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Many of the HERO STORIES, history, citations and other information detailed in this website are, at least for now, available in PRINT or DIGITAL format from AMAZON.COM. The below comprise the nearly 4-dozen  "Home Of Heroes" books currently available.

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Medal of Honor Books

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This series of books contains the citations for ALL Medals of Honor awarded to that branch of service, with brief biographical data and photos of many of the recipients. Some of them also include citations for other awards, analysis of awards, data tables and analysis and more. These are LARGE volumes, each 8 1/2" x 11" and more than 500 pages each. Click on a book to find it on where you can find more details on what is contained in each book, as well as to get a free preview. Each volume is $24.95.

Heroes in the War on Terrorism

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These books contain the citations for nearly all of the awards of the Silve Star and higher to members of each branch of service in the War on Terrorism. Books include photos of most recipients, some biographical data, analysis of awards by rank, unit, date, and more.


With the 5 Medal of Honor volumes above, these compilations comprise a virtual 28-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA of decorated American heroes(15,000 pages)  with award citations, history, tables & analysis, and detailed indexes of ACEs, FLAG OFFICERS, and more. (Click on any book to see it in - $24.95 Each Volume)

United States Army Heroes

Distinguished Service Cross

Distinguished Service Medals
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1873 - 1941 Korea Vietnam 1862 - 1960 RVN - Present

United States Navy Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star Navy Corpsmen
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1915 - 1941 WWII Korea - Present WWII

United States Marine Corps Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star
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1915 - WWII Korea - Present 1900 - 1941 WWII 1947 - Korea Vietnam - Present

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The Defining Generation
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Alphabetical Index To

Medal of Honor Recipient
Burial Sites

 All 3,442 Medal of Honor recipients are listed alphabetically (by last name) below, along with the city and state in which they are buried.  In some cases, particularly those whose bodies were never recovered, there may be more than one location.  For instance, a recipient may be remembered on one of the "Walls of the Missing" and yet have an IMO (In Memory Of) marker in their home town.  Throughout our pages we try to note additional memorial locations when you visit the state page listed below as the primary burial location.


Abrell, Charles Gene - Farmersburg , IN
Adams, James F. -
Huntington , WV
Adams, John Gregory Bishop -
Lynn , MA
Adams, John Mapes -
Brooklyn , NY
Adams, Lucian -
San Antonio , TX
Adams, Stanley
Taylor - Portland , OR
Adams, William Edward -
Sheridan , CO
Adkinson, Joseph B. -
Atoka , TN
Adriance, Harry Chapman - Unknown
Agerholm, Harold Christ -
Racine , WI
Aheam, Michael - Unknown
Ahern, William - Unknown
Albanese, Lewis -
Seattle , WA
Albee, George Emerson -
Arlington , VA
Frederick - Columbiaville , MI
Albert, Christian -
Reading , OH
Alchesay, William -
White River , AZ
Allen, Abner Peeler -
Centerburg , OH
Allen, Edward G. -
Brooklyn , NY
Allen, James -
St. Paul , MN
Allen, Nathaniel M. -
Acton , MA
Allen, William -
San Francisco , CA
Allex, Jake Allex -
Libertyville , IL
Allworth, Edward C. -
Corvallis , OR
Ames, Adelbert -
Lowell , MA
Ammerman, Robert Wesley -
McAlisterville , PA
Anders, Frank Lafayette -
Ripon , WI
Anderson, Beaufort Theodore -
Arlington , VA
Anderson, Bruce -
Amsterdam , NY
Anderson, Charles W. -
Staunton , VA
Anderson, Edwin Alexander -
Arlington , VA
Anderson, Everett W. -
Phoenixville , PA
Frederick Charles - Somerset , MA
Anderson, James -
St. Louis , MO
Anderson, Johannes Seigfried - Chicago , IL
Anderson, Jr., James -
Compton , CA
Anderson, Marion T.
- Arlington , VA
Anderson, Peter T. - Newell, IA
Anderson, Richard Allen - Houston, TX
Anderson, Richard Beatty - Tacoma, WA
Anderson, Robert N. - Portsmouth, NH
Anderson, Thomas - Lone Pine, PA
Anderson, Webster - Winnsboro, SC
Anderson, William - Unknown
Andrews, John - Unknown
Angling, John - South Portland, ME
Antolak, Sylvester - Nettuno, Italy
Antrim, Richard Nott - Arlington, VA
Apple, Andrew O. - Elgin, IL
Appleton, Edwin Nelson - Brooklyn, NY
Appleton, William H. - Pembroke, NH
Archer, James W. - Spencer, IN
Archer, Lester - Body Not Recoverable
Archinal, William J. - Trenton, NJ
Armstrong, Clinton Lycurgus - Winchester, IN
Arnold, Abraham Kerns - Garrison, NY
Arther, Matthew - Unknown
Ashley, Jr., Eugene - Fayetteville, NC
Asten, Charles - Pawtucket, RI
Aston, Edgar R. - Bethel, OH
Atkins, Daniel - Portsmouth, VA
Atkins, Thomas E. - Inman, SC
Atkinson, Thomas E. - Unknown
Auer, John F. - Nyack, NY
Austin, Oscar Palmer - Phoenix, AZ
Austin, William Grafton - Colma CA
Avery, James - Portsmouth, VA
Avery, William B. - Providence, RI
Ayers, David - Chicago, IL
Ayers, James F. - Fort Riley, KS
Ayers, John G. K. - Three Rivers, MI


