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Many of the HERO STORIES, history, citations and other information detailed in this website are, at least for now, available in PRINT or DIGITAL format from AMAZON.COM. The below comprise the nearly 4-dozen  "Home Of Heroes" books currently available.

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Medal of Honor Books

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01_NAVY-MOH.jpg (29638 bytes) 01_USMC-MOH.jpg (30187 bytes) 02_usaf.jpg (29098 bytes) 01_uscg-.jpg (29730 bytes)
This series of books contains the citations for ALL Medals of Honor awarded to that branch of service, with brief biographical data and photos of many of the recipients. Some of them also include citations for other awards, analysis of awards, data tables and analysis and more. These are LARGE volumes, each 8 1/2" x 11" and more than 500 pages each. Click on a book to find it on where you can find more details on what is contained in each book, as well as to get a free preview. Each volume is $24.95.

Heroes in the War on Terrorism

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These books contain the citations for nearly all of the awards of the Silve Star and higher to members of each branch of service in the War on Terrorism. Books include photos of most recipients, some biographical data, analysis of awards by rank, unit, date, and more.


With the 5 Medal of Honor volumes above, these compilations comprise a virtual 28-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA of decorated American heroes(15,000 pages)  with award citations, history, tables & analysis, and detailed indexes of ACEs, FLAG OFFICERS, and more. (Click on any book to see it in - $24.95 Each Volume)

United States Army Heroes

Distinguished Service Cross

Distinguished Service Medals
ARMY_02-DSC-WWI-A-G.jpg (16235 bytes) ARMY_02-DSC-WWI-A-G.jpg (11411 bytes) ARMY_04-DSC-WWI-S-Z.jpg (11674 bytes) ARMY_09-DSC-Korea.jpg (11385 bytes) ARMY_10-DSC-RVN.jpg (11484 bytes) ARMY_11-DSM-1862to1941.jpg (10503 bytes) ARMY_12-DSM-WWII.jpg (11584 bytes) ARMY_13-DSM-1946-Present.jpg (11397 bytes)
1873 - 1941 Korea Vietnam 1862 - 1960 RVN - Present

United States Navy Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star Navy Corpsmen
NAVY_02-NX-1.jpg (11584 bytes) NAVY_03-NX-2.jpg (11330 bytes) NAVY_04-NX-3.jpg (11451 bytes) NAVY_05-NX4.jpg (11394 bytes) NAVY_07-SS.jpg (10978 bytes) NAVY_06-SS.jpg (12018 bytes)

Hosp-Med Corps.jpg (20461 bytes)

1915 - 1941 WWII Korea - Present WWII

United States Marine Corps Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star
USMC_02-NX-1915 to WWII.jpg (11383 bytes) USMC_03-NX-KC to Present.jpg (11600 bytes) USMC_04-SS-WWI.jpg (11786 bytes) USMC_05-SS-WWII-AtoK.jpg (11692 bytes) USMC_06-SS-WWII-LtoZ.jpg (11746 bytes) USMC_07-SS-Korea.jpg (11727 bytes) USMC_08-RVN-SS-AtoL.jpg (12153 bytes) USMC_09-SS-RVN-Present.jpg (12062 bytes)
1915 - WWII Korea - Present 1900 - 1941 WWII 1947 - Korea Vietnam - Present

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The Defining Generation
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Medal of Honor Recipients
Buried in Arlington National Cemetery

  Click On Thumbnails for a Photo-Profile Page  

P - Q

page_john.jpg (113841 bytes)
John Page
palmer_george.jpg (124489 bytes)
George Palmer
parks_harry.jpg (111257 bytes)
Henry Parks
peters_alexander.jpg (97544 bytes)
Alexander Peters
pharris_jackson-ANCnew.jpg (103492 bytes)
Jackson Pharris
pipes_james.jpg (108150 bytes)
James Pipes
plowman_george.jpg (103619 bytes)
George Plowman
pope_thomas.jpg (107442 bytes)
Thomas Pope
port_william.jpg (105618 bytes)
William Port
porter_david_d.jpg (117101 bytes)
David D. Porter
porter_donn.jpg (108748 bytes)
Donn Porter
preston_arthur.jpg (119001 bytes)
Arthur Preston
pruitt_john.jpg (103626 bytes)
John Pruitt
purman_james.jpg (111332 bytes)
James Purman
quinn_peter.jpg (115257 bytes)
Peter Quinn


