook, William B. (ENGR)
Hooper, Monroe C. (INF)
Hoover, Charles S. (ARTY)
Hoover, William J. (AIR)
Hope, Ben (INF)
Hope, Edward Buist (USMC)
Hopkins, George A. (INF)
Hopkins, Stephen T. (AIR)
Hopkins, Thomas (INF)
Hopkins, William T. (ARTY)
Hopp, Harvey M. (ARTY)
Hoppe, Harry E. (INF)
Hopping, Floyd (INF)
Hopta, Joseph Leo (USMC)
Horgan, Harry B. (INF)
Horn, Irvin B. (ENGR)
Horne, William T. (INF-MG)
Horseman, Carl (INF)
Horton, Eugene W. (INF)
Horton, Hardin F. (INF)
Horton, Harry H. (MED)
Horton, Van (INF)
Hoskins, Leonard C. (ARTY)
Hosp, James (INF)
Hostetter, Jay F. (ARTY)
Houchins, Lyle C. (USMC)
Houroux, Etienne (FOR)
Householder, Jonathan A. (MED)
Houston, Clyde (INF)
Houston, Samuel Humes (INF)
Hovatter, Everett E. (MED)
Howard, Charles (ARTY)
 Howard, Charlie (INF)
Howard, Chester R. (INF)
Howard, George H. (INF)
Howard, Harry (ARTY)
Howard, Henry (INF)
Howard, James L. (INF-MG)
Howard, Robert P. (INF)
Howard, William (INF)
Howard, William Harrison (INF)
Howe, George P. (MED)
Howe, Harry R. (ENGR)
Howe, Maurice W. (INF)
Howe, William J. (INF)
Howland, Harry S. (INF)
Howland, Sylvester J. (INF)
Hoy, Henry (INF)
Hoyt, Russel E. (INF)
Huard, Solomon (INF)
Hubbard, Harold G. (INF-MG)
Hubbard, Henry G. (INF)
Hubbard, Willis W. (Misc-CS)
Hudnall, James W. (INF)
Hudson, Ben S. (INF)
Hudson, Donald (AIR)
Hudson, Harold A. (SIG)
Hudson, Orlin (ENGR)
Huebner, Clarence Ralph (INF)
Huelser, Charles A. (INF-MG)
Huff, Chester Ray (MED)
Huffman, Charles E. Jr. (INF)
Huffstater, Leon David (USMC)
Hufstedler, Erie C. (USMC)
Hughes, Floyd A. (INF)
Hughes, George Dewey (USMC)
Hughes, George E. (INF-MG)
Hughes, William E. (INF)
Hughes, William J. (INF)
Hugo, Jean (FOR)
Hulbert, Henry Lewis (USMC)
Hulett, Forrest (INF)
Hull, Alason J. (MED)
Hull, Henry C. (INF)
Hulsart, C. Raymond (ENGR)
Hultzen, Lee S. (INF)
Humbird, John A. (INF-MG)
Hummer, Joseph H. (MED)
Humphrey, Frank H. (INF)
Humphrey, Ray H. (MED)
Hunt, Charles H. (INF-MG)
Hunt, David B. (INF-MG)
Hunt, Harmon (INF)
Hunt, Henry Boice (INF)
Hunt, Leroy P. (USMC)
Hunt, Thomas (INF)
Hunter, Daniel Amos (USMC)
Hunter, David, Jr. (INF)
Hunter, Francis R. (ARTY)
Hunter, Frank O'Driscoll (AIR)
Hunter, Jones W. (INF)
Hunter, Robert L. (INF)
Hunter, William L. (INF)
Huntley, Joseph R. (INF)
Hunton, Oramell E. (MED)
Hupman, Lockern (INF)
Hurdle, William G. (INF-MG)
Hurley, Francis E. (INF)
Hurley, John Patrick (INF)
Hurley, Paul Thomas (USMC)
Hurley, Philip H. (INF)
Hurst, William E. (INF)
Husbands, William D. (INF)
Hussey, John (INF)
Husted, Chester Seth (USMC)
Hutchcraft, Reuben B. (INF)
Hutchings, Charles, Jr. (INF)
Huth, Albert A. (INF)
Hutson, George R. (ARTY)
Hutto, John B. (INF)
Hyatt, Robert W. (INF)
Hyde, James (INF)
Hyman, Ernest (INF-MG)
Hyman, William P. (INF)
Hynes, Thomas J. (INF)




Igou, Paul (INF)
Ihrke, Albert L. J. (INF)
Imhof, Harry E. (INF-MG)
Ingalls, John J. (USMC)
Ingalls, Ray L. H. (ARTY)
Ingersoll, Harry (INF)
Ingold, Albert S. (INF)
Ingold, William J. (INF)
Ingram, Isaac F. (INF)
Ingram, Lee H. (INF)
Inks, Charles L. (INF)
Inman, Leon W. (USMC)
Inman, Percy E. (INF-MG)
Innes, Thomas (INF)
Insley, Harry B. (INF)
Irby, Spirley E. (INF)
Ireland, Rutherford (INF)
Irons, Benjamin G. (MED)
Irons, John K. (INF)
Irrgang, Andrew (INF-MG)
Irving, Livingston Gilson (AIR)
Irwin, Frank J. (INF)
Isaac, Joseph (INF)
Israel, Frederick (USMC)
Ives, Edwin B. (INF)
Jack, Daniel L. (INF)
Jackson, Burnwell C. (INF)
Jackson, Franklin J. (INF)
Jackson, George C. (INF)
Jackson, Horatio N. (MED)
Jackson, James (INF)
Jackson, Rufus B. (INF)
Jackson, William (INF)
Jacobs, Wendell W. (INF-MG)
Jacobson, Alfred (FOR)
Jacobson, William (INF)
Jacobson, William A. (MED)
Jacques, Leo P. T. (INF)
Jacquin, Alfred (FOR)
Jager, Holger (INF)
James, Benjamin (ARTY)
James, Darl S. (ENGR)
James, Jesse A. (INF)
James, Joseph (INF)
Jamison, Roland Ray (USN)
Jankowski, Jan (Misc-ST)
Jansen, Louis B. (INF)
Janssen, Martin J. (INF)
Janssen, Rolla (INF)
Jardine, David F. (INF)
Jarvi, Eino I. (INF)
Jarvis, Homer S. (INF-MG)
Jauss, Raymond B. (INF)
Jaworski, Frank (ENGR)
Jay, Delancey Kane (INF)
Jeffers, John N. (AIR)
Jeffers, Lamar (INF)
Jefferson, Albert G. (INF)
Jeffery, Forest G. (INF)
Jeffords, Paul (INF)
Jeffrey, Jane (CIV)
Jeffrey, Robert F. (INF)
Jenkins, James T. (INF)
Jenkins, John M. (INF)
Jenkins, Mathew (INF)
Jenkins, Paul B. (INF)
Jenkins, Wade H. (INF-MG)
Jenkins, Weston C. (INF)
Jenks, Dean N. (INF)
Jennart, Leon (ARTY)
Jennings, Edgar A. (INF)
Jennison, Charles Sumner (USN)
Jensen, Ingemann (INF-MG)
Jensen, Otto Carsten (INF)
Jerabek, Jerry J. (INF-MG)
Jermiason, Axel (INF)
Jerry, Barney (INF)
Jervey, Frank Johnstone (INF)
Jervey, Thomas M. (AIR)
Jerzakowski, Walter (INF)
Jewett, Henry C. (ENGR)
Jillson, Howard D. (INF)
Jobes, Leslie J. (INF)
Joe, Colin B. (INF)
Joerger, Carl F. (INF)
Johanson, Carl I. (INF)
Johns, Latimer A. (ARTY)
Johns, Samuel H. (INF)
Johnsen, Edwin A. (INF)
Johnson,  Henry (INF)
Johnson, Abe (INF)
Johnson, Algot (INF)
Johnson, Alva Lee (Misc-ST)
Johnson, Arthur (INF)
Johnson, Brainard W. (MED)
Johnson, Charles B., Jr. (ARTY)
Johnson, Christian A. (INF)
Johnson, Francis P. (INF)
Johnson, George S. (INF)
Johnson, Gillis Augustus (USMC)
Johnson, Gustave H. (ARTY)
Johnson, Hanning G. (ARTY)
Johnson, Harold R. (ARTY)
Johnson, Henry (INF)
Johnson, John (INF)
Johnson, Maurice E. (INF-MG)
Johnson, Melvin B. (INF)
Johnson, Oscar  E. (INF)
Johnson, Oscar E. (INF)
Johnson, Paul (INF)
Johnson, Ragnvold (Misc-CK)
Johnson, Reuben L. (INF)
Johnson, Richard D. (INF)
Johnson, Royal Cleaves (INF)
Johnson, Samuel M. (INF)
Johnson, Silas J. (MED)
Johnson, Swan (INF)
Johnson, Swan E. (INF)
Johnson, Wilbur (ARTY)
Johnson, William T. (INF)
Johnston, Ewart (INF)
Johnston, Frank (INF)
Johnston, George W. (INF-MG)
Johnston, Hamilton (INF)
Johnston, Hugh (INF)
Johnston, Joseph H. (INF)
Johnston, Louis E. (INF-MG)
Johnston, Mercer G. (CIV)
Johnston, Scott Martin (USMC)
Johnston, William H. (Misc-CS)
Joiner, Arthur Elmer (INF)
Jolley, Thomas (MED)
Jona, Stephen, Jr. (INF)
Jones, Alvey (Misc-ST)
Jones, Archie J. (INF)
Jones, Arthur Carroll (INF)
Jones, Arthur H. (AIR)
Jones, Arthur W. (ENGR)
Jones, Carl O. (INF)
Jones, Charles G. (INF)
Jones, Clarence M. (INF)
Jones, Claude V. (INF)
Jones, Clinton (AIR)
Jones, Daniel L. (INF)
Jones, Ecman T. (INF)
Jones, George W. (ARTY)
Jones, Harris (ENGR)
Jones, Harry (INF)
Jones, Harvey L. (INF-MG)
Jones, Henry L. (ARTY)
Jones, Herbert J. (ARTY)
Jones, James T. (INF)
Jones, Lee (INF)
Jones, Leroy (INF)
Jones, Percy H. (INF)
Jones, Sandy E. (INF)
Jones, Thomas Edward (MED)
Jones, Walter B. (INF)
Jones, Wilbur S. (Misc-ST)
Jones, William (INF)
Jones, Willie F. (MED)
Jordan, Charles F. (INF)
Jordan, Clifford M. (INF)
Jordan, Edward J. (INF)
Jordan, Jack (USMC)
Jordan, James O. (INF)
Jordan, John P. (Misc-CC)
Jordan, John W. (AIR)
Jordan, Mortimer H. (INF)
Jordan, Nolan L. (INF)
Jordan, Richard Oakes (USMC)
Joubert, James M. (INF)
Jourde, Georges A. F. (FOR)
Julewicz, Hylory (INF)
Justesen, William A. (USMC)
Jutras, William M. (INF)


Kacprzyzki, Bronislaw (MED)
Kahle, Clarence C. (AIR)
Kain, Rancy R. (INF)
Kalloch, Parker C., Jr. (INF)
Kaminski, Mike (INF)
Kanaley, Joseph (INF-MG)
Kane, Alva (MED)
Kane, Charles J. (INF)
Kane, Matthew Joseph (INF)
Kane, Tony W. (USMC)
Kanopsky, Frank (INF)
Kantz, Clarence E. (INF)
Kaperzynski, Joe (INF-MG)
Karch, Emanuel (INF)
Kardok, Joseph (INF)
Karelis, Kimon (INF-MG)
Karg, Howard M. (INF)
Karker, Jack (INF)
Karls, Ray M. (SIG)
Karps, Tom D. (INF)
Karwoski, Paul J. (INF)
Kauffman, Abe (ARTY)
Kaulsky, Frank (USMC)
Kay, Ivan E. (INF)
Kaye, Samuel, Jr. (AIR)
Kayes, John P. (INF)
Kaylor, Frank E. (INF)
Kayser, Alfred (INF)
Keachie, Edwin S. (ARTY)
Kean, Robert Winthrop (ARTY)
Keane, Christopher W. (MED)
Kearin, Edward J. (INF)
Kearney, John J. (INF)
Kearns, Charlie F. (INF)
Kearns, Thomas W. (INF)
Keating, James Alfred (AIR)
Keating, William Joseph (INF)
Keaton, Andy W. (INF)
Kee, Sing (INF)
Keenan, John J. (INF)
Keenan, Joseph A. (INF)
Keenan, Willis H. (MED)
Keene, George L. (INF)
Keene, Walter (INF)
Keeper, Easter E. (INF)
Keirs, Robert M. (INF-MG)
Keiser, Harry M. (INF)
Keith, Hubert W. (INF)
Keith, Mont R. (INF)
Kell, Porter P. (INF)
Keller, Roy L. (INF)
Keller, Theodore (USMC)
Kelley, Austin J. (INF)
Kelley, Henry G. (INF)
Kelley, Orlen O. (INF)
Kellog, Gordon V. (ARTY)
Kelly, Augustine C. (ARTY)
Kelly, Charles (INF-MG)
Kelly, Francis A. (CHAP)
Kelly, Francis J. (USMC)
Kelly, James P. (ARTY)
Kelly, John (INF-MG)
Kelly, Lawrence J. (INF)
Kelly, Leo P. (INF)
Kelly, Michael A. (INF)
Kelly, Thomas P. (INF)
Kelsey, Harry R. (INF)
Kelty, Asher E. (AIR)
Kemme, Charles (INF)
Kemmerer, Birtrus (INF)
Kempton, Raymond D. (INF)
Kenaston, Harold W. (INF)
Kendal, Herbert B. (INF)
Kennedy, George M. (ENGR)
Kennedy, Grant (INF)
Kennedy, Harry (INF)
Kennedy, John J. (INF)
Kennedy, Ray R. (INF)
Kenner, Albert W. (MED)
Kenney, George C. (AIR)
Kenngott, Joseph L. (INF)
Kenny, Frank H., Jr. (INF)
Kenny, Thomas (INF)
Kenoyer, John (INF)
Kent, Walter J. (MED)
Kenyon, Theodore S. (INF)
Kepner, William E. (INF)
Kerr, Alwyn A. (INF)
Kerr, Mark E. (MED)
Kerr, Roland M. (INF)
Kerwin, Joseph N. (ENGR)
Keske, Clarence E. (INF)
Kessler, Albert E. (FOR)
Kessler, Edward M. (INF)
Kessler, Henry O. (INF)
Ketchem, Harold (INF-MG)
Kiah, Martin J. (ENGR)
Kibler, John T. (INF)
Kidd, Charles M. (INF)
Kidd, Clifford C. (INF-MG)
Kidder, Hugh P. (USMC)
Kidwell, Herbert H. (INF)
Kielpinski, Vincent P. (INF)
Kilbourne, Charles Evans (Misc-CS)
Kilby, Robert E. L. (INF)
Kilcher, Elmer J. (INF)
Kilfoyle, Frank J. (INF)
Kilibarda, Steve P. (ARTY)
Killoran, John (ARTY)
Kilmer, Everett A. (INF)
Kilpatrick, Lloyd (INF-MG)
Kilroy, Joseph F. (INF)
Kimball, Roy Edmund (SIG)
Kimball, Walter G. (INF)
Kimmell, Harry L. (INF)
Kincaid, James Leslie (Misc-CS)
Kindley, Field E. (AIR)
King, Delancy (INF)
King, Earl S. (INF)
King, Edward E. (INF)
King, Fred T. (ARTY)
King, George (INF)
King, Harold J. (INF)
King, Henry M. (INF)
King, James Norman (CHAP)
King, James Pryn (INF-MG)
King, Jesse L. (INF)
King, Ogden Doremus (USN)
King, Richard E. (ARTY)
Kingsbury, Carl O. (USN)
Kinkade, Berte L. (INF)
Kinneer, Isaac G. (Misc-ST)
Kinney, Clair A. (AIR)
Kinney, Martin H. (ENGR)
Kinsley, Wilbert E. (AIR)
Kirk, Edgar (INF-MG)
Kirk, Henry S. (INF)
Kirk, Richard M. (INF)
Kirkpatrick, Clifford (MED)
Kirschenbaum, Edward (INF)
Kite, George J. (INF-MG)
Kitts, Edward F. (INF)
Kjellberg, John (INF-MG)
Kjose, Clarence Orlando (INF-MG)
Klaesi, Arnold (INF)
Klanska, Frederic (INF)
Klapetzky, Joseph W. (MED)
Klaviter, Emil O. (INF-MG)
Klebanow, Louis (INF)
Kleiber, Walter J. (ARTY)
Klein, Irving (INF)
Klick, Albert W. (INF)
Klier, George J. (INF)
Kline, David (MED)
Kline, Orval (INF-MG)
Kline, Robert J. (INF)
Kling, Isaiah Miller (INF)
Klinge, Walter (INF)
Klinger, Walter W. (INF)
Kmiotek, Aloysims (INF)
Knapp, Charles H. (INF)
Knauff, Ralph E. (ARTY)
Kness, Karl F. (USMC)
Knight, Henry (INF)
Knight, John T., Jr. (ARTY)
Knight, Paul R. (INF)
Knoke, Eugene F. (INF)
Knotts, Howard Clayton (AIR)
Knowles, James Jr., (AIR)
Knowlton, Raymond F. (ARTY)
Knox, William L. (INF)
Kobernat, James F. (INF)
Koch, Arthur H. (INF)
Kochanik, John (INF)
Kochensparger, James (INF)
Kochli, Fred (INF)
Koehler, Kurt H. A. (ENGR)
Koeppel, Oscar (INF)
Koerper, Frank P. (INF)
Kofmehl, William H. (INF-MG)
Kogler, John M. (MED)
Kohn, Marian (INF-MG)
Kohn, Mat A. (INF)
Koijane, Frank A. (INF)
Koleman, Norman (ARTY)
Kolonoczyk, Wasyl (INF)
Kolwyck, Oren C. (INF)
Koon, Carter R. (ENGR)
Koon, Ethen S. (INF)
Kopp, Henry (INF)
Korgis, Hercules E. (INF)
Korman, Frank A. (USMC)
Korn, Walter S. (INF)
Korth, Herman (INF-MG)
Korzysko, George (INF)
Kos, Max S. (INF)
Kossman, Adolph (INF)
Kostak, Frank J. (INF)
Kouts, William M. (INF)
Kowalkowski, Leo (INF)
Kowaski, Lewis L. (INF)
Kozikowski, Stanislaw (INF)
Kozloski, John (INF)
Kraft, William E. (INF)
Kramer, Henry G. (INF)
Kramps, Clarence O. (ARTY)
Krause, Joseph (MED)
Krause, William (MED)
Krause, William H. (INF)
Krayer, Nicholas (INF)
Kreis, Jacob (INF)
Kreitzer, David I. (INF-MG)
Kreuzman, William Alpheus (USMC)
Kriechbaum, Phillip E. (INF)
Kriechbaum, Roy R. (INF)
Krigbaum, William L. (INF-MG)
Kroger, Chester F. (INF)
Kromer, Chester C. (INF)
Krotoshinsky, Abraham (INF)
Krueger, Arthur (INF)
Kruger, Anthony J. (INF)
Krum, James Edward (INF)
Krzykwa, Albert S. (INF)
Kubacki, Steve (INF)
Kuder, Haward F. (ARTY)
Kuhlman, Alfred H. (MED)
Kuhlman, George Winfield (ENGR)
Kuhn, Rupert C. (INF-MG)
Kukoski, John (USMC)
Kunieawsky, Ben (INF-MG)
Kunze, Albert J. (INF)
Kunzie, Harry K. (INF)
Kurle, Christian (INF)
Kusener, Ernest F. (ARM)
Kwasigroch, Paul J. (INF)
Kyburg, Henry E. (INF)
Kyle, Ernest C. (MED)


