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Many of the HERO STORIES, history, citations and other information detailed in this website are, at least for now, available in PRINT or DIGITAL format from AMAZON.COM. The below comprise the nearly 4-dozen  "Home Of Heroes" books currently available.

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Medal of Honor Books

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This series of books contains the citations for ALL Medals of Honor awarded to that branch of service, with brief biographical data and photos of many of the recipients. Some of them also include citations for other awards, analysis of awards, data tables and analysis and more. These are LARGE volumes, each 8 1/2" x 11" and more than 500 pages each. Click on a book to find it on where you can find more details on what is contained in each book, as well as to get a free preview. Each volume is $24.95.

Heroes in the War on Terrorism

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These books contain the citations for nearly all of the awards of the Silve Star and higher to members of each branch of service in the War on Terrorism. Books include photos of most recipients, some biographical data, analysis of awards by rank, unit, date, and more.


With the 5 Medal of Honor volumes above, these compilations comprise a virtual 28-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA of decorated American heroes(15,000 pages)  with award citations, history, tables & analysis, and detailed indexes of ACEs, FLAG OFFICERS, and more. (Click on any book to see it in - $24.95 Each Volume)

United States Army Heroes

Distinguished Service Cross

Distinguished Service Medals
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1873 - 1941 Korea Vietnam 1862 - 1960 RVN - Present

United States Navy Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star Navy Corpsmen
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1915 - 1941 WWII Korea - Present WWII

United States Marine Corps Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star
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1915 - WWII Korea - Present 1900 - 1941 WWII 1947 - Korea Vietnam - Present

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The Defining Generation
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Hometown Heroes of the

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Recipients of the Medal of Honor, Marine Corps Brevet Medal, 
Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, and Air Force Cross

Revised and Updated: November 07, 2015

The following were from Ohio with no city identified

Campbell, David A. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Haley, James - MOH (Civil War)
Hunt, James I. - DSC (WWII)
Jardine, Alexander - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
Johnson, Earl W. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Judd, Raymond R. - DSC (WWII)
McCreary, Melvin L. - DSC (WWII)
McEowen, Stanley W. - NC (Panay, 1937)
Pederson, Harold L. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Read, Charles A. - MOH (Civil War)
Rich, John A. - DSC (WWII)
Sprague, Lawrence F. - DSC (WWII)
Squires, Edward G. - DSC (WWII)
ToneGuzzo, Dante T. - DSC (WWII)


Baker, Addison Earl (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Baranek, Mike - DSC (WWII)
Bertsch, Robert H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Bisheimer, Alexander Joseph - NC (WWII)
Bradshaw, Howard W. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Brown, Clifford E. - DSC (WWI)
Codrea, George - NC (WWII)
Conley, Eugene Ogden (KIA) - AFC (Vietnam)
Digiacomo, Pasquale - DSC (WWI)
Epperson, Harold Glenn (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Estocin, Michael John (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Goldcamp, Frank J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Honchar, Steve - DSC (WWI)
Kjose, Clarence Orlando - DSC (WWI)
Kroeger, Edwin John - NC (WWII)
La Morder, Henry C. - DSC (WWI)
Louth, Harold Lewis (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Mails, Mark W. - DSC (WWI)
Manwaring, Clyde F. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Newbold, Clinton V. P. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Paonessa, Michael Dominic (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Price, Herbert M. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Raines, Lester - DSC (WWI)
Schweikert, William R. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Smith, Charles M. - DSC (WWI)
Stickles, Harvey - DSC (WWI)
Sullivan, John M. - DSC (WWI)
Triplett, Nathaniel C. - DSC (WWI)
Welker, Thomas B. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
(B) Bortz, Kilmer Schmuck - 2 NCs (WWII)
(B) Burkhart, Calvin - NC (WWII)
(B) Possinger, Harvey M. - DSC (WWII)
Yockey, William S. - DSC (WWI)