Babcock , John Breckinridge - Stonington, CT
Babcock, William J. - Wakefield, RI
Baca, John Philip - Still Living
Bacon, Elijah William - Berlin, CT
Bacon, Nicky Daniel - Still Living
Badders, William - San Francisco, CA
Badger, Oscar Charles - Arlington, VA
Baesel, Albert E. - Cleveland, OH
Bailey, James E. - Unknown
Bailey, Kenneth Dillon - Danville, IL
Baird, Absalom - Arlington, VA
Baird, George William - Milford, CT
Baker, Addison Earl - Florence, Italy
Baker, Benjamin Franklin - Dennisport, MA
Baker, Charles - Philadelphia, PA
Baker, John - Unknown
Baker, Jr., Edward Lee - Los Angeles, CA
Baker, Jr., John Franklin - Still Living
Baker, Jr., Thomas Alexander - Schuylerville, NY
Baker, Vernon J. - Still Living
Balch, John Henry - Riverside, CA
Baldwin , Frank Dwight - Arlington, VA
Baldwin, Charles H. - Accokeek, MD
Baldwin, Frank Dwight - Arlington, VA
Ballard, Donald Everett - Still Living
Frederick A. - Carleton, MI
Neil - Unknown
Banks, George Lovell - Independance, KS
Barber, James Albert - Westerly, RI
Barber, William Earl - Arlington, VA
Barfoot, Van Thomas - Still Living
Barger, Charles Denver - Blue Springs, MO
Barkeley, David B. - San Antonio, TX
Barker, Charles H. - Honolulu, HI
Barker, Jedh Colby - Paramus, NJ
Barker, Nathaniel C. - Merrimack, NH
Barkley, John Lewis - Kansas City, MO
Barnes, III, John Andrew - Dedham, MA
Barnes, Will Croft - Arlington, VA
Barnes, William Henry - San Antonio, TX
Barnum, Harvey Curtiss "Barney" - Still Living
Barnum, Henry Alanson - Syracuse, NY
Barnum, James - Unknown
Barrell, Charles L. - Wayland, MI
Barrett, Carlton William - Napa, CA
Barrett, Edward - Unknown
Barrett, Richard - Washington, DC
Barrick, Jesse T. - Kent, WA
Barringer, William H. - Longbottom, OH
Barrow, David Duffy - Portsmouth, VA
Barry, Augustus - Mechanicsville, VA
Bart, Frank J. - North Bergen, NJ
Barter, Gurdon H. - Viola, ID
Barton, Thomas - Unknown
Basilone, John "Manila Jonn" - Arlington, VA
Bass, David L. - Little Falls, NY
Batchelder, Richard Napoleon - Arlington, VA
Bates, Delavan - Aurora, NE
Bates, Norman Francis - Glendale, CA
Bates, Richard - Unknown
Batson, Matthew Arlington - Arlington, VA
Bauer, Harold William "Indian Joe" - Manila, Philippine Islands
Baugh, William Bernard - Harrison, OH
Bausell, Lewis Kenneth - Manila, Philippine Islands
Baybutt, Philip - Manchester, England
Bazar, Philip - Unknown
Bearss, Hiram Iddings - Peru, IN
Beasley, Harry C. - Newark, OH
Beatty, Alexander Mitchell - Lancaster, NH
Beaty, Powhatan - Cincinnati, OH
Beaudoin, Raymond Ovila - South Hadley, MA
Beauford, Clay - Los Angeles, CA
Beaufort, Jean J. - Arlington, VA
Beaumont, Eugene Beauharnais - Wilkes-Barre, PA
Bebb, Edward James - Lynnville, IA
Beckwith, Wallace A. - Waterford, CT
Beddows, Richard - New Rochelle, NY
Beebe, William Sully - West Point, NY
Beech, John P. - Trenton, NJ
Begley, Terrence - Unknown
Frederick - Unknown
Behnke, Heinrich - Farmingdale, NY
Beikirch, Gary Burnell - Still Living
Belcher, Ted - Zanesville, OH
Belcher, Thomas - Togus, ME
Bell, Bernard Pious - Arlington, VA
Bell, Dennis - Arlington, VA
Bell, George H. - Newcastle, England
Bell, Harry - Fort Leavenworth, KS
Bell, James - Chicago, IL
Bell, James Bennett - Gettysburg, OH
Bell, James Franklin - Arlington, VA
Bellrichard, Leslie Allen - Janesville, WI
Belpitt, William Henry - Unknown
Benavidez, Roy Perez - San Antonio, TX
Bender, Stanley - Oak Hill, WV
Benedict, George Greenville - Burlington, VT
Benfold, Edward Clyde "Ted" - Beverly, NJ
Benjamin, John Francis - Unknown
Benjamin, Jr., George - Manila, Philippine Islands
Benjamin, Samuel Nicholl - Garrison, NY
Bennett, Edward Andrew - San Bruno, CA
Bennett, Emory L. - Cocoa, FL
Bennett, Floyd - Arlington, VA
Bennett, James Harvey - Unknown
Bennett, Orrin - Unknown
Bennett, Orson W. - Bala Cynwyd, PA
Bennett, Steven Logan - Lafayette, LA
Bennett, Thomas William - Morgantown, WV
Bennion, Mervyn Sharp - Salt Lake City, UT
Bensinger, William - McComb, OH
Benson, James - Unknown
Benyaurd, William Henry Harrison - West Point, NY
Berg, George Francis - South Portland, ME
Frederick - Gothenburg, Sweden
Berkeley, Randolph Carter - Arlington, VA
Berry, Charles Joseph - Lorain, OH
Bertoldo, Vito R. - San Bruno, CA
Bertram, Heinrich - Unknown
Bessey, Charles Albert - Biloxi, MS
Betham, Asa - Unknown
Betts, Charles Malone - Bala-Cynwyd, PA
Beyer, Albert - Norristown, PA
Beyer, Arthur O. - St. Ansgar, IA
Beyer, Hillary - Lower Providence, PA
Bianchi, Willibald Charles - Honolulu, HI
Bibber, Charles James - Everett, MA
Bickford, Henry H. - Hartland, NY
Bickford, John F. - Gloucester, MA
Bickford, Matthew - Bellingham, WA
Bickham, Charles Goodwin - Dayton, OH
Biddle, Melvin Earl - Still Living
Bieger, Charles - St. Louis, MO
Biegler, George Wesley - Hollywood, CA
Bigelow, Elmer Charles - Hebron, IL
Binder, Richard - Bala-Cynwyd, PA
Bingham, Henry Harrison - Philadelphia, PA
Birdsall, Horatio L. - Arlington, VA
Birkhimer, William Edward - Arlington, VA
Bishop, Charles Francis - San Diego, CA
Bishop, Daniel - Bellaire, OH
Bishop, Francis A. - Blanchard, MI
Bjorklund, Arnold L. - Portland, OR
Bjorkman, Ernest H. - Edgewater, CO
Black, John Charles - Danville, IL
Black, William Perkins - Chicago, IL
Blackmar, Wilmon Whilldin - Dorchester, MA
Blackwell, Robert Lester - Bony Aisne, France
Blackwood, William Robert D - Philadelphia, PA
Blagheen, William - Unknown
Blair, James - Unknown
Blair, Robert M. - Enid, OK
Blake, Robert - Unknown
Blanchfield, Michael Reinert - Des Plaines, IL
BLANQUET - Unknown
Blasdale, Thomas A. - Hutchinson, KS
Bleak, David Bruce - Moore, ID
Bleckley, Erwin Russel - Romagne Meuse, France
Blickensderfer, Milton - Sugar Creek, OH
Bliss, George Newman - Rumford, RI
Bliss, Zenas Randall - Arlington, VA
Bloch, Orville Emil - Seattle, WA
Blodgett, Wells H. - St. Louis, MO
Blucher, Charles - Unknown
Blume, Robert - Arlington, VA
Blunt, John W. - Chatham, NY
Bobo, John Paul - Lewiston, NY
Boehler, Otto A. - Breckenridge, MN
Boehm, Peter Martin - Arlington, VA
Boers, Edward William - Cincinnati, OH
Bois, Frank - Seattle, WA
Bolden, Paul Luther - Owens Crossroads, AL
Bolton, Cecil Hamilton - San Antonio, TX
Bond, William S. - Vallejo, CA
Bondsteel, James Leroy - Fort Richardson, AK
Bonebrake, Henry G. - Waynesboro, PA
Bong, Richard Ira - Poplar, WI
Bonnaffon, Jr., Sylvester - Philadelphia, PA
Bonney, Robert Earl - Seattle, WA
Bonnyman, Jr., Alexander "Sandy" - Santa Fe, NM
Boody, Robert M. - Haverhill, MA
Booker, Robert D. - Callaway, NE
Boon, Hugh Patterson - Washington, PA
Boone, Joel Thompson - Arlington, VA
Bordelon, William James - San Antonio, TX
Boss, Orlando Phidelio - Fitchburg, MA
Bouquet, Nicholas S. - Burlington, IA
Bourke, John Gregory - Arlington, VA
Bourne, Thomas - Unknown
Boury, Richard - Parkersburg, WV
Boutwell, John W. - Arlington, VA
Bowden, Samuel - Unknown
Bowen, Chester Bennett - Weatherford, TX
Bowen, Elmer - Los Angeles, CA
Bowen, Jr., Hammett Lee - LaGrange, GA
Bowman, Alonzo - Fort Bayard, NM
Bowman, Edward R. - Eastport, ME
Box, Thomas J. - Bedford, IN
Boyce, Jr., George W. G. - Manila, Philippine Islands
Boydston, Erwin Jay - Honolulu, HI
Boyington, Gregory "Pappy" - Arlington, VA
Boyne, Thomas - Washington, DC
Boynton, Henry Van Ness - Arlington, VA
Bradbury, Sanford - Arlington, VA
Bradley, Alexander - Akron, OH
Bradley, Amos - Unknown
Bradley, Charles - Unknown
Bradley, George - Middletown, RI
Bradley, Jr., Willis Winter - San Diego, CA
Bradley, Thomas Wilson - Walden, NY
Brady, George F. - Unknown
Brady, James - Raymond, NH
Brady, Patrick Henry - Still Living
Branagan, Edward - San Angelo, TX
Brandle, Joseph E. - Coldwater, MI
Brannigan, Felix - Arlington, VA
Brant, Abram B. - Fort Meade, SD
Brant, Jr., William - Hillside, NJ
Bras, Edgar A. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Bratling, Frank - Fort Bliss, TX
Brazell, John - Unknown
Breault, Henry - Putnam, CT
Breeman, George - Arlington, VA
Breen, John - Milwaukee, WI
Brennan, Christopher - Unknown
Bresnahan, Patrick Francis - Salem, MA
Brest, Lewis Francis - Mercer, PA
Brett, Lloyd Milton - Arlington, VA
Brewer, William John - Cornwall on Hudson, NY
Brewster, Andre Walker - Arlington, VA
Breyer, Charles - Limerick, PA
Briggs, Elijah A. - Fishkill, NY
Bright, George Washington - Petersburg, VA
Briles, Herschel Floyd "Pete" - Prairie City, IA
Bringle, Andrew - Unknown
Brinn, Andrew - Unknown
Britt, Maurice Lee "Footsie" - Little Rock, AR
Brittin, Nelson Vogel - Beverly, NJ
Brock, George F. - Unknown
Brogan, James - Summit Hill, PA
Bronner, August
Frederick - Newark, NJ
Bronson, Deming - Arlington, VA
Bronson, James H. - Carnegie, PA
Brookin, Oscar - Galloway, OH
Brophy, James - Washington, DC
Brosnan, John - Brooklyn, NY
Brostrom, Leonard C. - Preston, ID
Brouse, Charles W. - Indianapolis, IN
Brown, Benjamin - Washington, DC
Brown, Charles - Unknown
Brown, Charles E. - Schuylkill Haven, PA
Brown, Henry Le Fevre - Jamestown, NY
Brown, James - Unknown
Brown, James - Unknown
Brown, Jeremiah Z. - New Bethlehem, PA
Brown, John - Unknown
Brown, John - Unknown
Brown, John H. - Cincinnati, OH
Brown, John Harties - Arlington, VA
Brown, Jr., Bobbie Evan - Arlington, VA
Brown, Jr., Edward - Woodside, NY
Brown, Jr., Morris - Penn Yan, NY
Brown, Lorenzo Dow - Unknown
Brown, Melvin L. - Mahaffey, PA
Brown, Robert - Unknown
Brown, Robert Burns - Zanesville, OH
Brown, Uriah H. - Paris, PA
Brown, William H. - Arlington, VA
Brown, Wilson - Natchez, MS
Brown, Wilson W. - Dowling, OH
Brownell, Francis Edwin - St. Louis, MO
Brownell, William P. - New Bedford, MA
Bruce, Daniel Dean - Michigan City, IN
Bruner, Louis J. - Portland, IN
Brush, George Washington - Huntington, NY
Bruton, Christopher C. - Unknown
Brutsche, Henry - Unknown
Bryan, William C. - Inglewood, CA
Bryant, Andrew Symmes - Springfield, MA
Bryant, William Maud - Raleigh, NC
Bucha, Paul William - Still Living
Buchanan, Allen - Arlington, VA
Buchanan, David M. - Unknown
Buchanan, George A. - Richmond, VA
Frederick Clarence - Johnson City, TN
Buck, James - Baltimore, MD
Buckingham, David Eastburn - Arlington, VA
Buckles, Abram J. - Fairfield, CA
Buckley, Denis - Marietta, GA
Buckley, Howard Major - Wheeler, NY
Buckley, John C. - Fitzgerald, GA
Bucklyn, John Knight - Mystic, CT
Buffington, John C. - Taneytown, MD
Buffum, Robert - Auburn, NY
Buhrman, Henry G. - Johnson City, TN
Buker, Brian Leroy - Benton, ME
Bulkeley, John Duncan - Arlington, VA
Bumgarner, William - Liberty Center, IN
Burbank, James H. - Miltonvale, KS
Burger, Joseph - St. Paul, MN
Burk, E. Michael - Troy, NY
Burk, Thomas - Lowville, NY
Burkard, Oscar R. - Rome, NY
Burke, Daniel Webster - Arlington, VA
Burke, Francis Xavier - Arneytown, NJ
Burke, Lloyd Leslie "Scooter" - Arlington, VA
Burke, Patrick J. - Unknown
Burke, Richard - Unknown
Burke, Robert Charles - Monticello, IL
Burke, Thomas - Washington, DC
Burke, Thomas - Woodside, NY
Burnes, James - Unknown
Burnett, George Ritter - Arlington, VA
Burns, James Madison - Lebanon, OH
Burns, John M. - Unknown
Burr, Elmer J. - Neenah, WI
Burr, Herbert Hoover - Independence, MO
Burris, Tony K - Blanchard, OK
Burritt, William Wallace - Leavenworth, KS
Burt, James Montross - Abingdon, PA
Burton, Albert - Unknown
Bush, Richard Earl - Libertyville, IL
Bush, Robert Eugene - Menlo, WA
Butler, Edmond Thomas - Omaha, NE
Butler, Smedley Darlington - West Chester, PA
Butler, Smedley Darlington - West Chester, PA
Butterfield, Daniel Adams - West Point, NY
Butterfield, Franklin George - Saxtons River, VT
Button, William Robert - St. Louis, MO
Butts, George - Elyria, OH
Butts, John Edward - Medina, NY
Buzzard, Ulysses G. - Cebu City, Philippine Islands
Byrd, Jr., Richard Evelyn - Arlington, VA
Byrne, Bernard Abert - Arlington, VA
Byrne, Denis - Unknown
Byrnes, James - Unknown


