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Many of the HERO STORIES, history, citations and other information detailed in this website are, at least for now, available in PRINT or DIGITAL format from AMAZON.COM. The below comprise the nearly 4-dozen  "Home Of Heroes" books currently available.

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Medal of Honor Books

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This series of books contains the citations for ALL Medals of Honor awarded to that branch of service, with brief biographical data and photos of many of the recipients. Some of them also include citations for other awards, analysis of awards, data tables and analysis and more. These are LARGE volumes, each 8 1/2" x 11" and more than 500 pages each. Click on a book to find it on where you can find more details on what is contained in each book, as well as to get a free preview. Each volume is $24.95.

Heroes in the War on Terrorism

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These books contain the citations for nearly all of the awards of the Silve Star and higher to members of each branch of service in the War on Terrorism. Books include photos of most recipients, some biographical data, analysis of awards by rank, unit, date, and more.


With the 5 Medal of Honor volumes above, these compilations comprise a virtual 28-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA of decorated American heroes(15,000 pages)  with award citations, history, tables & analysis, and detailed indexes of ACEs, FLAG OFFICERS, and more. (Click on any book to see it in - $24.95 Each Volume)

United States Army Heroes

Distinguished Service Cross

Distinguished Service Medals
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1873 - 1941 Korea Vietnam 1862 - 1960 RVN - Present

United States Navy Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star Navy Corpsmen
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1915 - 1941 WWII Korea - Present WWII

United States Marine Corps Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star
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1915 - WWII Korea - Present 1900 - 1941 WWII 1947 - Korea Vietnam - Present

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The Defining Generation
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Guestbook  2007

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November Guestbook Comments/Entries
I spend 21 years in and I was proud to serve and would do it now if needed. I am very proud of Service people now and will always feel this way. Thank you for what you are doing with this page.
SFC Duane Stucker, Retired Email: dmstucker163(a)   Shelbyville, IN
Thank you for maintaining this page. It's very important to remember the sacrifices of those that went before us.
Ralph Email: ralph(a)  Glasgow
I am a retired Army Command Sergeant Major.
Jackie W. Collins Email: jcollins(a)   Fresno, CA
A friend just told me of his father who died when he was 5. His Dad was Howard Alderage Lilly with the 8th Army Aircorps during WWII from West Virginia. Told me his Dad was a bomber in a B24 out of England. We are hoping to find some of his buddies he served with and a picture. My friend never really knew his Dad and hopes to talk to some of his war buddies.
B. R. Boston Email: BBoston533(a)   Westminster, MD
Ii was wounded while on listening post with a Sgt Caruthers and others in Oct. of 1969 at LZ IKE. FIRST CAV 2/8. I would like to hear from others that might have been there at that time.
Russ Montgomery Email: russell.montgomery(a)  Ogden, UT
I was in the AF from 1964 until 1987, Served in Turkey 64-66, Viet Nam 66-68, England 68-72, Kelly AFB 72 - 73, Turkey 73-75, Kelly AFB 75-79, Alaska 79-81, Whiteman AFB 81-87. Long time and many years overseas. Served with Marines, Navy and Army personnel.
James R. Maxwell, TSgt/USAF/Ret Email: jmsmaxell(a)  Porter, TX
Great site. Found it the other day because of a friend who emailed me about a certain mayor. Keep up the good work. Ron Wold, PHCMSS, USN, Ret.
Ronald Wold Email: phcmss(a)  Novato,  CA
October Guestbook Comments/Entries
An amazing piece of work. I got those goose bumps reading the first two citations for the Air Force in the War on Terror. The sheer gallantry and loyalty to the team is something that appears to continue in generation after generation of Americans serving their country. My congratulations to you for this web-site and what it means to all Americans.
Alex Ford Email: ralexford(a)   Simi Valley, CA
I am interested in anyone who knew my father during world war II. He was in the infantry in the army and served throughout the Philippine campaign. He received the bronze star. He was often a radioman/forward observer.
Jef Bielecki  Email: jab2(a)   Rochester, NY
Thank You for this great web-site. Steve Gregg CMH lived nearby me, always a pleasure to talk to him. These were great American Heroes. God Bless Them All.
Jim Hennessey-WW2-Vet-Co.E.-345th-Regt.87th-Inf.DiV. Email: ND-JimHennessey(a)  Bayonne, NJ
It is truly unfortunate that more people don't know of this part of history. Although, I have no connection to any of these brave men I'm very proud of their deeds.
James Greene-Kotsugi Email: jalhh(a)   Streamwood, IL
I just found out about this site via an article in the Philly Inquirer. The article was about the Atlantic city mayor who faked his credentials. Having recently read "stolen honor" I am very interested in all of the war hero fakery. I am a combat wounded veteran from A co. 2nd/327th, 101st ABN in Viet Nam in 1968. After I read your site I'll come back with some comments.
Joseph Bartenbach Email: Bart331(a)  Folsom, PA
Thank you so much for making a nice website for veterans!
