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Recipients Of The
Air Force Cross

192 Total Awards

  • World War II (2 Awards)

  • Cold War (1 Award)

  • Vietnam War (180 Awards)

  • Awards 1975 - 2001 (7 Awards)

  • Awards in the Global War on Terrorism (2 Awards)

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We believe this list comprises ALL recipients of the Air Force in history. 
We are attempting to verify the possible upgrade of a Silver Star to Waylon Fulk to the AFC.

World War II Drew, Urban L
*   Posthumous Award or KIA
** Posthumous Award (MIA)
#   Former Prisoner of War
Sloan, William J.
Cold War (Cuba) *Anderson, Rudolph
Vietnam War
    Adams, Victor R.       Gamlin, Theodore R.       Nagel, Richard A., Jr.
**Allee, Richard Kenneth       Gibson, James K.       Newman, Thomas A.
    Allison, John V.       Gilroy, Kevin A.       Norris, William C.
    Armstrong, Larry D.       Gonzales, Leonard A.       O’Mara, Oliver E.
*#Atterberry, Edwin Lee       Green, Joe B.       Olds, Robin
    Baer, Allan R.       Griggs, Jerry M.       Olsen, Don P.
  *Baldwin, Robert Lanoue       Gruver, John C.       Orrell, Bennie D.
    Beale, Robert S.     #Guarino, Lawrence N.       Parr, Ralph S. (DSC Korea)
  #Black, Arthur N.       Gustafson, Gerald C.       Personett, Joseph A.
    Bode, John R.     #Guy, Theodore W.   **Peterson, Delbert Ray
  #Boyd, Charles G.       Hackney, Duane D.   **Pogreba, Dean Andrew
    Boyd, William, Jr.       Hackney, Hunter F.       Poling, Richard L.
    Brickel, James R.       Hall, James H.       Price, Donald S.
  *Britt, Aquilla Friend   **Hamilton, John Smith       Richardson, Dennis M.
    Britton, Warner A.       Harding, James C.     *Richter, Karl Wendell
    Broughton, Jacksel M.       Harp, Tilford W.     #Risner, Robinson (OLC)
**Brower, Ralph Wayne       Henning, Hal P.       Ritchie, Richard S.
  *Bucher, Bernard Ludwig   **Hickman, Vincent Joseph     #Robinson, William A.
  #Burroughs, William D.       Hoblit, Jerry N.       Robinson, William P.
    Caldwell, William R.       Hoggatt, Ralph S.   **Ronca, Robert Francis
    Campbell, Jesse W.   **Holland, Lawrence Thomas       Rowan, John M,
    Campbell, Thomas A.       Hopkin’s, James R.   **Schaneberg, Leroy Clyde
**Carroll, John Leonard     #Horinek, Ramon A.   *#Schmidt, Norman
    Carter, William R.       Hudson, Jackson L.       Schurr, Harry W.
  #Cherry, Fred V.       Hunt, Russell M.     *Scott, Travis Henry, Jr.
    Clarke, Colin A.       Jeannotte, Alfred J., Jr.     *Sellers, Jerry Alan
**Clay, Eugene Lunsford     #Johnson, Harold E.       Sellers, Kenneth H.
*#Cobeil, Earl Glenn       Kalen, Herbert D.       Shannon, Fred
**Cody, Howard Rudolph     #Kasler, James H. (2 OLC)       Shaub, Charles L.
**Collins, Willard Marion       Kennedy, Leland T. (OLC)       Smith, Donald G.
**Conley, Eugene Ogden       Kent, Nacey, Jr.       Smith, Robert W.
    Conran, Philip J.   **Killian, Melvin Joseph       Smith, Ronald E.
**Cooper, William Earl   **King, Charles Douglas       Smith, Rowland F., Jr.
    Corder, John A.     #Kirk, Thomas H., Jr.       Smith, Weston T.
**Courtney, Terence Francis   **Knight, Roy Abner, Jr.       Stevens, Donald D.
  #Curtis, Thomas J.       Koeltzow, Paul F.       Stocks, Bruce D.
    Dallman, Howard M.       Lackey, John E.   *#Storz, Ronald Edward
  #Day, George E. (MOH)   **Leetun, Darel Dean       Stovall, Dale E.
    Dayton, Thomas E.   **Lielmanis, Atis Karlis       Talley, Joel E.
    DeBellvue, Charles B.     *Lukasik, Bernard Francis       Titus, Robert F.
    DeTar, Dean E.       Madden,Joseph B.     #Trautman, Konrad W.
    Donelson, Nicholas J.     *Maisey, Reginald Victor, Jr.       Traynor, Dennis W., III
    Donohue, Frederic M.   *#Martin, Duane Whitney       Tsouprake, Peter
    Dorsett, Tracey K., Jr.   **Martin, William Reynolds       Turner, Robert E.
**Draeger, Walter Frank, Jr.       Marx, Donald L.   **Weatherby, Jack Wilton
  #Dramesi, John A. (OLC)       Mason, Larry B.     #Wells, Norman L.
  *Engle, Charles Edwin   **Maysey, Larry Wayne       Whatley, Wayne N.
    Eppinger, Dale L.       Maywald, Phillip V.     #White, Robert M. (POW-WWII)
  *Etchberger, Richard Loy     *McAllister, William Walte   **Whitesides, Richard Lebrou
    Etzel, Gregory A. M.       McCarthy, James R.   **Wilke, Robert Frederick
    Feinstein, Jeffrey S.       McGrath, Charles D.       Williams, David H.
    Feuerriegel, Karl T.       McInerney, James E., Jr.       Wofford, Travis
    Finck, George C.     #McKnight, George G.   **Wood, Patrick Hardy
    Firse, John A.       McTasney, John B.       Worrell, Rowland H., III
    Fish, Michael E.       Mehr, Richard L.       Wright, Garth A.
    Fleener, Delbert W.   **Mitchell, Carl Berg       Wright, LeRoy
  #Flynn, John P.       Mize, John D.       York, Glen P.
    Francisco, Michael C.     *Mongillo, Paul John    
    Funderburk, Leonard J.   **Moorberg, Monte Larue    
*NOTE: The AFC originally awarded Airman 1/c William Pitsenbarger was upgraded to the Medal of Honor on Dec 8, 2000.
Mayaguez Incident Backlund, Donald R.   Brims, Richard C.
Harston, Jon D.   Purser, Rowland W.
Desert Storm #Andrews, Bill   Johnson, Paul
Somalia Wilkinson, Timothy A.    
Afghanistan *Cunningham, Jason Dean   *Chapman, John
   *Indicates Posthumous Awards (Also includes recipients KIA after their AFC Award)
 **Indicates Missing In Action
  # Indicates Prisoner of War Status


Air Force Cross Information

The Air Force Cross is the Air Force's second highest.  Only the Medal of Honor ranks higher in order of precedence.  Established in 1960 by the U.S. Congress, prior to the authorization of the award airmen from previous wars were awarded the Army's Distinguished Service Cross.  The Air Force Cross is:

Awarded to U.S. and Foreign military personnel and civilians who have displayed extraordinary heroism in one of the following situations:
  1. While engaged in action against an enemy of the United States,
  2. While engaged in military operations involving conflict with a foreign force, or
  3. While serving with a friendly nation engaged in armed conflict against a force in which the United States is not a belligerent party.

Air Force Cross Recipients


World War II

Cold War


SS Mayaguez

Desert Storm Somalia War on Terrorism

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