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Revised and Updated: July 1, 2008

Recipients Of The
Distinguished Service Cross

This listing is as complete as we are able to provide from numerous resources, however it is possible that a few recipients may not be listed.  You can verify if someone received the Distinguished Service Cross from this list, but absence of a name should NOT be construed to definitively negate a veteran's claim to this award. We believe that the list of recipients contained herein is 99.9% Complete for ALL Wars and periods.


Statistical Summary of DSC Awards

 Event Army USAF* Navy USMC Foreign Civilian


  Indian Campaigns** 7           7
  Spanish-American War** 30           30
  Philippine Insurrection** 68           68
  China (Boxer Rebellion)** 6           6
  Mexican Border Wars** 5           5
  Interim** 16           16
World War I 5,429 319 43 357 154 7 6,309
   North Russia 1918-1919 23       10   33
   Siberia 1919-1920 29           29
World War II 3,984 762 21 31 258 3 5,059
Korea 732 36 3 27 14   812
Vietnam 1,051     2 4 1 1,058
 War on Terror 13           13
 TOTALS 11,394 1,117 67 417 440 11 13,445

 * Includes U.S. Army Air Corps (WWI) and U.S. Army Air Force (WWII)
**DSC issued in lieu of previously awarded Certificate of Merit or upgraded from D.S.M. issued in lieu of CM


Awarded to U.S. and Foreign military personnel and civilians who have displayed extraordinary heroism in one of the following situations:
  1. While engaged in action against an enemy of the United States,
  2. While engaged in military operations involving conflict with a foreign force, or
  3. While serving with a friendly nation engaged in armed conflict against a force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.

The Distinguished Service Cross was established by order of President Woodrow Wilson and was born as part of the new Pyramid Of Honor that was established during the 1917 review of Medal of Honor awards.  Prior to establishment of the D.S.C. by virtue of War Department General Orders Number 6 of January 12, 1918, and by Act of Congress on July 9, 1918 the Medal of Honor was the only American award for valor in combat available to American servicemen.

The Distinguished Service Cross has been in effect since April 6, 1917; however, under certain circumstances the Distinguished Service Cross may be awarded for services rendered prior to April 6, 1917.  It is the highest U.S. Army award that can be awarded to civilians in service to the military or to foreign nationals.  Even in these cases, the criteria for award are the same.


 Distinguished Service Cross Citations 

Pre-World War I - (132 Awards)
Indian Campaigns (7 Awards)
Spanish-American War (30 Awards)
Philippine Insurrection (68 Awards)
China Boxer Rebellion (6 Awards)
Mexican Border Wars (5 Awards)
Pre-WWI Interim Awards (16 Awards)
World War I - (6,309 Awards)

US Army Personnel (5,429 Awards)

US Army Air Service (319 Awards)
US Marine Corps (357 Awards)
US Navy (43 Awards)
US Civilians (7 Awards)
Foreign Personnel (154 Awards)
Interim Awards - (56 Awards)
North Russia Campaign - US Army Personnel (23 Awards)
North Russia Campaign - Foreign Personnel (10 Awards)
Siberia Expedition - US Army Personnel (29 Awards)
World War II - (5,059 Awards)

US Army Personnel (3,984 Awards)

US Army Air Forces Personnel - (762 Awards)

 US Navy Personnel (21 Awards)
 US Marine Corps Personnel (31 Awards)
U.S. Civilians (3 Awards)

Foreign Soldiers (258 Awards)


Australian (17)  -  British (36) Canadian (12)  -  French (137)
Brazil (1)  -  Italian (2)  -  Soviet (53) 

Korean War  - (812 Awards)

US Army Personnel (732 Awards)

 US Air Force Personnel (36 Awards)
 US Navy (3 Awards)
 Marine Corps Personnel (27 Awards)
Foreign Soldiers (14 Awards)
Vietnam War  (1,058 Awards)

 US Army Personnel (1,051 Awards)

Marine Corps Personnel (2 Awards)
U.S. Civilians (1 Award)
Foreign Soldiers (4 Awards)
 War On Terror  (13 Awards)


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