Name and Award Details
(B) Indicates Place of Birth if Award Credited Elsewhere
Albany Holland, Milton Murray - MOH (Civil War)
Alger Prater, Luther Delano, Jr. - NC (WWII)
Alliance Dusch, Robert A. - NC (WWII)
  Ebert, Hilan (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Kochli, Fred - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Marsh, Wilbur Lee - NC (WWII)
  (B) Pottersnak, Charles J. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Rheindt, Robert Lee - NC (WWII)
Amelia Wageman, John H. - MOH (Civil War)
Amerst (B) Lasco, Donald (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Amesville North, Jasper N. - MOH (Civil War)
Amherst Powers, Ralph E. (KIA) - DSC (North Russia)
Apple Creek (B) Knight, William J. - MOH (Civil War)
Archbold (B) Lauber, Clarence E. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Ashland Joseph, Frank D. - DSC (WWII)
Ashtabula Shepard, Louis Capet - MOH (Civil War)
Ashville Bucklew, Phil Hinkle - 2 NCs (WWII)
Athens Houlton, William M. - MOH (Civil War)
  Johnson, Samuel M. - DSC (WWI)
  Schuler, Frederick - NC (WWII)
Athens County (B) Calvert, James Spencer - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Richey, William E. - MOH (Civil War)
Aurora Ricksecker, John Henry - MOH (Civil War)
Austinburg (B) McClelland, Helen Grace - DSC (WWI)
Avon Holbury, Robert J. - DSC (WWII)
Avon Lake (B) Holbury, Robert J. - DSC (WWII)
Bacyrus Martin, Harry Linn (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Bainbridge (B) Everhart, Forrest Eugene - MOH (WWII)
Barberton Barnhart, Frank A. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Woodford, Howard E. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Barnesville (B) Edgerton, Nathan Huntley - MOH (Civil War)
Barton Barton, Jesse M. - DSC (WWI)
Batavia Crawford, Charles Hugh (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
  Parks, Verrill G. - NC (WWII)
Bay Village Powell, Ward F. - NC (WWII)
Bedford English, Lee M. - DSC (WWI)
Bellaire Blaknee, Faun (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Miller, Fred C. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Bellefontaine Bechtel, Herbert Stephen (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Morris, Emmett R. - NC (WWII)
  Pratt, James N. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  Pratt, Lester L. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Roberts, Leo D. - DSC (WWI)
Belleville (B) Rowalt, John F. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Bellevue Gorham, Arthur Fulbrook (KIA) - 2 DSCs (WWII)
  (B) Miller, Jacob C. - MOH (Civil War)
Bellville Wiley, James (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
Belmont Jones, Lee - DSC (WWI)
  (B) MacFarland, Jay W. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Thompson, Clarence W. - DSC (WWI)
Belmont County (B) McConnell, Samuel - MOH (Civil War)
Belpre (B) Hunter, William L. - DSC (WWI)
Berea Baesel, Albert E. (KIA) - MOH (WWI)
  Engel, William Frederick - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Petrencsik, Joseph S. - DSC (WWII)
  Ursprung, Rudulph S. - DSC (WWI)
Berkey (B) Conn, Jerome W. - DSC (WWI)
Bethany Stickels, Joseph - MOH (Civil War)
Bidwell Shupe, Willard L. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Bigprairie Norris, Elmer L. - DSC (WWI)
Blackfork (B) Long, Donald Russell (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
Blaine Deleau, Emile (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Bloom (B) Hall, Lewis R. (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
Bloomingburg Casey, Henry - MOH (Civil War)
Boarneville Robertson, Samuel (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
Bowling Green Krouse, Michael Henry - NC (WWII)
  Rex, Newton - DSC (WWI)
  Wilson, James W. - DSC (WWII)
  Zeigler, Harvey J. - DSC (WWII)
Bradley Farkas, Joe F. - DSC (WWI)
Branot (B) Bell, James Bennett - MOH (Civil War)
Bratnahl (B) Nugent, Joseph E. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Bridgport Capehart, Henry - MOH (Civil War)
Brimfield Hall, Newton H. - MOH (Civil War)
Bristol (B) Mayhew, Boyd N. - NC (WWII)
Brookside (B) Thornton, Joseph - DSC (WWI)
Brown County (B) Hiser, Henry - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Jordan, Absalom - MOH (Civil War)
Bryan Coonrod, Aquilla (KIA) - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Bucyrus Sears, Cyrus - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Martin, Harry Linn (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
  (B) Mead, Harry R. - NC (WWII)
Buffalo Green, Herbert D. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Gibbs, Harry Bonaparte - NC (WWII)
Burlington (B) Holland, Lemuel F. - MOH (Civil War)
Businessburg (B) Blaknee, Faun (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Butler County Law, Leroy S. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Reinartz, Leo F., Jr. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Bebb, Edward James - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Cubberly, William G. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) DeArmond, William (KIA)  - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Dewitt, Richard Willis - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Phillips, Samuel D. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Schenck, Benjamin W. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Stickels, Joseph - MOH (Civil War)
Butlerville (B) Hutchinson, Rufus D. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Byesville (B) Christian, Herbert F. (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
Cadiz McGonagle, Wilson - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Fordyce, Ralph William (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Caldwell (B) Ruppel, William - DSC (WWI)
Camp Dennison Miller, John G. - MOH (Civil War)
Canaldover Archinal, William J. - MOH (Civil War)
Canfield Gause, Isaac - MOH (Civil War)
Canton Hechtl, Albert Louis - DSC (WWI)
  Hughes, Floyd A. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Kenaston, Harold W. - DSC (WWI)
  Manning, James Eugene - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Porter, Vincent C. - DSC (WWI)
  Ravenstine, George O. - DSC (Spanish-American)
  Reynolds, Harold P. - NC (WWII)
  Wende, Bruno - MOH (Spanish-American War)
Cardington (B) Wyly, Lawrence T. - DSC (WWI)
Carey Adelsperger, Earl - DSC (WWI)
Cayahoga Falls Schnabel, Charles William - NC (WWII)
Cecil (B) Kain, Rancy R. - DSC (WWI)
Cedar Valley (B) Stanley, David Sloane - MOH (Civil War)
Celena Howell, Donald S. - NC (WWII)
Centerville (B) Smith, Howard E. - NC (WWII)
Champaign Smith, Otis W. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Thompson, Thomas W. - MOH (Civil War)
Champaign County (B) Colwell, Oliver - MOH (Civil War)
Chardon Garrett, William - MOH (Civil War)
Chatham (B) Inscho, Leonidas H. - MOH (Civil War)
Chicago Junction (B) Reed, George - DSC (WWI)
Chillicothe Dorsey, Daniel Allen - MOH (Civil War)
  Enderlin, Richard - MOH (Civil War)
  Hanks, Joseph - MOH (Civil War)
  Holcomb, Roy - DSC (WWI)
  John, William F. - MOH (Civil War)
  Skaggs, Tincel D. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Webber, Alason P. - MOH (Civil War)
  Wilson, Casel - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Eyler, William H. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Christianburg Ross, Marion A. (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)



Name and Award Details
Circleville Brooks, Everett J. - DSC (WWI)
  Brucker, Leslie L., Jr. (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Harrison, Curtis - DSC (WWI)
  Kochensparger, James (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Smith, James (Ovid) - MOH (Civil War)
Clairsville Antolak, Sylvester (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Clark Northcutt, Robert - DSC (Korea)
Clayton Smith, Howard E. - NC (WWII)
Clermont Smith, James Lee (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Clermont County (B) Aston, Edgar R. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)



Name and Award Details
Cleveland Heights Parish, Warren Griffith (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Taylor, Harold K. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Clinton (B) Johns, Elisha - MOH (Civil War)
Clinton County (B) Guinn, Thomas - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Kirk, Jonathan C. - MOH (Civil War)
Clyde McCleary, Charles H. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Lemmon, Fred L. - DSC (WWI)
  Young, Rodger W. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Collinwood (B) Loucks, Clifford C. - DSC (WWI)
Columbian County (B) Barrick, Jesse T. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Gaunt, John C. - MOH (Civil War)
Columbiana Huffman, Russell Leroy - DSC (Korea)
  (B) Ferrall, William E. - NC (WWII)
Columbiana County Gugliuzza, Thomas S. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Rini, Daniel F. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Hill, William H. - DSC (WWI)