Cable, Joseph A. - Crow Agency, MT
Caddy, William Robert - Honolulu, HI
Cadwallader, Abel G. - Baltimore, MD
Cadwell, Luman Lewis - Decorah, IA
Cafferata, Jr., Hector Albert - Still Living
Cahey, Thomas - Arlington, VA
Caldwell, Daniel G. - Philadelphia, PA
Calkin, Ivers S. - Montague, MI
Call, Donald Marshall - Bethesda, MD
Callaghan, Daniel Judson - Manila, Philippine Islands
Callahan, John H. - Manhattan, KS
Callen, Thomas Joseph - East Orange, NJ
Calugas, Jose - Tacoma, WA
Calvert, James Spencer - Arlington, VA
Camp, Carleton N. - Hanover, NH
Campbell, Albert Ralph - Glendale, CA
Campbell, Daniel J. - Mattapan, MA
Campbell, James A. - Arlington, VA
Campbell, William - Des Moines, IA
Campbell, William - Unknown
Canfield, Heth - St. Augustine, FL
Cann, Tedford Harris - Arlington, VA
Cannon, George Hamm - Honolulu, HI
Cantrell, Charles P. - Madison, TN
Capehart, Charles E. - Arlington, VA
Capehart, Henry - Arlington, VA
Capodanno, Vincent Robert - Staten Island, NY
Capron, Jr, Horace - Peoria, IL
Carey, Alvin P. - Ligonier, PA
Carey, Hugh - Brooklyn, NY
Carey, James - Unknown
Carey, James Lemuel - Carnegie, PA
Carey, Jr., Charles F. - Neuvile-En-Condroz, Belgium
Carlisle, Casper R. - Mount Lebanon, PA
Carman, Warren - Rochester, NY
Carmin, Isaac Harrison - Washington Courthouse, OH
Carney, William Harvey - New Bedford, MA
Caron, Wayne Maurice - Arlington, VA
Carpenter, Louis Henry - Swedesboro, NJ
Carr, Chris - Los Angeles, CA
Carr, Eugene Asa - West Point, NY
Carr, Franklin - Unknown
Carr, John - Madison, TN
Carr, William Louis - Sandusky, OH
Carr, William M. - Norfolk, VA
Carroll, Thomas - Unknown
Carson, Anthony J. - Mattapan, MA
Carson, William J. - Muncie, IN
Carswell, Jr., Horace Seaver - Fort Worth, TX
Cart, Jacob - Carlisle, PA
Carter, Bruce Wayne - Hialeah, FL
Carter, George - Unknown
Carter, John Joice - Titusville, PA
Carter, Joseph Edward - Arlington, VA
Carter, Joseph Franklin - Arlington, VA
Carter, Jr., Edward A. - Arlington, VA
Carter, Mason - San Diego, CA
Carter, Robert Goldthwaite - Arlington, VA
Carter, William Harding - Arlington, VA
Caruana, Orlando Emanuel - Washington, DC
Cary, Robert Webster - Arlington, VA
Casamento, Anthony - Farmingdale, NY
Casey, David P. - Northbridge, MA
Casey, Henry - Bloomingburg, OH
Casey, James Seaman - Schenectady, NY
Cassidy, Michael - Hampton, VA
Frederick Walker - Henri-Chapelle, Belgium
Castle, Guy Wilkinson Stuart - Arlington, VA
Catherwood, John Hugh - Springfield, IL
Catlin, Albertus Wright - Arlington, VA
Catlin, Isaac Swartwood - Arlington, VA
Cavaiani, Jon Robert - Still Living
Cavanaugh, Thomas - Unknown
Cawetzka, Charles - Romulus, MI
Cayer, Ovila - Salinas, CA
Cecil, Joseph Samuel - Arlington, VA
Chadwick, Leonard B. - Mattapan, MA
Chamberlain, Joshua Lawrence - Brunswick, ME
Chamberlain, Orville Tyron - Elkhart, IN
Chambers, Joseph B. - New Castle, PA
Chambers, Justice Marion - Arlington, VA
Champagne, David Bernard - Waterville, ME
Chandler, Henry Flint - Andover, MA
Chandler, James B. - Plymouth, MA
Chandler, Stephen Edwin - Minneapolis, MN
Chandron, August - Unknown
Chapin, Alaric B. - Portland, OR
Chapman, Amos - Seiling, OK
Chapman, John - Colma, CA
Chaput, Louis G. - Unknown
Charette, George - Arlington, VA
Charette, William Richard - Still Living
Charlton, Cornelius H. - Beckley, WV
Chase, John F. - St. Petersburg, FL
Chatham, John Purness - Salisbury, MD
Cheever, Jr., Benjamin Harrison - Arlington, VA
Cheli, Ralph - St. Louis, MO
Child, Benjamin Ham - Providence, RI
Childers, Ernest "Chief" - Broken Arrow, OK
Chiles, Marcellus Holms - Romagne Meuse, France
CHIQUITO - Unknown
Chisman, William W. - Augusta, KS
Choate, Clyde Lee - Anna, IL
Cholister, George Robert - Cherry Hill, NJ
Christensen, Dale Eldon - Manila, Philippine Islands
Christian, Herbert F. - Byesville, OH
Christiancy, James Isaac - Arlington, VA
Christianson, Stanley Reuben - Mindoro, WI
Church, James Robb - Arlington, VA
Churchill, Samuel Joseph - Lawrence, KS
Cicchetti, Joseph J. - Waynesburg, OH
Cilley, Clinton Albert - Hickory, NC
Clancy, James T. - Unknown
Clancy, John E. - Fort Riley, KS
Clancy, Joseph - Arlington, VA
Clapp, Albert Adams - Altadena, CA
Clark, Charles Amory - Cedar Rapids, IA
Clark, Francis J. - Salem Township, NY
Clark, Harrison - Albany, NY
Clark, James G. - Lansdowne, PA
Clark, John Wesley - Montpelier, VT
Clark, Wilfred - Unknown
Clark, William A. - Nicollet, MN
Clarke, Dayton P. - Montpelier, VT
Clarke, Powhatan Henry - St. Louis, MO
Clary, Edward Alvin - Santa Fe, NM
Clausen, Charles H. - Philadelphia, PA
Clausen, Claus Kristian R. - Middle Village, NY
Clausen, Jr., Raymond Michael - Ponchatoula, LA
Clausey, John Joseph - San Bruno, CA
Clay, Cecil - Arlington, VA
Cleveland, Charles Franklin - Utica, NY
Clifford, Robert Teleford - Philadelphia, PA
Clopp, John E. -
Clute, George Washington - Mount Morris, MI
Coates, Jefferson - Dorchester, NE
Cockley, David L. - Shelby, OH
Cody, William
Frederick - Golden, CO
Coey, James - San Francisco, CA
Coffey, Robert John - Montpelier, VT
Cohn, Abraham - Brooklyn, NY
Coker, Ronald Leroy - Alliance, NE
Colalillo, Michael "Mike" - Still Living
Colbert, Patrick - Detroit, MI
Colby, Carlos W. - Hillsboro, IL
Cole, Darrell Samuel - Farmington, MO
Cole, Gaberiel - Tustin, MI
Cole, Robert George - Margraten, Holland
Coleman, John - Unknown
Collier, Gilbert Georgie - DeWitt, AR
Collier, John Walton - Arlington, VA
Collins, Harrison - Springfield, MO
Collins, Sr., Thomas D. - Middletown, NY
Collis, Charles Henry Tucky - Gettysburg, PA
Colwell, Oliver - Woodstock, OH
Colyer, Wilbur E. - Brooklyn, NY
Comfort, John W. - Philadelphia, PA
Commiskey, Henry Alfred - Ashes Scattered Gulf of Mexico
Compson, Hartwell B. - Portland, OR
Conaway, John Wesley - Post Falls, ID
Conboy, Martin - Arlington, VA
Condon, Clarence Milville - Arlington, VA
Conlan, Dennis - Woodside, NY
Connell, Trustrim - Los Angeles, CA
Conner, Richard - Philadelphia, PA
Connolly, Michael - Unknown
Connor, James Phillip - Summit, DE
Connor, John - Washington, DC
Connor, Peter Spencer - San Diego, CA
Connor, Thomas - Unknown
Connor, William C. - Unknown
Connors, James - Unknown
Cook, Donald Gilbert - Arlington, VA
Cook, John - Arlington, VA
Cook, John Henry - Bronx, NY
Cooke, Walter Howard - Whitemarsh, PA
Cooley, Raymond Henry - Kimball, TN
Coolidge, Charles Henry - Still Living
Cooney, James - Vallejo, CA
Cooney, Thomas C. - Annapolis, MD
Coonrod, Aquilla - Crow Agency, MT
Cooper, John - Brooklyn, NY
Cooper, John - Brooklyn, NY
Copp, Charles Dearborn - Lancaster, MA
Corahorgi, Demetri - Seattle, WA
Corcoran, John - Pawtucket, RI
Corcoran, Michael - Cleveland, OH
Corcoran, Thomas E. - Woodside, NY
Corey, William - Unknown
Corliss, George W. - Kew Gardens, NY
Corliss, Stephen Potter - Albany, NY
Corry, Jr., William Merrill - Quincy, FL
Corson, Joseph Kirby - Bala-Cynwyd, PA
Co-Rux-Te-Chod-Ish - Unknown
Cosgriff, Richard H. - Chippewa Falls, WI
Cosgrove, Thomas - Lexington, MA
Costello, John - Unknown
Costin, Henry G. - Baltimore, MD
Cotton, Peter - Unknown
Coughlin, John - Arlington, VA
Coursen, Samuel Streit - West Point, NY
Courtney, Henry C. - Unknown
Courtney, Jr., Henry Alexius - Duluth, MN
Courts, George McCall - Arlington, VA
Covington, Jesse Whitfield - Portsmouth, VA
Cowan, Richard Eller - Wichita, KS
Cox, Robert Edward - Altoona, PA
Cox, Robert Mitchell - Prairie City, IL
Coyne, John Nicholas - Brooklyn, NY
Craft, Clarence Byrle - Fayetteville, AR
Craig, Gordon Maynard - East Bridgewater, MA
Craig, Robert - Sylvania, OH
Craig, Samuel Henry - Saco, ME
Crain, Morris E. - LaCenter, KY
Cramen, Thomas - Unknown
Crandall, Charles - Unknown
Crandall, Orson Leon - Arlington, VA
Cranston, William Wallace - Parsons, KS
Craw, Demas Thurlow - Ashes Scattered in Germany
Crawford, Alexander - Philadelphia, PA
Crawford, William John - Colorado Springs, CO
Creed, John - Evanston, IL
Creek, Thomas Elbert - Amarillo, TX
Creelman, William James - Woodside, NY
Cregan, George - Arlington, VA
Crescenz, Michael Joseph - Philadelphia, PA
Crews, John R. - Oklahoma City, OK
Crilley, Frank William - Arlington, VA
Cripps, Thomas H. - Philadelphia, PA
Crist, John - Unknown
Criswell, Benjamin C. - Eldorado, OK
Crocker, Henry H. - Washington, NJ
Crocker, Ulric Lyona - Medora, IL
Croft, James E. - Janesville, WI
Cromwell, John Philip - Honolulu, HI
Cronan, William S. - San Diego, CA
Cronin, Cornelius - Woodside, NY
Crosier, William Henry Harrison - Syracuse, NY
Cross, James Edwin - Albany, NY
Crouse, William Adolphus - Drexel Hill, PA
Crowley, Michael - Boston, MA
Crump, Jerry Kirt - Cornelius, NC
Cruse, Thomas - Arlington, VA
Cubberly, William G. - Lyonsville, IN
Cukela, Louis - Arlington, VA
Cullen, Thomas - Kinny, PA
Cummings, Amos Jay - Irvington, NJ
Cummins, Andrew Johnson - Lewistown, MT
Cumpston, James M. - Coalton, OH
Cunningham, Charles - Unknown
Cunningham, Francis Marion - Ohiopyle, PA
Cunningham, James Smith - Burlington, KS
Curran, Richard J. - Rochester, NY
Currey, Francis Sherman "Frank" - Still Living
Curtis, John Calvin - Bridgeport, CT
Curtis, Josiah M. - West Liberty, WV
Curtis, Newton Martin - Ogdensburg, NY
Custer, Thomas Ward - Fort Leavenworth, KS
Custer, Thomas Ward - Fort Leavenworth, KS
Cutcheon, Byron M. - Ypsilanti, MI
Cutinha, Nicholas Joseph - Fort Denaud, FL
Cutter, George W. - Unknown
Cutts, James Madison - Arlington, VA


