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Many of the HERO STORIES, history, citations and other information detailed in this website are, at least for now, available in PRINT or DIGITAL format from AMAZON.COM. The below comprise the nearly 4-dozen  "Home Of Heroes" books currently available.

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Medal of Honor Books

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This series of books contains the citations for ALL Medals of Honor awarded to that branch of service, with brief biographical data and photos of many of the recipients. Some of them also include citations for other awards, analysis of awards, data tables and analysis and more. These are LARGE volumes, each 8 1/2" x 11" and more than 500 pages each. Click on a book to find it on where you can find more details on what is contained in each book, as well as to get a free preview. Each volume is $24.95.

Heroes in the War on Terrorism

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These books contain the citations for nearly all of the awards of the Silve Star and higher to members of each branch of service in the War on Terrorism. Books include photos of most recipients, some biographical data, analysis of awards by rank, unit, date, and more.


With the 5 Medal of Honor volumes above, these compilations comprise a virtual 28-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA of decorated American heroes(15,000 pages)  with award citations, history, tables & analysis, and detailed indexes of ACEs, FLAG OFFICERS, and more. (Click on any book to see it in - $24.95 Each Volume)

United States Army Heroes

Distinguished Service Cross

Distinguished Service Medals
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1873 - 1941 Korea Vietnam 1862 - 1960 RVN - Present

United States Navy Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star Navy Corpsmen
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1915 - 1941 WWII Korea - Present WWII

United States Marine Corps Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star
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1915 - WWII Korea - Present 1900 - 1941 WWII 1947 - Korea Vietnam - Present

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The Defining Generation
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Hometown Heroes of the

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New York 

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Recipients of the Medal of Honor, Marine Corps Brevet Medal, 
Distinguished Service Cross, Navy Cross, and Air Force Cross

Revised and Updated: November 07, 2015

Chamberlain, Smith B. - DSC (Korea)
Daly, Thomas A. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Miller, Hubert G. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Prime, William Heermance (KIA) - NC (WWI)
Schwartz, Paul L. - DSC (WWII)
Stellenwerf, Merton (KIA) - NC (WWI)
Thompson, Robert - DSC (WWII)
Trapnell, Thomas John Hall - DSC (WWII)
Waldron, Albert W. - DSC (WWII)


Name and Award Details 
(B) Indicates Place of Birth if Award Credited Elsewhere
Adams Clarke, Bruce Cooper - DSC (WWII)
Akron Nolan, Dennis Edward - DSC (WWI)


Aiezza, Patsy A., Jr. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Anderson, Bruce - MOH (Civil War)
Barnard, Courtney H. - DSC (WWI)
Barrett, Carlton William - MOH (WWII)
Begley, Terrence (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
Corliss, Stephen Potter - MOH (Civil War)
Denn, Andrew - DSC (WWI)
Doane, Stephen Holden (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Dunn, Parker F. (KIA) - MOH (WWI)
Fratellenico, Frank Rocco (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Geer, Frederick W. - DSC (WWI)
Gellman, Albert E. - DSC (WWII)
Gonsalez, Florentino - DSC (Korea)
Govel, Andrew (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Guenette, Peter Mathew (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
James, John - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Lay, Arthur - DSC (WWI)
Lee, Robert S. - DSC (WWI)
MacNamee, Frank A., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
Martin, David W. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
McLoud, Paul - DSC (WWI)
McNally, James - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Pengally, Edward - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Sill, Frederick D. - DSC (WWI)
Tracy, William Gardner - MOH (Civil War)
Vrooman, Vernon A. - DSC (WWI)
Werner, George (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
(B) Blume, Leo H. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Boehm, Peter Martin - MOH (Civil War)
(B) Brown, Francis (KIA)  - NC (U.S.S. Liberty)
(B) Clancy, James T. - MOH (Civil War)
(B) Cobb, John M. - NC (Nicaragua)
(B) Coyle, Edward A. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Hamilton, James A. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Harlfinger, Frederick J., II - NC (WWII)
(B) Hutchins, Carlton Barmore (KIA)  - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
(B) Jauss, Raymond B. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Shumann, Frank E., Jr. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) Smith, John - MOH (Civil  War)


Name and Award Details
Albion Sheret, James A. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Stevens, John H. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Harris, Charles D. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Presley, Earl C. - DSC (WWI)
Allegany McKay, Charles W. - MOH (Civil War)
  Welch, Stephen - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Pond, James Burton - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Smith, Willard M. - MOH (Civil War)
Allegany County (B) Hanford, Edward R. - MOH (Civil War)
Alplaus (B) Halstead, William W. - MOH (Civil War)
Amityville, Long Island Griffiths, Alfred S. - DSC (WWI)
Amsterdam Bujnowski, Frank B. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Frasier, Lyman S. - DSC (WWI)
  Marnell, Richard L. - DSC (WWII)
  Slyke, Alfred George (KIA) - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  (B) Christman, Clarence R. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Easterbrook, Arthur Edmund - 2 DSCs (WWI)
  (B) Quiri, Robert (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Annandale-on-Hudson (B) DuBois, Russell L. - DSC (WWI)
Anoka (B) Greene, Harold - DSC (WWI)
Ardsley-on-Hudson Fraser, Duncan - DSC (WWI)
Argyle Robertson, Robert Stoddart - MOH (Civil War)
Astoria Connolley, Joseph E. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Astoria, Long Island Mahlmann, Ernest R. - NC (Panay, 1937)
  Massaro, Russell J. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  O'Sullivan, Christopher Jo (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Attica Loomis, John H. - DSC (WWI)
  Lorish, Andrew J. - MOH (Civil War)
Auburan Mangam, Richard Christopher - MOH (Civil War)
Auburn Dennis, Erwin A. - DSC (WWI)
  Dunlop, Johnston (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Hole, Legare Romig - NC (WWII)
  Lawton, Louis Bowem - MOH (China Relief)
  Rea, Leonard E. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Summers, Albert E. - DSC (WWI)
  Ward, William H., Jr. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Whitney, Le Roy F. - DSC (WWI)
  Williamson, William H. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Frank, George Percy - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  (B) Sharkey, William Joseph (KIA)  - NC (WWI)
  (B) Smith, Charles E. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Stryker, Robert Francis (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
Augusta Kenyon, Samuel P. - MOH (Civil War)
Aurora Coughlin, William C. - DSC (WWI)
Averill Park Quamo, George - DSC (Vietnam)
Avon Buckley, Denis (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
Bainbridge Slater, Norman C. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Baldwin Ray, Bernard James (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Baldwinsville (B) Smith, Fred  E. - DSC (WWI)
Barkersville (B) Hall, Henry Seymour - MOH (Civil War)
Batavia Cross, James Edwin - MOH (Civil War)
  Hansen, Paul L. - NC (WWII)
  Rand, Charles Franklin - MOH (Civil War)
  Smith, Martin M. - DSC (WWI)
  Williams, Leroy - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Owens, James Charles, Jr. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
  (B) Ranney, George E. - MOH (Civil War)
Bath Bowes, David M. - DSC (WWI)
  Smith, David Lafayette - MOH (Civil War)
Bath County Crouch, Theodore (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Bay Shore (B) MacDonnell, John L. - DSC (WWI)
Bayport, L.I. (B) Parks, Lewis Smith - 3 NCs (WWII)
Bayshore, Long Island Lindholm, Reuben P. - DSC (WWI)
Bayside Buell, Ralph Polk - DSC (WWI)
  Hyde, John Milton - NC (WWII)
  (B) Eccles, Henry Effingham - NC (WWII)
Baysite (B) Vincent, James Kiernan (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Beacon Mebreski, Michell - DSC (WWI)
Beaver Dams Rarrick, John Edward (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Beaver Falls (B) Woolshlager, John F. - DSC (WWI)
Belfast Towell, James J. - DSC (WWI)
Bellerose Gabrys, Stephen Michael (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Bellmore Ryan, Howard (KIA) - NC (Korea)
Belmont (B) Norton, Henry M. - DSC (WWI)
Bennington Orr, Charles Alvin - MOH (Civil War)
Benton (B) Gage, George H. - DSC (WWI)
Berbenfields, East Nassau Harlfinger, Frederick J., II - NC (WWII)
Bergen Hansen, Leslie E. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Berlin (B) Feathers, Earl H. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Hull, Alason J. - DSC (WWI)
Bethel (B) Horton, Hardin F. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Simmons, John - MOH (Civil War)
Bethpage Karopczyc, Stephen Edward (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Big Flats (B) Bentley, Richard E. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Denny, John - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Stormes, Max Clifford (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Binghamton Briggs, Charles A. - DSC (WWI)
  Burnes, John F. (KIA) - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Carter, Edward J. - DSC (WWI)
  Flynn, Francis J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Gardner, Elmer W. - DSC (WWI)
  Greene, Harold - DSC (WWI)
  Lillyman, Frank L. - DSC (WWII)
  Peters, Lawrence David (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
  Riley, Charles R. - DSC (WWI)
  Robinson, John Cleveland - MOH (Civil War)
  Sage, William Hampden - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
  (B) Stone, Lester Raymond (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
Black Rock (B) Robinson, John J. - DSC (WWI)
Bloomville Spickerman, Raymond H. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Booklyn (B) Ten Eyck, Walton B., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
Boonville Love, Charles J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Scheidleman, Cedric J. - NC (WWII)
Boston Corner (B) Carr, Eugene Asa - MOH (Civil War)
Brasher (B) Johnson, Follett - MOH (Civil War)
Brewster Collins, Robert L. - DSC (WWI)
  Hutchings, Charles, Jr. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) McCloy, John - MOH (China), MOH (Vera Cruz), NC (WWI)
Brighton Barney, Bernard (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  (B) Traynor, Laurence G. - NC (WWII)
Brightwater Williams, Julius De Witt - DSC (WWI)
Brockport Read, Morton A. - MOH (Civil War)
Bronx Baum, Abraham J. - DSC (WWII)
  Bergen, William J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Chappetta, Edward D. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Clarke, James F. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Daddario, Francis J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Dannucci, Anthony, Jr. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Donoghue, Walter P. - DSC (WWI)
  Gabbamonte, John M. - DSC (WWII)
  Johnson, Algot - DSC (WWI)
  Joy, Daniel Albert (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Kelly, Vincent Q. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Krotoshinsky, Abraham - DSC (WWI)
  Mayers, Thomas J. - NC (WWII)
  Roskoski, Frank J. - DSC (WWI)
  Scavuzzo, Nathan (KIA) - 2 DSCs (WWII)
  Schankman, Nathan (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Schneider, Morris (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Sherman, Albert (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Sorrow, Louis - DSC (WWI)
  Wall, Howard J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Zwingman, Otto K. - DSC (WWII)
Bronx County Charlton, Cornelius H. (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)
  Thompson, William Henry (KIA) - MOH (Korean War)
  (B) Murray, Robert Charles (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
  (B) Shea, Charles William - MOH (WWII)
Bronxville Irish, Ned T. - DSC (WWII)
  Stout, Penrose V. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Kenyon, Henry Russell, Jr. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)