Name and Award Details
Columbus Barracks Mays, Isaiah - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Columbus Grove (B) Krouse, Michael Henry - NC (WWII)
Congress Stanley, David Sloane - MOH (Civil War)
Corning (B) Kenney, Edward Christopher - NC (WWII)
Coshocton Keenan, Willis H. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Elson, James M. - MOH (Civil War)
Covington Langston, Luther J. - DSC (WWI)
  Marlin, William L. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Brown, Uriah H. - MOH (Civil War)
Crooksville Rosser, Ronald Eugene - MOH (Korean War)
Cumberland (B) Green, Herbert D. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Cuyahoga Cope, Richard Alan (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Ferris, Fred G. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Nave, William L. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Cuyahoga County Averson, Clayton E. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Haas, Charles W. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Laule, Walter F. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Ludwig, Vance P. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Markey, Alvin (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Pollarine, John J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Prentice, John G. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Rapeport, Sidney (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Robbins, Joseph (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Schneider, Leonard J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Single, James C. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Wideman, Donald C. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Cuyahoga Falls Mester, Cecil Ralph - 2 NCs (WWII)
  Rheindt, Robert Lee - NC (WWII)
Dallasburg (B) Day, David Frakes - MOH (Civil War)
Damascoville Gaunt, John C. - MOH (Civil War)
Danville (B) Welker, Thomas B. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Dayton Abele, Joseph E. - DSC (Spanish-American)
  Bickham, Charles Goodwin - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
  Cardwell, Marion H. - DSC (WWI)
  Couchot, Otto V. - DSC (WWI)
  Deal, James F. - DSC (WWII)
  Epler, Charles H. - DSC (WWI)
  Eversole, Clay - DSC (WWI)
  Gilliland, Theodore B. - NC (WWII)
  King, Edward E. - DSC (WWI)
  Klug, Herbert Wheeler (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Mead, George H., Jr. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Parrott, Roger S. - DSC (Philippines)
  Paul, Joe Calvin (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
  Pierson, Elvin L. - DSC (WWI)
  Schumaker, Francis X. - DSC (WWI)
  Smith, Emerson R. - DSC (WWI)
  Smith, Fred - DSC (WWI)
  Stein, Tony (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  (B) Chappel, Charles F. (KIA)  - DSC (North Russia)
  (B) Chilson, Llewellyn M. - 3 DSCs (WWII)
  (B) Davis, Sammy Lee - MOH (Vietnam War)
  (B) Fischer, John C. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Harper, Harold E. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Lapointe, Joseph Guy (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
  (B) Nixon, George R. - DSC (WWI)
Defiance Nelson, Charles E. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Gilts, Dan (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Wensinger, Walter W. - NC (WWII)
Defiance County Kern, Eugene D. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
DeGraff Manahan, Merle E. - NC (WWII)
Delaware Austin, Raymond B. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Hansel, Morgan B. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Rhodes, Charles Dudley - DSC (Philippines)
  Rieck, James G. - DSC (WWI)
Delaware County Morgan, Lewis (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Gates, George - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Johnson, Andrew - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Morgan, Lewis (KIA)  - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Porter, John Reed - MOH (Civil War)
Dennison Flood, James E. - DSC (WWI)
Deshler (B) Knoke, Eugene F. - DSC (WWI)
Dillonvale (B) Kensick, Casmer M. - NC (Lake Denmark Fire, 1926)
Dover Stout, Herold Franklin - 2 NCs (WWII)
Downington Pearsall, Platt - MOH (Civil War)
Doylestown Sherman, Andrew Marco (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
  Stevens, Forestal Alonzo (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
East Cleveland Forsythe, Richard Monroe (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Loucks, Clifford C. - DSC (WWI)
  Whitcomb, Cecil B. - DSC (WWI), DSC (WWII)
East Liverpool Keeper, Easter E. - DSC (WWI)
  McKinley, Earl M. - DSC (WWI)
  Salsberry, Robert B. - NC (Korea)
  Stevenson, Harry C. - NC (WWII)
  Watkins, George - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Haverfield, James G. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) MacKall, Murray R. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Weaver, Charles H. - DSC (WWI)
East Palestine Davis, Joseph - MOH (Civil War)
Eaton Kesler, Clarence Irwin - NC (NC Flights-1919)
Elyria Ferguson, George L. - DSC (WWI)
Etna Bragg, Fred Garland, Jr. (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Fairfield Flowers, Donald V. - DSC (Korea)
  (B) Myers, George S. - MOH (Civil War)
Fairfield County (B) Lindsay, Grant S. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Miller, Daniel H. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Parrott, Jacob - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Walker, Fred L. - DSC (WWI), DSC (WWII)
Fairport Harbor Blakeslee, Donald J. M. - 2 DSCs (WWII)
  Ivary, Toivo Henry - NC (WWII)
Farmers Center Knight, William J. - MOH (Civil War)
Fayette County (B) Jones, David - MOH (Civil War)
Fincastle (B) Seitz, Lester Earl - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Findlay Brooks, Ora B. - DSC (WWI)
  Brown, Wilson W. - MOH (Civil War)
  Gary, Donald Arthur - MOH (WWII)
  Vance, Wilson J. - MOH (Civil War)
Findley Scott, John Morehead (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Priddy, Wellborn S. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Flushing Miklovic, Frank - DSC (WWII)
Fort Loramie Gerling, Frank C. - DSC (WWI)
Fostoria Oliver, William B. - NC (WWII)
Frankfort Smith, Warde B. - DSC (WWI)
Franklin (B) Miller, James P. - MOH (Civil War)
Franklin County Compton, John C. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Kulp, John A. - DSC (WWII)
  Miller, Harvey L. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Schmidt, George E. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Davis, Harry Clay - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Wiseman, Rufus E. - DSC (WWI)
Frederickstown McClelland, Helen Grace - DSC (WWI)
Fredericktown Johnson, Robert Theodore (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  (B) Agnew, Dwight Merle - NC (WWII)
Freeport (B) English, Lee M. - DSC (WWI)
Fremont Berkheimer, Jack Stanley (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Hayes, Webb Cook - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
  Wensinger, Walter W. - NC (WWII)
Fulton County (B) Slagle, Oscar - MOH (Civil War)
Galion (B) McManes, Kemore Mathew - NC (WWII)
Gallia Clagg, Van Edward (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Gallia County (B) Cumpston, James M. - MOH (Civil War)
Gallipolis Barlow, Alfred M. - DSC (WWI)
Garfield Heights Armour, Thomas Edward - NC (WWII)
Garrettsville Barker, Mandeville J., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
Georgetown (B) Jones, Wilbur S. - DSC (WWI)
Gibonsburg (B) Koleman, Norman - DSC (WWI)
Gilead Buffum, Robert - MOH (Civil War)
Girard Boop, Lawrence - DSC (WWI)
  Evans, Roderick - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Johnson, Charles E. - NC (WWII)
Glencoe Thornton, Joseph - DSC (WWI)
Goshen Voll, John J. - DSC (WWII)
Graysville (B) Keeper, Easter E. - DSC (WWI)