Dahl, Larry Gilbert - Portland, OR
Dahlgren, Edward Carl - Mars Hill, ME
Dahlgren, John Olof - San Bruno, CA
Daily, Charles - Unknown
Dalessondro, Peter Joseph - Schuylerville, NY
Daly, Daniel Joseph - Brooklyn, NY
Daly, Daniel Joseph - Brooklyn, NY
Daly, Michael Joseph - Still Living
Damato, Anthony Peter - Honolulu, HI
Daniels, James Thomas - Richmond, VA
Darrough, John S. - Watseka, IL
Davenport, Jack Arden - Kansas City, MO
David, Albert Leroy - San Diego, CA
Davidsizer, John A. - Lewistown, PA
Davidson, Andrew - Cooperstown, NY
Davidson, Andrew - Lancaster, OH
Davila, Rudolph B. - Arlington, VA
Davis, Charles C. - Harrisburg, PA
Davis, Charles P. - Mandan, ND
Davis, Charles Willis - Arlington, VA
Davis, Freeman - Butler, MO
Davis, George Evans - Burlington, VT
Davis, George Fleming - Manila, Philippine Islands
Davis, Harry Clay - Pomona, CA
Davis, John - Arlington, VA
Davis, John - Cotopaxi, CO
Davis, John - Hampton, VA
Davis, John - Unknown
Davis, Joseph - East Palestine, OH
Davis, Joseph H. - Unknown
Davis, Jr., George Andrew - Lubbock, TX
Davis, Martin K. - Demorest, GA
Davis, Raymond Erwin - Seattle, WA
Davis, Raymond Gilbert - College Park, GA
Davis, Rodney Maxwell - Macon, GA
Davis, Sammy Lee - Still Living
Davis, Samuel W. - Unknown
Davis, Thomas - Maspeth (Queens), NY
Dawson, Michael - Unknown
Day, Charles - Mansfield, PA
Day, David Frakes - Denver, CO
Day, George Everett "Bud" - Still Living
Day, James L. - San Diego, CA
Day, Matthias Walter - San Francisco, CA
Day, William L. - Unknown
De La Garza, Jr., Emilio Albert - Hammond, IN
Deakin, Charles - Unknown
Dealey, Samuel David - Manila, Philippine Islands
Dean, Sr., William Frishe - San Francisco, CA
Deane, John Milton - Freetown, MA
DeArmond, William - San Antonio, TX
Deary, George - Philadelphia, PA
DeBlanc, Jefferson Joseph - St. Martinville, LA
Decastro, Joseph H. - Newark, NJ
Decker, Percy A. - Arlington, VA
Frederick - San Antonio, TX
Defranzo, Arthur
Frederick - Saugus, MA
Deglopper, Charles N. - Grand Island, NY
Deignan, Osborn Warren - Glendale, CA
Delacey, Patrick - Moscow, PA
Frederick Nelson - Great Barrington, MA
Delaney, John Carroll - Arlington, VA
Delavie, Hiram H. - Pittsburgh, PA
Deleau, Jr., Emile - Blaine, OH
Dempsey, John - Unknown
Dempster, John - Unknown
Deneef, Michael - Unknown
Denham, Austin - Los Angeles, CA
Denig, J. Henry - York, PA
Denning, Lorenzo - Salisbury, NC
Dennis, Richard - Unknown
Denny, John - Washington, DC
Densmore, William - Philadelphia, PA
Depuy, Charles H. - Kalkaska, MI
Dervishian, Ernest Herbert - Richmond, VA
Desiderio, Reginald Benjamin - San Francisco, CA
Desomer, Abraham - San Francisco, CA
Deswan, John Francis - San Bruno, CA
Dethlefsen, Merlyn Hans - Arlington, VA
Devore, Jr., Edward Allen - San Pedro, CA
Dewert, Richard David - Bourne, MA
Dewey, Duane Edgar - Still Living
Dewitt, Richard Willis - Oxford, OH
Diamond, James H. - Gulfport, MS
Dias, Ralph Ellis - Leetonia, OH
DiCesnola, Louis Palma - Valhalla, NY
Dickens, Charles H. - Worcester, MA
Dickey, Douglas Eugene - Brock, OH
Dickey, William Donaldson - Brooklyn, NY
Dickie, David - Gillespie, IL
Dietz, Robert H. - Kingston, NY
Diggins, Bartholomew - Arlington, VA
Dilboy, George - Arlington, VA
Dilger, Hubert - Washington, DC
Dillon, Michael A. - Arlington, VA
Ditzenback, John - Unknown
Dix, Drew Dennis - Still Living
Dixon, William "Billy" - Stinnett, TX
Doane, Stephen Holden - Arlington, VA
Dockum, Warren C. - Pueblo, CO
Dodd, Carl Henry - Corbin, KY
Dodd, Robert Fulton - Unknown
Dodds, Edward Edwin - Porthope, Ontario, Canada
Dodge, Francis Safford - Arlington, VA
Doherty, Thomas M. - Southgate, KY
Dolby, David Charles - Still Living
Dolloff, Charles W. - Stevens Point, WI
Donahue, John L. - Arlington, VA
Donaldson, John P. - Floris, IA
Donaldson, Michael Aloyisius - Haverstraw, NY
Donavan, Cornelius - Unknown
Donelly, John S. - Unknown
Donlon, Roger Hugh Charles - Still Living
Donnelly, John C. - Unknown
Donoghue, Timothy - Brooklyn, NY
Donovan, William Joseph "Wild Bill" - Arlington, VA
Doody, Patrick H. - Woodside, NY
Doolen, William - Cheyenne, WY
Doolittle, James Harold - Arlington, VA
Doran, John James - Fall River, MA
Dore, George H. - Hornell, NY
Dorley, August - Natchez, MS
Dorman, John Henry - Cincinnati, OH
Dorsey, Daniel Allen - Leavenworth, KS
Dorsey, Decatur - North Bergen, NJ
Doss, Desmond Thomas - Chattanooga, TN
Dougall, Allan Houston - New Haven, IN
Dougherty, James - Brooklyn, NY
Dougherty, Michael - Bristol, PA
Dougherty, Patrick - Unknown
Dougherty, William - Unknown
Dow, George P. - Atkinson, NH
Dow, Henry - Unknown
Dowling, James - Washington, DC
Downey, William - New Bedford, MA
Downs, Henry W. - Dayton, OH
Downs, Willis H. - Jamestown, ND
Dozier, James B. - Jack County, TX
Dozier, James C. - Columbia, SC
Drake, James Madison - Hillside, NJ
Drexler, Henry Clay - Arlington, VA
Drowley, Jesse Ray - Spokane, WA
Drury, James - Lovilia, IA
Drustrup, Niels - Arlington, VA
Duffey, John - New Bedford, MA
Duke, Ray E. - Chattanooga, TN
DuMoulin, Frank - Unknown
Dunagan, Kern Wayne - San Francisco, CA
Duncan, Adam - Unknown
Duncan, James K. L. - Milwaukee, WI
Dunham, Russell - Still Living
Dunlap, Robert Hugo - Monmouth, IL
Dunlavy, James - Maramec, OK
Dunn, Parker F. - Albany, NY
Dunn, William - West Bowdoin, ME
Dunne, James - Evanston, IL
Dunphy, Richard D. - Vallejo, CA
DuPont, Henry Algernon - Greenville, DE
Durham, James R. - Arlington, VA
Durham, John S. - Leavenworth, KS
Durham, Jr., Harold Bascom - Tifton, GA
Durney, Austin Joseph - Cordova, MD
Dutko, John W. - Beverly, NJ
Dyer, Jesse Farley - San Diego, CA
Dyess, Aquilla James - Augusta, GA