La Buhn, Edmund C. (INF)
La Croix, Orie H. (INF)
La Ford, Russell E. (INF)
La Grow, Elgia (INF)
La Jennessee, Joseph P. (INF)
La Morder, Henry C. (INF)
Labour, Rene (FOR)
Lacosse, Lawrence J. (INF)
Ladue, Ralph E. (INF-MG)
Lagache, Gustave P. A. (FOR)
Lagassey, Napoleon (INF)
Lageaise, Stanley, Jr. (INF)
Laiminger, Alfred S. (INF)
Laird, Fred L. (INF)
Lait, Henry A. (INF)
Lake, Clarence W. (INF)
Lake, Horace A. (AIR)
Lake, James (INF)
Lamb, Earl (INF)
Lamb, John R. (SIG)
Lamb, Robert J. (INF)
Lambert, John H. (AIR)
Lambing, Floyd C. (INF)
Lamm, Johnnie (INF)
Lampman, Bryan (Misc-CC)
Lamson, Dwight F. (INF)
Landes, William S. (INF)
Landis, Reed Gresham (AIR)
Landon, Charles L. (INF)
Landon, Harold M. (INF)
Landry, Gerard P. (INF-MG)
Landstreet, Robert S. (INF)
Lane, Elmer L. (INF)
Lane, Herschel V. (USMC)
Lane, Leslie M. (INF)
Lanergan, John F. (INF)
Langdon, Russell C. (INF)
Lange, Carl M. (INF-MG)
Langemak, Fritzhof G. (INF)
Langford, Julius A. (INF)
Langham, George W. (INF)
Langley, John H. (MED)
Langston, Luther J. (INF)
Lanighan, Matthew S. (INF)
Lano, Maurice (FOR)
Lapean, Fred W. (MED)
Larkin, Edward T. (ARTY)
Larkin, Michael (INF)
Larner, Gorman DeFreest (AIR)
Larra, Joseph (FOR)
Larson, Colonel (INF)
Larson, James A. (INF)
Larson, Julius D. (ENGR)
Lashiwer, Hyman (INF)
Lasseigne, Francis M. (INF)
Latham, Davidson U. N. (Misc-ST)
Lauber, Clarence E. (INF)
Laughlin, Joseph H. (INF)
Launcelot, Marc V. (INF)
Lautenbacher, Ivan L. (INF)
Lautenslager, Earl W. (INF)
Laviolette, Henry J. (INF)
Lavoie, Leo J. (INF)
Lawhorne, Dewie H. (INF)
Lawless, Edward R. (INF)
Lawless, James B. (INF-MG)
Lawlor, Joseph William (INF)
Lawrance, Jackson S. (MED)
Lawrence, Henry S. (INF-MG)
Lawrence, Hull F. (INF)
Lawrence, Vivian S., Jr. (MED)
Lawson, Bradley (INF-MG)
Lawson, Fred M. (INF)
Lawson, Walter Rolls (AIR)
Lawton, Charles B. (INF)
Lay, Arthur (INF)
Layer, John L. (ARTY)
Le Bellege, Jean B. (FOR)
Le Cam, Yves Marie (FOR)
Le Clair, Arthur H. (INF)
Le Coin, Rene H. (FOR)
Le May, Joseph J. (INF)
Le Pelletier De Woillemont, B. (FOR)
Leach, George E. (ARTY)
Leach, John A. (INF)
Leach, John W. (INF)
Leandri, Dominique A. (FOR)
Leary, Edmund M. (INF)
Leavell, John H. (ENGR)
Lebre, Anton (FOR)
Lechner, Carl J. (INF)
Leclerc, Hippolyte A. M. (FOR)
Ledwell, Harvey M. (INF)
Lee, Alfred P. (INF)
Lee, Arthur Trumbull (INF)
Lee, Carl (INF)
Lee, Chris (INF)
Lee, Christopher F. (INF)
Lee, Edward Brooke (INF)
Lee, Everett D. (INF)
Lee, James A. (INF)
Lee, John B. (AIR)
Lee, John C. (INF)
Lee, Orum (INF)
Lee, Robert S. (SIG)
Lee, Theodore F. (INF)
Lee, Victor C. (INF)
Lee, Will H. (USMC)
Lee, William F. (INF)
Leeb, Joseph S. (INF)
Leeker, Garrett (INF)
Leeper, Dan C. (INF)
Legendre, James Hennen (USMC)
Legge, Barnwell R. (INF)
Legge, Eugene A. (INF)
Legnosky, John (INF)
Lehy, Howard C. (INF)
Leiboult, Edward N. (INF)
Leiter, Wilson H. (INF)
Leitner, Aloysius (USMC)
Leitzell, Wilbur F. (INF-MG)
Lemaster, Frank (ENGR)
LeMasters, Charles A. (SIG)
Lemieux, William (INF-MG)
Lemma, Samuel (MED)
Lemmon, Charlie E. (INF)
Lemmon, Fred L. (INF)
Lemon, Dwight E. (INF-MG)
Lenahan, Edward J. (INF-MG)
Lenahan, John C. (INF)
Lennox, Herbert K. (INF)
Lenoir, Henri (FOR)
Leonard, Harry D. (INF)
Leonard, Harry W. (INF)
Leonard, John W. (INF)
Leonard, Melvin H. (INF)
Lepley, James B. (INF)
Leplus, Paul (FOR)
Leroux, Maurice (FOR)
Lescadron, Henri J. (FOR)
Lesesne, Francis K. (INF)
Lesh, William Theodore (ARTY)
Letzing, John Lawrence (INF)
Levan, Simpson (ENGR)
Levas, James (INF-MG)
Levenson, Abe (INF)
Levesque, Adelord (ARTY)
Levine, Abel J. (INF)
Levine, Jacob (INF)
Levis, William Edward (INF)
Levy, Joseph (Misc-ST)
Levy, Reuben M. (INF)
Lewandowski, Felix (INF)
Lewis, Bernard (INF)
Lewis, Charles (INF)
Lewis, Evan E. (INF)
Lewis, Frank A. (INF)
Lewis, Frank Nelson (INF)
Lewis, Harold A. (INF)
Lewis, Harry J. (INF-MG)
Lewis, James (INF)
Lewis, Madison H. (ENGR)
Lewis, Morrison F. (ARTY)
Lewis, Robert D. (INF)
Lewis, Robert F. (INF)
Lewis, Stacy A. (INF-MG)
Lewis, William Penn, Jr. (INF)
Liaras, Gaitan (FOR)
Liberman, Louis (ARTY)
Licklider, John D. (INF)
Liddell, Charles J. (INF)
Lidwell, Edward J. (INF)
Lieberman, Nathan (INF)
Liebeskind, Harry (MED)
Lienhard, Jacob (USMC)
Lietzan, Joseph S. (ARTY)
Lieuallen, Fred Adcook (MED)
Liggett, Harry B. (INF-MG)
Light, John C. (ENGR)
Light, Lavern (INF)
Light, Wilbur S. (INF)
Lightner, Blake (INF)
Ligon, Louis Lucius (INF)
Ligsukis, Frank (INF)
Liljeberg, Ragnar (INF)
Lillard, David W. (INF)
Limon, Joe (INF)
Linberg, Albert W. (MED)
Lindahl, Luther E. (INF)
Linden, Harry (INF)
Lindgren, Everette E. (USMC)
Lindholm, Reuben P. (INF)
Lindie, Elmer H. (INF)
Lindquist, Edward N. (INF)
Lindsay, Grant S. (INF)
Lindsay, Robert Opie (AIR)
Lindsay, Robert W. (INF)
Lindsey, Clinton S. (USMC)
Lindsey, Clyde H. (INF)
Lindsten, Albin (INF)
Liner, Irving L. (INF)
Lingo, Lovick P. (INF)
Liniger, William (INF)
Link, Ollie R. (Misc-CK)
Linskey, William F. (INF)
Linton, Clyde W. (ARTY)
Linton, Frederick M. (INF)
Lippe, Oscar P. (INF)
Lippitt, Alexander F. (INF)
Lipscomb, Abner E. (INF)
Lisa, James R. (INF)
Lister, John M. (INF)
Litchfield, John Russell (USN)
Littauer, Kenneth P. (AIR)
Little, William B. (FOR)
Littlefield, Frank C. (INF)
Littlejohn, Kenneth S. (ENGR)
Livelsberger, George D. (INF)
Livermore, Russell B. (INF)
Llewellyn, Frank A. (AIR)
Lloyd, Dale W. (INF)
Lloyd, Wilfred (INF)
Lockard, Dennis H. (SIG)
Locke, Karl W. (USMC)
Locke, Raymond I. (INF-MG)
Loder, James C. (INF)
Loescher, Frank B. (INF)
Logan, Patton L. (INF)
Logue, Thomas (ARTY)
Lohmann, Lewis E. (ARTY)
Loken, Clarence (INF)
Lomonaco, Frank (INF)
Lonadier, Jules (INF)
Long, Arthur S. (INF)
Long, Frank S. (INF)
Long, Milton E. (INF)
Longfield, Simon E. (INF)
Longowski, Joseph (INF)
Loomis, Casey V. (USMC)
Loomis, John H. (INF)
Loomis, John S. (INF-MG)
Lorans, Maroel (FOR)
Lord, Ernest G. (INF-MG)
Loring, David Worth (INF-MG)
Loriot, Jean J. (FOR)
Losco, Patrick (INF)
Lotspiech, Orr V. (USMC)
Lott, John H. (INF)
Loucks, Clifford C. (ENGR)
Lough, Maxon S. (INF)
Loughlin, Joseph J. (INF)
Love, Charles J. (INF)
Lovelace, David H. (INF-MG)
Lowe, John C. (INF)
Lowe, Thurman (INF)
Lowe, William O. (USMC)
Lowry, Francis B. (AIR)
Loyd, Louis H. (INF)
Loyd, Samuel A. (INF)
Lubeck, Tony (INF)
Lucas, Eugene L. E. (FOR)
Lucia, Arthur A. (INF)
Luebke, Alvin J. (INF)
Lukaz, Joseph (INF)
Luke, Frank, Jr. (AIR)
Lukens, Alan W. (INF)
Lukins, Fred T. (USMC)
Luloff, Zalme (USMC)
Lumley, Zoda D. (MED)
Lumn, Jesse (INF-MG)
Lumpkin, Lawernce M. (Misc-ST)
Lund, Carl S. (INF-MG)
Lundegard, Axel C. (MED)
Lunsford, Bedford B. (INF)
Lunsford, Jesse (INF)
Lusk, James G. (INF)
Lutz, John D. (INF)
Luzenski, William (INF)
Luzi, Luzius (INF)
Luzow, Gottleib (INF)
Lyerly, William B. (INF)
Lynch, Andrew B. (INF)
Lynch, Edmond W. (INF)
Lynch, Henry Peter (INF)
Lynch, Joseph J. (INF)
Lynch, Ronald D. (INF)
Lyng, Arthur E. (USMC)
Lynk, Harry E. (INF)
Lyon, John (INF)
Lyons, Douglas M. (INF)
Lyons, Walter F. (ARTY)
Lyster, Wayne G. (USMC)