I have a website for genealogy in the near future I will be making a page about my Uncle CSM Turcott of the United States Army. I love this website!! I enjoyed posting my Uncle, Commanding Sergeant Major Leon J. Turcott who served our country in WWII & The Korean War, plus other service. Thank you so much for providing a means to post "My Hero"!!!! With best wishes and lots of continued success!!! Highest Regards,
Bob Turcott (Nephew of CSM Turcott)  Email: bobturcott(a) 
:   Nashua, NH
This is an awesome website!!!! I am a S.C. homeschooler of three. My son is seven years old and is VERY interested in the military. This is also very helpful to our history lessons. This website is definitely going to my fellow homeschoolers!! Thanks
Shawna Bollig Email: luvnmy3kidz(a)   Ladson, SC
March 68 to September 69 101st airborne Phu Bai. Flight Engineer on CH-47 helicopter. Would like to hear from anybody. We have a reunion ever year, (Dean Howlett, Rodger Dwyer, Raymond Conn) would like some more bodys.
Francis Forbes Email: francis.forbes(a)  Ulysses, KS
September Guestbook Comments/Entries
Served in USMC 1969-1992. Thanks for providing this site. Hope the government will get the message and do the same.
Rick Stanford Email: 05marine(a)  Covington, GA
Great men. I felt honored and awed at the ceremony-of-award- presentation given in Washington. I felt myself amongst giants.
Howard Wright Email: wrghw2(a)  Shreveport, LA
Great Website!
I was visiting my son and family in Lakewood, Colorado around Sept 11th - and saw the story about your wonderful project in "Denver & The West." (I live in Indiana) I checked to see of my Uncle, Pvt. Victor Kress, Jasper, Indiana was listed in your roster - but then realized he received the Bronze Star and Oak Leaf Cluster for service in WWII with the 38th FA BN - not the Silver Star. He also received the Purple Heart.
I had the privilege of visiting the gravesite of my late cousin, Sgt. Edward Hemmerlein, 94th, 376 Infantry (Patton) - in August 2006, at the Luxembourg American Cemetery, Hamm, Luxembourg. It was a moving experience. Edward died (age 20) in the Battle of the Bulge near Sinz, Germany/and the Bannholz Woods in April 1945. Later, my friends and I met a German man in Krutzweiler who actually guided us to the battle site of the Bannholz Woods. That was something I will never forget.

Best wishes! Sharon Kennedy   Email: SKenn63523(a)  Brownsburg, IN
I read many articles on the 100th BN and the 442d IN RGT prior to accepting the command of C Co in American Samoa. I served with them for 34 months, 12 of which were in Iraq. They were the best warriors I have been around in my 22 year career. The 100-442 IN will always hold a special place in my heart. Go For Broke!
MAJ B. Douglas Hill, Commander, C Co., 100-442 IN, OCT 2003 to July 2006  Email: byron.hill1(a)   St Louis, MO
Proud as heck to say I have met veterans from our past wars at the West Haven VA Hospital.
Paul A. Campagna Email: pacamp06(a)  Milford, CT
This is a great site! I cannot find my award of the silver star on May22, 1968 in Vietnam while a Sergeant First Class in the U.S. Army?? Is there a reason for this?? Keep up the good work!! Thanks 
Msg E-8 Ronald L Hurwitz U.S. Army Retired Email: navajodrive(a)  Barefoot Bay, FL
Doug, God bless your heart. This is quite a page and thank you for your dedication and hard work in putting these information together. Your page is very informative and I thank God for your effort. I am enjoying visiting your page everyday to read about our history and the people who gave the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom. Thank you so much for your effort and God bless you and your family.
Puni Mikaele Email: punimikaele(a)   Seattle, WA
Great site. Brought tears to an old Veterans eyes. These folks who serve our country and sacrifice so much more than any Hollywood type or Professional Athlete. True heroes- I hear the word used so loosely by the media and sports commentators. God Bless all who have served this country I love. This is AWESOME!!
Ken Doc Blakely
Great site. As a Korean Vet I know there are a lot of people who don't know much about the Forgotten War. But it had its share of MOH holders as we were the trailing edge of the greatest generation fighting with the same weapons as our older brothers did only a few years earlier.
Laurence M. Wilson Email: lmdjswilson(a)  Highlands Ranch, CO
My Uncle Robert Gale (whom I am named for) was awarded the Silver Star for an action in Korea. We buried him with full military honors in Arlington last January. I attended in uniform as did my younger son Trevis N. Gale who is currently serving in Iraq with NMCB-15. My cousin had copies of Uncle Bob's citation and I will forward it to you if you need it for the Silver Star section of this page. I have been privileged to serve with several decorated veterans and to meet three MoH recipients: Pete Lemmon Bob Howard and Bob Kerrey. Pete has a great book titled "Beyond the Medal" and I commend to you.
Robert N. Gale Email: rbrt_gale(a)
August Guestbook Comments/Entries
This is a great website. My Father Pvt. Joseph Lagomarsino, died during WWII on !/31/45.He is buried at The Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial in Margraten Holland.I have sent many of my close friends, this website. I being raised a Catholic, And Understand, what it means, (I was an alterboy from the tome I was 8yrs. old until I was a senior in high school)18yrs. old. understand all of it. Please continue your project, It is great. If you log on to  and click on NEWS you will see pictures of My Grandson and I at my Fathers grave in Margraten, on Memorial day 2007.Keep up the great work. We Will Never Forget!