rabel_laszlo.jpg (109347 bytes)
Laszlo Rabel
ramage_lawson.jpg (107410 bytes)
Lawson Ramage
rand_charles.jpg (115023 bytes)
Charles Rand
raub_jacob.jpg (110475 bytes)
Jacob Raub
raymond_william.jpg (111717 bytes)
William Raymond
reem_robert.jpg (110029 bytes)
Robert Reem
reid_george.jpg (101929 bytes)
George Reid
rice_edmund.jpg (125157 bytes)
Edmund Rice
richmond_james.jpg (111005 bytes)
James Richmond
roach_hampton.jpg (107313 bytes)
Hampton Roach
roberts_charles.jpg (117209 bytes)
Charles Roberts
robinson_robert.jpg (111902 bytes)
Robert Robinson
roeder_robert.jpg (107558 bytes)
Robert Roeder
rogers_charles.jpg (127069 bytes)
Charles Rogers
romyn_henry.jpg (108589 bytes)
Henry Romeyn
rose_george.jpg (115029 bytes)
George Rose
John Rush
Israel Little
rush_william.jpg (102263 bytes)
William Rush
russell_henry.jpg (106686 bytes)
Henry Russell
Francis Ryan
Frank Gallagher

ryan_thomas.jpg (110900 bytes)
Thomas Ryan


sage_william.jpg (111487 bytes)
William Sage
saxton_rufus.jpg (111427 bytes)
Rufus Saxton
schilt_christian.jpg (111768 bytes)
Christian Schilt
schmidt_oscar.jpg (115426 bytes)
Oscar Schmidt
schnepel_fred-ANCnew.jpg (95310 bytes)
Fred Schnepel
schofield_john.jpg (85112 bytes)
John Schofield
schonland_herbert.jpg (116056 bytes)
Herbert Schonland
schou_julius.jpg (114348 bytes)
Julius Schou
schwan_theodore.jpg (115529 bytes)
Theodore Schwan
John Schwenk
George Martin
scott_alexander.jpg (114375 bytes)
Alexander Scott
scott_robert_r.jpg (110822 bytes)
Robert R. Scott
seach_william.jpg (113820 bytes)
William Seach
shacklette_william.jpg (100592 bytes)
William Shacklette
shanahan_patrick.jpg (114546 bytes)
Patrick Shanahan
shaw_george.jpg (101069 bytes)
George Shaw
shaw_thomas.jpg (97081 bytes)
Thomas Shaw
shoup_david.jpg (113114 bytes)
David Shoup
sickles_daniel.jpg (93597 bytes)
Daniel Sickles
sidman_george.jpg (106350 bytes)
George Sidman
sigler_franklin.jpg (99869 bytes)
Franklin Sigler
silk_edward.jpg (106421 bytes)
Edward Silk
sitter_carl.jpg (98130 bytes)
Carl Sitter
skaggs_luther.jpg (107559 bytes)
Luther Skaggs
skinner_john.jpg (115121 bytes)
John Skinner
skinner_sherrod.jpg (103490 bytes)
Sherrod Skinner
slack_clayton.jpg (108746 bytes)
Clayton Slack
smedley_larry.jpg (106547 bytes)
Larry Smedley
smith_charles.jpg (119621 bytes)
Charles Smith
smith_james.jpg (107833 bytes)
James Smith
smith_john.jpg (91744 bytes)
John L. Smith
smith_joseph.jpg (98082 bytes)
Joseph Smith
smith_maynard.jpg (117625 bytes)
Maynard Smith
smith_paulray.jpg (114268 bytes)
Paul Ray Smith
snyder_william.jpg (101575 bytes)
William Snyder
stahel_julius.jpg (105255 bytes)
Julius Stahel
stanley_robert.jpg (106065 bytes)
Robert Stanley
staton_adolphus.jpg (112370 bytes)
Adolphus Staton
stewart_george-ANCnew.jpg (90851 bytes)
George Stewart
stickney_herman.jpg (112770 bytes)
Herman Stickney
stokes_john.jpg (92638 bytes)
John Stokes
street_george.jpg (99534 bytes)
George Street
sullivan_daniel.jpg (99409 bytes)
Daniel Sullivan
sutton_clarence.jpg (117939 bytes)
Clarence Sutton
swanson_jon.jpg (109493 bytes)
Jon Swanson
swayne_wager.jpg (104268 bytes)
Wager Swayne


