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  How to get a Flag

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That has flown over our Capitol 


Over the period of our Nation's history there have been some very special flags, unique not by design, but because they flew at a particular place at a specific time.  The Star Spangled Banner that flew over Fort McHenry on the night of September 14, 1814 is one such historic flag.  The flag that flew over Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 became a symbolic flag to our Nation throughout the years of World War II.  The flag that flew over our Capitol on that "Day of Infamy" is yet another historic flag.

The United States Congress has taken steps to make it possible for all Americans to purchase and posses a symbolic flag.  Every day literally hundreds of flags are flown over our Capitol in Washington, D.C.  This effort makes it possible for any person to purchase a flag that has flown over the Capitol.  You can even specify a certain date for your own commemorative flag.

Capitol Flags are ordered from your Congressman or one of your Senators.  There is a minimul cost for the flag itself, as well as a fee for postage and handling.  These are very high quality flags that generally last for many years.  For the price, they are one of the best flag values.  If you want a flag that has flown over the Capitol, there is an additional modest fee.  These flags arrive at your door with a nice certificate of authenticity, showing that they have been flown over the Capitol and giving the date on which it was flown.

Before ordering your Capitol Flag, we recommend you visit the web site of your Congressman or Senators as there may be a small variance in price.  Many members of Congress have a page in their site devoted specifically to ordering a flag.  The random sampling below shows the cost (including postage) for a flag flown over the Capitol,  from a few Congressional web pages:

Congressman 3x5
Rep. John Oliver $16.00 $15.00 $18.00 $29.00 $24.00
Rep. Solomon Ortiz 13.11 11.64 15.41 24.61 21.16
Rep. Nick Lampson 16.01 14.54 18.31 27.51 24.06
Rep. Doc Hastings 12.26 10.79 14.56 24.86 20.31
Rep. Max Sandlin 16.31 14.84 18.61 27.81 24.36

This sampling was done on September 15, 1999 and is presented here not to show which member of Congress offers flags at the lowest rate, but to illustrate the importance of contacting your individual Congressman or Congresswoman for the current price for a Capitol Flag.  Towards the bottom of this page is a link to all Congressional web sites that you can visit before leaving this exhibit.  (You can also access our complete State-by-State listing of Senators and Representatives at


Ordering Information:

Many legislators provide a simple form for ordering a Capitol Flag.  You can also provide your own simple order form to accompany your check or money order.  The basic information you will need will include:


(Information on the Person Ordering the Flag)

NAME:  _____________________________________________
HOME ADDRESS:  ____________________________________
CITY: _____________________ STATE:______ ZIP: _________
HOME PHONE:  (      ) _______________________

(Flag size and material)


(Information for Accompanying Certificate)

  (Please allow 4 - 6 Weeks Notice Prior to desired date)
DEDICATION NAME:  ________________________________
  (Dedication to an individual or organization that will appear on the certificate)
OCCASION (If applicable): ______________________________

(Mailing/Delivery Information)

NAME:  (Of person to whom Flag will be mailed)
MAILING ADDRESS (City, State, Zip)
PHONE NUMBER (Of the Flag Recipient)


Ordering Tips:

  • You can often order your flag directly from the local office of one of your legislators.
  • Always allow ample time (4-6 weeks) in scheduling your special "flag day".
  • If you are ordering a flag for a political organization, send only a PERSONAL CHECK and not a check drawn on the account of your organization.
  • Visit your legislator's personal web site before ordering to verify the price and any additional ordering information.  (If your senator or representative does not have information on ordering a Capitol Flag, you will be able to e-mail them for that information.)  You can click on the green button below to visit the home pages of your legislators in a new window now if you wish.  When you are done you can close that window and you will find yourself back here, ready to continue your tour.

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