Maas, Charles S. (INF)
Maass, Charles (INF)
Mabe, James D. (INF)
Macarovsky, Herman (INF)
MacArthur, Douglas A. (Misc-CS)
MacArthur, John Knox (AIR)
Macauley, Malcolm A. (INF)
MacBeth, Edwin (INF)
MacBrayne, Winfred C. (AIR)
MacCormack, Robert S. (INF)
MacDermut, Charles K. (INF)
MacDonald, Beatrice Mary (MED)
MacDonald, Douglas (INF)
MacDonald, William J. A. (INF)
MacDonnell, John L. (INF)
MacDougall, Allan J. (INF)
Mace, John H. (INF)
MacElligott, George H. (INF)
MacElroy, George L. (INF)
MacFarland, James (INF)
MacFarland, Jay W. (INF)
MacGuire, Edward A. (INF)
MacIsaac, Donald (ENGR)
Mack, Peter F. (INF)
Mack, Walter C. (INF-MG)
Mack, William (INF)
MacKall, Murray R. (ENGR)
Mackay, Donald S. (INF)
Mackin, Elton Edward (USMC)
Mackmer, Herbert W. (INF)
MacLeod, Norman D. (ARTY)
MacNair, Hugh W. (MED)
MacNamee, Frank A., Jr. (ARTY)
MacNaughton, Henry Darius (INF)
MacNider, Hanford (INF)
MacPherson, Henry B. (INF)
MacVicar, Ian D. (INF)
MacWilliam, Alexander (INF-MG)
Madden, David (INF)
Madden, Joseph A. (MED)
Madden, Robert A. (INF)
Maddox, John (ENGR)
Mader, Thomas Otto (ARTY)
Madore, John J. (INF)
Madsen, Edmund Terner (USMC)
Madsen, Howard E. (INF)
Magon De La Giclais, Jean (FOR)
Maguire, John T. (INF)
Maguire, Sidney Clifford (INF)
Mahafey, Emory (MED)
Mahar, Daniel H. (INF)
Mahoney, James (INF)
Maier, Carl J. (INF)
Mails, Mark W. (INF)
Main, Charles L. (INF)
Main, William B. (INF)
Major, Ira E. (INF)
Makos, Sotereos N. (INF)
Malbe, Fernand (FOR)
Malcolmson, Bruce K. (INF)
Malichis, Constantine (INF)
Mallan, John C. (INF)
Mallet, Arthur H. G. (FOR)
Malone, Clayton (INF)
Malone, Francis P. (INF-MG)
Malone, Paul B. (INF)
Maloney, William E. (INF)
Mance, Stephen M. (INF)
Manco, Artie G. (INF)
Manders, Frank (INF)
Mangiaracina, Frank (INF)
Manier, Will R., Jr. (INF)
Mann, Allen R. (MED)
Manning, James  (ENGR)
Manning, James Eugene (USN)
Manning, James F., Jr. (AIR)
Manning, John C. (INF)
Manning, John R. (INF-MG)
Manning, William Sinkler (INF)
Mannion, Joseph F. (INF)
Mannion, Maurice (INF)
Mansfield, Harry (INF)
Mansfield, James R. (MED)
Mansfield, Tharold B. (SIG)
Manton, Walter W. (MED)
Manwaring, Clyde F. (INF)
Manzi, Nicholas (MED)
Maraglia, Batista (INF)
Marcella, Richard (INF-MG)
Marchand, Leon (FOR)
Marchant, John R. (INF)
Marciniak, John (INF)
Marechal, Adrian (FOR)
Marek, Frank S. (INF)
Margolin, Harry (INF)
Marino, Charles (INF)
Marius, Jean (FOR)
Mark, Roy C. (INF)
Markham, Ralph H. (INF)
Markley, George (USMC)
Markoe, Stephen C. (INF)
Marks, Erwin J. (MED)
Marks, Samuel J. (MED)
Marks, Willoughby R. (INF)
Markus, Norbet W. (INF-MG)
Marlin, Frank (INF)
Marlin, Jesse (INF)
Marlin, William L. (INF)
Marlowe, Fred Marion (USMC)
Maroney, Thomas F. (INF)
Maroney, William (INF-MG)
Marquette, Louis F. (INF)
Marquis, Oliver (INF)
Marra, John (INF)
Marriott, Owen R. (ARTY)
Marsh, Arthur D. (INF)
Marsh, Elmer M. (INF)
Marsh, Harry H. (INF)
Marsh, John (INF)
Marsh, John C. (INF)
Marshall, Allen J. (INF-MG)
Marshall, Harry F. (INF)
Marshall, Leroy F. (ENGR)
Marshall, Ralph William (USMC)
Marshall, Robert E. (INF)
Marshall, Robert G. (INF)
Marshall, Willard H. (ENGR)
Martell, Judson G. (INF)
Martelliere, Andre P. (FOR)
Martie, John E. (INF)
Martin, Cecil N. (INF)
Martin, Claude A. (MED)
Martin, Daniel J. (INF)
Martin, Earl J. (INF)
Martin, Edward (INF)
Martin, Harry H. (INF)
Martin, Henry F. (INF)
Martin, Hugh B. (INF-MG)
Martin, Oscar E. (USMC)
Martinez, Augustin (INF)
Martinez, Lauriano (INF)
Martinson, Alfred (INF)
Martz, Alvey C. (INF)
Martz, Forrest L. (INF-MG)
Marx, Robert S. (INF)
Masciarelli, Giacomo (INF)
Mascorella, Samuel (INF)
Maslosky, John (INF)
Maslowski, Vincent (INF)
Mason, Claude H. (INF)
Mason, David L. (ARTY)
Mason, Edward G. (INF)
Mason, Francis W. (INF)
Mason, Zelna (MED)
Massicotte, August J. (INF)
Masson, Jacob H. (INF)
Mastine, Joseph (INF)
Mates, Harry (INF)
Mathews, Howard A. (INF)
Mathews, Roy E. (INF)
Mathey, Maurice L. (INF)
Mathias, Jean (USMC)
Mathis, John D. (INF)
Matson, Leon R. (INF)
Matson, Raymond O. (INF-MG)
Matter, Peter (INF)
Mattfeldt, Cylburn O. (INF)
Matthews, George, Jr. (INF-MG)
Maughan, Russell L. (AIR)
Maurer, Philip (INF)
Maury, Alfred B. (ARM)
Maxey, Robert J. (INF)
Maxie, Raymond E. (INF)
Maxwell, Roger (FOR)
May, George J. (INF)
May, Joe C. (Misc-MP)
May, Lester T. (INF)
May, Oscar P. (INF)
Mayes, John B., Jr. (INF)
Mayger, Arthur G. (INF)
Mayne, John (MED)
Mayo, William H. (INF-MG)
Mays, Doaley (INF-MG)
Mays, Herbert L. (INF)
Mazkwaz, Louis (INF-MG)
Mazur, Jack (INF)
Mazurkevczk, Stanley (INF)
Mazzoni, Louis (INF-MG)


McAdams, Howard R. (ENGR)
McAfee, John W. (INF)
McAlexander, Ulysses G. (Misc-CS)
McAndrew, Edward (INF-MG)
McArdle, Albert H. (MED)
McArty, Arnot L. (INF)
McAuliffe, Daniel C. (INF)
McAuliffe, Michael J. (INF)
McBreen, Leo N. (INF)
McBride, Emmett (INF)
McBride, Frank  (INF-MG)
McCain, Arthur J. (INF)
McCall, Andy (INF-MG)
McCall, Howard C. (INF)
McCallister, Joseph A. (INF)
McCann, Kenneth M. (SIG)
McCann, Walter J. (MED)
McCarthy, Charles A. (INF-MG)
McCarthy, James J. (INF)
McCarthy, Michael P. (INF-MG)
McCarthy, William (INF)
McCarthy, William H. (INF)
McCauley, Philip J. (ARTY)
McCelvey, George C. (INF)
McClellan, Arno S. (INF)
McClelland, Helen Grace (MED)
McClelland, Lee R. (MED)
McClemens, Frederick W. (INF)
McClendon, Joel H. (AIR)
McCloud, James M. (INF)
McCluer, Edwin A. (ARM)
McClure, Herbert C. (ARTY)
McClure, Lowe A. (INF)
McClure, Robert B. (INF)
McClure, Walter R. (INF)
McCluskey, Ross (INF)
McCollum, Joseph (INF-MG)
McComb, Roy E. (INF-MG)
McCombs, Sherman B. (INF)
McConnell, James B. (INF)
McConnell, Joseph W. (INF)
McConnell, William O. (INF)
McCook, Philip J. (Misc-CS)
McCormack, Alphonsus L. (INF)
McCormick, Christie F. (INF)
McCormick, Clark T. (INF)
McCormick, Leighton (ARTY)
McCowin, Elmer (INF)
McCoy, Charles A. (INF)
McCoy, Charles Tice (USMC)
McCoy, James C. (USMC)
McCoy, Pete (INF)
McCracken, Lynn (INF-MG)
McCrudden, James F. (INF)
McCullough, Clare A. (INF)
McCunn, Walter T. (MED)
McDade, William J. (INF)
McDaniel, John R. (INF)
McDaniel, Lee B. (INF)
McDermott, Cleveland W. (AIR)
McDermott, Francis P. (MED)
McDermott, Morgan B. (ENGR)
McDevitt, James A. (AIR)
McDonald, George G. (INF)
McDonald, James (INF)
McDonald, John B. (Misc-CS)
McDonald, Robert (INF)
McDonald, Robert M. (INF)
McDonald, Sam (INF)
McDonough, John F. (INF)
McDougall, Harry O. (AIR)
McDowell, Edgar E. (INF)
McDowell, Elliott E. (INF)
McElwain, Harry E. (MED)
McEntee, Eugene (INF)
McEwen, Glen O. (INF-MG)
McFadden, James E. (INF)
McFalls, Harry P. (INF)
McFarland, George W. (INF)
McFarling, George (INF)
McGainey, Hugh P. (INF)
McGarry, Patrick L. (ARTY)
McGarty, Michael J. (INF-MG)
McGay, George H. (INF)
McGeary, John (INF)
McGee, Edward (INF)
McGee, Lawrence T. (INF-MG)
McGill, Don R. (ARTY)
McGinnis, George E. (MED)
McGinnis, William H. (INF-MG)
McGinty, John J. (ARM)
McGlinchey, William J. (INF)
McGlue, John R. (INF)
McGowan, Francis (INF)
McGrath, Henry John (Misc-ST)
McGraw, Joe W. (INF)
McGuire, Earl R. (INF)
McGuire, James (INF)
McGuire, James, Jr. (INF)
McGuire, Leo F. (MED)
McGuire, Maurice J. (INF)
McGuirk, Harry (MED)
McGuirl, Bernard (INF)
McHale, Thomas J. (INF)
McHenry, John, Jr. (USMC)
McIlwain, William (MED)
McInerney, James L. (ARTY)
McIntyre, Donald R. (INF)
McIntyre, Eugene (MED)
McIntyre, James B. (INF)
McIntyre, John (ENGR)
McIntyre, William M. (USMC)
McKay, Albert G. (ENGR)
McKay, Elmore K. (AIR)
McKay, James R. (AIR)
McKay, John W. (INF)
McKendry, Stewart J. (ARTY)
McKenna, Herbert F. (INF)
McKenna, James A., Jr. (INF)
McKenna, Patrick (INF)
McKeogh, Arthur F. (INF)
McKernan, William T. (INF)
McKey, Harold G. (INF)
McKibbin, James M. (MED)
McKiddy, Zona (INF-MG)
McKimmey, John C. (INF)
McKinley, Earl M. (INF-MG)
McKinlock, George A., Jr. (INF)
McKinney, Darel Jesse (USMC)
McKinney, Loater Loyd (INF)
McLain, Alexis M. (INF)
McLain, Charles L. (INF)
McLaughlin, Edward J. (INF)
McLaughlin, Edward R. (INF)
McLaughlin, Edwin W. (INF)
McLaughlin, John (INF)
McLawhon, Lewis B. (INF-MG)
McLean, Stephen (INF)
McLelland, William D. (MED)
McLendon, Preston Alexander (USN)
McLennan, Donald J. (INF)
McLeod, Herman L. (USMC)
McLeod, Lamar Y. (INF)
McLeod, Marion F. (INF)
McLoud, Paul (ENGR)
McLoughlin, Comerford (INF)
McLoughlin, John J. (INF)
McLoughlin, William (INF-MG)
McManaway, Herman Blair (INF)
McManus, Walter P. (INF)
McMorris, William R. (INF)
McMunn, Richard L. (INF)
McMurry, Ora R. (AIR)
McNamara, John P. (INF)
McNamee, John T. (FOR)
McNamee, William J. (Misc-ST)
McNeece, John H. (INF)
McNeil, Edward H. (INF)
McNerney, Edward J. (INF)
McNicholas, Thomas G. (INF)
McNiff, Joseph J. (INF)
McNulty, Clarence J. (MED)
McNulty, Herman L. (INF)
McNulty, John (USMC)
McPike, Leslie Albert (INF-MG)
McRae, Duncan K. (INF)
McSorley, James (INF)
McSweeney, Daniel S. (INF)
McVey, Joseph E. (INF)
McVickar, Lansing (ARTY)
McVicker, Franklin D. (INF)

Me - Mz

Meador, Ernest (INF-MG)
Mebreski, Michell (INF)
Mecom, John H. (INF)
Medeiros, Frank L. (INF)
Meehan, Edward J. (INF)
Meehan, George R. (INF)
Meek, Fielding V. (MED)
Meeks, Corbett (INF)
Meffin, James D. (INF)
Meissner, James A. (AIR)
Melcher, Edward J. (USMC)
Melfi, Jerry (INF)
Mell, Patrick H. (AIR)
Mellen, Clifford B. (INF)
Melrose, Andrew R. (INF)
Menard, Alexander (INF)
Mendelson, Joseph A. (MED)
Mendenhall, Fred D. (ENGR)
Menefee, Marvin James (INF)
Menge, William M. (MED)
Menges, Ben H. (INF)
Meni, Jean (FOR)
Menter, Linus H. (MED)
Mercer, Howard F. (INF)
Merel, Robert (FOR)
Merkel, Edmo E. (USN)
Merle-Smith, Van Santvoord (INF)
Merrick, Robert G. (ARTY)
Merrifield, Edward L. (INF)
Merrill, Jesse Herbert (INF)
Merrimon, Clifton (INF)
Merritt, Charles B. (ARM)
Merritt, Harry P. (INF)
Merritt, Henry C. (INF)
Mershon, Vance (INF)
Merz, Harry (INF)
Messanelli, Ray A. (USN)
Messina, John (INF)
Messinger, Elias J. (USMC)
Meurisse, Jean L. (FOR)
Meyer, Albert (USMC)
Meyer, Albert C. (INF)
Meyer, Frank E. (INF)
Meyer, Fred H. (INF)
Meyer, George F. (INF)
Meyering, William D. (INF)
Mezoff, John J. (INF)
Mianovich, Stanko (INF)
Michael, William Howard (USN)
Michaelis, Charles W. (INF)
Michaels, Emmet C. (INF)
Michalka, Gustave A. (INF)
Michel, Marcel H. (FOR)
Michener, John H. (AIR)
Micklish, Fred (INF)
Midkiff, Holly (INF)
Mikos, John J. (INF)
Miles, Harry B. (INF)
Miles, John (INF)
Miles, Thomas H., Jr. (USMC)
Mileski, Ben (INF)
Milgram, Joseph J. (INF-MG)
Miller, Arthur M. (INF)
Miller, Bryan (ENGR)
Miller, Charles (INF)
Miller, Edwin C. (INF-MG)
Miller, Frank D. (MED)
Miller, Fred C. (INF)
Miller, George F. (INF)
Miller, Harry W. (INF-MG)
Miller, Henry (INF)
Miller, Herbert H. (INF)
Miller, Hobart (INF)
Miller, Hugh S. (USMC)
Miller, James R. (INF-MG)
Miller, John C., Jr. (ENGR)
Miller, Joseph P. (INF-MG)
Miller, Lawrence G. (INF-MG)
Miller, Lester A. (INF)
Miller, Phillip (INF)
Miller, Thomas A. O. (USMC)
Miller, Willis C. (Misc-CK)
Milleret, Norbert (FOR)
Millis, John M. (INF)
Milloy, Jack L. (INF-MG)
Mills, Bruce H. (USMC)
Mills, Edwin S. (INF)
Mills, Emery W. (INF)
Millsap, Earl (INF)
Milne, William L. (INF)
Milner, Jack W. (INF)
Minalga, Frank (INF)
Minardi, Guisippe (INF)
Mincey, George A. (USMC)
Miner, Asher (ARTY)
Miner, Donald (MED)
Mingle, Claude L. (INF-MG)
Minnigerode, Fitzhugh L. (INF)
Minnis, John A. (USMC)
Minter, Paul B. (INF-MG)
Minton, Charles Armand (INF)
Mintz, Forney B. (INF)
Mitchell, Arthur (INF-MG)
Mitchell, Clarence (INF)
Mitchell, Edward J. (INF)
Mitchell, George R. (INF)
Mitchell, John (AIR)
Mitchell, John A. (INF)
Mitchell, John B. (INF)
Mitchell, John E. (INF)
Mitchell, Manton C. (INF)
Mitchell, William "Billy" (AIR)
Mix, Ralph B. (INF)
Moan, Ralph T. (INF)
Mobley, Charles R. (INF)
Mobley, Lotus N. (INF)
Modrow, Perry F. (MED)
Moehler, Frank W. (ARTY)
Mohrman, William (INF)
Molik, Joseph (INF)
Moller, William G. (INF)
Molloy, Joseph A. (INF)
Molsberry, Howard C. (ENGR)
Molter, Henry C. (Misc-CC)
Monahan, Edward V. (INF)
Monahan, Francis J. (INF)
Monahan, Peter T. (INF-MG)
Mongeau, Henry J. (INF)
Monk, Francis L. (INF)
Monroe, Charlie T. (INF)
Monroe, David E. (INF)
Monson, John J. (INF)
Montag, Bernard William (USMC)
Montague, Robert L. (USMC)
Montee, Jesse A. (INF)
Montgomery, Charles G. (INF)
Monula, Nick (INF)
Mood, Julius A. (INF)
Moody, Rolf (INF)
Mooney, Robert A. (INF)
Moore, Charles E. (INF)
Moore, Charles J. (ENGR)
Moore, Clayton H. (INF)
Moore, David M. (Misc-ST)
Moore, Edward Russell (AIR)
Moore, Elgin J. (SIG)
Moore, Fred F. (INF)
Moore, Frederick P., Jr. (INF)
Moore, Harold C. (INF-MG)
Moore, James D. (INF)
Moore, James Edward (INF)
Moore, James H., Jr. (INF)
Moore, John Carroll (CHAP)
Moore, John D. (MED)
Moore, John H. (INF-MG)
Moore, Raymond N. (INF-MG)
Moore, Richard W. (INF)
Moore, Wallis J. (INF-MG)
Moore, Walter (INF)
Moore, William B. (USMC)
Moore, William E. (INF)
Moorefield, Dick (INF)
Mooreland, Thomas Archie (INF)
Moorhead, Reynolds C. (INF)
Moorman, Hugh B. (INF)
Moran, Patrick J. (USMC)
Moran, Russell (ARTY)
Morehead, Herbert (INF-MG)
Morel, Julien (FOR)
Moreland, Oscar E. (USMC)
Morey, Frank C. (INF)
Morgan, David R. (MED)
Morgan, Ernest (INF)
Morgan, Francis M. (INF)
Morgan, George H. (ARTY)
Morgan, Hans E. (INF)
Morgan, John H. (INF)
Morgan, Vern A. (INF)
Morison, James H. S. (MED)
Morisset, Vaux L. (FOR)
Moritz, Max F. (INF)
Morningstar, Leroy (MED)
Morphew, John E. (INF)
Morris, Chalmer R. (INF)
Morris, Edward M. (AIR)
Morris, Effingham B., Jr. (INF)
Morris, Harland D. (INF)
Morris, Hubert C. (INF)
Morris, John P. (INF)
Morris, Thomas H. (INF)
Morris, William H. H., Jr. (INF)
Morrison, Charles S. (INF)
Morrison, Frederick B. (MED)
Morrison, Hugh J. V. (INF)
Morrison, Jesse S. (INF)
Morrison, John (ARTY)
Morrison, Julian K. (ARM)
Morrison, Lyman N. (INF)
Morrison, Otho K. (INF)
Morrison, William L. (INF)
Morrissey, Edward P. (ENGR)
Morrow, Howard H. (INF)
Morrow, William M. (INF)
Morse, Guy E. (AIR)
Morse, Warren B. (INF)
Morton, Lawrence A. (INF)
Moscow, Lonnie J. (INF)
Moseley, Gaines (USMC)
Moseley, James A. (INF)
Moses, Ellison (INF)
Mosher, Henry E. (INF)
Moskowitz, Daniel  (INF)
Moskowitz, Herman (INF)
Moss, Thomas M. (INF)
Motley, Frank L. (INF)
Motley, Robert E. (MED)
Mottern, Virgil C. (SIG)
Mounts, Wayne D. (INF-MG)
Moyer, Ralph (INF)
Moynahan, Timothy J. (INF)
Moyse, Herman (INF)
Mudge, Josiah B. (INF)
Mudgett, Bryan (INF)
Mueller, Joseph, Jr. (INF)
Muhlenberg, Frederick Augustus (INF)
Mulhall, Henry T. (INF)
Mulholland, Emmett Paul (INF)
Mullen, Roger H. (INF)
Mulligan, James J. (INF)
Mullins, Ray H. (INF-MG)
Mullins, Sam (INF)
Mulrain, Carl (INF)
Multer, Walton L. (USMC)
Muncaster, John H. (INF)
Munday, William T. J. (FOR)
Munro, George N. (Misc-MP)
Munroe, George (INF)
Munroe, William A. (MED)
Murdoch, Robert H. (MED)
Murnane, Stanley T. (ENGR)
Murphy, Albert R. (MED)
Murphy, Edward (INF)
Murphy, Edward F. (INF)
Murphy, Frank P. (INF-MG)
Murphy, James A. (INF)
Murphy, James J. (INF)
Murphy, John D. (INF-MG)
Murphy, John H. (INF)
Murphy, John J. (ARTY)
Murphy, John P. (INF)
Murphy, Michael S. (INF)
Murphy, Roy E. (ARTY)
Murphy, Thomas W. (INF)
Murphy, William (INF-MG)
Murphy, William M. (INF)
Murray, Charles I. (USMC)
Murray, Cromwell E. (INF-MG)
Murray, James A. (INF)
Murray, Kenneth P. (INF)
Murray, Robinson (INF)
Murray, Wilfred L. (ARTY)
Murrian, John H. (INF)
Muse, Ezra M. (INF-MG)
Mutic, Eli (INF)
Myers, Charles W. (MED)
Myers, Claude B. (INF)
Myers, Demarr E. (USMC)
Myers, George F. (INF)
Myers, Irwin (ARTY)
Myers, Louis W. (INF-MG)
Myers, Oscar B. (AIR)
Myers, William R. (MED)
Myhrman, Robert E. (ARTY)
Myhrum, Melvin (INF)
Mzik, Charles (INF)