Joseph F. Lagomarsino Email: LSasnjo(at)
Congratulations on your great work. It's a wonderful site. I am going to email you a real photo of Corporal Harold W. Roberts, as the one you have, based I think on the Wm. Runyon painting from the 1950s, looks nothing like him. Cheers, and keep up the fine work. Gary McMaster, Director and Curator, The Camp Roberts Historical Museum, Camp Roberts, California
Gary McMaster Email: gary.mcmaster(at) Homepage:   Camp Roberts, CA
I am currently in college as a History Major. I have been in the Fayetteville, NC area for 2 1/2 years. I am in need of speaking with a Veteran of either WW II or the Vietnam War. I need to interview and present this information to my class. I hope that someone can assist me in making contact with a Veteran. I feel that many times there stories are not told, and now would be a good time for them to just talk. Thank you in advance for your assistance.
Evelyn Robbins Email: fraurobbins(at)  Raeford, NC
What a wonderful example of how a nation should remember it's finest people. The work that has gone into this site is without doubt first class. Informative, historical and inspiring. Home of heroes is a web site that should be adopted in countries around the world to raise the principles of why honor and duty are not words lost into history.
Terry Email: proflight2000(at)  Swindon, England
It is our duty to honor the men and women who gave their All not only for their Country, but also to free oppressed people offering them the most valuable thing in the World. " LIBERTY " Being a Veteran of the US Army, I had a friend whose name was James R. Hendrix, Recipient of that so coveted Medal of Honor. Being the guest of the 53d Convention, of his famous 4th Armored Division in Hampton, Virginia, I had the pleasure to meet James and the opportunity to invite him on his battlefield, in the Battle of th Bulge, where with big surprise and emotion, he discovered a monument on his name. I have an other friend in this Famous Hall, Curtis Shoup of the 87th Infantry division, killed on the battlefield on his way to liberate Bastogne. I was one of the two promoters to place and inaugurate the big bronze plaque for Curtis Shoup in Tillet, next to Bastogne. In loving Remembrance of these Men of Steel. Stevenot Gilbert N. Lt Interpreter 12th Army Group General Omar N. Bradley.
Stevenot Gilbert Email: gilbertstevenoy(at)   Rochefort, Belgium
Your pictures of Kaneoe Bay attack show my dad unloading a .50 from a PBY. Love it. I have my Dad's written story of the attack if you would like to read it, I will email you with it. He was on duty that day in VP-11, plane 7. Best Regards, Gary Swapp.
Gary Swapp Email: gsintx(at)  Pleasanton, TX
Recently I watched the documentary on Iraq of the Army National Guard and Marines that are fighting for the cause of freedom. It is hard to put things into perspective when the loss is great. I fought in the Viet Nam war and when I remember my comrades, it reminds me of that time. The soldiers that are serving and those that have paid the ultimate price are my heroes. I try to do my part in support of helping this generation of young Americans in the military, I volunteer in programs that allow me to spend time with these folks and their families. I will do what it takes to help the men and women who wear the uniform of freedom! May God Bless America and the Folks who keep it FREE!
Captain Paul A. Marrs, USMS Email: usmaritimeship(at) Homepage:    Travis AFB, CA
This is truly a great website. I was aboard the USS Forrestal on July 29th 1967 in the South China Sea. At 10:52 AM, a zuni rocket left the rail of an F-4 and hit an A-4 which began to leak JP-4 which then began to burn and heat up the 1000 pound bombs that were in close proximity. That day, we ended up losing 134 shipmates to fire and explosions. My surviving shipmates and I will always owe an uupayable debt to those who helped save our ship. When somebody dies for you, you end up with a debt that can never be paid.
J A Dougherty Email: cobraone34(at)  Abilene, TX
I am a board member f the "Kentucky Veterans Museum and Park in Wickliff, KY. I have taken on the task of making a KY MOH Scrap Book. Your site has been a wonderful help. I am going to attempt to obtain as many missing photographs as possible.
David Bradshaw Email: vietnamvet(at)  Paducah, KY
July Guestbook Comments/Entries
I came across your website in the Army Times in regards to the Article on Richard David McClanahan. What a disgrace to the Military that man is. Men and Women, Past, Present and Future, Have, Are Now and Will put there lives on the line for the Honors this man claims to have had and he disgraces the Uniform. I am so grateful that wonderful people such as your organization put forth the efforts to call him out for the fraud that he is.
Trisha French Email: trish.french(at)  Ft Hood, TX
My comments are directed to the family of SSgt John Gertsch. I have recently read of his exploits in Nam and as I read of them, I instantly realized I was reading of and about the exploits of a courageous American, leader of men!!!!!!! I am in awe of John Gertsch and wish to thank his family for the sacrifice John made for our country.
May God bless John's family for giving America a man that many of us American admire.
For God and Country
Jim Safrit Email: breeze(at) Homepage: City: Salisbury, NC
I've been looking for a site like this for a long time. It will help us in disproving a lot of valor claims by wannabes in our area veterans organizations. Thanks from a veteran of Patton's Third Army. CoC 101st Infantry RCT,26th "Yankee" Division.