Green County Brookin, Oscar - MOH (Spanish-American War)
Greene County Baldwin, Lewis W. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Greenfield Irwin, Noble Edward - NC (WWI)
Greenville Foureman, Roy B. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Dickey, Douglas Eugene (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
Groveport Timmons, James Michael (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
Guernsey County (B) Cox, Robert Mitchell - MOH (Civil War)
Gurney (B) Waller, Francis A. - MOH (Civil War)
Hallsville Dresbach, Irvin H. - DSC (WWI)
Hamilton Bowling Ralph R. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Boynton, Henry Van Ness - MOH (Civil War)
  Brown, Fred Edward (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Crocker, John M. - DSC (WWI)
  Merkle, Howard P. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Powell, Ernest (KIA) - NC (Lake Denmark Fire, 1926)
  Simmons, Orville B. - NC (Nicaragua)
  Spath, Charles Ray (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  (B) Chadwick, Harry R. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Eldridge, William Warner, Jr. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Wollam, John - MOH (Civil War)
Hamilton County Delmonico, Dominick - DSC (WWII)
  Geiser, Anthony W. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Horton, Robert W. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Hughes, Charles W. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Jardine, James - MOH (Civil War)
Hancock Allen, John P. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Burkholder, Elmer E. - DSC (Korea)
Hardin County Barnett, Wardie - DSC (WWII)
  Perkins, Stanley E. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Harmony (B) Walker, James C. - MOH (Civil War)
Harper (B) Roberts, Leo D. - DSC (WWI)
Harrison Baugh, William Bernard (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)
  McClelland, James M. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Petty, Orlando Henderson - MOH (WWI), DSC (WWI)
Hartford Holcomb, Daniel Irving - MOH (Civil War)
Hartland Township (B) Chaffee, Davis Elliott (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Hicksville (B) Swingle, Gray (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Higby (B) Holcomb, Roy - DSC (WWI)
Highland County Brooks, William J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Cope, Robert L. E. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Hiram (B) Howe, Orion P. - MOH (Civil War)
Hocking County (B) Pyles, Adam H. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Holland Drabik, Alexsander A. - DSC (WWII)
Holmes County (B) Rumbaugh, Ernest R. - DSC (WWI)
Holmesville Rumbaugh, Ernest R. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Korn, Walter S. - DSC (WWI)
Hubbard Boren, Howard Gilmore, Jr. - NC (WWII)
  Kollman, Charles E. - NC (WWII)
  McGunigal, Patrick - MOH (WWI)
Huntsville (B) Manahan, Merle E. - NC (WWII)
Huron (B) Shinn, Leon P. - DSC (WWI)
Huron County (B) Wilson, Milden H. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Ironton Baldwin, Thomas - DSC (WWI)
  Gilfillan, Dean McGrew - DSC (WWI)
  Kimball, Joseph - MOH (Civil War)
  Markin, William Dow (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Powell, William Henry - MOH (Civil War)
  Richards, George - Brevet Medal (China)
  Shields, Bernard - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Goldcamp, Frank J. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Irwin Cryder, Charles C. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Jackson Wollam, John - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Sellers, Guy E. - DSC (WWI)
Jefferson Cline, James E. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Jefferson County (B) Grimshaw, Samuel - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Hays, John H. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) McGonagle, Wilson - MOH (Civil War)
Jefferson Township (B) James, Isaac - MOH (Civil War)
Johnstown (B) Doerr, David D. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Kalida (B) Ayers, David - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Godfrey, Edward Settle - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Kent Rees, Richard Morgan (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Kenton Morey, Delano - MOH (Civil War)
  Parrott, Jacob - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Boardman, Guy W. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Kettering O'Reilly, Anthony Paul (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Kierkersville Walker, Fred L. - DSC (WWI), DSC (WWII)
Kings Mills Leonard, Harry D. - DSC (WWI)
Kittshill (B) Kitts, Edward F. - DSC (WWI)
Knox County Snyder, Thomas H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Knoxville (B) Pittinger, William - MOH (Civil War)
Kyle Clarkston, Samuel - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Lake County Walter, Donald A. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Banks, George Lovell - MOH (Civil War)
Lakewood Buschlen, Arthur B. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Helmuth, Lawrence Edward - NC (WWII)
Lancaster Brenstuhl, George - DSC (WWI)
  Lindsay, Grant S. - DSC (WWI)
  Pyles, Adam H. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Sturgeon, James K. - MOH (Civil War)
  Wilhelm, George - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Dorsey, Daniel Allen - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Harrison, Curtis - DSC (WWI)
  (B) McDonald, John Wade - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Prentice, Joseph Rollin - MOH (Civil War)
  Younker, John L. - MOH (Civil War)
Lansing (B) Deleau, Emile (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
Lawrence Barnett, Billy E. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Lawrence County (B) Parks, James W. - MOH (Civil War)
Leetonia Gottschalk, James - DSC (WWI)
  Korn, Walter S. - DSC (WWI)
Levanna Hiser, Henry - DSC (WWI)
Lexington (B) Cockley, David L. - MOH (Civil War)
Liberty (B) Power, Albert - MOH (Civil War)
Licking Smith, James E. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Licking County (B) Hanna, Milton - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Morey, Delano - MOH (Civil War)
Liden Heights Koeppel, Oscar - DSC (WWI)
Liepsie (B) Stevenson, William A. - 2 NCs (WWII)
Lima Chenoweth, Charles E. - DSC (WWI)
  King, James Norman - DSC (WWI)
  Leppla, John Arthur - 2 NCs (WWII)
  Metzger, William Edward (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  Nickerson, Henry J. - NC (WWII)
  Taylor, Thomas H. - NC (WWII)
  Williams, William Haliday - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Kemp, Joseph Bell - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Kirk, Oliver G. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Sprague, Thomas L. - NC (WWII)
Lithopolis (B) Gregg, Joseph Olds - MOH (Civil War)
Liverpool Renninger, Louis - MOH (Civil War)
Lockland (B) Thoete, Carl G. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Locust Grove (B) Reddick, William Henry Harrison - MOH (Civil War)
Logan Ceh, Joseph F. - DSC (Korea)
  Hess, Herman L. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Logan County Seaman, Elisha B. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Brown, Wilson W. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Kaylor, Frank E. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Seaman, Elisha B. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Smith, Otis W. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Stokes, Alonzo - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
London Leonard, Harry W. - DSC (WWI)
Londonville Covert, Samuel J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Long Bottom (B) Barringer, William H. - MOH (Civil War)
Lorain Berry, Charles Joseph (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  Crawford, Harold E. - DSC (WWI)