Naan, James P. (INF)
Nachtmann, Ludwig J. (INF-MG)
Nadeau, David (INF)
Naegle, Hans M. (USMC)
Nagazyna, John James (USMC)
Nagowski, Aloigy (INF)
Nail, E. Kelley (INF)
Naiman, Herman A. (MED)
Nalle, James B. (INF)
Narewouchek, Trofem (INF)
Narveson, Palmer O. (INF)
Nash, Archie C. (INF)
Nash, James F. (INF)
Nation, James (INF)
Naughton, Francis X. (MED)
Nay, Orin E. (Misc-CC)
Neal, George W. (Misc-CC)
Nealis, John J. (SIG)
Neel, Roland H. (AIR)
Neelon, Raymond V. (INF)
Neely, James (INF)
Neese, Harry L. (INF)
Neibling, Harlou P. (AIR)
Neidecker, Bertrande C. (AIR)
Neiggemann, Henry J. (INF)
Neil, Albert F. (ARM)
Neill, Henry Wheaton (INF-MG)
Neitzeit, Isaac (INF)
Neitzel, Albert R. (INF)
Nelsen, Adolph (INF)
Nelson, Arthur E. (SIG)
Nelson, Bernard (INF)
Nelson, Charles E. (INF)
Nelson, Christian F. M. (Misc-CC)
Nelson, George (INF)
Nelson, Guy A. (Misc-CC)
Nelson, Herbert W. (INF-MG)
Nelson, Martin (INF)
Nelson, Oscar B. (INF)
Nelson, Severt J. (INF)
Nelson, Theodore Vernon (INF)
Nesbit, Robert Leroy (INF)
Nesselson, Nate T. (INF)
Nette, William B. (ARTY)
Neuberger, Harry H. (ARTY)
Nevins, Chester D. (INF)
Newbold, Clinton V. P. (INF)
Newcomer, Francis K. (ENGR)
Newell, Alexander (INF)
Newhall, Stephen K. (INF-MG)
Newlin, Elmer L. (INF)
Newton, Harry Lee (INF-MG)
Newton, Isaac M. (INF)
Nichols, Harley N. (ARM)
Nichols, Harold O. (AIR)
Nicholson, William John (Misc-CS)
Nickels, Charles E. (ENGR)
Nickerson, Simeon L. (INF)
Nickles, Edward E. (SIG)
Nicol, Alexander L. (INF)
Nicol, William O. (INF-MG)
Nielsen, Julius (INF)
Nightingale, Harry M. (INF)
Niles, Julius (INF)
Nimmo, William T. (INF)
Nims, Willie Harrison (INF)
Nixon, George R. (AIR)
Nixon, Lonnie H. (INF)
Nixon, William J. (MED)
Noble, Alfred Houston (USMC)
Noble, Clarence G. (INF)
Noble, Earl S. (INF)
Noble, Elmer J. (INF)
Noble, George B. (INF)
Noel, Henry M. (INF)
Nolan, Dennis Edward (Misc-CS)
Nolan, Vincent A. (USN)
Nolte, William Vermont (USN)
Norman, Charles J. (INF)
Norris, Elmer C. (ARTY)
Norris, Elmer L. (INF)
Norris, Ravee (INF)
Norris, Sigbert A. G. (AIR)
Norris, Steve G. (INF)
Norstrand, Carl Johannes (USMC)
Norton, Earl D. (INF)
Norton, Everette C. (INF-MG)
Norton, Frank B. (INF)
Norton, Fred W. (AIR)
Norton, Henry M. (MED)
Norton, James A. (Misc-ST)
Norton, John H. (INF)
Norton, John W. (INF)
Norton, Robert William (INF)
Norton, William M. (INF)
Norwat, Arthur (INF)
Nottingham, Marsh W. (ARTY)
Nourse, William H. (INF)
Nowak, John M. (INF)
Nowlin, George A. (ARTY)
Noyes, Stephen H. (AIR)
Nubel, Herman (INF)
Nunley, Lewis (INF)
Nutt, Alan (AIR)
Nutting, Lester Herbert (USMC)
Nuzzolo, Fiorentino (INF)
Nye, Will W. (INF)


Obenour, George G. (INF)
Obermeyer, Herman (INF)
O'Brien, Charles (INF)
O'Brien, Cornelius J. (ENGR)
O'Brien, John  J. (INF)
O'Brien, John F. (USMC)
O'Brien, John J. (ENGR)
O'Brien, Joseph P. (INF-MG)
O'Brien, Thomas A. (INF)
O'Brien, William H. J. (MED)
O'Connell, Albert L. (ARTY)
O'Connell, Michael (INF)
O'Connor, Daniel (INF)
O'Connor, Harry Grover (INF)
O'Connor, James (INF)
O'Connor, John Henry (INF)
O'Connor, Thomas P. (INF)
O'Daniel, John W. (INF)
O'Dell, Edgar H. (INF)
Odenwald, William (INF)
O'Donnell, Paul J. (AIR)
Offinger, Earl C. (INF)
O'Flaherty, Coleman E. (CHAP)
Ogden, George (INF)
Ogden, Ira C. (INF)
Ogle, Edward W., Jr. (INF)
O'Hagan, Thomas P. (INF)
Oiler, George (INF)
Oke, Russell (INF)
O'Keefe, Arthur J. (INF)
O'Keefe, Daniel J. (INF)
O'Keefe, John J. (INF)
O'Keefe, Thomas J. (INF)
O'Kelley, Grover Cleveland (USMC)
O'Kelly, Thomas (INF)
Olanson, Arthur W. (INF)
Oldfield, Willie A. (INF)
Olds, Arthur (USMC)
Oldynski, Charles (INF)
O'Leary, Joseph A. (ARTY)
Olejnik, Frank (INF)
Oliphant, David A. (ENGR)
Oliver, Clarence R. (INF)
Oliver, Mack O. (INF)
Ollrich, Harry J. (INF)
Olsen, Eric S. (INF)
Olsen, Fred (INF-MG)
Olsen, Harold (INF)
Olsen, Joseph Enoch (USMC)
Olsen, Olaf S. (INF)
Olson, John O. (INF)
Olson, Mandel (INF-MG)
O'Malley, George P. (MED)
O'Neal, James Lee (INF)
O'Neil, Frank P. (INF)
O'Neil, Mike (INF-MG)
O'Neill, James T. (MED)
O'Neill, Ralph Ambrose (AIR)
O'Neill, William (INF)
Oosterbann, Dick (INF-MG)
Opie, Hierome L. (INF)
Oppenheim, Arlie C. (INF)
Orcutt, Iver (INF)
Ord, Ralph Edward (INF)
O'Rourke, Cornelius (INF-MG)
O'Rourke, James H. (INF)
O'Rourke, John P. (MED)
Orr, Edward (AIR)
Ortiz, Concepcion (INF)
Ortt, Horace F. (ARTY)
Osborn, Morton (INF)
Osborne, Harry (INF)
Osmond, Frank W. (ARM)
Otte, Fred (INF)
Otto, Andrew C., Jr. (INF)
Otto, William Herman (USMC)
Overmeyer, George J. (ARTY)
Overton, John William (USMC)
Overton, Macon C. (USMC)
Owens, Dewey (INF-MG)
Owens, Ellis, Jr. (ARTY)
Owens, Frank A. (INF)
Owens, Gilbert (INF)
Owens, John J. (INF)
Owens, John T. (INF)
Owens, Teddy (INF)


Paauwe, Martin J. (INF)
Pacchiasotti, Ameda (INF)
Packard, William L. (MED)
Packett, John W. (INF)
Padgett, Andrew J. (INF)
Padgett, John R. (FOR)
Page, Alfred W. (INF)
Page, Charles C. (INF)
Page, Kenneth B. (MED)
Page, Richard C. M. (AIR)
Pahlke, John F. (INF-MG)
Painsipp, Albert C. (INF)
Paisley, John C. (INF)
Palardy, Charles W. (INF)
Palmer, Alva W. (INF)
Palmer, Donald D. (SIG)
Palmer, Harry H. (INF)
Palmer, Joseph A. (AIR)
Palmer, Lester E. (INF)
Palmer, Sidney H. (INF)
Palmer, William W. (AIR)
Palubiak, Gus W. (INF)
Pamaranski, John (INF)
Papadakis, Christ (INF)
Pappas, Paul J. (INF)
Paradis, Albert D. (INF)
Paradis, Arthur J. (INF)
Paradise, Robert C. (AIR)
Paradiso, Tony (INF)
Parcell, Charley N. (INF)
Parent, Eddie J. (INF)
Parent, Joseph C. (ARTY)
Pariser, Harry (INF)
Parissi, Guiseppe (INF)
Parke, Ira S. (INF-MG)
Parker, Charles W. (INF)
Parker, Donald M. (USMC)
Parker, George E., Jr. (INF)
Parker, Hugh C. (INF)
Parker, John A. (INF)
Parker, John H. (INF)
Parker, Samuel Iredell (INF)
Parker, William E. (INF)
Parker, William J. (INF)
Parkes, Thomas (FOR)
Parkhill, Oakley L. (INF)
Parkin, Harry D. (INF)
Parmley, William Brackson (USMC)
Parris, Worden W. (Misc-CS)
Parrish, Grady (INF)
Parsons, James Kelly (INF)
Paschal, Paul C. (INF)
Passafiume, Joseph (INF)
Patarcity, Adam (INF)
Patch, Joseph D. (INF)
Pate, Joseph B. (INF)
Paton, Noel E. (ARM)
Patrick, William E. (CHAP)
Patten, James H. (INF)
Patten, Louis P. (INF)
Patterson, Alfred B., Jr. (AIR)
Patterson, Earl H. (ARTY)
Patterson, Frederick Walter McL. (INF)
Patterson, Robert Porter (INF)
Pattillo, Frank A. (INF)
Patton, George S., Jr. (ARM)
Paul, Edwin (INF)
Paul, John (MED)
Pauley, Willard E. (USMC)
Paulson, Arthur (INF)
Paustian, Herman G. (INF)
Pawel, Vinton (Misc-ST)
Payne, Earl C. (MED)
Payne, Francis W. (INF)
Payne, Ira M. (INF)
Payne, Karl C. (AIR)
Payne, Wortham J. (INF-MG)
Payson, Carl F. (INF)
Peabody, Marshall G. (INF-MG)
Peacock, Jack (INF)
Peacock, Raymond F. (INF)
Peaden, Albert John (INF)
Pearce, Percy R. (INF)
Pearce, Zeno W. (ENGR)
Pearman, Lee, Jr. (INF)
Pearson, Harry L. (INF-MG)
Pearson, Varlourd (INF)
Pease, Liberty (INF)
Peatross, James Linwood (INF)
Peavy, Joe B. (INF)
Peck, Myron H. (ENGR)
Peck, Robert Halford (INF)
Peck, William R. (INF)
Pedersen, Ingvald O. (INF)
Pederson, William J. (INF)
Pedro, Jerome C. (INF)
Pegg, Donald A. (MED)
Pegues, Josiah J. (AIR)
Pelkey, Edwin (SIG)
Pendell, Elmer (AIR)
Pennington, Edgar (MED)
Pepin, Edmund (FOR)
Percy, William J. (INF)
Perdew, Earnest E. (INF)
Perkaus, Frank (Misc-ST)
Perkins, Byron R. (ENGR)
Perkins, Earl H. (INF)
Peronace, Anthony (INF)
Perrin, Edouard (FOR)
Perry, Seth E. (INF)
Personett, John E. (INF)
Persons, John C. (INF)
Peters, Herbert N. (INF)
Peters, William H. (INF)
Petersen, Leonard (MED)
Petersen, Theodor (MED)
Petersen, Victor (INF)
Peterson, Albert C. (INF)
Peterson, David McKelvey (AIR)
Peterson, George I. (USN)
Peterson, Helmer (INF)
Peterson, Holgar (INF)
Peterson, Oscar W. (INF)
Peterson, Roy W. (INF-MG)
Peterson, Solomon (INF)
Peterson, Van Walker (INF)
Peterson, Walter O. L. (INF)
Peterson, William C. (INF)
Petit, Auguste J. (FOR)
Petit, Charles L. (INF)
Petrach, Emil H. (INF)
Petree, Harris E. (AIR)
Petrimean, George (INF-MG)
Petrovic, Joseph F. (ARTY)
Petty, Orlando Henderson (USN)
Petty, Willard D. (INF)
Peurifoy, John M. (INF)
Peyton, Byron W. (Misc-ST)
Pfeil, Clarence (INF)
Phelan, Edward F. (INF)
Phelan, Jeremiah A. (INF)
Phelps, Glen (AIR)
Philblad, Harry W. (USMC)
Phillips, Charles (INF-MG)
Phillips, Dewey (INF)
Phillips, Elmer A. (INF)
Phillips, George R. (AIR)
Phillips, Ocea V. (ARTY)
Phillips, Rufus R. (INF)
Phillips, Samuel E. (INF)
Phillips, Sylvester (ARTY)
Phillis, Olex (INF)
Phipps, George T. (INF)
Phipps, Walter B. (INF)
Piazza, John L. (INF)
Piazzani, Julius A. (INF)
Pickacz, Walter (INF)
Pickering, Woodell A. (INF)
Pierce, Chester O. (INF)
Pierce, Edward A. (INF)
Pierce, Edward P. (INF)
Pierce, Robert S. (SIG)
Pierce, Thomas L. (INF)
Pierce, William O. (INF)
Pierson, Elvin L. (ARTY)
Pierson, Ward W. (INF)
Pigman, Van Buren (INF)
Pilcher, Luther W. (USMC)
Pilkerton, Alvin W. (USN)
Pincoffs, Maurice C. (MED)
Pine, Harry W. (INF)
Piovano, Joseph (INF)
Pirinoli, Mike (INF)
Pirtle, James J. (INF)
Pistikoudis, Theodore (INF-MG)
Pitts, William A. (INF)
Piveteau, E. M. (FOR)
Plassmeyer, Albert J., Jr. (ARTY)
Platner, Aaron A. (INF)
Platt, Abner H. (INF-MG)
Platt, Chester Erastus (USMC)
Platt, Jonas Henry (USMC)
Platten, Michael A. (Misc-CK)
Plauman, Herman (INF)
Plemons, Russell L. (INF)
Plimpton, Chester H. (ENGR)
Plumley, Richard G. (INF)
Plummer, Charles W. (AIR)
Plummer, George, Jr. (INF)
Plush, Lewis C. (AIR)
Poe, Neilson (INF)
Pohl, George H. (INF)
Poillon, John J. (INF-MG)
Pokorny, Robert (INF)
Politte, Melvin J. (INF)
Pollard, Russell (INF)
Polley, Britton (AIR)
Polley, John R. (ENGR)
Pollinger, Frank J. (INF)
Ponder, James W. (INF)
Ponder, William Thomas (AIR)
Poore, Benjamin Andrew (Misc-CS)
Pope, Ollie (INF)
Poplin, Daniel C. (INF)
Porter, Charles Pullman (AIR)
Porter, Chauncey W. (INF)
Porter, Clarence R. (INF)
Porter, Earl W. (AIR)
Porter, Ernest Washington (USMC)
Porter, James E. (INF)
Porter, Kenneth Lee (AIR)
Porter, Ray E. (INF)
Porter, Vincent C. (INF)
Posser, Frederick (INF-MG)
Postmoy, Alexander (INF)
Postula, John I. (INF)
Potter, Ernest R. (INF)
Potter, Frank R. (INF)
Potter, Walter (INF)
Potter, William Clarkson (AIR)
Potter, William J. (INF)
Pound, McKinley (ARTY)
Powell, George W. (INF-MG)
Powell, James T. (INF)
Powell, Robert E. (Misc-ST)
Powell, Tom (INF)
Powell, William H. (INF-MG)
Power, James B. (INF)
Power, Llewellyn (INF)
Powers, Edward J. (INF-MG)
Powers, Joseph J. (INF)
Powless, Josiah A. (MED)
Pozzi, William (INF)
Prager, Benjamin (INF)
Praly, Louis (FOR)
Pratt, Jesse W. (INF)
Pratt, John (INF)
Pratt, John H., Jr. (INF)
Pratt, Lester L. (USN)
Prause, Carl W. T. (INF)
Prescott, Floyd W. (ARTY)
Prescott, Lee O. (ARTY)
Presley, Albert C. (INF)
Presley, Earl C. (INF)
Preston, Glen A. (AIR)
Preston, John T., Jr. (SIG)
Prete, Frank P. (ARTY)
Pretty, James Lewis (USMC)
Pretty, Saunders P. (INF-MG)
Prevost, Philip W. (INF)
Price, Edward H. (INF)
Price, Edward J. (INF-MG)
Price, Otto D. (ARTY)
Price, Thomas F (INF)
Priddy, Wellborn S. (INF)
Pride, Henry N. (INF)
Prien, Ferdinand H. H. (INF)
Priest, Charles D. (CHAP)
Pritchard, Jay C. (INF-MG)
Proctor, Harold F. (INF)
Prout, William L. (INF-MG)
Prudhomme, Frederic H. (FOR)
Pruette, Joseph (INF)
Pruitt, Fred C. (INF)
Pruitt, Pink S. (INF)
Pryor, John Porter (INF-MG)
Puchajda, Edward (INF)
Pulker, Howard C. (ARTY)
Pullen, Daniel D. (ARM)
Pullono, Clemente R. (INF)
Purcell, Homer (INF)
Purcell, Robert E. (INF)
Purcell, Warren B. (INF)
Purdom, Thomas M. (INF)
Purdy, Bobell (INF)
Purdy, Willard D. (INF)
Purrington, Alden Clifford (INF)
Pursley, Earl (MED)
Putman, Harry P. (INF)
Putnam, David E. (AIR)
Pyles, Adam H. (INF)
Pyne, Percy Rivington (AIR)
Pyrah, George W. (ENGR)