Neal W.Burdette Email: specks1925(at)  Lancaster, OH
Masuo Chomori 2nd Lt F Company, 442nd RCT was awarded a Bronze Star and Purple Heart by Brigadier General James P. Combs, 40th Infantry Division on July 13, 2007 at the Joint Forces Training Base, Los Alamitos, CA. The request for decorations was processed by Congresswoman Jane Harman, 36th District and also assisted by Major Russell Nakaishi, AMVETS. There were four other F Company Veterans present at the presentation: Mas Miyamoto, Ocean Miyake, Mas Tamayei, and Hiro Takusagawa. I thank you for having this Website about the 100th/442nd RCT.
John K. Wakamatsu Email: kuni123456(at)  Gardena, CA
I'm having no success at all, in trying to research the dates and place of POW captivity of American soldier Lester Strew. He was in New Guinea. In 1942 or 1943, were any Americans captured by the japs in New Guinea? I collect letters, and I have his war letters. HE writes home telling his parents he was in the hospital for many weeks suffering from malaria. I speculate the malaria story was a cover-up; I speculate the hospital stay was perhaps a recuperation from being a jap pow for a short time.
Marc Smilen Email: marcus-stevo(at)
Thank you for this site. It is wonderful. To you and all those who served, in any capacity, "Welcome Home" and thank you for your service. God bless!
Karen Offutt Vietnam 1969 - 1970 WAC - SP5 - MACV
Karen Offutt Email: peacefulcave(at)  California
I feel that we owe a thank you to all veterans who served i myself was with 11th air assault div test. and the 1st air cav airmobile. As long as you wore the uniform that's it. the dam liberals, throw them off the plane into a war zone see how they like it. God bless the vets.
Bob Blechman Email: blechmanm(at)  Phoenix, AZ
In Honor of missing Friends that gave all. May God hold them in the palm of His gentle hand.
Casey Bill Wiley Email: cmw910(at)  Lubbock, TX
June Guestbook Comments/Entries
It is a genuine privilege to share in this story. I am rarely as proud as I feel after learning more about the 442nd...proud but hesitant to call myself an American in light of their courage and sacrifice. These are stories I will share with my children, a lesson in the actual meaning of the word "American." Thank you. Best wishes to those who work on this archive and web site.
Michael Stephens Email: mlstephens23(at)  Lubbock, TX
My father has recently passed away. He was a vet. I would love to get his name on the wall.
Theresa A Rocchi Email: rock122469(at)   Prattsburgh, NY
I have a repot to do on the MOH and your website has been a big help. On behalf of the 8th grade class in Ville Platte,LA I would like to say thank you!
Jake Wagner Email: jwagner44(at)  New York
I found your website by accident, I am glad I did. Thank you for honoring these brave men and women. If not for them we would not be enjoying the freedoms that we have. I thank god every day for these heroes and ask him to keep them all close to him. I have also sent a letter to the gov. of Virgina in reference to officer McClellan. Thank you for making this incident known.
gre hajduk Email: red-bear69(at)  Queens Village, NY
Good day to all I am Tanya Cecilia Schofield Cruz the grand daughter of the late Charles Edgar Schofield. We were still clueless of where to find his whereabouts. We were left here in the Philippines and all that's left with us is a picture of our brave great grand father. He fought to the world war II being in the company D as private Charles Edgar Schofield. Please do notify me in my e-mail address cause our citizenship is still highly questionable. Please do not hesitate to write to me in this address mysticeyes_tanya(at) Or phone me (046)890-6422
Tanya Cecilia Schofield Cruz Email: mysticeyes_tanya(at)  Manila, Philippine Islands
I want to know if you can add information of the Japanese American servicemembers who fought in IWO JIMA on the side of the United States.
Stephanie Taniguchi-Hoffman Email: lotusbomber(at)  Seattle, WA
I would like to find anyone who may have known my father, David C. Lawson. He was a PFC in the Army and served in the Phillipines. He was killed in action June 5, 1945.
Yvonne P. Lawson Whalen Email: alaskanana(at)  Petersburg, VA
Just dropped by to remember a buddy, Pfc. Bruce W. Carter, USMC. He was a good man and a good marine who made the supreme sacrifice. This site is great memorial to some phenomenal people. Thank you and a very special thanks to them.
Richard Y Booker Email: warmdaddy8850_547(at)  Colwyn, PA
May Guestbook Comments/Entries
I am a survivor of the deliberate attack of the USS LIBERTY AGTR-5 by the Israelis whose planes and gun boats strafed and torpedoed the ship killing 34 Crew members and wounding 174 in international waters.
Donald F Follin Email: Homepage: www.USSLIBERTY.ORG    Moorestown, NJ
Awesome website! Thanks to all those amazing people that have fallen and the ones still serving this great country. My very own hero, my husband Ron is starting his 3rd year in Iraq. My prayers go out to all the amazing wives still holding the fort down at home.......God Bless!
Tami Email: gailblck(at) IOWA
My Great uncle was killed in the battle of the bulge but we never knew where he was buried until your site...thank you for all you mother is to visit her favorite uncles site soon.
Nadine Email: biznaym(at)  Philadelphia, PA
I have always admired and respected these men for what they did in spite of how their country was treating them at that time. They represent everything that makes America the great country that it is. My thanks for giving us all something to live up to.
James W. Tunstall Email: jamestunstall(at)   Fountain Valley, CA
EBONY MARIE HARDIN Email: eponte1113(at)  KEARNY, NJ
Looking for Anthony C. Hanson USN, who was awarded the Navy Cross for a daring helo rescue in 1967 while he and I were in HC-1. If anyone can assist please contact me by e mail.