  King, Ernest Joseph - NC (WWI)
  Lasco, Donald (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Reid, George Croghan - MOH (Mexican Campaign)
  Shepard, Millard T. - NC (Nicaragua)
  (B) Glacken, George Thomas - NC (WWII)
  Young, George - DSC (WWI)
Los Angeles Hook, William B. - DSC (WWI)
Louisville Harner, Joseph Gabriel - MOH (Mexican Campaign)
Loveland Snell, Clifton Edward - NC (WWII)
Lucas Machcinski, Daniel J. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Rollins, John L. - DSC (Korea)
Lucas County Fejes, Steve J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Fortuna, Michael J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Kimball, Robert R. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Waffle, Ralph E. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Lucasville (B) Dunbeck, Charley - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Luke Chute Cody, Myron - DSC (Philippines)
Madison County (B) Leonard, Harry W. - DSC (WWI)
Madison Township (B) Ward, Nelson W. - MOH (Civil War)
Magadore (B) Powers, Ralph E. (KIA)  - DSC (North Russia)
Magnolia Hastings, Joe R. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Mahoning County Watt, James R. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Malvern (B) Hastings, Joe R. (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
Manhattan (B) Lawton, Henry Ware (KIA)  - MOH (Civil War)
Mansfield Hedges, Joseph S. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Day, Matthias Walter - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Ricksecker, John Henry - MOH (Civil War)
Mantua Mayhew, Boyd N. - NC (WWII)
Marblehead (B) Norton, Fred W. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Marengo Bosworth, Richard Lee (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Lloyd, Dale W. - DSC (WWI)
Marietta Lucas, Lewis Clarke - Brevet Medal (Spanish-American War)
  Thompson, Freeman C. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Crawford, Ned - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Schoneberger, Russell - NC (Nicaragua)
Marion Freshour, Ernest W. - DSC (WWI)
  Kaylor, Frank E. - DSC (WWI)
  McManes, Kemore Mathew - NC (WWII)
  Nishimoto, Joe M. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  Pennington, George F. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Stafford, Charles - DSC (WWI)
Marion County Landon, Charles L. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Landon, Charles L. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Mayes, William B. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Sharpless, Edward Clay - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Martins Ferry McCombs, Charles Edward - NC (WWII)
  Phillips, Charles - DSC (WWI)
  Walton, Elmer A. - DSC (WWI)
Marysville Beightler, Robert S. - DSC (WWII)
Massillon Hill, Lamont Douglas (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
  Kelley, George V. - MOH (Civil War)
  Pinn, Robert A. - MOH (Civil War)
  Scott, Robert Raymond (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Maumee Kountz, John S. - MOH (Civil War)
  Schmidt, William - MOH (Civil War)
McArthur Seitz, Lester Earl - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  (B) Smith, Clarence W. - DSC (WWI)
McComb Bensinger, William - MOH (Civil War)
  Porter, John Reed - MOH (Civil War)
McConnelsville Patterson, John T. - MOH (Civil War)
  Robinson, Elbridge - MOH (Civil War)
McGraw McGraw, Joe W. - DSC (WWI)
Medina (B) Engel, William Frederick - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Medina County Phisterer, Frederick - MOH (Civil War)
Meigs County (B) McElhinny, Samuel O. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Pearsall, Platt - MOH (Civil War)
Mendon (B) Gilliland, Theodore B. - NC (WWII)
Mercer County Long, Elmer D. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Middleburg (B) Steele, John Whedon - MOH (Civil War)
Middlepoint (B) Moore, Edward B. - NC (Nicaragua)
Middleport Bennett, Edward Andrew - MOH (WWII)
  Van Matre, Joseph - MOH (Civil War)
Middletown Brewer, John B. - DSC (WWI)
  Kessler, Patrick L. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  Pierce, Warren H. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Tankersley, Oral L. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  (B) Roberts, Gordon Ray - MOH (Vietnam War)
Midvale (B) Fisher, Byron Earl (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Mississinawa Township James, Isaac - MOH (Civil War)
Monroe County (B) Bishop, Daniel - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Boury, Richard - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Thompson, Freeman C. - MOH (Civil War)
Montgomery County Sowder, Emanuel H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Montpelier (B) Bennett, John Edward - NC (WWII)
Morgan County Woodward, Russell H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Elliott, Clark R. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Patterson, John T. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Robinson, Elbridge - MOH (Civil War)
Morrow County (B) Reeder, Donald Grant - NC (WWII)
Mount Healthy Funk, Peter - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Mount Vernon Freeman, Henry Blanchard - MOH (Civil War)
  Tavenner, Robert L. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Smithhisler, Paul A. - DSC (WWI)
Mount Washington Eich, Werner - DSC (WWI)
Mt. Sterling Timmons, Max E. - NC (WWII)
Mt. Vernon (B) Johnson, Robert Theodore (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Muskingum (B) Loyd, George A. - MOH (Civil War)
Muskingum County (B) Robertson, Samuel (KIA)  - MOH (Civil War)
Nashport Mayfield, Melvin - MOH (WWII)
  Ransbottom, Alfred - MOH (Civil War)
Nelsonville McGill, Don R. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Thomas, Lloyd (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
New Athens Rogers, Verne E. - DSC (WWI)
New Boston Moore, William E. - DSC (WWI)
New Carlisle (B) Funston, Frederick - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
  (B) Shirley, Walter L. - DSC (WWI)
New Concord Richey, William E. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Brown, Robert Burns - MOH (Civil War)
New Garden Wood, Robert B. - MOH (Civil War)
New Lexington Carmin, Isaac Harrison - MOH (Civil War)
New London Bump, Arthur L. - DSC (WWI)
New Madison Farst, Laroy (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
New Matamoras (B) Kollman, Charles E. - NC (WWII)
New Paris (B) Banks, Harley E. - 2 DSCs (WWI)
New Philadelphia Campbell, William - MOH (Civil War)
  Coleman, Robert Louis - NC (WWII)
  Fisher, Byron Earl (KIA) - NC (WWII)
New Rumley (B) Custer, Thomas Ward - 2 MOHs (Civil War)
New Springfield Detrow, Walter H. - DSC (WWI)
Newark Beasley, Harry C. - MOH (Mexican Campaign)
  Inscho, Leonidas H. - MOH (Civil War)
  Jones, William - DSC (WWI)
  Shinn, Leon P. - DSC (WWI)
  Welsch, Theodore P. - DSC (WWI)
  Wilson, Milden H. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Wilkinson, James W. (KIA)  - DSC (WWII)
Newcomerstown Davis, Freeman - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Freshour, Ernest W. - DSC (WWI)
Niles Pappas, Paul J. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Bangust, Joseph (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Niniville (B) Boyd, Clyde M. - DSC (WWI)
Noble County (B) Harris, Sampson - MOH (Civil War)
North Baltimore (B) Greene, Don - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Stevenson, Harry C. - NC (WWII)
North Canton Schiltz, Glenn D., Jr. - DSC (WWII)
North Greenfield Carson, William J. - MOH (Civil War)
North Industry (B) Finkenbiner, Henry S. - MOH (Civil War)
North Olmstead Schulke, Edward Henry - NC (WWII)
Norwalk Beattie, Arthur J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Davis, Glenn Benson - NC (WWII)
  Reed, George - DSC (WWI)
  Rounds, Lewis A. - MOH (Civil War)
  Stacey, Charles - MOH (Civil War)