Quick, Arthur H. (ARTY)
Quick, Charles A. (INF)
Quick, John Henry (USMC)
Quinn, Henry E. (INF)
Quinn, James H. (INF)
Quinn, Jim (INF)
Quinn, Joh (ARTY)
Quinn, John J. (AIR)
Quinton, R. (FOR)
Quiri, Robert (INF)


Rabinowitz, Isaac (INF)
Raborn, John (INF)
Rachek, John (INF)
Radevick, Radovan (INF)
Rafalsky, Nizel (MED)
Raffington, Charles S. (MED)
Rafter, Edwin J. (INF)
Ragsdale, Irving Le Nois (INF)
Raible, Joseph C., Jr. (AIR)
Raikovich, Mato (INF-MG)
Raines, Lester (INF-MG)
Raleigh, Walter J. (Misc-ST)
Ralston, Orville Alfred (AIR)
Ralston, Samuel J. (INF)
Rampsch, John (INF)
Ramsdell, Ralph (INF-MG)
Ramsey, Earl E. (INF)
Ramsey, Henry (INF)
Ramsey, James R. (INF)
Rancourt, John I. (AIR)
Rand, George E. (INF)
Randall, Mood A. (INF)
Randall, Samuel J. (INF)
Randles, Harold J. (USMC)
Ransom, Warren A. (ARTY)
Ranson, John O. (INF)
Rapp, Fred N. (INF-MG)
Rapport, George D. (INF)
Rascoe, Robert R. (MED)
Rasmussen, Axel (INF)
Rassmussen, Carl (INF)
Ratchick, Luis (INF-MG)
Ratenburg, Herbert (MED)
Rath, Howard G. (AIR)
Ratkovich, Peter (INF)
Rault, Jean Emile (FOR)
Ravisse, Henri (FOR)
Rawlinson, John W. (INF)
Ray, John E. (MED)
Ray, Lee M. (INF)
Raykman, Roy (ARTY)
Raymond, Frank H. (INF)
Raymond, Robert Fulton (AIR)
Rayner, Ira C. (INF)
Rea, Leonard E. (USMC)
Reach, Harry B. (INF)
Read, John J. (INF)
Read, Ross E. (ENGR)
Ream, Bertram Lee (USMC)
Reath, Thomas R. (USMC)
Recktenwald, Jacob (INF)
Red, Harold D. (ARTY)
Redeker, Paul W. (INF)
Redick, Fred C. (INF)
Redier, Maurice (FOR)
Redwood, George B. (INF)
Reece, Brazilla Carrol (INF)
Reed, Albert J. (ARTY)
Reed, Cecil E. (INF)
Reed, Edgar F. (INF)
Reed, Eugene B. (USN)
Reed, George (Misc-CK)
Reed, Glenn M. (INF)
Reed, Raymond E. (INF)
Reed, Washington (INF)
Rees, John (INF)
Reese, Harold L. (INF)
Reese, John D. (INF)
Reese, John E. (ENGR)
Reese, William (INF)
Reeve, Charles B. (INF)
Reeves, Dache M. (AIR)
Reeves, James H. (INF)
Reeves, Roy W. (USMC)
Regan, Gerald V. (USMC)
Regan, John M. (INF)
Reggiardo, Antonio (INF)
Reich, Louis B. (INF)
Reid, Allison W. (ENGR)
Reid, George B. (ARTY)
Reid, Joseph W. (INF)
Reid, Thomas C. (INF)
Reid, William R. (INF)
Reifin, Abe (INF)
Reilley, Charles R. (ENGR)
Reilley, Thomas T. (INF)
Reilly, Archibald F. (INF)
Reilly, Michael (INF)
Reilly, Thomas L. (INF-MG)
Reinhard, Fred W. (INF)
Reinholdt, Roland R. (INF)
Reiss, Andre (FOR)
Reiter, Charles (INF)
Reiterman, Frank (INF)
Renick, Fred A. (MED)
Renshaw, Leonard A. (INF)
Rentfro, Charles C. (MED)
Rerat, Armand (FOR)
Resseguie, Harold D. (INF)
Rettman, Louie (INF)
Rex, Newton (INF)
Rexroth, Harry J. (MED)
Reynolds, Clearton H. (AIR)
Reynolds, Eugene C. (INF)
Reynolds, Frank J. (MED)
Reynolds, John N. (AIR)
Reynolds, Patrick (INF)
Reynolds, William G. (INF)
Rhea, James C. (Misc-CS)
Rhodes, Nellus A. (INF)
Rhodes, Robert Allen (INF)
Rice, Carl C. (INF-MG)
Rice, Elmer V. (INF)
Rice, James T. (SIG)
Rice, Malcolm (INF)
Rice, Matthew George (INF)
Rice, Wilfred (FOR)
Rice, William M. (INF)
Richards, Calvin D. (INF)
Richards, Elmer Preston (INF)
Richards, James N. C. (INF)
Richards, Samson (INF)
Richards, Thaddis R. (INF)
Richards, Walter A (INF)
Richardson, Charles E. (INF)
Richardson, Charles M. (INF)
Richardson, James M. (AIR)
Richardson, John B. (INF-MG)
Richey, William R., Jr. (INF)
Richford, Albert F. (Misc-ST)
Richman, Henry C. (INF)
Richmond, Charles H. (USMC)
Richmond, Clarence L. (USMC)
Richmond, Lloyd (MED)
Rickenbacker, Edward Vernon (AIR)
Ricker, Maurice Stanley (INF)
Ricket, Harry C. (Misc-CK)
Riddick, Archie (INF)
Riddle, Lawrence Scott (INF)
Rideout, Percy A. (Misc-CC)
Ridgely, Charles (INF)
Ridley, James A. (INF-MG)
Rieck, James G. (MED)
Riecke, Henry A. (INF)
Rieger, James E. (INF)
Riggio, Stephano (INF)
Riggle, George (INF)
Riggsby, Robert (INF)
Rigo, Alphonse M. (INF)
Riley, Charles R. (INF)
Riley, Lowell H. (INF)
Riley, Raymond W. (INF)
Riley, Robert R. (INF)
Rindeau, Arthur J. (USMC)
Rinebold, William J. (MED)
Rinehart, Earnest C. (INF)
Ringer, Harvey c. (INF)
Riordan, Edmund (INF)
Rippetoe, Grover C. (INF)
Rischmann, Edward (INF)
Rismiller, Charles C. (MED)
Ritchie, Edward D. (INF)
Ritt, Maurice J. V. (FOR)
Ritzert, Charles T. (INF)
Rivel, Thomas M. (INF)
Rivers, George L. B. (ARTY)
Rivers, Tom (INF)
Rives, John S. (INF)
Roach, Harry E. (MED)
Roach, James J. (INF-MG)
Robart, Ralph W. (INF)
Robb, Winfred E. (CHAP)
Robbins, Charles A. (INF)
Robbins, William E. (INF)
Roberge, Joseph H. (INF)
Roberge, Philip (INF-MG)
Roberson, Joseph N. (INF)
Roberts, Arthur S. (INF)
Roberts, Charles DeWayne (USMC)
Roberts, Chester A. (INF)
Roberts, Clair C. (INF)
Roberts, Claude R. (INF)
Roberts, Gary A. (INF)
Roberts, James H. (INF)
Roberts, James H. (USMC)
Roberts, Leo D. (INF-MG)
Roberts, Sewell K. (INF)
Robertson, Angus (INF)
Robertson, Archibald G. (INF)
Robertson, James Ferguson (USMC)
Robertson, Malcom T. (INF)
Robertson, Raymond D. (ENGR)
Robey, Hartley M. (ARTY)
Robins, Emmett W. (INF)
Robins, Joseph (INF-MG)
Robinson, Arthur A. (ARTY)
Robinson, Arthur Harrison (INF)
Robinson, Caldwell Colt (USMC)
Robinson, Frank N. (INF)
Robinson, Henry (INF)
Robinson, John J. (INF-MG)
Robinson, John M. (INF)
Robinson, Oliver Thomas (INF)
Robinson, Philip K. (INF)
Robinson, William F. (INF)
Robinton, Charles H. (INF)
Robison, Edward M. (INF)
Rochford, Patrick (INF)
Rochfort, James J. (INF)
Rochkind, William (INF)
Rock, William C. (ARM)
Rockey, Keller Emrick (USMC)
Rockwell, John C. (INF)
Rockwell, Mearl Colin (USMC)
Rockwell, William F. (INF)
Rockwood, Richard B. (INF)
Rodakis, Nicholas (FOR)
Roden, Thomas (INF)
Rodgers, Alexander, Jr. (INF)
Rodgers, James F. (INF)
Rodgers, John Wiley (USMC)
Rodgers, Martis Sanders (USMC)
Rodgers, Willes (INF)
Rogers, Alan (INF)
Rogers, Benjamin F. (USN)
Rogers, Fred (INF)
Rogers, Harry (INF)
Rogers, Horatio R. (ARM)
Rogers, Verne E. (INF)
Rogers, Will (INF)
Rohan, Edgar A. (INF)
Rolain, Ray C. (INF)
Rolfe, Onslow S. (INF)
Roneri, Vincenzo (INF)
Rooney, Edward K. (INF)
Rooney, Paul N. A. (AIR)
Roos, James J. (INF)
Roose, Thomas W. W. (INF)
Roosevelt, Theodore, Jr. (INF)
Rorison, Harmon C. (AIR)
Rorty, James H. (MED)
Rose, Decatur F. (INF)
Rose, Harold W. (MED)
Rosell, William E. (INF)
Rosen, Harry (INF)
Rosen, Theodore (INF)
Rosenberger, George V. (MED)
Rosenfeld, Merrill (INF)
Rosenwald, John P. (MED)
Rosio, William (INF-MG)
Roskoski, Frank J. (ENGR)
Roskowski, John (ENGR)
Ross, Carl G. R. (INF)
Ross, Cleo Jepson (AIR)
Ross, Douglass R. (INF)
Ross, Earl (Misc-ST)
Ross, Henry D. (INF)
Ross, Hirum E. (MED)
Ross, Karl E. (INF-MG)
Ross, Leo L. (INF)
Ross, Lloyd D. (INF)
Rossire, Charles C., Jr. (INF)
Rossum, Haakon A. (INF)
Rote, Tobin C. (INF)
Roth, Paul Krusa (INF)
Roth, William (INF)
Rothwell, Robert (ARTY)
Rounds, Charles D. (INF)
Rounds, Harold E. (INF)
Roush, Joe R. (MED)
Roussel, Jean (FOR)
Rover, Harry J. (INF)
Rowan, Charles R. (INF)
Rowan, Paul C. (INF)
Rowan, Richard S. (INF)
Rowan, Robert P. (INF)
Rowbottom, Raymond G. (INF)
Rowe, George (INF)
Rowe, Guy I. (INF)
Rowley, Joseph C. (INF)
Roy, John W. (INF)
Royster, Thomas H. (MED)
Rozelle, George F., Jr. (INF)
Ruane, Edward T. (INF)
Ruane, Michael (INF)
Rubel, Albert C. (ENGR)
Rucker, Edward W. (AIR)
Ruddock, Alexander L. (Misc-ST)
Rudolph, Edward W. (INF)
Rudolph, Ernest E. (INF)
Rudolph, Martin C. (INF)
Rue, Lawrence E. (INF)
Ruge, Edwin (INF)
Ruggero, Petro (INF)
Ruhl, George E. (INF-MG)
Ruhl, Luther (INF)
Ruland, Henry F. (MED)
Rule, Edgar J. (ARTY)
Rumbaugh, Ernest R. (INF)
Rumberger, Harold P. (INF)
Rummell, Leslie J. (AIR)
Rundquist, Oscar A. (INF)
Runnells, Ernest P. (MED)
Running, Tilmer A. (INF)
Runyan, Edgar A. (INF)
Rupholdt, Louis C. (INF)
Ruppel, William (INF)
Rusch, Ernest J. G. (INF)
Russell, Thomas Nathan (USN)
Rust, Albert L. (ENGR)
Rutherford, James E. (INF-MG)
Ruusulehto, Vaino (INF)
Ryan, C. William (INF)
Ryan, Frank W. (ARTY)
Ryan, John Edward (USMC)
Ryan, Oscar H. (INF)
Ryan, Richard J. (INF)
Ryan, Thomas A. (INF)
Ryans, Robert M. (INF)
Ryder, Charles W. (INF)
Rykus, William (INF-MG)
Ryley, Norris W. (ARTY)
Ryman, Herbert D. (MED)
Rymer, Charles B. (INF)
Rypkema, Hannes (INF-MG)