John D. Birch Email: ruger61(at)  Memphis, TN
I grew up in 29 palms Calif. I lived next door to Bill McSpearin USMC. He was a great man and fun to be around...He fought in WWII and was a POW in Japan, I think. Can anyone tell me more. He passed away several years ago but I can't get him out of my mind. I have so many stories about living next door to him.
Tim Garvin Email: tim(at)  Scottsdale, AZ
I really appreciated your section on the 442nd RCT. My Grandpa fought with the 442 and was wounded in Italy after they broke the Gothic Line.
Ben Sameshima
I got this website because of a message to the 35th Infantry Division website. My brother was in the 35th, 134th Regiment and was KIA November 13, 1944 and I have made many friendships with WWII Veterans of this Division. I would like to browse your entire website. At this moment, there's just too many articles to open. Gets confusing. I'll have to come back another day to see it all. You will find MOH recipients in the 134th Regiment, 35th Div., by webmastriss Roberta Russo. She has done a wonderful job of putting this site out for all to view.
Nancy Skrocki Email: nancyts923(at)  Allen Park, MI
I enjoyed looking at your web page, I am also proud to call Pueblo CO my hometown. I was born and raised in Pueblo. I am currently serving in the Army based out of FT Riley, my unit is in their 3rd month of a 15 month deployment.
Teri Goode Email: sgtgoode08(at)  FT Riley, KS
Thank you for this Project. I found my great-grandfather, Carl Sonstelie's, Distinguished Service Cross citation information here.
Melissa Clark Email: meauxclark(at)
April Guestbook Comments/Entries
Sir, I joined because of men like these, I went forward with courage as my nation called twice; and because I knew there were men like these; and have done it now, and seen the eyes of combat, and I will continue to serve because I seen men like these. thank you for showing others men like these.
charles strong Email: strong_202(at)  Camp Lejuene, NC
I would first like to say what a great job Doug Sterner did constructing this web site to honor the men and women who gave their all for this Great country of ours. I will sign this guest book with the hope that who ever stops to view this web site will know how much work and Love went into it. Again I thank you Doug and all the others that helped you. May God Bless you and may He bless this great nation of ours and all the troops serving for this country.
Dennis Lee Tredinnick Email: dentre1(at)  Glen Gardner, NJ
Hi to all military, thank you for the great job you are doing for Iraq and our country. you are the super energy that keeps us going back here. Keep up the good work. from a army vet and a USO volunteer. 
Joe Richer Email: uso_sgi(at)   San Diego, CA
I served in the American Army Of Occupation Of Germany after WW2,i was proud of my service and swould do it again if i had to. I am now eighty years old and have good memories of my Army Career
Joseph Bob Markward Email: rmarkward(at)  Pine Valley, NY
I very much liked your page. I am a 24 year old Iraq war veteran. Since returning from the war I became addicted to drugs and alcohol. I am now starting a new life at the VA hospital in which live in. One war caused by another, both hard fought and hard one. This unfortunately happens all the time, please look at Joe Ronnie Hooper, the most decorated soldier. When I came back from Iraq I was crazy and discharged ,from E-4 with hopes to stay in the Army until I died, to E-1. I have been diagnosed with TBI (Traumatic brain injury), PTSD, and dementia by the VA. All because of blasts, bombs and weapon fire. I now start a third war, a battle to earn my Medical or Honorable Discharge. After looking at your site I will wear my medals with pride instead of keeping them hidden. Thank you for inspiring a man of ill fortune to now show his honors with pride.
Joe Stevens Email: chessjoe237(at)  Leeds, MA
Marines and Navy Corpsmen who served in the 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment during the Vietnam War (1965-71) are holding their 10th annual reunion at the Marriott Hotel, 1201 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 29-September 2, 2007. With 1500 veterans located, we expect a large turnout again. Our 1/5 reunion will be held in conjunction with the annual reunion of the 1st Marine Division Association which is open to all who served in the 1st Marine Division or in a unit attached to the Division, at any time, in peace or war. For more information about the reunion, see  and  or contact Gerry Regan at 215-491-9079 or regan100(at) S/F Gerry Regan, President, 1/5 Vietnam Veterans Unit Chapter, 1st Marine Division Association
Hi I was in A Company 2/8 Mechinized Panthers from nov. 68-nov. 69 drove the 11 track. looking for any body in that company . I have some pictures @ I have also posted at other 4th Inf. div. web sites. Looking for Henry Luna, James Mills ,Wayne Gibson, Mike Lafond. have found a couple of people so far . good luck to all that made it back alive. 
Larry Lane Email: larryjl920(at)  Kalamazoo, MI
My Father-in-Law passed away this past Friday, a true hero. He will live on forever and will be sadly missed. Tom was in the book Flags of our Fathers. His wake was last evening and the Marines gave him a great send off ! Semper Fi Dad.
Joe Falco Email:  Warwick, NY
What a wonderful thing you and your wife are doing here. It is a great and honorable thing that you are doing in preserving the heroic acts of our comrades. I thank and commend you for your outstanding work.