Name and Award Details
Broome County Cermak, Mike (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Perry, Leslie R. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Sale, Albert - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Brunswick (B) Farrell, Thomas F. - DSC (WWI)
Brushton (B) Jennison, Charles Sumner - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)


Burlington Flats (B) Hultzen, Lee S. - DSC (WWI)
Byron White, Walter D. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Cadwell (B) Hack, Lester Goodel - MOH (Civil War)
Cambridge (B) Mausert, Frederick William (KIA)  - MOH (Korean War)
  (B) Read, Charles - MOH (Civil War)
Camden Quick, Claude, Jr.. - DSC (Vietnam War)
  (B) Waldo, Antonio G. - DSC (WWI)
Cameron (B) Smith, David Lafayette - MOH (Civil War)
Camillus Ladd, George - MOH (Civil War)
Campbell (B) Burritt, William Wallace - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Crandall, Dewitt H. - DSC (WWI)
Canajoharie Neahr, Zachariah C. - MOH (Civil War)
Canandaigua Buchanan, George A. (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
  Lemma, Samuel (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Canastota Waldo, Antonio G. - DSC (WWI)
Canisteo Baker, Lionel Henry - NC (WWII)
  Crandall, Dewitt H. - DSC (WWI)
Canojaharie Shubert, Frank - MOH (Civil War)
Canton Rutherford, John T. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Barrigar, Francis B. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Kimball, Walter G. - DSC (WWI)
Cardiff Bailey, Earl Wallace - DSC (WWI)
Carlisle (B) Gardiner, Peter W. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Carona, Long Island (B) Mayers, Thomas J. - NC (WWII)
Carthage Draper, Charles L. - DSC (WWI)
  Pierce, Chester O. - DSC (WWI)
Castile Kuhn, Rupert C. - DSC (WWI)
Castorland Woolshlager, John F. - DSC (WWI)
Catskill Plimley, William - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) McPoland, James J. - NC (WWII)
Cattaraugus Colson, Clarence - DSC (WWII)
  Finn, Clifford C. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Naples, Samuel - DSC (Korea)
Cattaraugus County (B) Oviatt, Miles M. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Packard, Loron F. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Rounds, Lewis A. - MOH (Civil War)
Cazenovia Lieurance, Howard R. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Cedarhurst, Long Island Ketcham, William T., Jr. - NC (WWII)
  Mitchell, John E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Nuzzolo, Fiorentino - DSC (WWI)
  Omark, Warren Roderick - NC (WWII)
  Rorer, George A., Jr. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Centerville (B) Sage, William Hampden - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
Chateaugay (B) Rounds, Charles D. - DSC (WWI)
Chatham Brown, Frank Melville - DSC (WWII)
  Clark, Harrison - MOH (Civil War)
Chautauqua County Daley, Wilman T. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Miller, Kermit C. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Ritso, John C. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Young, James Marvin - MOH (Civil War)
Chazy (B) Moffitt, John Henry - MOH (Civil War)
Cheektowago (B) Andres, John, Jr. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Chenago County (B) Cole, Gabriel - MOH (Civil War)
Cherry Creek Wiser, Milard H. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Chili (B) Sova, Joseph E. - MOH (Civil War)
Churchville Adams, Robert H. - DSC (WWII)
  Caddle, James - DSC (WWI)
Cicero (B) Everson, Adelbert - MOH (Civil War)
Circleville (B) Polley, Britton - DSC (WWI)
Clayton (B) Lonsway, Joseph - MOH (Civil War)
Clayville Jones, Harris - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Messanelli, Ray A. - DSC (WWI)
Clinton (B) Denig, Robert L. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Clintonville (B) Dockum, Warren C. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Locke, Lewis - MOH (Civil War)
Clyde Forster, Harold R. - DSC (WWI)
  Wambsgan, Martin - MOH (Civil War)
Clymer (B) Houlton, William M. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Manwaring, Clyde F. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Cobleskill Van Schaick, Louis Joseph - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
  (B) Karker, Jack (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Vosburgh, Fred - DSC (WWI)
Cochecton (B) Watson, James C. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Coeymans (B) Swap, Jacob E. - MOH (Civil War)
Cohoes Kelly, Francis A. - DSC (WWI)
  Kolonoczyk, Wasyl - 2 DSCs (WWI)
  Murphy, Michael S. - DSC (WWI)
  O’Donovan, James J. - DSC (WWII)
  Ruane, Edward T. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Geer, Frederick W. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Johnston, Hamilton - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Leonard, Joseph H. AKA: Joseph Melvin - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
  (B) Nagazyna, John James - NC (WWI), DSC (WWI), NC (WWII)
  (B) Sill, Frederick D. - DSC (WWI)
Cold Spring Casey, George A. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  De Rham, Charles, Jr. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Colesville (B) Hechtl, Albert Louis - DSC (WWI)
Collins Center Mackmer, Herbert W. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Colonie Savitsky, Anthony - DSC (WWI)
Colony (B) Voigt, Ralph L. - DSC (WWI)
Columbia County (B) Blunt, John W. - MOH (Civil War)
Concord (B) Young, Arthur J. - DSC (WWI)
Conewango (B) Hills, William Giles - MOH (Civil War)
Conklin (B) Cummings, Amos Jay - MOH (Civil War)
Conquest (B) Barrell, Charles L. - MOH (Civil War)
Cooperstown Gustafson, Charles - DSC (WWI)
  Light, Lavern - DSC (WWI)
Corning Douglas, Clark Robert (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Payne, Frederick Roundville, Jr. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Carder, Cyril (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Cornwall Boyce, George W. G. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  McGough, Owen - MOH (Civil War)
Cornwall-on-Hudson Britt, Charles - DSC (WWI)
Corona Lambert, James V. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Cortland Hanford, Edward R. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Humphrey, Charles Frederic - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Maher, James Edward - NC (WWII)
Cortland County Knickerbocker, Malcolm M. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Croton (B) Byington, Russell P. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Croton Falls (B) Buckley, Howard Major - MOH (Philippine Insurrection)
Cuba Packard, Loron F. - MOH (Civil War)
Dansville Ranney, Myron H. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Bradley, Amos - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Lorish, Andrew J. - MOH (Civil War)
Danube (B) Sickles, William H. - MOH (Civil War)
Darien (B) Cross, James Edwin - MOH (Civil War)
Darien Center Coyle, Edward A. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
De Peyster (B) Curtis, Newton Martin - MOH (Civil War)
DeKalb Wells, Thomas McCoy - MOH (Civil War)
DePeyster Curtis, Newton Martin - MOH (Civil War)
Deposit Amendola, Willet Rankin (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
Derby Duncan, Edward A. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Pierce, Edward P. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
DeWitt McGraw, Joseph D. - NC (WWII)
Dobbs Ferry Meyer, Henry Coddington - MOH (Civil War)
Dover Plains Feathers, Earl H. - DSC (WWI)
Dundee (B) Lutes, Franklin W. - MOH (Civil War)
Dunkink (B) Niemiec, Walter J. - NC (WWII)
Dunkirk Horan, Thomas - MOH (Civil War)
  Wincenciak, William - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  (B) Forster, Harold R. - DSC (WWI)
Dunkirk County (B) Cosgriff, Richard H. - MOH (Civil War)
Dutchess County Grimes, William H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Baxter, William V. - DSC (WWI)
East Aurora Holdredge, Willard B. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  (B) Wallis, James E., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
East Bloomfield Norton, Robert William - DSC (WWI)
East Brooklyn (B) Irving, John - MOH (Civil War)
East Elmhurst Sanders, Thomas (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
East Irvington Murphy, Frank P. - DSC (WWI)
East Meadow (B) Ryan, Howard (KIA)  - NC (Korea)
East Randolph Hills, William Giles - MOH (Civil War)
  Lyman, Joel H. - MOH (Civil War)
East Rochester Lalopa, Frank (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Ebenezer Schoch, Edwin Foresman - NC (WWII)
Eggertsville Kincaid, John O., Jr. - NC (WWII)
  Sheedy, Daniel Crysdale - NC (WWII)
Elizabethtown Merrill, Jesse Herbert - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Calkin, Ivers S. - MOH (Civil War)
Ellenville (B) Purcell, Robert E. - DSC (WWI)
Ellicott Brown, Henry Le Fevre - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Young, James Marvin - MOH (Civil War)
Elmhurst Callahan, William - DSC (WWI)
  Cathcart, Wilbur - DSC (WWI)
  Lutz, Eugene L. - NC (Korea)
  Nubel, Herman - DSC (WWI)
Elmhurst, L.I. (B) Bole, John A., Jr. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Elmira Ackley, Francis - DSC (WWI)
  Beinlich, Harry F. - DSC (WWI)
  Cleveland, Charles Franklin - MOH (Civil War)
  Denny, John - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  Elliott, Charles G. - DSC (WWI)
  Fitzgerald, James - DSC (WWI)
  Hall, Henry Seymour - MOH (Civil War)
  Hart, George C. - DSC (WWI)
  Heim, Carl A. - DSC (WWI)
  Hogarty, William P. - MOH (Civil War)
  Kinsley, Wilbert E. - DSC (WWI)
  Kress, John Alexander - DSC (Indian Campaigns)
  Love, George Maltby - MOH (Civil War)
  Schubert, Martin - MOH (Civil War)
  Stanton, Charles, Jr. - DSC (WWI)
  Wantuck, John J. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Whitehead, Lewis E. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Casey, Charles J. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Flynn, Francis J. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  (B) Jardine, David F. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Lewis, Robert D. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Vieweg, Walter Victor Rudolph - NC (WWII)
  (B) Ward, John C. - DSC (WWI)
Endicott Sanford, Luman K. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Ephrata (B) Hapeman, Douglas - MOH (Civil War)
Erie Bater, Lawrence H. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Erie County Brown, Morris H., Jr. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Bowen, Elmer - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) French, Samuel S. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) McDonald, Robert - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Esopus Reilly, James Richmond (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
Essex County (B) Jarvis, Frederick - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Exeter (B) Light, Lavern - DSC (WWI)
Fairfield (B) Kretsinger, George - MOH (Civil War)
Fairport Madison, James - MOH (Civil War)
Falconer Mosher, Henry E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Far Rockaway (B) Neuberger, Harry H. - DSC (WWI)