Eadie, Thomas - Newport, RI
Eckes, John N. - Winfield, KS
Eddy, Samuel E. - West Chesterfield, MA
Edgerton, Nathan Huntley - Agnes, OR
Edson, Merritt Austin - Arlington, VA
Edwards, Daniel Richmond - Royal, AR
Edwards, David - Waterville, NY
Edwards, John - Cranston, RI
Edwards, Junior Dean - Indianola, IA
Edwards, Walter Atlee - Arlington, VA
Edwards, William D. - Washington, DC
Eggers, Alan Louis - Arlington, VA
Eglit, John - Unknown
Ehle, John Walter - Oakland, CA
Ehlers, Walter David - Still Living
Eilers, Henry A. - Unknown
Eldridge, George H. - Los Angeles, CA
Elliott, Alexander - Pittsburg, PA
Elliott, Middleton Stuart - San Diego, CA
Elliott, Russell C. - Everett, MA
Ellis, Horace - Eagle Point, WI
Ellis, Michael B. - Arlington, VA
Ellis, William - San Bernardino, CA
Ellsworth, Thomas Foulds - Altadena, CA
Elmore, Walter - Unknown
Elrod, Henry Talmage - Arlington, VA
Elsatsoosh - Unknown
Elson, James M. - Shellsburg, IA
Elwood, Edwin L. - Santa Fe, NM
Embler, Andrew Henry - New Haven, CT
Emmet, Robert Temple - New Rochelle, NY
Enderlin, Richard - Chillicothe, OH
Endl, Gerald Leon -
Fort Atkinson, WI
Engle, James Edgar - Arlington, VA
English, Edmund - Philadelphia, PA
English, Jr., Glenn Harry - Fort Bragg, NC
English, Thomas - Unknown
Ennis, Charles D. - Richmond, RI
Enright, John - Buried At Sea
Epperson, Harold Glenn - Winchester, KY
Epps, Joseph L. - Muskogee, OK
Erickson, John P. - Brooklyn, NY
Erickson, Nicholas - Bronx, NY
Erwin, Henry Eugene "Red" - Birmingham, AL
Essebagger, Jr., John - Holland, MI
Estes, Lewellyn Garrish - Arlington, VA
Estocin, Michael John - San Diego, CA
Eubanks, Ray E. - Kinston, NC
Evans, Coron D. - Unknown
Evans, Ernest Edwin "Chief" - Manila, Philippine Islands
Evans, Ira Hobart - Berlin, VT
Evans, James Robert - Pompton Plains, NJ
Evans, Jr., Donald Ward - Glendora, CA
Evans, Rodney John - Florala, AL
Evans, Thomas - Ebensburg, PA
Evans, William - St. Louis, MO
Everetts, John - Farmingdale, NY
Everhart, Sr., Forrest Eugene - Arlington, VA
Everson, Adelbert - Brewerton, NY
Ewing, John C. - Ligonier, PA