thomason_clyde.jpg (119364 bytes)
Clyde Thomason
thordsen_william.jpg (116102 bytes)
William Thordsen
thorn_walter.jpg (104814 bytes)
Walter Thorn
tilton_henry.jpg (112792 bytes)
Henry Tilton
tominac_john.jpg (116030 bytes)
John Tominac
torgerson_martin.jpg (119423 bytes)
Martin Torgerson
townsend_julius.jpg (112060 bytes)
Julius Townsend
truell_edwin.jpg (123569 bytes)
Edwin Truell
turner_charles.jpg (99931 bytes)
Charles Turner
turner_george.jpg (131431 bytes)
George Turner
tweedale_john.jpg (103163 bytes)
John Tweedale


upton_frank.jpg (101376 bytes)
Frank Upton
urban_matt.jpg (117266 bytes)
Matt Urban
urell_michael.jpg (107103 bytes)
Michael Urell


van_iersel_ludovicus.jpg (108730 bytes)
Ludovicus Van Iersel
van_voorhis_bruce.jpg (100213 bytes)
Bruce Van Voorhis
vance_wilson.jpg (91367 bytes)
Wilson Vance
vandegrift_alexander.jpg (114144 bytes)
Alexander Vandegrift
veazey_wheelock.jpg (121611 bytes)
Wheelock Veazey
vernay_james-ANCnew.jpg (91028 bytes)
James Vernay
versace_humbert.jpg (105725 bytes)
Humbert Versace
vosler_forrest.jpg (109000 bytes)
Forrest Vosler


wainwright_john.jpg (104161 bytes)
John Wainwright
wainwright_jonathan.jpg (101631 bytes)
Jonathan Wainwright
walker_kenneth.jpg (134314 bytes)
Kenneth Walker
walsh_kenneth.jpg (126244 bytes)
Kenneth Walsh
walsh_william.jpg (105017 bytes)
William Walsh
wanton_george.jpg (107777 bytes)
George Wanton
ware_keith.jpg (96991 bytes)
Keith L. Ware
watters_charles.jpg (105400 bytes)
Charles Watters
west_frank.jpg (123919 bytes)
Frank West
westa_karl.jpg (105446 bytes)
Karl Westa
weston_john.jpg (102782 bytes)
John Weston
wheeler_george.jpg (114744 bytes)
George Wheeler
wheeler_henry.jpg (116545 bytes)
Henry Wheeler
whitaker_edward.jpg (106961 bytes)
Edward Whitaker
whittington_hulon.jpg (108327 bytes)
Hulon Whittington
wigle_thomas.jpg (104499 bytes)
Thomas Wigle
wilkinson_theodore.jpg (118582 bytes)
Theodore Wilkinson
willcox_orlando.jpg (105511 bytes)
Orlando Willcox
williams_charlesQ.jpg (115058 bytes)
Charles Q. Williams
williston_edward.jpg (101649 bytes)
Edward Williston
wilson_louis-anc.jpg (90844 bytes)
Louis Wilson 
windrich_william.jpg (99570 bytes)
William Windrich
wood_henry.jpg (109633 bytes)
Henry Wood
wood_leonard.jpg (112661 bytes)
Leonard Wood
woodall_zachary.jpg (109430 bytes)
Zachary Woodall
woodfill_samuel.jpg (106848 bytes)
Samuel Woodfill


young_frank.jpg (111741 bytes)
Frank Young
young_gerald.jpg (122295 bytes)
Gerald Young


zeamer_jay.jpg (108080 bytes)
Jay Zeamer


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