PCC Joins Colleges in Offering Assistance to Student Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Process for Hurricane Katrina Victims

The Pueblo Community College family extends our heartfelt sympathy to everyone who has been affected by Hurricane Katrina. We will continue to keep all of the families in our thoughts and prayers. In an effort to assist college students who have been displaced by the disaster, PCC has reopened admission and registration for full-term fall 2005 classes. We will consider each application on a case-by case basis and assist students with arrangements for costs of tuition and fees.

Eligible students interested in applying for fall 2005 enrollment should contact Jane Batty at 1-888-642-6017 or (719) 549-3015 (Jane.Batty@pueblocc.edu) or Maija Kurtz, (719) 549-3085 (Maija.Kurtz@pueblocc.edu).  Qualifying students may still enroll in full semester courses up to Friday, September 16.  Special tutoring and support services will be provided to assist students in completing any missed work.  PCC will also be offering several courses beginning at mid-term, which begins on October 17.

In accordance with the Pueblo Community College policy, students from the affected areas will be eligible to apply for a waiver of out-of-state tuition or to have tuition and fees deferred for the fall 2005 semester, if they have already paid tuition to their home institution, or received financial aid from their home institution.  Any waivers or deferments in subsequent semesters will be dependent upon available funds and revisions to policies.

Pueblo Community College does not have residence halls and will be referring new students admitted under this policy to other housing options.


Displaced Transfer Students:

Pueblo Community College has created a plan for working with displaced students wanting to salvage their degree plans.  We will be ready to create alternate-transfer courses for enrollment in October, if necessary.  Students who wish to be kept informed about these courses should contact the Counseling, Career and Transfer Department at (719) 549-3030.

Admission procedures for Hurricane Katrina victims for fall 2005 are as follows:

·         Complete application for admission (available online at www.pueblocc.edu), or in the Admissions and Records Office, Room 224 in the College Center, or at the College’s Fremont County Campus or Durango or Cortez Centers.  No application fee will be charged.  

·         Submit any transcripts, documentation or ID available to verify college/university enrollment

·         Complete and submit Hurricane Katrina Certification Statement and Request for Waiver of Out-of-State Tuition

All admission requirements for students enrolling in full-term courses should be on file in the Admissions and Records office by Sept 16, 2005. All requirements for students enrolling in mid-term or special length courses should be on file by the first day of class.

Financial Assistance

·         The College will accommodate students who have a complete and accurate FAFSA on file with the Department of Education (DOE). Upon receipt of Pell Student Aid Report (SAR), we can assist students in registering within one business day.

·         Students applying for financial aid should contact the FAFSA Federal Processing Center at 1-800-433-3243 and request that PCC (school code: 014829) be added to their application. This will allow the financial aid office to review aid eligibility.

·         Financial assistance can be awarded via Pell Grants and loans to eligible students. Availability for Work-Study will be determined as soon as possible.

·         Financial aid will be processed on an individual basis and will require a Hurricane Katrina Certification Statement attesting to enrollment in a degree, certificate, or other credential program at a specifically identified eligible institution that was impacted by Hurricane Katrina (limited to academic terms or payment periods that begin prior to January 1, 2006) (required to receive title IV, Federal student aid program funds).

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