Factor, Pompey - Brackettville, TX
Fadden, Harry Delmar - Seattle, WA
Faith, Jr., Don Carlos - Arlington, VA
Falconer, John A. - Warrensburg, MO
Falcott, Henry - San Antonio, TX
Fall, Charles S. - Los Angeles, CA
Fallon, Thomas Timothy - Freehold, NJ
Falls, Benjamin Frank - Lynn, MA
Fanning, Nicholas - Unknown
Fardy, John Peter - Worth, IL
Farley, William - Unknown
Farnsworth, Herbert E. - Pomeroy, WA
Farquhar, John McGreath - Buffalo, NY
Farrell, Edward - Unknown
Farren, Daniel - Unknown
Fasnacht, Charles H. - Lancaster, PA
Fassett, John Barclay - Bronx, NY
Fasseur, Isaac L. - Unknown
Feaster, Mosheim - San Bruno, CA
Fegan, James - Crow Agency, MT
Femoyer, Robert Edward - Jacksonville, FL
Ferguson, Arthur Medworth - Arlington, VA
Frederick Edgar - Still Living
Fernald, Albert E. - Winterport, ME
Fernandez, Daniel - Santa Fe, NM
Ferrari, George - Unknown
Ferrell, John H. - Elizabethtown, IL
Ferrier, Daniel Tweed - Camden, IN
Ferris, Eugene W. - Rockville, IN
Fesq, Frank E. - Orange, NJ
Fichter, Hermann Emil - Quincy, IL
Field, Oscar Wadsworth - Dayton, OH
Fields, James H. - Houston, TX
Finkenbiner, Henry S. - Lagro, IN
Finn, John William - Still Living
Fisher, Almond Edward - Arlington, VA
Fisher, Bernard Francis - Still Living
Frederick Thomas - Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Fisher, Harry - McKeesport, PA
Fisher, John H. - Longmont, CO
Fisher, Joseph - Lansdowne, PA
Fitz, Joseph - Des Moines, IA
Fitzgerald, John - Brooklyn, NY
Fitzmaurice, Michael John - Still Living
Fitzpatrick, Thomas - Unknown
Flaherty, Francis Charles - Charlotte, MI
Flanagan, Augustin D. - Tecumeseh, NE
Flannagan, John - Unknown
Flannigan, James - Louisville, NY
Fleek, Charles Clinton - Petersburg, KY
Fleetwood, Christian A. - Landover, MD
Fleming, James Phillip - Still Living
Fleming, Richard Eugene - Minneapolis, MN
Fletcher, Frank Friday - Arlington, VA
Fletcher, Frank Jack - Arlington, VA
Flood, Thomas S. - Unknown
Floyd, Edward - Charleston, SC
Fluckey, Eugene Bennett - Annapolis, MD
Flynn, Christopher - Baltic, CT
Flynn, James Edward - St. Louis, MO
Foley, Alexander Joseph - Culebra, Puerto Rico
Foley, John H. - Benicia Barracks, CA
Foley, Robert Franklin - Still Living
Folland, Michael Fleming - Richmond, VA
Follett, Joseph Leonard - Albany, NY
Folly, William H.
- Unknown
Foran, Nicholas - Prescott, AZ
Forbeck, Andrew Peter - Erie, PA
Force, Manning Ferguson - Cincinnati, OH
Ford, George W. - Woodside, NY
Forman, Alexander A. - Brooklyn, NY
Forrest, Arthur J. - Hannibal, MO
Forsterer, Bruno Albert - Arlington, VA
Forsyth, Thomas Hall - San Diego, CA
Foss, Herbert Louis - Hingham, MA
Foss, Joseph Jacob - Arlington, VA
Foster, Gary Evans - Boiling Springs, SC
Foster, Paul
Frederick - Arlington, VA
Foster, Paul Hellstrom - San Bruno, CA
Foster, William - San Francisco, CA
Foster, William Adelbert - Cleveland, OH
Fournet, Douglas Bernard - Kinder, LA
Fournia, Frank Ottis - Unknown
Fournier, William Grant - Honolulu, HI
Fous, James William - Maxwell, NE
Frederick W. - St. Louis, MO
Fowler, Christopher - Unknown
Fowler, Thomas Weldon - Wichita Falls, TX
Fox, Henry - Dwight, IL
Fox, Henry M. - Mottville, MI
Fox, John Robert - Whitman, MA
Fox, Nicholas - Port Chester, NY
Fox, Wesley Lee - Still Living
Fox, William R. - Unknown
Foy, Charles H. - Unknown
Francis, Charles Robert - Hollywood, CA
Frederick H. - Portsmouth, NH
Franklin, Joseph John - Brooklyn, NY
Franks, William J. - Unknown
Frantz, Joseph - Northfield, MN
Fraser, William W. - Los Angeles, CA
Fratellenico, Frank Rocco - Chatham, NY
Frazer, Hugh Carroll - Arlington, VA
Fredericksen, Emil - Unknown
Freeman, Archibald - Groesbeck, TX
Freeman, Ed W. - Still Living
Freeman, Henry Blanchard - Arlington, VA
Freeman, Martin - Pascagoula, MS
Freeman, William Henry - Troy, NY
Freemeyer, Christopher - Brooklyn, NY
French, Samuel S. - Gilford, MI
Frey, Franz - Cleveland, OH
Frick, Jacob G. - Pottsville, PA
Frisbee, John B. - Winnegance, ME
Fritz, Harold Arthur - Still Living
Frizzell, Henry F. - St. Louis, MO
Fry, Isaac N. - Garretson, SD
Fryar, Elmer E. - Manila, Philippine Islands
Fryer, Eli Thompson - Arlington, VA
Frederick W. - Arlington, VA
Funk, Jesse N. - Calhan, CO
Funk, Jr., Leonard Alfred - Arlington, VA
Funk, West - Unknown
Funston, Sr.,
Frederick - San Francisco, CA
Fuqua, Samuel Glenn - Arlington, VA
Furlong, Harold Arthur - Pontiac, MI
Furman, Chester S. - Bloomsburg, PA
Furness, Frank - Philadelphia, PA