Far Rockaway, Long Island (B) Robbins, Berton Aldrich, Jr. - NC (WWII)
Farmersville (B) Holmes, Lovilo N. - MOH (Civil War)
Farmingdale Enners, Raymond James (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Nelson, Lauritz - MOH (Spanish-American War)
Farmingdale, Long Island Delalio, Armond H. - NC (WWII)
Farmington (B) Barry, Edward W. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Fayette (B) Lautenslager, Earl W. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Flatbush (B) Morrison, Hugh J. V. - DSC (WWI)
Florida (B) Post, Philip Sidney - MOH (Civil War)
Flushing Beddows, Richard - MOH (Civil War)
  Eccles, Henry Effingham - NC (WWII)
  Ludwig, Carl - MOH (Civil War)
  Millar, Harold H., Jr. - NC (WWII)
  Robinson, Arthur A. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Rossbach, Valentine - MOH (Civil War)
  Starkins, John H. - MOH (Civil War)
  Thomas, Gerald Provost (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Hyde, John Milton - NC (WWII)
  (B) Lang, George Charles - MOH (Vietnam War)
  (B) Minton, Charles Armand (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Flushing, Long Island Hawkins, William S. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Momsen, Charles B. - NC (WWII)
Fluvannia (B) Brown, Clifford R. - DSC (WWI)
Forest Hills Bowles, Whitney (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Forestville Best, Frank E. - DSC (WWII)
Forks Andres, John, Jr. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Fort Ann Sartwell, Henry - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Archer, Lester (KIA)  - MOH (Civil War)
Fort Covington Thebert, William F. - DSC (WWI)
Fort Edward Shepard, Evan Tyler - 2 NCs (WWII)
Fort Hamilton Liteky, Charles James - MOH (Vietnam War)
  (B) Snow, William Arthur - DSC (WWI)
Fort Johnson Putman, Harry P. - DSC (WWI)
Fort Niagara (B) Harris, Charles D. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Fort Slocum Partridge, Earle Everard - DSC (Korea)
Four Corners Blunt, John W. - MOH (Civil War)
Frankfort (B) Olsen, Stanley R. - DSC (1916)
Franklin County Sweet, Richard A. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Franklinville (B) Ranney, Myron H. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Waring, William W. - DSC (WWI)
Freeport Cutler, Merritt D. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Daigneault, Donald A. - NC (Korea)
  Zweck, Charles Henry - DSC (WWII)
Fulton Deloto, Peter - DSC (WWI)
  Guinup, Earl M. - DSC (WWI)
  Leiboult, Edward N. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Preston, Noble Delance - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Barrett, Carlton William - MOH (WWII)
  (B) Donahoe, Frank C. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Thomson, Clifford - MOH (Civil War)
Fulton Chain McDowell, Winchester - DSC (1905)
Fulton County Foss, Clarence W. (KIA) - 2 DSCs (WWII)
  Lawrence, Louis E. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Galen (B) Romeyn, Henry - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Gallatin (B) Rockefeller, Charles Mortimer - MOH (Civil War)
Garden City, Long Island McKinny, John Blackhall - NC (WWII)
  Reynolds, Clearton H. - DSC (WWI)
  Turner, William Bradford (KIA) - MOH (WWI)
  Vance, Leon Robert (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Garfield (B) Heinzmann, Leo - DSC (Siberia)
Gasport Vandervoort, Benjamin H. - 2 DSCs (WWII)
Geddes Lutes, Franklin W. - MOH (Civil War)
Genesee Lautenslager, Earl W. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Geneva Bartlett, Murray - DSC (WWI)
  Brown, Morris (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
  Clark, Orrie A. - 2 DSCs (WWI)
  Van Dyne, John A. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Wall, Jerry C. - MOH (Civil War)
German Flats Gifford, Benjamin - MOH (Civil War)
Gerry (B) Schofield, John McAllister - MOH (Civil War)
Glen Cove Gribbin, Thomas A. - NC (WWII)
  Miller, Frank J. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Daly, Daniel Joseph - MOH (China), MOH (Haiti), NC (WWI), DSC (WWI)
  (B) Sheridan, Eugene - NC (WWII)
Glen Cove, Long Island (B) Daly, Daniel Joseph - MOH (China), MOH (Haiti), NC (WWI), DSC (WWI)
Glens Falls Beagle, Howard Eugene (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Joubert, James M. - DSC (WWI)
  Patterson, Robert Porter - DSC (WWI)
Gloversville Ingram, Lee H. - DSC (WWI)
  Martling, Harold N. - DSC (WWII)
  Rapport, George D. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Cleveland, Irving - NC (WWII)
Golden (B) Hilliker, Benjamin F. - MOH (Civil War)
Goshen Earl, Elmer - DSC (WWI)
Governors Island Tompkins, Frank - DSC (Mexican Border)
Gowanda Farnsworth, Herbert E. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Catlin, Albertus Wright - MOH (Mexican Campaign)
Granby Chandler, Stephen Edwin - MOH (Civil War)
Grand Island Deglopper, Charles N. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Grand Rapids Parks, Donald Lawrence (KIA) - NC (Korea)
Great Neck Dennelley, John Henry - DSC (WWI)
  Gumm, Howard F. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Micka, Edward (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  (B) Starkins, John H. - MOH (Civil War)
Green Cove Springs Geiger, Roy Stanley - NC (WWI), NC (WWII)
Greene County (B) Webber, Alason P. - MOH (Civil War)
Greenfield (B) Smith, George W. (KIA)  - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Greenwood (B) Davis, Newell B. - DSC (WWI)
Grosvenors Corners (B) Kenyon, John Snyders - MOH (Civil War)
Groton (B) Welch, Stephen - MOH (Civil War)
Groveland Kelly, Daniel Armer - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Goheen, Charles Arthur - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Kuder, Andrew - MOH (Civil War)
Hamburg Brown, Joel Andrew (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Carr, Eugene Asa - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Meyer, Henry Coddington - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Timm, Charles L. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Hamilton Riddell, Rudolph R. - MOH (Civil War)
Hammondsport (B) Brown, Morris (KIA)  - MOH (Civil War)
Harlem (B) Niven, Robert - MOH (Civil War)
Harrisburg Burk, Thomas - MOH (Civil War)
Harrison Borrelli, Charles T. - DSC (WWII)
Hartford (B) Cleveland, Charles Franklin - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Walling, William Henry - MOH (Civil War)
Hartsdale Bassett, Edgar R. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Hartwick Seminary Weeks, John Henry - MOH (Civil War)
Hastings (B) Murphy, Frank P. - DSC (WWI)
Haverstraw Donaldson, Michael Aloyisius - MOH (WWI)
  Smith, Richard - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Bennett, James Harvey - MOH (Spanish-American War)
Hempstead Daigneault, Donald A. - NC (Korea)
  Wilcox, Nicholas A. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Laing, William (KIA)  - MOH (Civil War)
Herkimer County Bleau, Kenneth (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Hermon Clarke, Dayton P. - MOH (Civil War)
Hibernia Knight, Paul R. - DSC (WWI)
High Falls (B) Charles, Joseph - DSC (WWI)
Highland Falls Timothy, James S. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Highland Mills (B) Newman, William Henry - MOH (Civil War)
Hobart Grant, Donald H. - DSC (WWI)
Hogansburg Brown, Joseph France - DSC (WWI)
Holland (B) Orr, Charles Alvin - MOH (Civil War)
Holland Patent Evans, Jerry Dewain (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Honeoye Bartlett, George W. - DSC (WWI)
Honeoye Falls Stevenson, Robert E. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Hoosick Falls Hamilton, James A. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Hope Falls (B) Ingram, Lee H. - DSC (WWI)
Hopkinton (B) Bruce, Thomas C. - NC (Nicaragua)
Hornell Davis, Newell B. - DSC (WWI)
  Peck, Archie A. - MOH (WWI)
  (B) O'Connor, Harry Grover - DSC (WWI)
Horseheads Bentley, Richard E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Horton (B) Horton, Harry H. - DSC (WWI)
Hudson Ershler, Arthur M. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Burns, John M. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Cunningham, Charles - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Van Buren, George - DSC (WWI)
Hudson Falls Meade, John F. - NC (Korea)
  Mix, Ralph B. - DSC (WWI)
Huletts Landing, Aiken, William L. - NC (WWII)
Hume (B) Fisher, Almond Edward - MOH (WWII)
Huntington Brush, George Washington - MOH (Civil War)
Hurleyville Currey, Francis Sherman "Frank" - MOH (WWII)
Ilion Hoerner, Helmuth Ernest - NC (WWII)
  Hosp, James - DSC (WWI)
  Robinton, Charles H. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Scheidleman, Cedric J. - NC (WWII)
Ira (B) Kenyon, Samuel P. - MOH (Civil War)
Irvington Laffan, John James - NC (WWII)
Islip Halton, William Timothy (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Ithaca Bregger, Thomas - DSC (WWI)
  Horton, Hardin F. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Beebe, William Sully - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Emerson, Willard Ingham - DSC (WWI)
Jamaica Brody, Allen (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Miller, Frank - MOH (Civil War)
  Nosarzewski, John - NC (WWII)
  Vedilago, Joseph (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Jamaica, Long Island Foley, Robert J. - 3 NCs (WWII)
  Perry, Lucas John - NC (WWII)
  Rindskopf, Maurice H. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Toy, Charles S. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Jamestown Brown, Samuel A., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
  Johnson, Oscar E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Michel, Edward A., Jr. - NC (WWII)
  Sandburg, Charles A. - DSC (WWI)
  Swanson, Clayton E. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Brown, Henry Le Fevre - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Dickinson, Dwight, Jr. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  (B) Underwood, Gordon Waite - 3 NCs (WWII)
Jamesville (B) Barnum, Henry Alanson - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Carey, James Lemuel - MOH (Civil War)
Jamiaca Foley, Robert J. - 3 NCs (WWII)
Jefferson Hovey, Howard Cleasby (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Jericho, Long Island Underhill, Samuel Jackson (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Johnson City (B) Peters, Lawrence David (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
Johnsonville Thackrah, Benjamin - MOH (Civil War)
Katonah Fowler, Robert L., III (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Keeseville Campbell, Frank McHugh - NC (WWII)
  (B) Rosio, William - DSC (WWI)
Kenmore Carter, David V. - NC (WWII)
  Wilcox, William Eidman, Jr. (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Kew Gardens, Long Island MacIsaac, Donald - DSC (WWI)
Kinderhook Deyoe, Warner S. - DSC (WWII)
  Heermance, William Laing - MOH (Civil War)
  Witkoski, Michael - DSC (WWI)