John W. Gahring MAJ (Ret) USA Email: jgahring(at)  Burns, TN
March Guestbook Comments/Entries
Hi. My name is Stephanie. I recently had the opportunity to talk with a Medal of Honor winner. I just want to say thank you. I know many of you do not consider yourselves heroes, you were just doing your job that you were trained. I know about that, I joined the Army in April of 2006. I wish each and everyone one of you the best of luck, thank you for doing what you are doing. In my heart, all of you are heroes. A hero is someone who goes above and beyond. Saving someone else's life while risking your own is the biggest sacrifice. God Bless All of You!!
Stephanie CA
Great site to honor those who served and gave their all. Thank you for preserving this for generations to follow.
Jerry Heilman Email: jdheilman(at)
Any WWII veterans out there who served in the Philippines? Im looking for anybody who might remember anything about Doctor W. H. Waterous. Dr. Waterous was an ex-patrioted American who settled in Manila. He had a Manila medical practice. Years later, Manila had a private hospital named Waterous Hospital.
Marc Smilen Email: marcus-stevo(at)  Dania, FL
Thank you so much for preserving the memory of the true hero's of our nations past. I believe it is of the utmost importance that their legacy and sacrifice is remembered by the currant and future generations.........Keep up the good work!! 
Scott in Vermont
Scott Carlson Email: pastorsrc(at)
God Bless you for this great site! I am a service-connected, disabled, combat wounded Vietnam veteran. I was searching for the proper handling of Old Glory, and wound up here. I am passing a link to this site to everyone, especially the members of my battalion association. Expect many visits.
Bill Lanoue Email: bill_lanoue1950(at)  Fulton, NY
Chinese Bandit Recon LRRP Team 1965-66 with two Presidential Unit Citations awarded for extraordinary heroism in the Battles of Ia Drang (Nov 1965) and Trun Luong (June 1966) conducted DOD/MACV directed LRRP operations along the Cambodia and Laos borders in the spring of 1966 and performed the historic FIRST combat rappel in Nov 1965. See our homepage for additional information and the history of the Chinese Bandits.
RANGER Jerry Conners Email: jconnersn94k(at) 
Homepage:   Virginia City, NV
This is a website I've brought to the attention of my grandson and his studies - a valuable resource.
Derek Email: Homepage:  Brooklyn, NY
I'm trying to get in touch with SSG Christopher Sanchez from the 173rd airborn division. If you can help me find him, please give him the following info. Thank you for serving our country, God bless you.
Hector J. Tovar Email: HTJAVIER(at)AOL.COM  BETHESDA, MD
Thank you for keeping the memory of my brother, Medal of Honor recipient Fred Zabitosky, alive. Sometimes when I miss him, I go to the many websites that honor him and it makes me feel close to him again. I would like to say thank you to every veteran who has ever served in time of war. They are all heroes to me. Your website is a beautiful tribute.
Sharon Zabitosky Wilcox  Email: SharonZ57(at)   Lakeland, FL
I was drafted in the US Army two weeks before the war with Japan was over. Completed sixteen weeks of Basic Infantry training at Camp Gordon, Georgia. Was then sent to Germany in Occupation Duty. Was proud i could give some of my time to protect our great Country. I belong to the American Legion and The Society of The Third Division.
Joseph Bob Markward Email: rmarkward(at)  Pine Valley, NY
What an impressive website ! To me all our liberators are hero's; alle gave some and some gave all. Hope you will have a peek at my website also, about the men who returned us our freedom !! LEST WE FORGET !
D.C. VandenBogert Email:  
Homepage: Netherlands
I had the honor of being instructed in basic training by CMH recipient Robert Patterson. Sergeant Patterson, should you ever read this, I want to thank you for all you did for me at Ft. Bliss. Your belief in me took me through a difficult time in my life and I will always be grateful.
Dan Dalton Cincinnati , OH
I am glad i found your site. I have been searching for months for my Uncle's information. I had very little information except a small article about the Ship commissioned for him. USS Gary F-51 I have tried to get more info for my youngest son who is now in the Navy as a MM3 in nuke school. As only my sister and I are the sole survivors of our family and our children, we wish to pass our family history on to our children. As my son wishes to carry on with the navy family history, I am still searching as to the where abouts of my uncle's Medal of Honor. His son had it, but he has passed away too. Thanks for helping even if just a little, any and all are appreciated.
Susan Gillespie-Skidmore Email: sweetmtn(at)  Janesville, CA
February Guestbook Comments/Entries
Our Marine combat regiment (26th Marines) had one Medal of Honor recipient during the Vietnam War. Staff Sergeant Karl Taylor, USMC earned the Medal of Honor for his actions during Operation Meade River on December 08, 1968 while serving with India Company, 3rd Battalion, 26th Marine Regiment (3rd Marine Division).
Loyde P. Snake Arender Email: 
Homepage:  Monroe, LA
I am a resident of Emporia, KS and since I came here in 1986 and learned of the story of our adopted MOH winner, WWII Marine Sgt. Grant Timmerman, I have thought that there should be something named after him. I am pleased to report that Timmerman Elementary School was built since I got her. Great site. Obviously, a labor of love, and what a great group which deserves tribute.
Steve Parker Email: parker01(at)  Emporia, KS
God Bless the United States and all who defend our way of life! No matter the situation, they serve this country because they believe in its ideals and are willing to sacrifice their lives to defend freedom of all human beings throughout the world.
Christopher Pashke Email: cpashke(at)  Akron, OH
Hello to all reading this...