  Williams, Jay P. - MOH (China Relief)
Norwood Barnett, Leland M. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Oakwood (B) Ackley, Ward M. - DSC (WWI)
Oberlin Day, Matthias Walter - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  Steele, John Whedon - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Locke, Karl W. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Oklahoma County Hinman, Howard W. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Olive Harris, Sampson - MOH (Civil War)
Oliveburg (B) Crabbe, Thomas P. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Oregonia Terry, Morris L. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Orrville Lee, Orum - DSC (WWI)
Osgood Gunckle, Wilk - DSC (WWI)
Osnaburg (B) Ravenstine, George O. - DSC (Spanish-American)
Ottawa Godfrey, Edward Settle - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  Goodkin, Sidney Samuel - DSC (WWII)
Oxford Dewitt, Richard Willis - MOH (Civil War)
  Guinn, Thomas - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Treadwell, Alvin H. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Painesville Clapp, Albert Adams - MOH (Civil War)
  Treat, Howell B. - MOH (Civil War)
Paulding Eyler, William H. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  McLeod, Herman L. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Noneman, Robert P. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  (B) Payson, Carl F. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Paulding County (B) Hartzog, Joshua B. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Payne Boyd, Clyde M. - DSC (WWI)
Pemberville Mason, Elihu H. - MOH (Civil War)
Perry County (B) Meaher, Nicholas - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Sturgeon, James K. - MOH (Civil War)
Perrysburg Wilson, John Alfred - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Thompson, Charles Augustus - MOH (Civil War)
Perrysville (B) Covert, Samuel J. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Pickaway County (B) Kochensparger, James (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Pike County (B) Slavens, Samuel (KIA)  - MOH (Civil War)
Pike Township Finkenbiner, Henry S. - MOH (Civil War)
Piqua Gentile, Dominic "Don" S. - 2 DSCs (WWII)
  McMillen, Francis M. - MOH (Civil War)
  Pitsenbarger, William H. (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
  Williams, Frank Argyle (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Plainsville Marsh, Wilbur Lee - NC (WWII)
Poland Barnum, Jack P. - NC (WWII)
Pomeroy Ackley, George - DSC (WWI)
  Hamilton, Otho (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Hess, Herman L. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Portage Wood, Mark - MOH (Civil War)
Portsmouth Cumpston, James M. - MOH (Civil War)
  Hamilton, Bryan - DSC (WWI)
  Hawkins, Martin Jones - MOH (Civil War)
  Reddick, William Henry Harrison - MOH (Civil War)
  Russell, John B. - NC (WWII)
  Schmauch, Andrew - MOH (Civil War)
Preble Hoover, Marion D. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Proctorville Villars, Roy L. - NC (2d Haiti)
  (B) Scheff, Lester Dane - NC (WWII)
Prospect (B) Jones, William - DSC  (WWI)
Quaker City (B) Keenan, Willis H. - DSC (WWI)
Reading (B) Niehaus, Ralph H. - NC (WWII)
Richland County (B) Larimer, Smith - MOH (Civil War)
Rio Grande Winters, Donald N. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Ripley (B) Tamme, Nicholas L. - DSC (WWI)
Ross (B) Immell, Lorenzo Dow - MOH (Civil War)
Ross County Newton, Howard J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Rushsylvania Kimmel, Charles J. - NC (WWII)
Rutland Ward, Nelson W. - MOH (Civil War)
Salem Greenawalt, Abraham - MOH (Civil War)
Sanderville (B) Duty, Ray - DSC (WWI)
Sandusky Chaffee, Davis Elliott (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Denig, Robert L. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Pfeil, Clarence - DSC (WWI)
  Sprague, John Wilson (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Brown, Albert B. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Hayler, Robert Ward - 3 NCs (WWII)
  (B) McCleary, Charles H. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Orndoff, Harry Westley - MOH (China Relief)
Savannah (B) Haney, Milton Lorenzi - MOH (Civil War)
Scio Shriver, Charles W. - NC (WWII)
Scioto County (B) Wilhelm, George - MOH (Civil War)
Seaman Clark, James Lawrence - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Sebring Weaver, Charles H. - DSC (WWI)
Seneca County (B) Brandle, Joseph E. - MOH (Civil War)
Senecaville (B) Secrest, Langdon R. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Shaker Heights Katz, Aaron - NC (WWII)
Shanesville Blickensderfer, Milton - MOH (Civil War)
Shawnee (B) Mann, Allen R. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Shepard (B) Emig, Alvin Frederick - NC (WWII)
Smithfield Grimshaw, Samuel - MOH (Civil War)
Somerset (B) Birkhimer, William Edward - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
South Perry (B) Floyd, Oliver - NC (Nicaragua)
South Zanesville (B) Ransbottom, Alfred - MOH (Civil War)
Sparta (B) Blinn, Welford Charles - 3 NCs (WWII)
  (B) Lloyd, Dale W. - DSC (WWI)
Spencerville Eutsler, John Wesley (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Spring Valley (B) Smith, Fred - DSC (WWI)
Springfield Aghababian, Vartan - DSC (WWI)
  Bowman, Samuel A. - DSC (WWI)
  Dunn, Harry, Jr. - NC (WWII)
  Gander, William - DSC (WWI)
  Hudson, John J. - NC (WWII)
  Ramsey, Paul Hubert - NC (WWII)
  Swingle, Gray (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Vickers, Roger Lee (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Walker, James C. - MOH (Civil War)
  Wallace, Fred Martin (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Ward, James Richard (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  (B) Kirkpatrick, Donald, Jr. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Tavenner, Robert L. - DSC (WWI)
St. Johns (B) Chenoweth, Charles E. - DSC (WWI)
St. Marys (B) Sawyer, Eugene B. - NC (WWII)
Stark County Hill, Robert H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Carr, Franklin - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Delavie, Hiram H. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Pinn, Robert A. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Scott, John Morehead (KIA)  - MOH (Civil War)
Sterling (B) Bair, Howard A. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Steubenville Brown, Uriah H. - MOH (Civil War)
  Christian, Herbert F. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  Curfman, Thomas D. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Irons, John K. - DSC (WWI)
  Myers, Demarr E. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Pittinger, William - MOH (Civil War)
  Surles, William H. - MOH (Civil War)
  Vojvodich, Mele, Jr. - DSC (Korea)
Stoutsville (B) Stout, Louis A. - DSC (WWI)
Stow Brower, Ralph Wayne (KIA) - AFC (Vietnam)
Strongsville Viggiani, Anthony Lester - NC (War on Terror)
Struthers Elias, Emil - NC (WWII)
Summit Bolen, Jack - DSC (Korea)
  Roberts, Robert D. - DSC (Korea)
Summit County Drummond, Walter A. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Rottar, Raymond (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Sunfish (B) Henry, James - MOH (Civil War)
Sycamore Beitler, Kenneth E. - DSC (WWII)
Tahlequah Jordan, Henry S. - DSC (WWII)
Tiffin Myers, George S. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Adelsperger, Earl - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Kuder, Jeremiah - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Schmidt, William - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Wylie, William Naylor - NC (WWII)
  (B) Young, Rodger W. (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
  Yeager, Jacob F. - MOH (Civil War)
Tiltonsville Haverfield, James G. - DSC (WWI)
Tipp City Sprecher, Kenneth Ned - DSC (WWII)