Kings Goldstein, Lawrence (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Kravitz, Leonard M. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  O'Donnell, Joseph T. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Weber, Gerhardt H. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Kings County Blanco, Luis (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Burzo, James A. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Carroll, Edward J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Cummings, Harry J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Dawson, Thomas J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Fowler, James G. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Ghents, Fred M. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Goldman, Herbert G. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Kalpakjian, Henry (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Kaplan, Louis (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Kolbert, Paul W. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  McGuire, Charles P. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Nothel, Henry V. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Osborne, William Lloyd (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Plante, Thomas E. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Silberberg, Emanuel R. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Stapleton, Charles D. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Trapani, Richard (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Kings Ferry (B) Avery, Howard Malcolm - NC (WWII)
Kingston Charles, Joseph - DSC (WWI)
  Dietz, Robert H. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  Peda, Robert Charles (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Voigt, Ralph L. - DSC (WWI)
  Volk, Joseph W. - DSC (WWI)
  Winkler, Robert - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Kearney, John J. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Lynk, Harry E. - DSC (WWI)
Lackawanna Walsh, William J. - DSC (WWI)
Lacona Hadley, Lee A. - DSC (WWI)
Lake George Caldwell, George W. - DSC (WWI)
Lake Mahopac Schwarzwaelder, Christian Allen - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Collins, Robert L. - DSC (WWI)
Lansingburg Morrison, John G. - MOH (Civil War)
Larchmont Wilbur, Thomas Whiteside - DSC (WWI)
Lawrence Harris, Morgan K. - DSC (WWI)
Lebanon Springs (B) Harris, Morgan K. - DSC (WWI)
Leon (B) Little, John A. - NC (Lake Denmark Fire, 1926)
LeRoy Township (B) Pay, Byron E. - MOH (Civil War)
Levittown Sanzone, Robert Benjamin (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Lewis County (B) Burk, Thomas - MOH (Civil War)
Lewiston Mackin, Elton Edward - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Liberty Collins, Thomas D. - MOH (Civil War)
  Simmons, John - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Finkle, Burr - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Hill, Edward - MOH (Civil War)
Lisbon (B) Sprowle, David - MOH (Civil War)
Little Falls Ough, Webster James - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Crowley, John J. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Little Neck, Long Island Terzi, Joseph Anthony (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Little Valley Little, John A. - NC (Lake Denmark Fire, 1926)
Livingston (B) Gardner, Robert J. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Morse, Benjamin - MOH (Civil War)
Livingstone (B) Stone, Elmer Fowler - NC (NC Flights-1919)
Loch Sheldrake (B) Currey, Francis Sherman "Frank" - MOH (WWII)
Lockport Berry, William - DSC (WWI)
  Campbell, Alexander - DSC (WWI)
  Carpenter, Frank B. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Dolan, Bernard Leo (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Grossi, Dominick J. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Higgins, William H. - DSC (WWI)
  Lanighan, Matthew S. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Brown, George Peter (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
  (B) George, Harold Huston - DSC (WWI)
  (B) King, Delancy - DSC (WWI)
Lodin (B) Paauwe, Martin J. - DSC (WWI)
Long Beach (B) Campbell, Frank McHugh - NC (WWII)
Long Island Allard, Robert V. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Pennoyer, Paul Geddes, Jr. - NC (WWII)
  Schaefer, Joseph Edward - MOH (WWII)
  (B) Craven, Howard - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Moskowitz, Herman - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Pattison, William Joseph (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
  (B) Pease, Joachim - MOH (Civil War)
Long Island City Burden, Edward F. - DSC (WWI)
  Gill, Raymond (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Hupman, Lockern - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Steiner, George C. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Walsh, Thomas F. - DSC (WWI)
Lowville Karker, Jack (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Ramage, Lawson Paterson "Red" - MOH (WWII), 2 NCs (WWII)
  (B) Moran, Russell - DSC (WWI)
Lyndonville (B) Vosler, Forrest Lee "Woody" - MOH (WWII)
Lyons Hill, James Samuel - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Ticconi, Leo A. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Macomb (B) Houghton, Charles H. - MOH (Civil War)
Madison Clinch, Willard L. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Smith, Wilson - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Preston, Noble Delance - MOH (Civil War)
Madison Barracks (B) Baldwin, Geoffrey Prescott - DSC (WWI)
Madison County Seitz, Bernard C. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Van Auken, Harry H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Malone Cayer, Ovila - MOH (Civil War)
  Crosbie, Samuel F. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Jennison, Charles Sumner - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Lacosse, Lawrence J. - DSC (WWI)
  Menard, Alexander (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Russell, Charles L. - MOH (Civil War)
  Short, Wallace Clark, Jr. - 3 NCs (WWII)
  (B) Tolan, Frank - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Mamaroneck Wilson, Fred T. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Scofield, David H. - MOH (Civil War)
Manchester Robinson, John J. - DSC (WWI)
Manhassett, Long Island Carroll, Wells Worth (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Everdell, Romeyn (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Overton, Edward White, Jr. - 2 NCs (WWII)
Manhattan (B) Fowler, Robert L., III (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
  (B) Hilsky, Robert Joseph - NC (WWII)
Mansfield (B) McKay, Charles W. - MOH (Civil War)
Marilla Kane, John - MOH (Civil War)
Mariners Harbor, Staten Island Zito, Dominick (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Marlboro (B) Merritt, Harry P. - DSC (WWI)
  Yeaple, James C. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Martville Lewis, Harry J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Marydale (B) Gardner, Elmer W. - DSC (WWI)
Maspeth (B) Kruger, Anthony J. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Lutz, Eugene L. - NC (Korea)
Mayville Anderson, Charles L. - DSC (WWI)
Mechanicsville Tabor, Ralph E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Mechanicville (B) Baxter, George K. - DSC (WWI)
Medina Clark, James Paul (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Reed, Raymond E. - DSC (WWI)
  Ward, Mahlon C. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Butts, John Edward (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
  (B) Carpenter, Frank B. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Meredith Township (B) Sears, Cyrus - MOH (Civil War)
Middle Granville (B) Willis, Edward (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Middleburgh Heim, Marcus - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Vrooman, Vernon A. - DSC (WWI)
Middlefield Davidson, Andrew - MOH (Civil War)
Middleport Bickford, Henry H. - MOH (Civil War)
Middlesex Hegerty, Thomas M. - NC (WWII)
Middletown Finkle, Burr - DSC (WWI)
  Hallock, Nathan Mullock - MOH (Civil War)
  McLaughlin, Edwin W. - DSC (WWI)
  Mills, Frank W. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Hartigan, Charles Conway - MOH (Mexican Campaign)
Milbrook (B) Ball, Ralph - DSC (WWI)
Millbrook Anderson, Alexander Louis - NC (WWII)
  Ball, Ralph - DSC (WWI)
  Davison, Thurlow Weed - NC (WWII)
Milo Wall, Jerry C. - MOH (Civil War)
Mina Skellie, Ebenezer - MOH (Civil War)
Minerville (B) Karrol, Joseph John (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Mohawk Bates, Delavan - MOH (Civil War)
  Crowley, John J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  West, Frank - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Monroe (B) Lane, Morgan D. - MOH (Civil War)
Monroe County (B) Birdsall, Horatio L. - MOH (Civil War)
Montezuma (B) McLoud, Paul - DSC (WWI)
Montgomery County Dilello, Lewis S. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Moreau Merrill, George - MOH (Civil War)
Moriah Wright, Raymond Richard "Buzzer" - MOH (Vietnam War)
Morris Park, Long Island (B) Reilly, Archibald F. - DSC (WWI)
Morristown (B) Johnston, William "Willie" - MOH (Civil War)
Motterville (B) Cullen, Fred E. - DSC (WWI)
Mount Hope (B) Hallock, Nathan Mullock - MOH (Civil War)
Mount Kisco DuBois, Russell L. - DSC (WWI)
Mount Morris Winegar, William W. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Dalrymple, Theron E. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Mount Vernon Collins, Peter, Jr. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Dietrich, William F. - NC (WWII)
  Holly, George W. - DSC (WWI)
  Kaiser, Jerome - NC (WWII)
  Kenyon, Henry Russell, Jr. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Levine, Abel J. - DSC (WWI)
  Mulligan, James J. - DSC (WWI)
  Murray, Kenneth P. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Myers, Oscar B. - DSC (WWI)
  Van Yorx, Victor - DSC (WWI)
  (B) MacCracken, William B., II - NC (WWII)
Mt. Kisco White, Philip R. - NC (WWII)
Mt. Vernon (B) Dale, John Russell - NC (WWII)
  (B) Neiman, Robert Morton - NC (WWII)
Mumford McKeon, John F., Jr. - DSC (WWII)
Nanticoke Springs (B) Cadwell, Luman Lewis - MOH (Civil War)
Napanoch (B) Shoup, Curtis F. (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
Nassau Kopsick, Albert R. - DSC (Korea)
Nassau County Cox, Shirley G. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Wagner, Howard O. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Naussau Sands, James E. - NC (WWII)
Neversink Flats (B) Collins, Thomas D. - MOH (Civil War)
New Brighton Vosburgh, Philip De M. - DSC (WWI)
New Hudson (B) Swift, Harlan J. - MOH (Civil War)
New Hyde Park, Long Island (B) Edgar, Fred W. - DSC (WWI)
New Paltz Morgan, George H. - DSC (WWII)
New Rochelle Eddy, William A. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Finn, John J. - DSC (WWI)
  Foster, Hamilton K. - DSC (WWI)
  Krause, Joseph - DSC (WWI)
  Murray, Samuel J. - DSC (WWII)
  Porter, Charles Pullman - 2 DSCs (WWI)
  Thomas, Carr M. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Grassi, Everett B. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
  (B) Hilldring, John H. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Moran, Martin - NC (WWII)