Gaffney, Frank J. - Cheektowga, NY
Gage, Richard J. - Seneca, IL
Gaiennie, Louis Rene - St. Louis, MO
Galbraith, Robert - Farmingdale, NY
Galer, Robert Edward - Austin, TX
Galloway, George Norton - Philadelphia, PA
Galloway, John - Philadelphia, PA
Galt, Sterling Archibald - Harrisonville, MO
Galt, William Wylie - Great Falls, MT
Gammon, Archer T. - Danville, VA
Garcia, Fernando Luis - Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Garcia, Macario - Houston, TX
Gardiner, James - Ottumwa, IA
Gardiner, Peter W. - Unknown
Gardner , Charles - San Antonio, TX
Gardner, Charles N. - Norwell, MA
Gardner, James Alton - Dyersburg, TN
Gardner, Robert J. - Parkers Corners, MI
Gardner, William - Unknown
Garland, Harry - Missoula, MT
Garlington, Ernest Albert - Arlington, VA
Garman, Harold Alva - Albion, IL
Garrett, William - Leavenworth, KS
Garrison, James R. - Hampton, VA
Garvin, William - Unknown
Gary, Donald Arthur - San Diego, CA
Gasson, Richard - Unknown
Gates, George - Quincy, IL
Gaughan, Philip - Yeadon, PA
Gaujot, Antoine August - Williamson, WV
Gaujot, Julien Edmund - Arlington, VA
Gaunt, John C. - Damascus, OH
Gause, Isaac - Arlington, VA
Gay, Thomas H. - Attleboro, MA
Gaylord, Levi B. - Cohasset, MA
Gedeon, Louis - Washington, DC
Geiger, George - Dayton, OH
George, Charles - Cherokee, NC
George, Daniel Griffin - Merrimac, MA
Georgian, John - Unknown
Gerber, Frederick
William - Brooklyn, NY
Gere, Thomas Parke - Arlington, VA
Gerstung, Robert E. - Arlington, VA
Gertsch, John Gerry - Pittsburgh, PA
Geschwind, Nicholas - Peoria, IL
Gibbons, Michael - Unknown
Gibbs, Wesley - Winsted, CT
Gibson, Edward Herrick - San Bruno, CA
Gibson, Eric Gunnar - Rice Lake, WI
Gidding, Charles - Unknown
Gifford, Benjamin - Hinsdale, NY
Gifford, David L. - South Dartmouth, MA
Gile, Frank S. - North Andover, MA
Gill, Freeman - Everett, MA
Gillenwater, James Robert Lee - Rogersville, TN
Gillespie, Jr., George Lewis - West Point, NY
Gillick, Matthew - Unknown
Gilligan, Edward Lyons - Oxford, PA
Gilliland, Charles L. - Honolulu, HI
Gilmore, Howard Walter - Manila, Philippine Islands
Gilmore, John Curtis - Arlington, VA
Ginley, Patrick - Woodside, NY
Gion, Joseph - Pittsburgh, PA
Girandy, Alphonse - Philadelphia, PA
Gisburne, Edward Allen - Milton, MA
Given, John J. - San Antonio, TX
Glavinski, Albert - Unknown
Glover, Thaddeus Brown - Southold, NY
Glowin, Joseph Anthony - Detroit, MI
Glynn, Michael - Unknown
Godfrey, Edward Settle - Arlington, VA
Godley, Leonidas Mahlon - Ottumwa, IA
Goettel, Philip - Syracuse, NY
Goettler, Harold Ernest - Chicago, IL
Goheen, Charles Arthur - Honeoye Falls, NY
Golden, Patrick - Brooklyn, NY
Goldin, Theodore W. B. - Waupaca, WI
Goldsbery, Andrew E. - Maynard, IA
Gomez, Edward - Omaha, NE
Gonsalves, Harold - San Bruno, CA
Gonzales, David M. - Los Angeles, CA
Gonzalez, Alfredo "
Fred dy" - Edinburg, TX
Goodall, Francis Henry - Washington, DC
Goodblood, Clair - Burnham, ME
Goodman, David - Unknown
Goodman, William Ernest - Whitemarsh, PA
Goodrich, Edwin - Chicago, IL
Gordon, Gary Ivan - Lincoln, ME
Gordon, Nathan Green - Still Living
Gott, Donald Joseph - Harmon, OK
Gould, Charles Gilbert - Windham, VT
Gould, Newton Thomas - Sacramento, CA
Gouraud, George Edward - Unknown
Gowan, William Henry - Farmingdale, NY
Grabiarz, William J. - Cheektowaga, NY
Grace , Patrick Henry - Unknown
Grace, Peter - Arlington, VA
Grady, John - Arlington, VA
Graham, James Albert - Arlington, VA
Graham, Robert - Unknown
Graham, Thomas N. - Lawrence, KS
Grandstaff, Bruce Alan - Spokane, WA
Grant, Gabriel - Tarrytown, NY
Grant, George - Stockville, NE
Grant, Joseph Xavier - Arlington, VA
Grant, Lewis Addison - Minneapolis, MN
Graul, William L. - Reading, PA
Graves, Ora - San Diego, CA
Graves, Terrence Collinson - Hamilton, NY
Graves, Thomas J. - East Germantown, IN
Gray, John - Leavenworth, KS
Gray, Robert A. - Groton, CT
Gray, Ross Franklin - West Blocton, AL
Grbitch, Rade - San Francisco, CA
Greaves, Clinton - Columbus, OH
Grebe, M. R. William - Kansas City, MO
Greely, Adolphus Washington - Arlington, VA
Green, Francis C. - Erin, TN
Green, George - Troy, OH
Green, John - Boise, ID
Greenawalt, Abraham - Alliance, OH
Greene, John - Unknown
Greene, Oliver Duff - San Francisco, CA
Greer, Allen James - Arlington, VA
Gregg, Joseph Olds - Lithopolis, OH
Gregg, Stephen Raymond - North Arlington, NJ
Gregory, Earl D. - Tuscaloosa, AL
Greig, Theodore W. - Bronx, NY
Gresham, John Chowning - San Francisco, CA
Gresser, Ignatz - Allentown, PA
Gribben, James H. - Brooklyn, NY
Griffiths, John - Unknown
Grimes, Edward P. - Brooklyn, NY
Grimshaw, Samuel - Holton, KS
Grindlay, James G. - Utica, NY
Griswold, Luke M. - Unknown
Gross, Samuel - Philadelphia, PA
Grove, William Remsburg - Brandenton, FL
Grueb, George M. - Bath, NY
Gruennert, Kenneth E. - Helenville, WI
Guenette, Peter Mathew - Troy, NY
Guerin, Fitz W. - St. Louis, MO
Guillen, Ambrosio - Fort Bliss, TX
Guinn, Thomas - New Paris, OH
Gumpertz, Sydney G. - Farmingdale, NY
Gunther, Jacob - Santa Fe, NM
Gurke, Henry - Neche, ND
Gwynne, Nathaniel McClean - Kansas City, MO