I am the son of a member of the "other Lost Battalion", 2nd BN, 131st Field Artillery. My father's unit was captured by the Japanese on the island of Java in Feb 1942. The Air Corps was allowed to fly their B-17s off to Australia, but it was felt that it would be bad for Allied morale if the US Army ground forces left, this even though the B-17 squadron commander said he could take all the Army personnel with them. So .. my father and his unit spent the next 3.5 years as guests of the Emperor in Burma working on railroad thru the jungle. He was 19yrs old .. and weighed about 175lbs. When they got back he weighed less than 105lbs. He passed on in Mar of 1999 after serving in the Regular Army and Army Reserve for over 40 years. When he retired from the army in 1981, he was one of the last 5 service members on active duty still wearing the CBI shoulder patch. This site should be on every library computer in every school in the today's kids will have at least some understanding of that time and those men and women.
"Lest we forget......."
John E. Rogers III 2nd Med, 7th Med, 41st Combat Support Hospital
Email: jack(at)  San Antonio, TX
Members of my family went to war during WW2, Korea. They made life long friends with 442 members. I work at IDEC & our members had family in the 442/100 during WW2. They are deeply proud of them. One MOH winner came from the ID. My uncle Col James Mar was a combat medic during WW2 he help start Post 186. They did lots of events with 442 vets in the Asian American Community. The battle stories I have heard over the years from Vets & at the Wing Luke Museum from Asian Americans need to be told. This site is one way to get the history out to all. Asian Americans continue to be on the front lines like right now.
D Chin [capt] Email: idec_68(at)  Seattle, WA
MORGAN COLEMAN (SGT) Email: f_coleman(at)  Byram, MS
My dad served with the 40th infantry regiment in the South Pacific in WW2. He was a driver for Gen. MacArthur while he was in the Philippines. His name was Alvin (Mutt) Watt, and he was from Arkansas. I would like to hear from anyone that might have known him. He is now deceased. I am his daughter.
P Beard Email: dbeard(at)  Crossett, AR
Thanks for doing such a wonderful job! I was looking for information for my great niece about her half brother (Hinkle) and I saw the name Bailey! Wow what a great job of research on a cemetery! You really showed everyone how to do it properly and help someone else in the process. Thanks!
Linda Bailey Bockman Email: butterflieslady(at)
The Bushart family: 
I have completed a full survey of Bushart military records in the Civil War. This survey is recorded in Kentucky history at the Fulton and Hickman Kentucky libraries. It serves to illustrate the totally outstanding military records of Busharts in the Civil War, Confederate and Union troopers. I am proud again concerning the outstanding records of Busharts that have courageously served and protected our country. Gods blessing and care for your son. My grandson is now serving his fourth combat assignment in Iraq after serving in Afghanistan and Iraq previously, 82nd Airborne and 173rd Airborne, Sergeant Chris Bushart. Your son is in my daily prayers and I hope we can now have your prayers now for my grandson wishing Gods safety for his return. Your son is now protected by God. Your son and my grandson entered that unknown and unpredictable domain that only the brave dare enter and they both share the same history of Busharts recorded in the history of our country.
James Samuel Bushart Email: jbushart(at)  St. Louis, MO
This is the best site yet!! I was looking up Robert Martin Patterson from North Carolina as we are getting the Vietnam Wall brought to Warsaw on May 3-6. We wanted him to be a speaker for this huge occasion in Warsaw, North Carolina ,home of the Oldest Continuous Celebration Of Veterans Day in the nation. Thank you for all in info and time you have put into this site. God Bless you . 
Susan Abbott Greenhill Email: susu_greenhill(at)  Warsaw, NC
Hooah, thank god moms and our veterans for giving us our freedom on a daily basis my uncle father brother and i served my dad a ranger 3RDBNand pow 100%disable im also100@disable former rifleman (grunt) Vietnam thanks to our heroes and those who gave all i say job well done carry on
Russell E (doc) Morse Jr Email: grunt 71(at) Forestdale, MA
Hi. My name is Stephanie. I recently had the opportunity to talk with a Medal of Honor winner. I just want to say thank you. I know many of you do not consider yourselves heroes, you were just doing your job that you were trained. I know about that, I joined the Army in April of 2006. I wish each and everyone one of you the best of luck, thank you for doing what you are doing. In my heart, all of you are heroes. A hero is someone who goes above and beyond. Saving someone else's life while risking your own is the biggest sacrifice. God Bless All of You!!
Stephanie - Illinois
I am looking for info on Chaplain Canfield, USN attached to 9th Marines at Camp Pendleton in 1955. He was a Sgt on Iwo Jima in WWII and I believe he was awarded the Silver Star. He was shot through the mouth during that engagement. Search on web unable to locate info. Thanks.
Sgt. John Lee Wright, USMC 1953-56 Email: jleewright(at)  Halifax, PA
January Guestbook Comments/Entries
Hello. Recently Janet and Susan Hardwick — daughters of Sgt. Bill Hardwick of the Lost Battalion — left a note of thanks to the 442nd at the Japanese American National Monument in D.C. Unfortunately, they left no contact info. I am trying to locate them for a story we are currently working on for the Pacific Citizen newspaper. If anyone has contact info. for the Hardwick family I would greatly appreciate it. You can reach me at 800/966-6157 or Thank you.