New York City


Name and Award Details
New York Mills Szczepanik, Joseph A. - DSC (WWI)
Newburgh Benjamin, John Francis - MOH (Civil War)
  Bohan, William J. - DSC (WWI)
  Brewer, William John - MOH (Civil War)
  Dickey, William Donaldson - MOH (Civil War)
  Dillon, Edward J. - NC (WWII)
  Freeman, Archibald - MOH (Civil War)
  Galloway, Judson Paul (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  McHenry, William Stewart (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Newfield (B) Johnson, Wallace W. - MOH (Civil War)
Niagara Hardy, John R. - DSC (Korea)
  (B) Madison, James - MOH (Civil War)
Niagara County (B) Huskey, Michael - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) McFall, Daniel Robert - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Smith, Alonzo - MOH (Civil War)
Niagara Falls Curtis, Robert C. - DSC (WWII)
  Di Pasquale, Fortunato (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Gaffney, Frank J. - MOH (WWI)
  George, Harold Huston - DSC (WWI)
  Matter, Peter - DSC (WWI)
  Percy, William J. - DSC (WWI)
  Shea, William A. - DSC (WWI)
  Ticconi, Leo A. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  (B) Arison, Rae Emmett - NC (WWII)
  (B) Bobo, John Paul (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
  (B) Cox, George Emerson, Jr. - NC (WWII), DSC (WWII)
  (B) Kirby, Dennis Thomas - MOH (Civil War)
  Yanchulis, Martin - DSC (WWI)
Niles (B) Love, Charles J. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Norfolk (B) Hill, Guy H. - DSC (WWI)
North Rose Powell, Nolan LaVern - DSC (WWII)
North Tonawanda Barron, William Lawrence (KIA) - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  La Ford, Russell E. - DSC (WWI)
Norwich Eaton, Warren Edwin - DSC (WWI)
  Hartigan, Charles Conway - MOH (Mexican Campaign)
  Holmes, Harvey H. - DSC (WWI)
  Hultzen, Lee S. - DSC (WWI)
Norwood Lee, James A. - DSC (WWI)
  Sullivan, Grover C. - DSC (WWI)
Novemburg (B) Slater, Norman C. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Nunda Bowen, Chester Bennett - MOH (Civil War)
  Carter, John Joice - MOH (Civil War)
Nyack (B) Georgi, William F. - DSC (Korea)
  (B) Peterson, William Edgar, Jr. - NC (WWII)
Ogdensburg Bailey, George W. - DSC (WWI)
  Coleman, Edward James (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Houghton, Charles H. - MOH (Civil War)
  Johnson, Follett - MOH (Civil War)
  Mastine, Joseph - DSC (WWI)
  Sholette, Edgar M. - DSC (WWI)
  Valente, Michael - MOH (WWI)
  (B) Blair, Leon Nelson - NC (WWII)
  (B) Chapin, Alaric B. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Moscow, Lonnie J. - DSC (WWI)
Olean Henry, Daniel Benedict (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
  Norton, Henry M. - DSC (WWI)
  Parissi, Guiseppe - DSC (WWI)
Oneida McCann, Russell J. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  (B) Kenyon, Charles W. - MOH (Civil War)
Oneida County Shorey, Warren H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Lohnes, Frank W. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Oneonta Westfall, Albert C. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Shumway, DeWitt Wood - 2 NCs (WWII)
Onondaga Ivison, Robert Donald (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Knaus, Robert P. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Nesci, Joseph A. - DSC (Korea)
  Smyth, William R. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
Onondaga County McCormick, John B. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Ontario County (B) Norton, John R. - MOH (Civil War)
Orange Co (B) Benjamin, John Francis - MOH (Civil War)
Orange County Coleman, Wilson Dudley (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Dohs, Francis H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Schild, William C. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Thompkins, George W. - MOH (Civil War)
Orangeville Parks, Henry Jeremiah - MOH (Civil War)
Ossining Byington, Russell P. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Corsetti, John (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Rowe, George - DSC (WWI)
Oswego Campbell, James E. - DSC (WWI)
  Catlin, Isaac Swartwood - MOH (Civil War)
  Coey, James - MOH (Civil War)
  Hatch, John Porter - MOH (Civil War)
  Huffstater, Leon David (KIA) - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  Spataro, Dominico - DSC (WWI)
  Tribe, John - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Adriance, Harry Chapman - MOH (China Relief)
  (B) Bancroft, Neil - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  (B) Kitts, Willard A., III - NC (WWII)
  (B) Oliver, Clarence R. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Plant, Henry E. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Riley, Charles R. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Walker, Mary Edwards - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Williams, Leroy - MOH (Civil War)
Oswego County Hawthorne, Harris Smith - MOH (Civil War)
  Restuccia, John (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Owego Tracy, Benjamin Franklin - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Catlin, Isaac Swartwood - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Stout, Richard - MOH (Civil War)
Oyster Bay, Long Island Roosevelt, Theodore, Jr. (KIA) - MOH (WWII), DSC (WWI)
Ozone Park, Queens Berg, Adam William - NC (WWII)
Painted Post (B) Munsell, Harvey May - MOH (Civil War)
Palatine (B) Neahr, Zachariah C. - MOH (Civil War)
Palermo (B) Leiboult, Edward N. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Palmer (B) Menter, John William - MOH (Civil War)
Palmyra Barry, Edward W. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Cook, Raymond B. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Pamelia Chapin, Alaric B. - MOH (Civil War)
Panama Brown, Clifford R. - DSC (WWI)
Paris (B) Wilcox, Franklin L. - MOH (Civil War)
Parish Menter, Linus H. - DSC (WWI)
Parishville (B) Dolloff, Charles W. - MOH (Civil War)
Patchogue Kaler, Richard David (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
  Kruger, Anthony J. - DSC (WWI)
  Swezey, Louis H. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Pavillion (B) Hansen, Leslie E. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
  (B) Hansen, Paul L. - NC (WWII)
Pearl River Secor, John H. - DSC (WWI)
Peekskill (B) Lee, James A. - DSC (WWI)
Pelham Muir, Kenneth H. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Rhodes, Ralph L. A. - NC (WWII)
Pelham Manor Campbell, Clarence George, Jr. - NC (WWII)
Pen Yan (B) Johnston, Edward - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Penfield Raymond, William H. - MOH (Civil War)
Penn Yan Randall, Samuel J. - DSC (WWI)
  Shipley, Robert F. - MOH (Civil War)
Perrysburg (B) Farnsworth, Herbert E. - MOH (Civil War)
Phelps Van Winkle, Edward (Edwin) Parsons - MOH (Civil War)
  Wells, Henry S. (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Clark, Orrie A. - 2 DSCs (WWI)
Pine Plains (B) Britt, Charles - DSC (WWI)
Plainview (B) Delalio, Armond H. - NC (WWII)
Plandome, Long Island Shanley, James V. (KIA) - 2 NCs (WWII)
  Vincent, James Kiernan (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Plattsburg (B) Chamberlain, Israel J. - DSC (WWI)
Plattsburgh Archer, Lester (KIA) - MOH (Civil War)
  Dockum, Warren C. - MOH (Civil War)
  Fournia, Frank Ottis - MOH (Spanish-American War)
  Hall, Francis Bloodgood - MOH (Civil War)
  Hickey, Dennis William - MOH (Civil War)
  Hill, Guy H. - DSC (WWI)
  Moffitt, John Henry - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Hill, John Gillespie - DSC (Korea)
Pompey Potter, Norman F. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Clapp, Albert Adams - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Wheaton, Homer J. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Port Chester Stearns, Robert Lloyd (KIA) - 2 NCs (WWII)
  (B) Smith, Douglas Elwin (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Port Henry Burt, Byron T., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Rancourt, John I. - DSC (WWI)
Port Jervis Allee, Richard Kenneth (KIA) - AFC (Vietnam)
  Newman, William Henry - MOH (Civil War)
  Norris, William C. - AFC (Vietnam)
  Thompkins, George W. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Van Etten, Hudson - MOH (Spanish-American War)
Port Richmond, Staten Island Robb, James William, Jr. - NC (WWII)
Port Washington Shawcross, William Henley - NC (WWII)
Port Washington, Long Island McCulloch, David H. - NC (NC Flights-1919)
Potsdam Allen, James - MOH (Civil War)
  Gilmore, John Curtis - MOH (Civil War)
Potter (B) Holton, Charles Maynard - MOH (Civil War)
Poughkeepsie Carner, George W. - DSC (Philippines)
  Hickok, Charles H., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
  Jackson, Percival W. - NC (WWII)
  Morrison, Hugh J. V. - DSC (WWI)
  Rooney, Edward - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  Treadwell, Alvin H. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Bartlett, Murray - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Crapser, Stuart Ethelward - NC (WWII)
  (B) Garrison, James R. - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Taylor, Ewing M. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Welch, Michael - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Poughquag Lane, Leslie M. - DSC (WWI)
Putnam County (B) Brewer, William John - MOH (Civil War)
Quaker Hill (B) Toffey, John James - MOH (Civil War)
Queens Altomerianos, Paul (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Canant, Ermer O. - DSC (Korea)
  Hilsky, Robert Joseph - NC (WWII)
  Matwizyck, Frank J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Mullins, Thornton L. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Nietzel, Alfred B. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Salvemini, Dominick J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Sarcona, Joseph - DSC (WWII)
  Stannard, Edward L. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Thurston, William (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Queens County Frank, Abe (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Keszthelyi, Tibor K. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Queens Village Lorence, Herbert M. - NC (Korea)
Queens Village, Long Island Greene, Eugene Allen (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Queensberry (B) Merrill, George - MOH (Civil War)
Queensbury Johndro, Franklin - MOH (Civil War)
Randalls Island Lisa, James R. - DSC (WWI)
Randolph Marsh, Albert - MOH (Civil War)
Ransomville Tower, Everett L. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Bradley, Willis Winter - MOH (WWI)
Reading (B) Smalley, Reuben - MOH (Civil War)
Red Hook Baxter, William V. - DSC (WWI)
Rensselaer Blume, Leo H. - DSC (WWI)
  Horan, Roger J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Kehoe, John W. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Wornham, Thomas A. - NC (WWII)
Rensselaer County Smith, Preston R. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Larrabee, James W. - MOH (Civil War)
Richland (B) Huffstater, Leon David (KIA)  - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Richmond County Valentino, Nicholas F. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Richmond Hill (B) Donaldson, James Howland - 2 DSCs (WWI)
Richmond Hill, Long Island Coward, Jesse Grant - 2 NCs (WWII)
  Donaldson, James Howland - 2 DSCs (WWI)
  Gilchrist, Edward J. - DSC (WWI)
  Jermann, Theodore Leo - NC (U.S.S. Salinas Incident, 1941)
  Mackert, Henry D., Jr. (KIA) - NC (Lake Denmark Fire, 1926)
  Reilly, Archibald F. - DSC (WWI)
  Stephan, Charles Robert - NC (WWII)
Richmond, Long Island Woodward, Richard Fuller (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Ridgeway (B) Reed, Raymond E. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Ward, Mahlon C. - DSC (WWI)
Riga Bruton, Christopher C. - MOH (Civil War)
Riverdale Wiltsie, Irving D. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Riverdale-on-Hudson Potter, William Clarkson - DSC (WWI)