Sa - Smil

Sack, William (INF)
Sackett, Dayton S. (INF)
Sadkowski, Frank (INF)
Sadler, George W. (CHAP)
Sager, Gail H. (INF)
Sakrison, Roy H. (INF)
Sale, Larry L. (INF)
Salik, Alexander (INF)
Sanborn, Eastman M. (INF)
Sanborn, Joseph Brown (INF)
Sandburg, Charles A. (INF)
Sandeford, Alvan C. (ARTY)
Sanderfer, Paul C. (INF)
Sanders, Joseph D. (ENGR)
Sanders, Nathan P. (INF)
Sanders, Pleas (INF)
Sanderson, Earl H. (INF)
Sandford, William (MED)
Sandh, Robin (INF-MG)
Sandman, Leo L. (INF)
Sanford, Luman K. (ARTY)
Santarsiero, Guiseppe (INF)
Santini, Philippe (FOR)
Saplio, Sam (INF)
Sapp, Ambers (INF)
Sardier, Gilbert J. M. L. (FOR)
Sargent, Bradley V., Jr. (ARTY)
Sargent, Jesse W. (INF)
Sartain, George W. (INF)
Sartain, Jake C. (ENGR)
Sarti, William (ENGR)
Sartorious, Emile (FOR)
Sattler, William N. (INF)
Sauer, Joseph (INF)
Sauers, Roy M. (SIG)
Saul, Tom W. (ARM)
Saunders, Eugene F. (INF)
Saunders, Thomas D. (ENGR)
Saunders, William H. (AIR)
Saurman, Harold P. (MED)
Savage, Arthur V. (INF)
Savage, Ernest S. (INF-MG)
Savitsky, Anthony (ENGR)
Saweuk, William (INF)
Saxon, John W. (INF)
Scandel, Alexander (INF)
Scanlan, Anthony (INF)
Scanlon, Horace B. (INF)
Scanlon, James E. (INF)
Scanlon, Raymond (INF)
Schabinger, Andrew C. (INF)
Schad, Albert (INF)
Schaffner, Fred C. (USN)
Schairer, James V. (MED)
Schallert, Edward I. (MED)
Schenck, Alexander P. (AIR)
Schenck, Gordon L. (INF)
Schermerhorn, Charles Earl (INF)
Schiani, Alfred (USMC)
Schick, Fred (INF)
Schide, Clarence C. (INF)
Schkoda, Thomas (INF-MG)
Schlesinger, Albert (INF)
Schmelz, Frederick (Misc-CK)
Schmidt, Ferdinand A. (INF)
Schmidt, Russell A. (SIG)
Schmitt, Edward F. (INF)
Schmitz, Charles (INF)
Schneider, John G., Jr. (USMC)
Schoberth, Raymond A. (INF)
Schoen, Karl Joseph (AIR)
Scholes, William (INF)
Schooley, Harry T. (INF)
Schrader, Edgar A. (SIG)
Schreech, George Walter (USMC)
Schroedel, John C. (INF)
Schroth, Raymond A. (INF)
Schuchart, Frank (INF)
Schueren, Dan E., Jr. (ARTY)
Schultheis, Bernard (INF-MG)
Schultz, Arthur (INF)
Schultz, Charles (INF)
Schultz, Fred M. (INF)
Schultz, George F. (INF)
Schulz, Frank (ENGR)
Schulze, Raymond J. (MED)
Schumacher, Max (INF)
Schumaker, Francis X. (INF)
Schwab, Vincent M. (USMC)
Schwanke, Otto A. (INF)
Schwartz, Benjamin (INF)
Schwarzwaelder, Christian Allen (INF-MG)
Schwegler, John W. (INF)
Schwer, Henry G. (INF)
Schwien, Edwin E. (INF)
Schwing, Fred (INF)
Schwing, James Albert (INF)
Scialabba, Ignazio (INF)
Scialabba, Joseph (INF)
Scionti, Louis (INF)
Sclafoni, Anthony (INF)
Scoby, Otis C. (ENGR)
Scott, Albert E. (INF)
Scott, David S. (INF)
Scott, Edward W. (INF)
Scott, John F. (INF)
Scott, John S. (INF)
Scott, Milton R. (USMC)
Scott, Regnoll C. (INF)
Scudellari, Pietro (INF)
Scully, George F. (INF)
Seagraves, Charles (INF)
Seagraves, Victor L. (INF)
Sealie, Mitchell J. (INF)
Seamon, Alexander R. (INF)
Seastrand, Einar W. (MED)
Seaver, Arthur F. (AIR)
Seay, Milo B. (INF)
Secor, John H. (INF)
Sedusky, Robert (INF-MG)
Seeler, Wilfred (MED)
Seelinger, Harry R. (MED)
Seibel, Albert (MED)
Seibel, Herman F. (INF)
Seiberling, Paul A. (INF-MG)
Seidel, Thomas (INF)
Seiders, Clifford, M. (INF-MG)
Seiders, Walter H. (INF)
Seigler, William (INF)
Seitz, Lester Earl (USMC)
Selby, Harry J. (INF)
Selfe, Carter C. (INF)
Sell, Herman M. (INF)
Sellers, Cecil G. (AIR)
Sellers, Guy E. (INF)
Sellers, James McB (USMC)
Sellers, William Edmond (INF)
Seltzer, Max (INF)
Sembertrant, Frank (INF-MG)
Semmes, Harry Hodges (ARM)
Semple, Frank J. (INF)
Senay, Charles T. (INF)
Serna, Marcelino (INF)
Sessions, Harry C. (INF)
Sessions, Harry V. (ARTY)
Settle, Frank J. (ARTY)
Sevalia, Walter S. (ENGR)
Sewall, Sumner (AIR)
Sexton, Fred (INF)
Sexton, Fred H. (INF)
Sexton, Fred Leo (USMC)
Seymour, Quincy R. (INF)
Shadrick, Bart L. (INF)
Shahan, Winfield F. (INF)
Shahwood, Solomon (INF)
Shallenberger, Hugh D., Jr. (INF)
Shamanski, Walter A. (INF)
Shanahan, Edward T. (INF)
Shane, William M. (INF)
Shankle, Vance C. (INF)
Shanklin, Almeron W. (INF)
Shannon, Fred B. (INF)
Shannon, James A. (INF)
Shannon, John  (INF-MG)
Shantz, Joseph E. (INF)
Shapiro, Eli R. (INF)
Sharkey, Charles Wesly (INF-MG)
Sharp, Don E. (MED)
Sharp, James H. (INF)
Sharp, Robert E. (INF)
Sharp, Thomas V. (INF)
Sharrar, Oliver (INF)
Shartle, Albert J. (INF-MG)
Shaskan, Samuel (INF)
Shaw, Andrew A. (INF)
Shaw, Charles A. (INF)
Shea, Richard O'B (USN)
Shea, William A. (INF-MG)
Sheaff, Donald Ramsay (USMC)
Shearer, Maurice E. (USMC)
Sheckart, Grover C. (INF)
Shedlewski, John F. (Misc-ST)
Shedlock, Anthony F. (INF)
Sheeran, James J. (INF)
Sheffer, Ervin C. (INF)
Shefrin, William (Misc-CK)
Shelby, Richard D. (AIR)
Sheldon, Raymond (INF)
Shelly, Harry (INF)
Shelor, Charles A. (INF)
Shelton, Clyde (INF)
Shelton, Francis R. (INF)
Shemin, William (INF)
Shenkel, John H. (INF)
Shepard, Erwin E. (ENGR)
Shepherd, Grant (INF)
Shepherd, Lemuel C. (USMC)
Shepherd, Marion H. (INF)
Shepherd, Royal Hamilton Clater (USMC)
Sheret, James A. (INF)
Sheridan, Charles L. (INF)
Sheridan, Richard B. (INF)
Sherman, Stephen George (USMC)
Shethar, Samuel (INF)
Shimanoski, Alfred (INF)
Shimanowich, Alex (INF)
Shimeall, Ralph M. (INF)
Shimel, Firm F. (SIG)
Shingle, John Benjamin (INF)
Shinn, Leon P. (INF)
Shipley, George A. (INF)
Shipman, Harold L. (INF)
Shipman, Stephen V. (INF)
Shipp, Beverely A. (INF)
Shirley, Walter L. (INF)
Shively, George J. (MED)
Shively, Harvey H . (Misc-CS)
Shoemaker, Lonnie O. (INF)
Shoener, William M. (Misc-CK)
Sholette, Edgar M. (INF)
Shoman, Maurice (INF)
Shore, Laurel (INF)
Short, Abe (INF)
Short, Gilbert D. (INF)
Shoults, Edgar (INF)
Showers, William Lester (USMC)
Shroy, Daniel C. (ARTY)
Shrum, John E. (INF)
Shuey, Perry R. (INF-MG)
Shugg, William R. (SIG)
Shull, Laurens C. (INF)
Shuman, George A. (INF)
Shumate, Carson L. (INF)
Shumate, John W. (INF)
Shupp, Roy F. (INF)
Siade, Joseph (INF)
Sibold, George G. (INF-MG)
Siebert, Ernest T. (MED)
Siebert, Walter (INF)
Sieg, Robert E. (USMC)
Sielsky, Louis (INF)
Siemering, William H. (INF)
Siers, Frank (INF)
Sigg, Charles F. (Misc-ST)
Signor, Henry L. (MED)
Sikivica, Pit (INF)
Sill, Frederick D. (ENGR)
Silloway, Ralph (ARTY)
Silva, Louis J. (INF)
Silver, Harry Sprague (INF)
Silver, Tom (INF)
Silverberg, Morris (INF)
Silverman, Hyman (INF)
Silverthorn, Merwin H. (USMC)
Silvester, Lindsay McD (INF)
Simas, Manuel (INF)
Simmers, Leroy E. (MED)
Simmons, Samuel Slokom (USMC)
Simon, Frank J. (USMC)
Simon, Louis C., Jr. (AIR)
Simonet, Andre (FOR)
Simoni, Aristeo V. (CHAP)
Simpson, Albert B. (INF-MG)
Simpson, Alfred R. (INF-MG)
Simpson, Charles E. (INF-MG)
Simpson, Ethan A. (INF)
Simpson, Harry P. (ARTY)
Simpson, John S. (INF)
Simpson, Joseph M. (INF-MG)
Simpson, Richard Lyle (INF)
Simpson, Robert A. (INF)
Simpson, Roy Hobson (USMC)
Simpson, Thomas G. (INF)
Sims, George D. (INF)
Sims, William L. (INF-MG)
Sinatra, Marion (INF)
Sinclair, Paul K. (INF)
Sinclair, Wilbert W. (USMC)
Siner, Earl R. (INF)
Singleton, Lowa L. (INF-MG)
Sirmon, William A. (INF)
Sirota, Irving (MED)
Sisson, Charles N. (INF)
Sittler, Edward (INF-MG)
Skiff, Clayton B. (INF)
Skogsburg, Vivian (INF)
Skrypeck, Andy (MED)
Sladen, Fred W. (Misc-CS)
Slagsvol, Oscar T. (INF)
Slate, Joseph W. (SIG)
Slate, Ralph (INF)
Slater, Norman C. (INF)
Slay, John R. (INF)
Slicklen, Arthur C. (INF)
Slingo, Herbert J. (SIG)
Sloan, Ozro L. (INF)
Sloan, William E. (INF)
Slover, Luke E., Jr., (INF)
Slover, Robert (USMC)
Slusher, Ernest W. (MED)
Slyke, Alfred George (USMC)
Small, Earl R. (INF)
Small, Lyle H. (INF)
Smalley, John W. (INF)
Smallyon, Edward H. (INF-MG)
Smart, Paul H. (ARTY)
Smead, Burton A. (Misc-CS)
Smeck, James (INF-MG)
Smidt, William F. (INF)
Smiley, Dean F. (USMC)