Baldridge, Robert L. - DSC (WWI)
Bozenhart, Ernest G. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Carr, Franklin - MOH (Civil War)
Chappel, Charles F. (KIA) - DSC (North Russia)
Conn, Jerome W. - DSC (WWI)
Craig, Robert (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Donaldson, Stuart S. - DSC (WWI)
Dorgan, John Joseph - DSC (WWI)
Ellis, Herbert J. - DSC (WWI)
Fackler, Harold W. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Frey, Amel (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Frybarger, Raymond, Jr. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Gillen, Edward N. - DSC (WWI)
Gillette, Norris W. - DSC (WWI)
Giovannucci, Joseph L. - NC (Korea)
Gzik, Richard Stanley (KIA) - NC (Korea)
Hanford, Burke - MOH (China Relief)
Huddleston, Virgil - NC (WWII)
Kohn, Marian - DSC (WWI)
Kusz, Conrad O. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Lecklider, Russell Paul - NC (WWII)
Leonard, John W. - DSC (WWI)
Lord, Ernest G. - DSC (WWI)
Martin, Robert Reinhold (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Mileski, Ben - DSC (WWI)
Moan, Floyd E. - NC (WWII)
Montag, Bernard William - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Patten, Louis P. - DSC (WWI)
Pozniak, Harry - DSC (WWII)
Pratt, John - DSC (WWI)
Randall, John W. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Richmond, James (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
Sawyer, Webb D. - NC (Korea)
Schairer, James V. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Shaw, Gary Francis (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Torgler, Ernest R. - MOH (Civil War)
White, Russell (KIA) - NC (Nicaragua)
Wirick, William Charles (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
Wygast, Gregory - DSC (WWI)
(B) Applegate, Donald W. - DSC (WWII)
(B) De Rosselli, Peter L. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Ferguson, George L. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Hudson, Harold A. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Lewis, Charles (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Pinkerton, David W., Jr. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) Robinson, James E. (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
(B) Turkopp, Carl F. - DSC (WWI)