Barnard, Richard George (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Baume, John - DSC (WWI)
Brown, George Peter (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Case, Archibald B. - DSC (WWI)
Cellar, Chester M. - DSC (WWI)
Chontosh, Brian R. - NC (War on Terror)
Conlon, James C. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Crowley, Michael - MOH (Civil War)
Curtis, Edward P. - DSC (WWI)
Dale, John Russell - NC (WWII)
Dalrymple, Theron E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Dodds, Edward Edwin - MOH (Civil War)
Doyle, Robert William (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Frank, George Percy - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Gage, George H. - DSC (WWI)
Goheen, Charles Arthur - MOH (Civil War)
Hargrave, Thomas J. - DSC (WWI)
Harris, Charles D. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Harvey, Harry - MOH (Civil War)
Higginson, William Paul (KIA) - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Johnston, Thomas Peet J. - NC (WWII)
Kuder, Andrew - MOH (Civil War)
McAnn, Donald Roy (KIA) - NC (WWII)
McKee, George - MOH (Civil War)
Miller, John - MOH (Civil War)
Niven, Robert - MOH (Civil War)
Powell, Robert Francis - NC (WWII)
Randles, Harold J. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Semple, Frank J. - DSC (WWI)
Shepard, Andrew Gilbert - NC (WWII)
Sova, Joseph E. - MOH (Civil War)
Stewart, David B., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
Taylor, William J. R. - DSC (WWI)
Van Morrelgem, Frank (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Vigilettre, Michael (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Vosler, Forrest Lee "Woody" - MOH (WWII)
Weber, John Frederick - NC (WWII)
Woerner, John Joseph (KIA) - NC (WWII)
(B) Barker, Mandeville J., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Bartlett, George W. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Bascom, Robert - DSC (WWI)
(B) Beikirch, Gary Burnell - MOH (Vietnam War)
(B) Brown, James - MOH (Civil War)
(B) Broxup, John (KIA)  - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
(B) Drew, Charles W. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Enright, Harold W. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Jacobson, Douglas Thomas - MOH (WWII)
(B) Jones, William - DSC (WWI)
(B) Lann, John S. - MOH (Civil War)
(B) Lewis, Harry J. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) Mitchell, Edward J. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Moore, Frederick P., Jr. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
(B) O'Donoghue, Timothy - MOH (Civil War)
(B) Perkins, William Thomas (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
(B) Pierce, Francis E. - NC (Nicaragua)
(B) Sidman, George Dallas - MOH (Civil War)
(B) Warner, Donald D. - DSC (WWI)
City/County Name and Award Details
Rochester Junction, Mendon Clayman, Donald C. - DSC (WWII)
Rockaway Gaynier, Charles E. - DSC (WWI)
Rockaway Beach Frank, Emanuel - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Neefus, James L. - NC (WWII)
Rockland Faldermeyer, Harold John (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Rockland County Harty, Willard (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Wilson, Russell A. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Rockville Center (B) Carty, James F. - DSC (WWI)
Rockwell Springs Herrick, Lester - DSC (WWI)
  Rockwell, John C. - DSC (WWI)
  Rockwell, William F. - DSC (WWI)
Rome Jenkins, Weston C. - DSC (WWI)
  Sessions, Harry V. - DSC (WWI)
  Smith, Edward L., Jr. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Traynor, Andrew - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Butts, George - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Fournia, Frank Ottis - MOH (Spanish-American War)
Rosebank Schick, Fred - DSC (WWI)
Rosendale (B) Hynes, Thomas J. - DSC (WWI)
Rouses Point (B) Costello, John - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
  (B) Roberts, James H. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Rushville Fleishman, Ward D. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Hart, William E. - MOH (Civil War)
Russell (B) Rutherford, John T. - MOH (Civil War)
Rutherford (B) Vernam, Remington D. B. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Rye McLoughlin, Comerford - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Fellner, Irving Stanislaus - NC (WWII)
  (B) Gowan, William Henry - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
Sackets Harbor Lonsway, Joseph - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Eldridge, George H. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Sag Harbor Collins, James H. - DSC (WWI)
  Tabara, Wladyslaw - DSC (WWI)
Sakets Harbor (B) Wyke, Godfred N. - DSC (WWI)
Salamanca (B) Bateman, Henry - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Wiser, Milard H. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Salem Clark, Francis J. - MOH (WWII)
  (B) Hawthorne, Harris Smith - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Hooker, George White - MOH (Civil War)
Salina Everson, Adelbert - MOH (Civil War)
Sandy Creek Thompson, Allen - MOH (Civil War)
  Thompson, James Granville - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Hadley, Cornelius Minor - MOH (Civil War)
Sangerfield Edwards, David - MOH (Civil War)
Saranac Lake (B) Eggers, Alan Louis - MOH (WWI)
Saratoga (B) Farrell, Edward - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Rindeau, Arthur J. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Saratoga Springs Lee, Everett D. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Eddy, Ian C. - NC (WWII)
Satina (B) Sprague, Benona - MOH (Civil War)
Saugerties (B) Donlon, Roger Hugh Charles - MOH (Vietnam War)
  (B) Ershler, Arthur M. - NC (WWII)
Sayville (B) Bigoney, Philip W. - DSC (WWI)
Scarsdale Abel, Brent Maxwell - NC (WWII)
  Eaton, Frederick C., Jr. - DSC (WWII)
  Kenny, Frank H., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
  Theobald, Robert A. - NC (WWII)
Schaghticoke Cox, Edward J. - DSC (WWI)
  Weber, George A. - NC (WWII)
Schenectady Eberle, William F. - DSC (WWII)
  Hall, Ramon L. - DSC (WWI)
  Marciniak, John - DSC (WWI)
  Olsen, Stanley R. - DSC (1916)
  Peale, James Nixon, Jr. - DSC (WWII)
  Poling, Clark V. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Van Oostenbrugge, Horace B. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Carter, Bruce Wayne (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
  (B) Gibson, Herbert D. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Howe, William J. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Kelley, Leverett Mansfield - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Larson, James A. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Parks, George - MOH (Civil War)
Schenectady County Mott, Robert W. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Schenevus Kenyon, John Snyders - MOH (Civil War)
Schodack McEnroe, Patrick H. - MOH (Civil War)
Schoharie Cleveland, Irving - NC (WWII)
Schoharie County (B) Bates, Delavan - MOH (Civil War)
Scott Greene, Oliver Duff - MOH (Civil War)
  Norton, Llewellyn Powell - MOH (Civil War)
Scottsville (B) McIntyre, William M. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Seaford Sell, Herman M. - DSC (WWI)
Seneca Falls Compson, Hartwell B. - MOH (Civil War)
  Curran, Richard J. - MOH (Civil War)
  Fyfe, John K. - NC (WWII)
  Garnsey, Cyrus, III - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Van Dyne, John A. - DSC (WWI)
Shaghticoke (B) Cox, Edward J. - DSC (WWI)
Sharon Springs (B) Gardner, Alfred W. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Sheepshead Bay (B) MacGregor, Edgar John, III - NC (WWII)
Shelby Center (B) Kates, Thomas Wilbur - MOH (China Relief)
Sidney Carlson, Evans Fordyce - NC (Nicaragua), 2 NCs (WWII)
Skaneateles Crosier, William Henry Harrison - MOH (Civil War)
  Cullen, Fred E. - DSC (WWI)
  Wainwright, Jonathan Mayhew - MOH (WWII), DSC (WWII)
  (B) Shepard, Irwin - MOH (Civil War)
Slaterville Springs Willard, Henry W. - DSC (WWI)
Smithtown (B) Nooy, Cornelius Nicholas - 3 NCs (WWII)
Smithtown Branch Schechter, Irving - NC (WWII)
Smithtown Brancy (B) Schechter, Irving - NC (WWII)
Sodus Tack, Abraham T. - DSC (WWI)
Solvay (B) Warren, Robert F. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Somerset (B) Whitcomb, Cecil B. - DSC (WWI), DSC (WWII)
South Ozone Colyer, Wilbur E. (KIA) - MOH (WWI)
South Ozone Park Storz, Ronald Edward (KIA) - AFC (Vietnam)
Springport (B) Winegar, William W. - MOH (Civil War)
Springville Rhodes, Julius Dexter - MOH (Civil War)
St. Albans (B) Bahring, Raymond W. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
  (B) Clausen, Claus Kristian Randolph - MOH (Spanish-American War)
St. George, Staten Island Surdez, Louis - DSC (WWI)
St. James, Long Island Nooy, Cornelius Nicholas - 3 NCs (WWII)
Standish Vosburgh, Fred - DSC (WWI)
Stapleton Dunne, Thomas J. - DSC (WWI)
  Tappen, James J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Stapleton, Long Island (B) Schick, Fred - DSC (WWI)
Staten Island Byrns, Robert A. - DSC (WWI)
  Capodanno, Vincent Robert (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
  Conroy, Thomas Joseph - NC (WWII)
  Cornell, Wallace Gordon - NC (WWII)
  Greig, Theodore W. - MOH (Civil War)
  Horenburger, Carl Herman - NC (WWII)
  Keele, Joseph - MOH (Civil War)
  Luloff, Zalme - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
  McNamara, John P. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Merrell, Joseph Frederick (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  Mortensen, Fred - DSC (WWII)
  Thomas, Robert Francis - NC (WWII)
  (B) Benfold, Edward Clyde "Ted" (KIA)  - MOH (Korean War)
  (B) Fair, Harold I. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Oakley, Thomas B., Jr. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
  (B) Robb, James William, Jr. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Rover, Harry J. - DSC (WWI)
Stillwater (B) Ladue, Ralph E. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Tabor, Ralph E. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Stockholm (B) Webster, Henry S. - MOH (Civil War)
Stockton Putnam, Edgar Pierpont - MOH (Civil War)
Stony Point Brown, Richard Charles (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Stottville (B) Humphrey, Ray H. - DSC (WWI)
Stuyvesant Falls (B) Witkoski, Michael - DSC (WWI)
Suffolk Zackman, Louis H. - DSC (Korea)
Suffolk County Guest, William M. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Sanford, James T. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Zalewski, Frank C. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)