Smith - Sz

Smith, Albert L. (INF)
Smith, Ansley (INF)
Smith, Benjamin B. (INF)
Smith, Callie A. (INF)
Smith, Charles M. (INF)
Smith, Charlie E. (INF)
Smith, Clarence W. (INF)
Smith, Dallas B. (INF)
Smith, Dalton (INF)
Smith, Daniel R. (INF)
Smith, Dwight F. (USMC)
Smith, Eben A. (INF)
Smith, Emerson R. (INF)
Smith, Floyd T. (INF-MG)
Smith, Ford D. (ENGR)
Smith, Frank  (INF)
Smith, Fred  E. (INF)
Smith, Fred (INF)
Smith, Fred Sherry (INF-MG)
Smith, George L. (MED)
Smith, Hamilton A. (INF)
Smith, Harford D. (INF)
Smith, Harry L. (INF-MG)
Smith, Harry S. (INF)
Smith, Hearl (INF)
Smith, Henry M. (INF)
Smith, Horace L., Jr. (ENGR)
Smith, Howard G. (INF)
Smith, Ivan H. (INF)
Smith, Joe (INF)
Smith, John E. (INF)
Smith, John F. (USMC)
Smith, John W. (INF)
Smith, Joseph W. (INF)
Smith, Leroy W. (INF)
Smith, Louis S. (INF)
Smith, Martin E. (INF)
Smith, Martin M. (INF)
Smith, Maxwell E. (INF)
Smith, Millard (INF)
Smith, Nat R. (INF)
Smith, Nickolas (INF)
Smith, Philip F. (INF)
Smith, Raymond R. (INF-MG)
Smith, Richard Thompson (SIG)
Smith, Robert O. (MED)
Smith, Royal H. G. (INF)
Smith, Russell C. (INF)
Smith, Samuel T. (ARTY)
Smith, Sidney (INF)
Smith, Thomas J. (INF)
Smith, Tom H. (INF)
Smith, Wallace W. (INF)
Smith, Warde B. (MED)
Smith, Willard L. (INF)
Smith, William F. (INF)
Smith, William K. (INF-MG)
Smith, William Oliver (INF-MG)
Smith, Williamson Alfred (INF)
Smithhisler, Paul A. (ENGR)
Smotherman, Horace (INF)
Smyth, Roy M. (INF)
Sneeden, Silas V. (INF-MG)
Snider, James J. (INF-MG)
Snow, William Arthur (ENGR)
Snowden, Samuel (INF)
Snyder, Aboil E. (INF)
Snyder, Clayton Evans (INF-MG)
Snyder, John H. (AIR)
Snyder, Milton A. (ARTY)
Snyder, Willis P. (INF-MG)
Socha, Rudolph (ARTY)
Solinski, Wactaw (INF)
Solomon, Isadore (INF)
Somers, Vernon L. (USMC)
Somervell, Brehon B. (ENGR)
Somes, Russell V. (INF)
Somnitz, Carl G. (INF)
Sonstelie, Carl J. (ARM)
Sorensen, Soren C. (INF)
Sorenson, John H. (INF-MG)
Sorrow, Louis (SIG)
Soucy, Fred G . (INF)
Soules, James A. (INF)
Southard, William E. (INF)
Spaatz, Carl Andrew "Toohey" (AIR)
Spadafora, Guiseppe (INF)
Spafford, James H. (ENGR)
Spain, Garland (INF)
Spampanato, Aniello (INF)
Spangler, Lewis G. (INF)
Spataro, Dominico (INF)
Spaulding, David L. (USMC)
Spautz, Matthew (INF)
Spears, George W. (INF)
Speer, Charles Edward (INF)
Speers, Thomas G. (CHAP)
Spencer, Edward L. (INF)
Spencer, Eric W. (INF-MG)
Spencer, Ernest (USMC)
Spencer, Gilbert A. (INF)
Spencer, John D. (INF)
Spencer, Lorillard (INF)
Spencer, William M. (INF)
Spencley, George H. (INF-MG)
Spessard, Rutherford H. (INF)
Spickerman, Raymond H. (INF-MG)
Spinney, George F. (INF)
Spitznagel, Charles (INF-MG)
Spivey, Fred F. (INF)
Sprague, Almon E. (MED)
Sprague, Chandler (INF)
Springer, Frank (ENGR)
Springs, Elliott White (AIR)
Springs, William H. (INF)
Sprouse, Robert (INF)
Srygley, Ela M. (MED)
St. George, Emery (INF)
St. George, Raymond (INF)
St. James, Leonard (INF)
Stackpole, Edward J., Jr. (INF)
Stadie, Herman Edward (INF)
Staeheli, Otto (INF)
Stafford, Charles (INF)
Stafford, Thomas J. (INF)
Stains, Tracy R. (INF)
Stainton, Marvin E. (INF)
Stair, Willett A. (USMC)
Stalcup, James (INF-MG)
Stambaugh, Isabelle (MED)
Stamps, Bernice B. (USN)
Stanfield, Lawrence (INF)
Stankunos, Benjamin G. (INF-MG)
Stansberry, Lane E. (INF)
Stanton, Charles, Jr. (INF)
Stapleton, Gordon C. (INF)
Stapleton, William A. (INF)
Stark, Alexander Newton, Jr. (INF)
Starkey, Joseph W. (INF)
Starlings, Paul N. (INF)
Starr, Charlie L. (INF)
Statham, George B. (INF-MG)
Stavroulakis, Emmanuel (INF)
Stavrum, Edwin R. (INF)
Stearns, David W. (ENGR)
Steede, Walter J. (INF)
Steele, Frank S. (INF)
Steele, Richard Wilson (AIR)
Steele, Walter P. (INF)
Stegar, Bernard A. (INF)
Steimel, William J. (ENGR)
Stein, Fred C. (INF)
Steiner, George C. (INF)
Steiner, John Jefferson Flowers (ENGR)
Steinhilber, Cloyd W. (INF)
Steininger, Roy H. (INF)
Steinkraus, Herman W. (INF)
Stembridge, Roger W. (INF-MG)
Stenseth, Martinus (AIR)
Stensson, Carl H. (USMC)
Stephens, Joseph W. G. (INF)
Stephenson, Carlton (INF)
Stephenson, Charles F. (ENGR)
Stern, Henry R. (INF)
Stevens, Harry A. (INF-MG)
Stevens, John H. (AIR)
Stevens, Levi (INF)
Stevens, Matt (INF)
Stevenson, Alfred (INF)
Stevenson, Jens L. (INF)
Stevenson, Maurice S. (INF)
Stewart, Alpheus E. (INF)
Stewart, Bert L. (INF)
Stewart, Clarence L. (INF-MG)
Stewart, David B., Jr. (INF)
Stewart, George L. (INF)
Stewart, Kirby P. (INF)
Stewart, Malley (INF)
Stewart, Warren C. (MED)
Stickles, Harvey (INF)
Stifenell, Luch (ARTY)
Stiff, William C. (MED)
Stillwell, Frank (ARTY)
Stine, Ralph W. (INF)
Stiner, William J. (INF)
Stinson, James K. (SIG)
Stirling, Thomas (INF-MG)
Stockton, Frank R. (INF)
Stockton, James R. (USMC)
Stoker, Alexander (INF)
Stokes, John Y., Jr. (AIR)
Stoll, Charles T. (INF)
Stone, Alexander H. (INF)
Stone, Barnard (INF)
Stone, Edward R. (INF)
Stone, Ellsworth A. (INF)
Stone, James E. (MED)
Stone, Otis L. (INF)
Stonecipher, Maniphe (INF)
Stoney, Bruce (MED)
Storm, George P. (INF)
Storrie, Robert S. (INF)
Stout, Albert H. (INF)
Stout, Louis A. (INF)
Stout, Penrose V. (AIR)
Stovall, William Howard (AIR)
Stowell, Earle B. (INF)
Straabe, Gilbert (INF)
Strahm, Victor H. (AIR)
Strain, Benjamin T. (USMC)
Strain, James F. (INF)
Strange, George F. (INF)
Straub, Robert A. (INF)
Strawbridge, George (INF-MG)
Streb, Thomas F. (INF)
Strickland, Albert B. (INF)
Strickland, Curtis Mims (INF)
Stripling, Walter B. (INF)
Strobel, Henry A. (INF)
Strom, Edward B. (INF)
Stroman, Henry H. (INF)
Strother, Greene W. (CHAP)
Strother, Harold C. (INF)
Strucel, Peter (INF)
Stuart, Arthur J. (INF)
Stuart, George (INF)
Stubbs, Edwin J. (INF)
Stuckrad, Arthur L. (INF)
Study, Marion Francis (INF)
Sturtevant, Wallis H. (INF-MG)
Suiter, Wilbur C. (AIR)
Sullivan, Dan W. (INF-MG)
Sullivan, Edward J. (INF)
Sullivan, Grover C. (INF)
Sullivan, James (INF)
Sullivan, Jerry (INF)
Sullivan, John L. B. (INF-MG)
Sullivan, John M. (INF)
Sullivan, Joseph F. (MED)
Sullivan, Joseph J. (INF)
Sullivan, Ralph B. (ARTY)
Sullivan, William Q. (INF)
Summerall, Charles P. (Misc-CS)
Summers, Albert E. (INF)
Summerton, Ralph N. (INF)
Sumner, Charles S. (INF)
Sundin, Milton C. (INF)
Suplee, Howard R. (INF)
Supler, John M. (INF)
Surdez, Louis (INF)
Sustick, Emanuel (INF)
Sutherland, Francis S. (INF)
Sutherland, James (INF)
Swaab, Jacques M. (AIR)
Swabey, Frederick H. (INF)
Swaggerty, Allie (INF)
Swain, Jack R. (MED)
Swan, Thomas E. (CHAP)
Swan, Wyman R. (ENGR)
Swanger, Ira V. (INF)
Swanson, Adolph (INF)
Swanson, Carl E. (INF)
Swanson, Clayton E. (INF-MG)
Swarts, Ralph E. (MED)
Swearingen, William H. (MED)
Sweeney, Bernard F., Jr. (INF)
Sweeney, Patrick (INF)
Sweeney, Thomas Joseph (INF)
Sweet, Walter (USMC)
Swenson, Karl J. (MED)
Swezey, Louis H. (INF)
Swift, Frank B. (INF)
Swift, Harry (INF)
Swift, Joseph (INF)
Swift, Walter E. (INF-MG)
Swingle, Gray (ENGR)
Sybert, Clarence L. (INF)
Synnott, Joseph A. (USMC)
Synott, Patrick (INF)
Syverson, Grannis I. (USMC)
Szczepanik, Joseph A. (INF)


Tabara, Wladyslaw (INF)
Tabor, Ralph E. (INF)
Tack, Abraham T. (INF)
Talbot, Arthur (INF)
Tamme, Nicholas L. (INF)
Tappen, James J. (INF)
Tarter, Charles M. (INF)
Taubert, Albert Adolph (USMC)
Taugher, Claude Buckley (USMC)
Tavano, Antonio J. (INF-MG)
Tavenner, Robert L. (INF)
Tawater, Carl M. (INF)
Taylor, Douglas A. (INF)
Taylor, Ewing M. (INF)
Taylor, Herbert S. (Misc-CK)
Taylor, John L. (INF)
Taylor, Louis H. (MED)
Taylor, Orville R. (ARTY)
Taylor, Oscar O. (INF-MG)
Taylor, Thomas J. (INF)
Taylor, William C. (INF)
Taylor, William H. (AIR)
Taylor, William J. R. (AIR)
Tayntor, Clark O. (INF)
Teachey, Robert Marshall (INF)
Techel, Edward W. (INF)
Teer, Hubert O. (INF)
Teevan, John (INF)
Teichler, John (INF)
Teiseth, Jacob B. (MED)
Telfair, Samuel F. (INF-MG)
Temple, John H. (INF)
Templeton, Charles K. (ARTY)
Ten Eyck, Walton B., Jr. (AIR)
Tenley, Eugene Hodge (USN)
Tennille, James B. (INF)
Tennyson, Joseph E. (INF)
Ternig, Jacob B. (INF)
Terrell, Alexander W. (ARTY)
Terrell, Hubert P. (INF)
Terrill, Elsworth O. (INF)
Terry, Milo E. (INF)
Teske, Amos (INF)
Tessier, Fernand (FOR)
Thacher, Archibald G. (INF)
Thacker, Edgar (INF)
Thalke, Max P. (INF)
Tharau, Herman (USMC)
Tharp, Lewis M. (INF)
Thaw, William (AIR)
Thayer, Sidney, Jr. (USMC)
Thebaud, Delphin E. (INF)
Thebert, William F. (INF)
Thedinger, Louis C. (INF)
Theobald, Carl G. (Misc-CS)
Thiabaud, Claude E. (FOR)
Thibodeau, Joseph A. (INF)
Thiebault, Rene (FOR)
Thoete, Carl G. (ENGR)
Thomas, Carr M. (ARTY)
Thomas, Charles I. (INF-MG)
Thomas, David (ENGR)
Thomas, Everett (INF)
Thomas, Frank B. (SIG)
Thomas, Fred (USMC)
Thomas, Gerald Provost (AIR)
Thomas, Hastings (INF-MG)
Thomas, John (INF)
Thomas, Roland Calvin (INF)
Thomas, Spiros (INF)
Thomas, William (ENGR)
Thompson, Cecil E. (INF)
Thompson, Charles W. (INF-MG)
Thompson, Clarence W. (ARTY)
Thompson, Clifford (INF)
Thompson, Edward N. (INF)
Thompson, Emmett (INF)
Thompson, George F. (USMC)
Thompson, George M. (ARTY)
Thompson, George Richard (SIG)
Thompson, Henry L. (INF)
Thompson, John W. (INF)
Thompson, John W., Jr. (INF)
Thompson, John William (USMC)
Thompson, Lawrence E. (INF)
Thompson, Orlen Nelson (INF)
Thompson, Orrie (INF)
Thompson, Robert E. (AIR)
Thompson, Simon M. (INF)
Thompson, Waldo (SIG)
Thompson, William Darius (INF-MG)
Thompson, William J. (INF)
Thomson, Harold (INF)
Thomson, James C. (INF)
Thorf, Abraham (Misc-ST)
Thornburg, Zebulon B. (INF)
Thorne, Charles E. (ARTY)
Thorngate, George (INF)
Thornhill, Walter P. (INF)
Thornley, James R. (INF)
Thornton, Joseph (INF)
Thornton, Robert M. (INF)
Thorsen, Edwin B. (INF)
Thrall, Harry (INF)
Thrasher, Dana Bristol (USMC)
Thurman, Litten T. (INF)
Tibbetts, Loyd J. (INF)
Tickner, Arthur J. (INF)
Tieman, Frederick A. (INF)
Tierce, William A. (INF)
Tignor, William P. (INF)
Tilghman, Allen Benjamin (USMC)
Tilghman, Charles H. (INF)
Tillery, James M. (INF-MG)
Tillman, Fred A. (AIR)
Timblin, Archie (INF)
Timm, Charles L. (INF)
Timmerman, Louis F., Jr. (USMC)
Timothy, James S. (INF)
Tindall, Philip (INF)
Tinsley, William S. (INF)
Tittman, Harold H. (AIR)
Tobin, Edgar Gardner (AIR)
Tobin, Richard J. (ENGR)
Toblini, Andy (INF)
Todd, Elmer (INF-MG)
Todd, Harold (USMC)
Todor, Sam (INF)
Toelken, Julius W. (INF)
Tomanek, Frank F. (INF)
Tomlin, Gilmore (INF)
Tomlinson, Raymond W. (INF)
Tompkins, Fred W. (INF-MG)
Tompkins, Harrison (INF)
Tonks, Mark (INF)
Topic, Frank J. (INF)
Torrey, Norman L. (ARTY)
Tousic, Frank (USN)
Towell, James J. (INF)
Towne, Eugene W. (INF)
Townsend, James B. (MED)
Townsend, Richard L. (MED)
Toy, Charles S. (INF-MG)
Tracy, James F. (ENGR)
Trager, John W. (INF-MG)
Trahern, Roy D. (INF)
Travers, Hugh P., Jr. (INF)
Travers, Patrick (INF)
Treadway, Wolcott W. (INF)
Treadwell, Alvin H. (AIR)
Trekauskas, Tony A. (INF)
Trerise, Benjamin E. (INF)
Trestrail, Frederick J. (INF)
Trew, Ralph T. (INF)
Trewarn, Frederick (FOR)
Tribot-Laspierre, Jean R. (FOR)
Trimble, Dana N. (ENGR)
Trimmer, Lee (INF)
Triplett, Nathaniel C. (INF)
Trives, Francis M. (FOR)
Troska, Charles P. (INF)
Trotter, Augustus M. (INF)
Troup, Clarence David (USMC)
Trower, Stallard (INF)
Trutko, Alexander (INF)
Tryon, Jeremiah (INF)
Tubbs, Benjamin T. (INF)
Tucker, Louis J. (INF)
Tucker, Marion C. (INF)
Tucker, Royal K. (CHAP)
Tudury, Henry (INF-MG)
Tuftin, Carl (INF)
Tukey, Allen A. (INF)
Tune, Horace R. (INF)
Turano, John (INF)
Turbeville, William James (INF)
Turkopp, Carl F. (ARTY)
Turley, Clarence L. (INF)
Turner, Ben E. (INF)
Turner, Charles W. (INF)
Turner, Dennis C. (INF)
Turner, Henry D. (INF-MG)
Turner, James A. (INF)
Turner, Joseph W. (INF)
Turner, Otis E. (INF)
Turner, Ray C. (MED)
Turrentine, Herbert S. (INF)
Turrill, Julius Spear (USMC)
Tuttle, Mellen F. (INF)
Tveten, Hans L. (INF)
Twiford, Elwood (INF)
Twiss, Julius I. (INF)
Tydings, Millard E. (INF-MG)




Ucac, Joseph (INF)
Ulrich, William (USMC)
Underwood, Albert T. (FOR)
Underwood, David H. (INF)
Upton, La Roy S. (INF)
Upton, Thomas A. (INF)
Ursprung, Rudulph S. (INF)
Vacarisas, Joseph (FOR)
Vail, Robert M. (INF-MG)
Vail, William H. (AIR)
Valentine, Aaron F. (INF-MG)
Vallely, Francis P. (ARTY)
Valley, Isaac (INF)
Vallois, Robert (FOR)
Van Allen, Clarence R. (INF)
Van Amburgh, Hugh Clifford (USMC)
Van Buren, George (INF)
Van De Graff, Coleman H. (ARTY)
Van Duesen, Robert R. (USMC)
Van Duzer, Edwin T. (INF)
Van Dyne, John A. (INF)
Van Gunday, Ben (INF)
Van Hart, John A. (INF)
Van Hoy, James L. (INF)
Van Oostenbrugge, Horace B. (INF)
Van Voris, Howard H. (INF)
Van Yorx, Victor (INF)
Vander Veen, Thomas (INF-MG)
Vann, John C. (INF)
Van't Hof, Bernard (INF)
Varner, Andrew H. (INF)
Varney, Kit R. (ARM)
Vaughan, Joe H. (INF)
Vaughan, Richard H. (INF)
Vaughn, George Augustus (AIR)
Vaught, Glenn (INF-MG)
Vedilago, Joseph (INF)
Vedral, Anthony (INF)
Ver Mehren, Hubert (MED)
Verbeke, Remi (INF)
Vercoe, Stanley (MED)
Vercruysse, Joseph  (INF)
Verdier, William (INF-MG)
Vernam, Remington D. B. (AIR)
Verry, Louis (FOR)
Vial, Frank A. (USMC)
Viaud, Louis (FOR)
Vibbert, Edward T. (INF)
Vida, Frank J. (INF)
Vidmer, George (INF)
Vieira, Henry (INF)
Viera, Joe Nichols (USMC)
Vierbuchen, William J. (USMC)
Vigilettre, Michael (INF)
Vinall, Earl R. (INF-MG)
Vincent, James A. (INF)
Viniarsky, Watzlaw (INF)
Vinton, Thomas W. (INF)
Vivien, Robert (FOR)
Vizenor, Lawrence A. (INF)
Vogel, Andrew F. (INF)
Voigt, Ralph L. (ARM)
Voliva, James B. (INF)
Volk, Joseph W. (INF)
Vollmer, Frank D. (USMC)
Von Krebs, Paul (INF)
Vonland, George O. (INF)
Voorhees, George C. (USMC)
Vosburgh, Fred (MED)
Vosburgh, Philip De M. (INF)
Vosseler, Edward A. (INF)
Votaw, Louis H. (INF)
Vrooman, Vernon A. (INF)