Name and Award Details
Trenton (B) Esslinger, Robert John - NC (U.S.S. Kearny Incident, 1941)
Trimble (B) Johnson, Samuel M. - DSC (WWI)
Troy Bell, James Bennett - MOH (Civil War)
  Tasker, James Bruce (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Thompson, Clifford (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Riegel, James E. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Trumbell County Bronson, James H. - MOH (Civil War)
Trumbull (B) Fox, Henry M. - MOH (Civil War)
Trumbull County Masitis, George (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Gause, Isaac - MOH (Civil War)
Uniontown Hill, Eugene L. - NC (WWII)
Upper Sandusky Ayers, David - MOH (Civil War)
Urbana Cranston, William Wallace - MOH (Civil War)
  Druckenboard, Allen D. - DSC (WWII)
  Eichelberger, Robert Lawrence - DSC (Siberia), DSC (WWII)
  Fischer, John C. - DSC (WWI)
  Heller, Henry - MOH (Civil War)
  Thompson, Thomas W. - MOH (Civil War)
  Willford, James W. - DSC (Philippines)
  (B) Gwynne, Nathaniel McClean - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Howard, Hiram Reese - MOH (Civil War)
Van Wert Conley, Samuel G. - DSC (WWII)
  Hinton, Walter - NC (NC Flights-1919)
  Jerome, Maynard M. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Mason, Leonard Foster (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  Terry, Milo E. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Morehead, Herbert - DSC (WWI)
Van Wert County Lininger, Richard H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Tester, Perry O. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Vergennes Crocker, Ulric Lyona - MOH (Civil War)
Versailles (B) Couchot, Otto V. - DSC (WWI)
Vincent Hunter, William L. - DSC (WWI)
Wakefield Slavens, Samuel (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
Wapakoneta Schnell, Christian - MOH (Civil War)
Warren Rogers, Neil L. - NC (WWII)
  Stredney, Albert Daniel - NC (WWII)
  (B) Brenner, Jacob P. - DSC (WWI)
Warren County Hawk, Wllliam B., Jr. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Washington Richardson, William R. - MOH (Civil War)
Washington County (B) Cody, Myron - DSC (Philippines)
  (B) Young, Calvary Morris - MOH (Civil War)
Washington Court House (B) Thornton, William - DSC (Spanish-American)
Washington Courthouse Jones, David - MOH (Civil War)
Washington Township (B) Howell, Donald S. - NC (WWII)
Wauseon Andrews, Lawrence G. - DSC (WWI)
  Lauber, Clarence E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Wayne Johnson, Merton R. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Waynesboro Peirsol, James Kastor - MOH (Civil War)
Waynesburg Cicchetti, Joseph J. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  (B) Bensinger, William - MOH (Civil War)
Waynesville (B) Dawson, Harold A. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Leonard, Harry D. - DSC (WWI)
Wells Township (B) Burns, James Madison - MOH (Civil War)
Wellston McCormick, Michael P. (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
  Williams, Frank - DSC (WWI)
Wellsville Burke, Charles H. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Fogo, Edward T. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Newlin, Melvin Earl (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
West Alexander (B) Campbell, Harry W. - DSC (WWI)
West Alexandria (B) Taylor, Keith E. - NC (WWII)
West Jefferson Emig, Alvin Frederick - NC (WWII)
West Leipsic (B) White, Arthur J. - NC (WWII)
West Park Sigg, Charles F. - DSC (WWI)
West Unity (B) Rings, William - DSC (Philippines)
Westerville (B) Miles, Perry Lester - DSC (Philippines)
Williams County (B) Coonrod, Aquilla (KIA)  - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) McCrea, Victor B. - NC (WWII)
Williamsburg (B) Snell, Clifton Edward - NC (WWII)
Williamstown (B) Williams, William Haliday - MOH (Civil War)
Willoughby Talbot, Paul H. - NC (WWII)
Willshire (B) Koeppel, Oscar - DSC (WWI)
Wilmington Kirk, Jonathan C. - MOH (Civil War)
Woodsfield (B) Norris, Elmer C. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Yockey, William S. - DSC (WWI)
Woodstock (B) Cranston, William Wallace - MOH (Civil War)
Wooster Moses, Walter Lewis, Jr. (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Redick, Fred C. - DSC (WWI)
Wyandot Swihart, Harold M. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Wyoming Walker, Francis D., Jr. - 2 NCs (WWII)
Xenia Rachford, Frederick J. - NC (Lake Denmark Fire, 1926)
Yellowbird Wiseman, Rufus E. - DSC (WWI)
Youngstown Barton, Harry D. - DSC (WWI)
  Brenner, Jacob P. - DSC (WWI)
  Cameron, Charles - DSC (WWI)
  Hadnett, George - DSC (WWI)
  Jamison, Robert J. - NC (WWII)
  Johnson, Charles E. - NC (WWII)
  Kefurt, Gus (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  Logan, John Alexander (KIA) - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
  Manning, James (AKA: Frank E. Bell) - DSC (WWI)
  Petrach, Emil H. - DSC (WWI)
  Powell, Richard Lee (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
  Smith, Harold Francis - NC (WWII)
  Warman, John W. - DSC (WWI)
  Wilkerson, Alfred - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Barnum, Jack P. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Boren, Howard Gilmore, Jr. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Burchfield, Joseph H. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Calvin, Harry Leslie - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Hayes, Michael J. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Kelly, John Doran (KIA)  - MOH (Korean War)
  (B) Martinek, Peter Paul - NC (WWII)
  (B) Smith, John F. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Zanesville Brown, Robert Burns - MOH (Civil War)
  Loyd, George A. - MOH (Civil War)
  Palmer, Joseph A. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Bryan, William C. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Hook, William B. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Kintberger, Leon Samuel - NC (WWII)
  (B) Longshore, William Henry - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Wiseman, Osborne Beeman (KIA)  - NC (WWII)


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