Barnum, Henry Alanson - MOH (Civil War)
Barrigar, Francis B. - NC (WWII)
Beebe, David C. - DSC (WWI)
Bernier, Oliver D. - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
Borst, Ralph P. - DSC (WWI)
Carey, James Lemuel - MOH (Civil War)
Case, Leo B. - NC (WWII)
Conklin, Mathew E. - DSC (WWI)
Cristofaro, Vittorio - DSC (WWI)
Dupre, Harold J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Goettel, Philip - MOH (Civil War)
Hawkinson, Howard E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Kane, Charles J. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Kappesser, Peter - MOH (Civil War)
Kiggins, John - MOH (Civil War)
Kincaid, James Leslie - DSC (WWI)
Klapetzky, Joseph W. - DSC (WWI)
Klein, Max - DSC (China)
Kline, Harry - MOH (Civil War)
Krause, William H. - DSC (WWI)
McDermott, Cleveland W. - DSC (WWI)
Odin, Arthur S. - DSC (Philippines)
Quiri, Robert (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Selleck, Harold B. - DSC (WWII)
Shumway, DeWitt Wood - 2 NCs (WWII)
Smith, Fred E. - DSC (WWI)
Steinaker, Donald B. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Stone, Lester Raymond (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Thompson, George Washington - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Tickner, Arthur J. - DSC (WWI)
Warren, Robert F. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
(B) Binning, Edward G. - NC (WWII)
(B) Duell, Holland S. - DSC (WWI)
(B) Groff, John - DSC (WWI), NC (WWI)
(B) Holdredge, Willard B. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) Johnston, Thomas Peet J. - NC (WWII)
(B) Kincaid, James Leslie - DSC (WWI)
(B) Maroney, William - DSC (WWI)
(B) Massey, Lance Edward (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
(B) McCard, Robert Howard (KIA)  - MOH (WWII)
(B) McConnell, James B. (KIA)  - MOH (Philippines), DSC (WWI)
(B) McHugh, John - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
(B) Perry, Frank Chase - 2 NCs (WWII)
(B) Tracy, William Gardner - MOH (Civil War)
(B) Wainwright, John - MOH (Civil War)
(B) West, Douglas Halling - NC (WWII)