Caroline Aoyagi Email:  Homepage:   Los Angeles, CA
GREAT SITE. My name is Mark Giannullo. I am an honorably d/c Viet Nam era vet. I have had the honor and privilege of being friends with Steve Gregg, CMH-WWII, for about 40 years until his death in Feb O5. We lived 2 blocks away from each other. Over the years, I was privy to many stories and the recipient of some very special gifts from Steve. I was a guest in his home and was warmly welcomed by his wife and family. His son, Steve, phoned me the morning of his death to inform me of the news. It was really a special gift to be able to see the REAL hero in every day life. He was a wonderful man. A regular Joe. I attended many military events with him and could not believe the discomfort Steve felt about all the fuss made over him. He truly was an inspiration and a great example of humility. I have also been lucky to know, on a less personal level, two other recipients: Nick Oresko, who is originally from Bayonne, NJ, where Steve and I lived. and Desmond Doss, who was in the 77th Division. My dad was also in the 77th division and was a liter bearer, as was Desmond. He remembered my dad. He also was kind to give me some items for my collection.( I collect 77th div related items and MOH related items). I want to Thank the providers of this site for the great venue for us to learn more and share our experiences with our National Treasures, which our MOH recipients really are. God Bless America and, to all Vietnam veterans..,"Welcome Home". Peace, Mark
Mark Giannullo   Email: jmj8593(at)  Bayonne, NJ
Impressive amount of information. This is the heritage that makes the military worth serving, fighting for our country.
Lawrence Gaceta  Email: lawrence.gaceta(at)  Ridgecrest, CA
In 1992 I was stationed aboard the USS Nimitz when Donald Ross died (MoH for actions at Pearl Harbor aboard USS Nevada). His funeral service was onboard the ship. I was fortunate enough to be standing watch on the Officers brow when the guests began arriving. Among them were at least 10 MoH recipients who came aboard as a group and all were wearing their medals. I raised my salute as they walked past me and couldn't help but feel that I was in the presence of greatness. I wish I knew who they were, because it was a moment I will never forget.
Douglas Riebe  Email: dmriebe(at)  West Allis, WI
I have only managed to read 3 pages of your website so far. Impressive Isn't the word! Congratulations on a wonderful site devoted to people that have made the ultimate sacrifice so that we live the way we do. Most of important of all that we don't forget the sacrifice they made. 
Ginge, British Gulf War 1 Vet.  Newcastle, England GB
What a wonderful site! I am looking for anyone who might have known or served with my brother, CPL Boyd Edward Tucker. He was KIA in the Korean War during the Kum River Battle on 14 07 1950. He was in the 63rd FABN, 24th ID, "B" Battery.
Pat Robbins  Email: doycepatr(at)  Bonnerdale, AR
This is one of the neatest web sites i have ever seen, God bless all and Semper Fi.
Christian R. Chugg  Email: capt6wfd(at)  Warrensburg, MO
Your website is most informative and a great salute to all who served our nation so bravely. God bless our Medal of Honor recipients and the heroes of all wars!
Peter S.Griffin   Email: grif101(at) Homepage:  Madison, NC
I am still looking for anyone who served with my father, Francis Wakasugi, during WWII. He was in B CO., 100th Inf. Battalion. He was very proud of his time in service, but he never really recounted his experiences, and we didn't push him to tell us. He passed away in August of 1998, and has taken all that with him. We do have some pictures, and would like to see any more that may be out there. I have been visiting this site now for over 7 months, and am in awe and great appreciation that such a site exists. Keep it up!!!
Kirk Wakasugi  Email: kwak44(at)  Colorado Springs, CO
My dad fought in the Korean War his name is BILL MARTIN SUTHERLAND he would tell me about the time he spent over there so I can keep my freedom. This is a real good site to go to an you can learn history.
BILL GEORGE SUTHERLAND  Email: billg8848(at)  Stockton, CA
Your site is amazing. Thank you so much for a beautiful opportunity to extract vital information and knowledge.
Browns Bonnie  Email: brownbonnie19(at)   Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
ROLLINS  Email: velrol(at)  Pinetop, KY
What a great way to make the world aware of the heros that keep our country secure and safe from outsiders. How do we fight to keep it safe from the inside? It is just as deadly.
Lt. Colonel Larry T. Lopshire USAF (ret)  Email: larry(at)  Homepage:   Greenwood, IN
Excellent website. Thank you to ALL our military persons for your service to the greatest country--The USA! God Bless each and everyone for your continued service and for allowing me and my family our freedoms.
Kathy & Morris Wifall   Pelican Rapids, MN
My dad served in the Philippines in ww2. I have a picture of Cheryl Landis while she was there on a USO tour and also a picture of my dad, Alvin Watt driving Gen MacArthur in a jeep. if anyone remembers anything please let me know.
Peggy Beard  Email: dbeard(at)  Crossett, AL
Just found your guest book and read some of the entries. I'm a Viet-Nam veteran. Oct 1970 - 71, Delta company 2/1 196th LIB Americal (23rd) Division. While I was wounded a couple of times though not seriously. I read and feel really proud and very lucky to be alive and have a family.
Kerry Cooper Email: coop196(at)  Irondale, AL
Bobbie Kline   Email: younggenealogy(at)   Dacula, GA


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