Wa - Wh

Wackernie, Georges (FOR)
Waddill, Edmund C. (INF)
Wadsworth, Lee A. (INF)
Wagner, Donald L. (MED)
Wagner, Francis W. (INF)
Wagner, Jerome E. (INF)
Wagner, Tony (INF)
Wahler, Richard (INF)
Waite, George T. (INF)
Waite, Howard E. (MED)
Waite, Robert Shelley (INF)
Walden, Fitzgerald (INF)
Waldo, Antonio G. (INF)
Waldron, Joseph F. (INF)
Waldroop, Walter (INF-MG)
Waldrop, Bergen X. (INF)
Wales, Wade C. (INF-MG)
Walker, Carol (INF)
Walker, Eugene P. (ENGR)
Walker, Fred L. (INF)
Walker, Hubbard J. (INF)
Walker, James M. (INF)
Walker, Joseph (ARTY)
Walker, Willis J. (Misc-ST)
Wall, Earl W. (INF)
Wall, Walter W. (INF)
Wallace, Anthony M. (INF)
Wallace, Fred E. (INF)
Wallace, Herbert E. (INF)
Wallace, Joseph A. (INF)
Wallace, William M. (INF)
Wallace, William Noble (USMC)
Wallace, William R. (INF)
Wallenmaier, Herman (INF)
Waller, Luther Hill (INF)
Wallerius, James J. (INF-MG)
Wallis, James E., Jr. (AIR)
Walls, Okla M. (SIG)
Walsh, Charles H. (INF)
Walsh, Frank (INF)
Walsh, Herbert E. (INF)
Walsh, James (INF)
Walsh, James G. (ENGR)
Walsh, John A. (ENGR)
Walsh, John R. (INF-MG)
Walsh, Michael J. (INF)
Walsh, Patrick (INF)
Walsh, Preston F. (INF)
Walsh, Richard J. (MED)
Walsh, Thomas F. (INF)
Walsh, Thomas J. (INF)
Walsh, William J. (INF)
Walshe, Robert J. (INF-MG)
Walston, Ray E. (INF)
Walter, Hiram F. (INF)
Walter, John (INF)
Walters, Arthur L. (Misc-ST)
Walters, John B. F. (INF)
Waltman, Emmett W. (ENGR)
Walton, Alonzo (INF-MG)
Walton, Charles Wayne (MED)
Walton, Edward A. (INF)
Walton, Elmer A. (INF)
Walton, Robert, Jr. (INF)
Ward, Frank B. (INF)
Ward, Frank G. (ENGR)
Ward, Galbraith (INF)
Ward, George B. (INF)
Ward, George Blain (INF)
Ward, Harry M. (INF)
Ward, Herbert (INF)
Ward, John C. (CHAP)
Ward, John M. (MED)
Ward, Mahlon C. (INF)
Ward, Thomas F., Jr. (INF)
Ward, William H., Jr. (INF)
Ware, Arthur F. (USMC)
Ware, James V. (INF)
Warfield, Arthur H. (INF)
Warfield, William J. (INF)
Waring, William W. (AIR)
Warman, John W. (INF-MG)
Warner, Donald D. (AIR)
Warner, Leo V. (INF-MG)
Warren, Charles F. (INF)
Warren, Edward R. (ENGR)
Warren, Robert F. (INF)
Warren, Rufus (INF)
Warthen, Bruce (ARTY)
Wascher, Harold A. (ARTY)
Washa, James J. (INF)
Wasilewski, Joseph (INF)
Waskiewic, Joseph (INF-MG)
Wass, Lester S. (USMC)
Waterhouse, John R. (INF)
Waters, Floyd E. (INF)
Waters, James L. (INF)
Waters, Taliesin (ARTY)
Watkins, Eugene G. (INF)
Watkins, Ferre C. (INF)
Watkins, George (INF-MG)
Watkins, George F. (INF)
Watkins, Homer (INF)
Watkins, Lewis (INF-MG)
Watres, Laurence H. (INF-MG)
Watson, Ray E. (INF)
Watts, Kenneth (INF)
Way, Pennington H. (AIR)
Wear, Eugene W. (USMC)
Weatherman, Hugh (ARTY)
Weaver, Charles H. (INF)
Weaver, Jesse Frank (INF)
Weaver, Ross E. (MED)
Weaver, William D. (MED)
Weaver, William G. (INF-MG)
Weaverling, Harold (INF)
Webb, Harry L. (INF)
Webb, John R. (ARM)
Webb, Milton C. (MED)
Webber, George B. (INF-MG)
Weber, Benjamin S. (INF)
Weber, John F. (MED)
Weber, Nicklous (INF)
Webster, Harrison B. (MED)
Webster, Tillman (INF-MG)
Webster, Willard M. (INF)
Weed, Earl H. (CHAP)
Weed, Newell P. (ARM)
Weeks, Mody A. (ENGR)
Weeks, Yauman Z. (INF)
Weems, George H. (INF-MG)
Weems, James F. (INF)
Wehner, Joseph Frank (AIR)
Weigel, Roy (INF)
Weik, Irving C. (INF)
Weimer, Herman H. (INF)
Weimer, John Samuel (INF)
Weine, William F. (INF)
Weiner, Daniel J. (INF)
Weinman, Glen G. (INF)
Weis, Anthony J. (MED)
Weiss, Fred R. (ARTY)
Weitzenberg, George (INF-MG)
Welker, Thomas B. (INF)
Welles, Hallack, Jr. (INF)
Welling, Hank (INF)
Wells, Edward L. (INF-MG)
Wells, Floyd H. (INF)
Wells, John T. (INF)
Welsch, Theodore P. (ARTY)
Welsh, Edward J. (INF)
Wendels, Anthonie (INF)
Wenell, Carl O. (MED)
Werner, Bernard (USMC)
Werner, George (INF)
Wescott, Allen P. (INF)
Wescott, Ira L. (INF)
Wessel, Leonard H. F. (INF)
Wesselhoeft, Conrad (MED)
West, Brodie (INF)
West, Carroll B. (INF-MG)
West, Hedford (INF)
West, Henry (USMC)
West, Henry Arthur (INF)
West, James H. (INF)
West, John Albert (USMC)
West, John E. (INF)
West, Robert John (INF)
Westergren, Harry Orman (USMC)
Westervelt, Edgar C. (INF)
Westfall, Albert C. (INF)
Weston, Stephen J. (INF)
Westphal, Arthur E. (INF)
Wetzel, Henry W. (INF)
Whalen, James (INF)
Whaley, Wellmon P. (INF)
Wheat, Harry R. (MED)
Wheaton, Homer J. (INF)
Whedon, Herbert S. (INF)
Wheeler, Afton E. (Misc-ST)
Wheeler, Frederick Collins (USMC)
Wheeler, Martin L. (INF)
Wheelock, Frank R. (MED)
Whipple, Columbus (INF)
Whisenant, Herbert W. (INF)
Whitaker, Daniel J. (INF)
Whitaker, Dewey A. (INF)
Whitaker, Jesse L. (INF)
Whitcomb, Cecil B. (INF)
Whitcomb, George (INF-MG)
White, Ambrose F. (INF)
White, Donald W. (INF)
White, Edward R. (INF)
White, Jess (INF)
White, John B. (MED)
White, Louis D. (INF)
White, Lyman (INF)
White, Nathaniel C. (INF)
White, Richard  J. (INF)
White, Richard G. (INF)
White, Richard J. (INF)
White, Thomas M. (INF-MG)
White, Tracy S. (INF)
White, Walter D. (INF)
White, Wilbert Wallace (AIR)
White, William P. (INF)
Whited, Homer (INF)
Whitehead, Frank (USMC)
Whitehead, Lewis E. (INF-MG)
Whiteman, Ralph A. (INF)
Whiting, Charles W. (INF)
Whiting, Clinton L. (INF)
Whitman, Guy (INF)
Whitman, Walter Montieth (INF)
Whitney, Le Roy F. (INF)
Whitney, Ralph L. (INF-MG)
Whitson, Lester C. (INF)
Whitson, Robert Kenneth (INF)
Whitthorne, Harry S. (INF)
Whittington, Charles E. (INF)
Whitworth, Thomas J. (INF)

Wi - Wy

Wiberg, Albin (INF)
Wichart, Georges (FOR)
Wickham, Gordon (INF)
Wickliffe, Robert E. (INF)
Widdifield, Cecil J. (USMC)
Wiechmann, Walter H. (INF)
Wiedmaier, Benjamin P. (INF)
Wiese, Edwin (INF)
Wiggins, Edwin W. (INF-MG)
Wigglesworth, Robert (INF)
Wight, Howard M. (INF)
Wilbur, Thomas Whiteside (CIV)
Wilcox, Gilbert W. (ENGR)
Wilcox, Glenn E. (INF)
Wilcox, Ralph M. (USMC)
Wilcoxson, Orval (INF-MG)
Wilder, Marshall P. (INF)
Wilder, Thomas E. (INF)
Wiles, George L. (INF-MG)
Wiley, James E. (INF)
Wilken, Alt C. (INF)
Wilkerson, Alfred (ENGR)
Wilkins, Fred R. (INF)
Wilkins, John (INF-MG)
Wilkinson, George A. (INF)
Wilkinson, Harold (INF)
Wilkinson, Jack H. (INF)
Wilkinson, John L. (INF)
Wilkinson, Thaddeus (MED)
Willard, Henry W. (INF)
Willard, Roscoe A. (INF)
Williams, Bertram (AIR)
Williams, Charles F. (INF-MG)
Williams, Charles V. (ARM)
Williams, Clarence M. (MED)
Williams, Frank (INF)
Williams, Frank G. (INF)
Williams, Frank J., Jr. (ARM)
Williams, Frank L. (MED)
Williams, Frank M. (INF)
Williams, Henry M. (ARTY)
Williams, Isham R. (INF)
Williams, James R. (INF)
Williams, Jessie V. (INF)
Williams, Joe (INF)
Williams, John F., Jr. (INF)
Williams, John J. (INF)
Williams, Julius De Witt (INF)
Williams, Lockwood (INF)
Williams, Mack H. (INF)
Williams, Pontiac J., Jr. (INF)
Williams, Ray (INF)
Williams, Ray T. (INF)
Williams, Walter (ARTY)
Williams, Wilfred (INF)
Williams, Will J. (INF)
Williams, William C. (INF)
Williamson, Alfred (MED)
Williamson, Harry A. (INF)
Williamson, Philip H. (INF-MG)
Williamson, William H. (INF)
Willis, Edward (INF)
Willis, Edward S. (INF-MG)
Willis, Paul (INF)
Willmot, William H. (USMC)
Willoughby, Jesse C. (INF)
Wills, John H. (ENGR)
Wilson, Carlisle R. (INF)
Wilson, Casel (INF)
Wilson, Earle W. (INF)
Wilson, Fred T. (INF)
Wilson, Guy M. (INF)
Wilson, Harvey W. (INF)
Wilson, Hazen (INF)
Wilson, James M. (INF)
Wilson, Josephus B. (INF-MG)
Wilson, Merritt B. (INF)
Wilson, Robert M. (INF)
Wilson, Rogers M. (INF)
Wilson, Roy C. (MED)
Wilson, Shug (ENGR)
Wilson, Thomas J. (INF)
Wilt, Perry W. (INF-MG)
Winant, Frederick, Jr. (INF)
Wincenciak, William (USMC)
Winchenbaugh, Wolcott (USMC)
Winchester, Ernest E. (INF)
Wines, Pearl J. (INF)
Winestock, James E. (INF)
Wininger, Lawrence (ARTY)
Winship, Blanton (INF)
Winslow, Alan F. (AIR)
Winslow, Arthur J. (INF)
Winsor, Merle R. (INF-MG)
Winstead, Guy J. (INF)
Winters, Ray (ENGR)
Winters, Raymond C. (INF)
Winthrop, Dudley M. (INF)
Winton, David J. (ARM)
Wintrode, John H. (INF)
Wirth, Thomas F. (INF)
Wischmeier, Otto T. (INF)
Wise, Charles E. (INF)
Wise, Jennings C. (INF)
Wiseman, Rufus E. (INF)
Wisher, Robert F. (ARM)
Witherell, William R. (INF)
Withers, Loris A. (INF)
Witkoski, Michael (INF)
Witmer, George (INF)
Witt, George Douglas (USN)
Witt, Walter S. (INF)
Witte, Louis (INF)
Witten, Clarence (INF)
Woerman, August (INF-MG)
Woll, Herman B. (MED)
Wollert, Edward J. (USMC)
Womack, John H. (USMC)
Wood, Alton P. (INF)
Wood, Dolph (USMC)
Wood, Lambert A. (INF)
Wood, Meredith (INF)
Wood, William E. (USMC)
Wood, William Edward (INF)
Wood, William J. (ENGR)
Woodard, William E. (INF)
Woodard, Willie L. (INF)
Woodcock, Hugh (FOR)
Woods, Harry Melvin (Misc-CC)
Woods, Howard S. (INF)
Woodside, Robert G. (INF)
Woodsmall, William (INF)
Woodville, Joseph P. (INF-MG)
Woodward, Dudley W. (INF)
Woodward, Frederick A. (ARTY)
Woodward, Richard Fuller (INF)
Wooldridge, Jesse Walton (INF)
Woolfe, Irving (INF)
Woolshlager, John F. (INF)
Woomer, Elmer E. (INF)
Word, William E. (ARTY)
Worden, Robert L. (MED)
Wornek, Ernest (INF)
Worrell, John M. (USMC)
Worsham, Elijah W. (INF)
Worthen, George T. (INF)
Worthen, William A. (INF)
Worthington, Henry H. (INF)
Worthington, Richard (INF)
Worthy, Elmer T. (INF)
Wozniak, Anthony (INF-MG)
Wren, Edward R. (INF)
Wright, Burdette S. (AIR)
Wright, Chester E. (AIR)
Wright, Clarence L. (ARTY)
Wright, Clarence S. (INF)
Wright, Dewey Edward (INF)
Wright, Earl (INF)
Wright, Earl V. (INF)
Wright, Ernest N. (ARM)
Wright, Fabian W. (INF)
Wright, George L. (INF)
Wright, Joe D. (INF)
Wright, John W. (INF)
Wrobbel, John (Misc-CK)
Wyatt, Edward H. (INF-MG)
Wyatt, Frederick L. (INF)
Wyatt, Lindon (INF-MG)
Wygal, Lawrence A. (MED)
Wygast, Gregory (INF-MG)
Wyke, Godfred N. (INF)
Wylder, Cecil O. (INF)
Wyly, Lawrence T. (AIR)
Wynn, Thomas (INF)




Yabovitz, Benjamin (INF)
Yaeger, Louis (INF-MG)
Yaeger, Roy (INF-MG)
Yagle, Harry A. (INF)
Yamin, Aaron (INF)
Yanchulis, Martin (INF)
Yannantuono, Frederick (MED)
Yantis, Ernest M. (INF)
Yarborough, George H., Jr. (USMC)
Yarbrough, Walter S. (INF)
Yarnis, Hyman (INF)
Yates, Frank Roy (USN)
Yeager, Curtis L. (INF)
Yochim, Fred J. (INF)
Yockey, William S. (INF)
Yopp, Samuel F., Jr. (MED)
Youell, Rice McNutt (INF)
Young, Arthur J. (MED)
Young, Charles C. (ARM)
Young, Charles G. (INF)
Young, Charles I., Jr. (INF)
Young, Edward M. (INF)
Young, George (INF-MG)
Young, Guy L. (INF)
Young, Robert B. (INF)
Youngbar, Andy F. (INF)
Youngdahl, Oskar E. (INF)
Younger, Raleigh (INF)
Yuill, Julius O.  (INF)
Zacher, Vernon B. (INF)
Zambryski, Alexander (INF)
Zane, Edmund L. (INF)
Zane, Randolph Talcott (USMC)
Zanovitz, Stanley (INF)
Zappa, Steve (INF)
Zavitz, Archie M. (INF)
Zavodsky, John (INF)
Zax, Henry E. (INF)
Zeiler, Elmer (INF)
Zeldam, John J. (INF)
Zielinski, Vincent P. (INF)
Zilkey, Frank (INF)
Zilkey, Guy L. (INF)
Zimborski, Alexander John (ARM)
Zimmer, John H. (INF)
Zimmerman, Arthur P. (INF)
Zimmerman, Rudolph A. (INF-MG)
Zinner, Fred Joseph (USMC)
Zirkle, James M. (INF)
Zito, Dominick (INF)
Zlotnikoff, John (INF)
Zobnowski, Walter P. (INF)
Zuckerman, Louis (INF)
Zych, John (INF)

The Following Recipients may be found by looking up their Alias in the table above:

Meyers, James P. aka Porter, James E. 
Bell, Frank E.  aka Manning, James 
Balmayne, Colin B.  aka Joe, Colin B. 
Cone, Herbert A.  aka Cohn, Herbert  Arnold 
Rufus, Ray aka Smith, Frank 
Falls, Roy Nisel  aka Rafalsky, Nisel 
Anderson, Frank E.  aka Andrea, Frank E. 
Hicks, Albert  aka McBride, Frank
Vallance, Samuel Hyatt  aka Danzig, Samuel V. H. 
Burke, John T.  aka O'Rourke, John P. 
Morse, Daniel A.  aka Moskowitz, Daniel 
Odell, Julius Donovan  aka Yuill, Julius O. 
Foster, John  aka Rogers, Will 
Schwartz, Adolph  aka Brown, Frank 
Sullivan, John P.  aka Shannon, John 
Hempe, Joseph C.  aka Vercruysse, Joseph C. 








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