Name and Award Details
Tanerdale (B) Budd, John O. - DSC (WWI)
Tarrytown (B) Quinn, James H. - DSC (WWI)
Thiells Ferguson, Harold (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Thompkinsville Schulz, Frank - DSC (WWI)
Thompson Towne, Eugene W. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Thompsonville (B) Naylor, David Johnson - MOH (Civil War)
Throop Stryker, Robert Francis (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
Ticonderoga (B) Joubert, James M. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Merrill, Jesse Herbert - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Sartwell, Henry - MOH (Civil War)
Tioga County (B) Tribe, John - MOH (Civil War)
Tompkins Corners (B) Tompkins, Harrison - DSC (WWI)
Tompkins County King, Reynold J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Tonawanda Bothwell, Eugene - DSC (WWI)
Tottenville Beauvais, Walter U. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Troy Baker, Thomas Alexander (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  Bell, James - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  Brownell, Francis Edwin - MOH (Civil War)
  Burk, E. Michael - MOH (Civil War)
  Burk, Walter S. - DSC (WWI)
  Cadwell, Luman Lewis - MOH (Civil War)
  Cain, James S. - DSC (WWI)
  Caswell, George D. - DSC (WWI)
  Farrell, Thomas F. - DSC (WWI)
  Florian, Paul A., Jr. - DSC (WWI)
  Freeman, William Henry - MOH (Civil War)
  Hull, Alason J. - DSC (WWI)
  Johnston, Hamilton - DSC (WWI)
  Meharg, John R. - NC (WWII)
  O'Brien, William Joseph (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
  Schermerhorn, Charles Earl - DSC (WWI)
  Thompson, Francis H. - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Carter, John Joice - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Guenette, Peter Mathew (KIA)  - MOH (Vietnam War)
  (B) Hamilton, Lloyd A. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Heim, Carl A. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Hickey, Dennis William - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) McKeogh, Arthur F. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Van Oostenbrugge, Horace B. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Varnum, Charles Albert - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Trumansburg Bouton, Arthur E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Tuckahoe Franklenfeld, Charles - DSC (Siberia)
  Merritt, Henry C. - DSC (WWI)
  Morton, Dudley W. (KIA) - 4 NCs (WWII), DSC (WWII)
Tuxedo Park (B) Hamilton, Pierpont Morgan - MOH (WWII)
  (B) Pyne, Percy Rivington - DSC (WWI)
Tyrone (B) Peck, Archie A. - MOH (WWI)
Ulster (B) Mills, Charles - MOH (Civil War)
Ulster County (B) McKnight, William - MOH (Civil War)
Ulysses (B) Pierson, Elvin L. - DSC (WWI)
Union Humphrey, Ray H. - DSC (WWI)
USMA (B) Huse, Henry McLaren Pinckney - MOH (Mexican Campaign)
Utica Adrean, Charles H. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Bean, Francis A. - DSC (WWI)
  Borawski, Walter Carl (KIA) - NC (Korea)
  Chase, Francis T., Jr. - DSC (WWII)
  Delia, Carmen - NC (WWII)
  Denisowski, Stanley George (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Gilbert, Francis W. - DSC (WWI)
  Gillotti, Angelo J. - DSC (WWI)
  Grindlay, James G. - MOH (Civil War)
  Keene, Joseph - MOH (Civil War)
  Long, Oscar Fitzalan - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
  Messanelli, Ray A. - DSC (WWI)
  Moran, Russell - DSC (WWI)
  Oster, James Charles - NC (WWII)
  Wallerius, James J. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Butterfield, Daniel Adams - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Dupre, Harold J. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Osborn, Stanley E. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Simkins, Lebbeus - MOH (Civil War)
Valatie Gillingham, Richard Kirk (KIA) - NC (Vietnam)
Valley Falls (B) Weber, George A. - NC (WWII)
Valley Stream, Long Island Millican, William J. - 2 NCs (WWII)
  Reisert, Jacob Matthew (KIA) - NC (WWII)
Vestal Center Freehoff, William F. - DSC (WWI)
Victor Carman, Warren - MOH (Civil War)
  (B) Buchanan, George A. (KIA)  - MOH (Civil War)
Victory (B) Thompson, George Washington - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Walden Bradley, Thomas Wilson - MOH (Civil War)
Walesville (B) Sessions, Harry V. - DSC (WWI)
Wallkill Wisner, Lewis S. - MOH (Civil War)
Walmore (B) Grabau, John C. - DSC (WWI)
Wappingers Falls Cohoon, William M. - DSC (WWI)
Wards Island McLaughlin, John - DSC (WWI)
Warrensburg (B) Bennett, Floyd - MOH (Peace Time Heroism)
Warsaw Sanderson, Jack Johnstone (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Washington County (B) Scott, Robert B. - MOH (Indian Campaigns)
Washingtonville (B) Zimborski, Alexander John (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
Waterford Howland, Sylvester J. - DSC (WWI)
  Spillane, Timothy - MOH (Civil War)
Waterloo Tinkham, Eugene M. - MOH (Civil War)
Watertown Banister, Morris A. - DSC (WWI)
  Baxter, George K. - DSC (WWI)
  Brown, Harry A. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Cox, George Emerson, Jr. - NC (WWII), DSC (WWII)
  Farrington, Robert F. - 2 NCs (WWII)
  Holland, Robert H. - DSC (WWII)
  Moscow, Lonnie J. - DSC (WWI)
  Resseguie, Harold D. - DSC (WWI)
  Ryan, Richard J. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Bailey, Jesse M. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Robison, Carl F. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Taylor, George - MOH (Civil War)
Waterville (B) Potter, Frank R. - DSC (WWI)
Watervliet Dalessondro, Peter Joseph - MOH (WWII)
Watkins Gabriel, Harry S. - DSC (WWI)
Watkins Glen Isley, Carl J. - DSC (WWII)
Waverly Johnson, Wallace W. - MOH (Civil War)
  Pendell, Elmer - DSC (WWI)
Wayland O'Connor, Harry Grover - DSC (WWI)
Wayne (B) Shipley, Robert F. - MOH (Civil War)
Wayne County Raymer, Clifford B. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Wellsburg Fletcher, Lee C. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Gere, Thomas Parke - MOH (Civil War)
Wellsville Duffy, Owen F. - DSC (WWI)
  Hayes, Morrison (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
West Bloomfield Dore, George H. - MOH (Civil War)
West Branch Sharpe, Neil W. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
West Chester County Haywood, Snowden (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
West Hampton (B) Fiske, Newell R. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
West Hampton Beach, Long Island Hamm, Arthur E. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
West Hebron Gould, William - DSC (WWI)
West Hills (B) Brush, George Washington - MOH (Civil War)
West Kill (B) Aldrich, Perry H. (KIA)  - DSC (WWI)
West Laurens (B) Day, Charles - MOH (Civil War)
West New Brighton Platt, Abner H. - DSC (WWI)
West Point Bucha, Paul William - MOH (Vietnam War)
  Eberle, George M. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Hickey, Edward J. - DSC (1904)
  Lucas, Andre Cavaro (KIA) - MOH (Vietnam War)
  Malone, Paul B. - DSC (WWI)
  Pfeil, William H. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  (B) Dix, Drew Dennis - MOH (Vietnam War)
  (B) Harris, Henry L., Jr. - DSC (Philippines)
  (B) Weir, Henry Cary - MOH (Civil War)
West Winfield Will, Walter J. (KIA) - MOH (WWII)
Westbury, Long Island Jay, Delancey Kane - DSC (WWI)
Westchester DePalma, Fred P. (KIA) - DSC (Korea)
  Scott, Edward W. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Henderson, Charles R. - DSC (WWI)
Westchester County Coghill, Monroe (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Combs, William Harry (KIA) - 2 DSCs (WWII)
  Hermanspan, John F., Jr. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Micceri, Joseph A. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Werner, Carlton G. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
  Wolf, William J. (KIA) - DSC (WWII)
Westfield Goodrich, Edwin - MOH (Civil War)
  Haight, John H. - MOH (Civil War)
Westville O'Reilly, James F. - DSC (Spanish-American)
White Creek (B) Sprague, John Wilson (KIA)  - MOH (Civil War)
White Plains Henderson, Charles R. - DSC (WWI)
  Hull, Henry C. - DSC (WWI)
  Lynch, Henry Peter (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Lynch, Joseph J. - DSC (WWI)
  Paul, Edwin (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Taft, Kenneth Edwin, Jr. (KIA) - NC (Korea)
Whitehall (B) Clark, Francis J. - MOH (WWII)
Whitestone Kent, Walter J. - DSC (WWI)
  Winters, Raymond C. - DSC (WWI)
Willets Point Knowles, Abiather J. - MOH (Civil War)
Williamsburg (B) Barter, Gurdon H. - MOH (Civil War)
Willsboro Calkin, Ivers S. - MOH (Civil War)
Windsor Heath, Laurel B. - DSC (WWI)
Witherbee Babich, John B. (KIA) - NC (WWII)
  Rounds, Charles D. - DSC (WWI)
Wolcolt Mason, Leonard Maurice - NC (WWII)
Woodhaven (B) Bottjer, George Everett - NC (WWII)
Woodhaven, Long Island Stone, Ellsworth A. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Jermann, Theodore Leo - NC (U.S.S. Salinas Incident, 1941)
Woodhull (B) Matson, Leon R. - DSC (WWI)
Woodside Celentano, Frank W. - NC (WWII)
  De Marchi, Frank, Jr. (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
  Denno, Bryce F. - DSC (WWII)
  (B) O'Malley, Robert Emmett - MOH (Vietnam War)
Woodstock Quinn, Richard Floyd (KIA) - DSC (Vietnam)
Wurtsboro Rockwood, Richard B. (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
Wyoming County (B) Phillips, Josiah - MOH (Civil War)
Yonkers Blackburn, Raymond G. - DSC (WWI)
  Brady, Francis M. - DSC (WWI)
  Duell, Holland S. - DSC (WWI)
  Lautrup, George W., Jr. - NC (WWII)
  Livermore, Russell B. - DSC (WWI)
  McCrudden, James F. - DSC (WWI)
  O’Neill, Brian - DSC (WWII)
  Robertson, Angus - DSC (WWI)
  Thomas, William (KIA) - DSC (WWI)
  Tompkins, Harrison - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Battali, Charles J. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Casey, John L. - DSC (WWI)
  (B) Farrington, Robert F. - 2 NCs (WWII)
  (B) Kay, Francis - NC (WWII)
  (B) Rothschild, Maier J. - NC (WWII)
  (B) Tweedy, Albert W., Jr. (KIA)  - NC (WWII)
Yorkville McGuire, Thomas P. - NC (Korea)
Youngstown (B) Jillson, Howard D. - DSC (WWI)


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