Hack, John - Trenton, MO
Hack, Lester Goodel - Ticonderoga, NY
Haddoo, John - Crow Agency, MT
Hadley, Cornelius Minor - Litchfield, MI
Hadley, Osgood Towns - Southboro, MA
Haffee, Edmund - Unknown
Hagemeister, Charles Cris - Still Living
Hagen, Loren Douglas - Arlington, VA
Hagerty, Asel - Defiance, OH
Haight, John H. - Ripley, NY
Haight, Sidney - Reading, MI
Hajiro, Barney F. - Still Living
Haley, James - Unknown
Halford, William - Vallejo, CA
Hall, Francis Bloodgood - Plattsburgh, NY
Hall, George John - Stoneham, MA
Hall, Henry Seymour - Lawrence, KS
Hall, John - Unknown
Hall, Lewis R. - Reynoldsburg, OH
Hall, Newton H. - Kent, OH
Hall, Thomas Lee - Fort Mill, SC
Hall, William Edward - Fort Leavenworth, KS
Hall, William Preble - Arlington, VA
Halling, Luovi - East Elmhurst, NY
Hallman, Sherwood H. - St. James, France
Hallock, Nathan Mullock - Middletown, NY
Halstead, William W. - Toledo, OH
Halyburton, Jr., William David - Honolulu, HI
Ham, Mark G. - Portsmouth, NH
Hamberger, William Francis - Arlington, VA
Hamilton, Frank - Unknown
Hamilton, Hugh - Unknown
Hamilton, Mathew H. - Unknown
Hamilton, Pierpont Morgan - Santa Barbara, CA
Hamilton, Richard - Camden, NJ
Hamilton, Thomas W. - Unknown
Hammann, Charles Hazeltine - Baltimore, MD
Hammel, Henry A. - St. Louis, MO
Hammerberg, Owen Francis Patrick - Southfield, MI
Hammond, Francis Colton - Arlington, VA
Hammond, Jr., Lester - Quincy, IL
Hand, Allexander - Unknown
Handran, John - Unknown
Handrich, Melvin O. - Manawa, WI
Haney, Milton Lorenzi - Altadena, CA
Hanford, Burke - San Diego, CA
Hanford, Edward R. - Mokelumne Hill, CA
Hanks, Joseph - North Bend, NE
Hanley, Richard P. - Unknown
Hanna, Marcus A. - South Portland, ME
Hanna, Milton - Mankato, MN
Hanneken, Herman Henry - San Diego, CA
Hanscom, Moses C. - Auburn, ME
Hansen, Dale Merlin - Wisner, NE
Hansen, Hans Anton - Arlington, VA
Hanson, Jack G. - Escatawpa, MS
Hanson, Robert Murray - Newton Center, MA
Hapeman, Douglas - Ottawa, IL
Harbourne, John H. - Lansdowne, PA
Harcourt, Thomas - Unknown
Hardaway, Benjamin Franklin - Arlington, VA
Hardenbergh, Henry M. - Petersburg, VA
Harding, Mosher A. - Denison, IA
Harding, Thomas - Unknown
Haring, Abram Pye - Cornwall on Hudson, NY
Harley, Bernard - Brooklyn, NY
Harmon, Amzi Davis - St. Cloud, FL
Harmon, Roy W. - Florence, Italy
Harner, Joseph Gabriel - Arlington, VA
Harr, Harry R. - Altoona, PA
Harrell, William George - San Antonio, TX
Harrington, Daniel C. - Unknown
Harrington, David - Arlington, VA
Harrington, Ephraim W. - East St. Johnsbury, VT
Harrington, John - San Antonio, TX
Harris, Charles D. - Unknown
Harris, David W. - Unknown
Harris, George W. - Bellefonte, PA
Harris, James H. - Arlington, VA
Harris, James Lindell - Hillsboro, TX
Harris, John - Unknown
Harris, Moses - West Point, NY
Harris, Sampson - Caldwell, OH
Harris, William M. - Nicholasville, KY
Harrison, Bolden Reush - Savannah, TN
Harrison, George H. - Malden, MA
Harrison, William Kelly - Arlington, VA
Hart, John William - Cumberland, MD
Hart, William - Brooklyn, NY
Hart, William E. - Brooklyn, NY
Hartell, Lee Ross - Danbury, CT
Hartigan, Charles Conway - Arlington, VA
Hartranft, John
Fred eric - Norristown, PA
Hartsock, Robert Willard - Flintstone, MD
Hartzog, Joshua B. - Searcy, AR
Harvey, Harry - Los Angeles, CA
Harvey, Harry - Syracuse, NY
Harvey, Jr., Carmel Bernon - Chicago, IL
Harvey, Raymond - Arlington, VA
Hasemoto, Mikio - Honolulu, HI
Haskell, Frank W. - Waterville, ME
Haskell, Marcus M. - Centerville, MA
Hastings, Joe R. - Magnolia, OH
Hastings, Smith H. - Denver, CO
Hatch, John Porter - Arlington, VA
Hathaway, Edward W. - Everett, MA
Hatler, M. Waldo - Sulphur Springs, AR
Hauge, Jr., Louis James - Ada, MN
Haupt, Paul - Unknown
Havron, John H. - Unknown
Hawk, John Druse "Bud" - Still Living
Hawkins, Charles - Crompton, RI
Hawkins, Gardner C. - Stoneham, MA
Hawkins, Martin Jones - Quincy, IL
Hawkins, Thomas R. - Landover, MD
Hawkins, William Deane - Honolulu, HI
Hawks, Lloyd C. - Park Rapids, MN
Hawthorne, Harris Smith - Hoosick Falls, NY
Hawthorne, Harry Leroy - Arlington, VA
Fred Stewart - Leonardo, NJ
Hayashi, Joe - Los Angeles, CA
Hayashi, Shizuya - Honolulu, HI
Hayden, Cyrus - Unknown
Hayden, David Ephraim - Arlington, VA
Hayden, John - Unknown
Hayden, Joseph B. - Unknown
Hayes, John - Blairstown, IA
Hayes, Thomas - Unknown
Hayes, Webb Cook - Fremont, OH
Haynes, Asbury F. - Seattle, WA
Hays, George Price - Arlington, VA
Hays, John H. - Moscow, ID
Healey, George Washington - Dubuque, IA
Heard, John William - West Point, NY
Heartery, Richard - Hillside, IL
Hedges, Joseph S. - Mansfield, OH
Hedrick, Clinton M. - Riverton, WV
Heermance, William Laing - Yonkers, NY
Heisch, Henry William - Napa, CA
Heise, Clamor - Heise, ID
Heller, Henry - Kings Creek, OH
Helms, David H. - Silver Lake, KS
Helms, John Henry - Kankakee, IL
Henderson, Joseph - Arlington, VA
Hendrickson, Henry - Unknown
Hendrix, James Richard - Bushnell, FL
Henrechon, George Francis - Bloomfield, CT
Henry, Frederick
F. - Honolulu, HI
Henry, Guy Vernor - Arlington, VA
Henry, James - Geneva, IL
Henry, Robert T. - Greenville, MS
Henry, William Wirt - Burlington, VT
Herda, Frank Aloysious - Still Living
Herington, Pitt B. - Clinton, IL
Heriot, James Davidson - Woodrow, SC
Hernandez, Rodolfo Perez - Still Living
Herrera, Silvestre Santana - Glendale, AZ
Herring, Rufus Geddie - Roseboro, NC
Herron, Francis Jay - Woodside, NY
Herron, Leander - St. Paul, NE
Hesseltine, Francis Snow - Melrose, MA
Heyl, Charles Pettit Heath - Arlington, VA
Hibbs, Robert John - Cedar Falls, IA
Hibson,  Joseph C. - Brooklyn, NY
Hickey, Dennis William - Newburgh, NY
Hickman, John S. - Altoona, PA
Hickok, Nathan E. - Danbury, CT
Higby, Charles - McLoud, OK
Higgins, Thomas J. - Hannibal, MO
Higgins, Thomas P. - Unknown
High, Frank Charles - Medford, OR
Highland, Patrick - Unknown
Hill, Edward - Frederick
sburg, VA
Hill, Edwin Joseph - Honolulu, HI
Hill, Frank - Unknown
Hill, Frank E. - San Francisco, CA
Hill, Frank Ebenezer - St. Cloud, FL
Hill, George - Unknown
Hill, Henry - Schuylkill Haven, PA
Hill, James - Cascade, IA
Hill, James Madison - Vancouver, WA
Hill, James Samuel - Unknown
Hill, Ralyn M. - Abilene, KS
Hill, Walter Newell - Arlington, VA
Hill, William Lowell - Stoneham, MA
Hilliker, Benjamin F. - Hollywood, CA
Hillock, Marvin C. - Unknown
Hills, William Giles - St. Louis, MO
Hilton, Alfred B. - Hampton, VA
Hilton, Richmond Hobson - Camden, SC
Himmelsback, Michael - Missoula, MT
Hincks, William B. - Bridgport, CT
Hinemann, Lehmann - Fort Thomas, KY
Hinnegan, William - Unknown
Hoban, Thomas - Unknown
Hobday, George - St. Louis, MO
Hobson, Richmond Pearson - Arlington, VA
Hodges, Addison J. - Blissfield, MI
Hoffman, Charles F. - Brooklyn, NY
Hoffman, Henry - Cincinnati, OH
Hoffman, Thomas W. - Sunbury, PA
Hogan, Franklin - Hutchinson, KS
Hogan, Henry - Miles City, MT
Hogan, Henry - Miles City, MT
Hogarty, William P. - Kansas City, KS
Holcomb, Daniel Irving - Sedalia, MO
Holcomb, John Noble - Richland, OR
Holden, Henry - Brighton, England
Holderman, Nelson Miles - San Bruno, CA
Holehouse, James - Fall River, MA
Holland, David - Unknown
Holland, Lemuel F. - Decatur, IL
Holland, Milton Murray - Arlington, VA
Hollat, George - Unknown
Holmes, Lovilo N. - Mankato, MN
Holmes, William T. - Appleton City, MO
Holt, George - Unknown
Holton, Charles Maynard - Battle Creek, MI
Holton, Edward A. - Westminster, VT
Holtz, August - Farmingdale, NY
Holyoke, William Edward - Reading, PA
Homan, Conrad - Framingham, MA
Hooker, George - Fort Bliss, TX
Hooker, George White - Brattleboro, VT
Hooper, Joe Ronnie - Arlington, VA
Hooper, William B. - Windham, CT
Hoover, Samuel - Unknown
Hopkins, Charles F. - Boonton, NJ
Horan, Thomas - Dunkirk, NY
Hornaday, Elisha Simpson - San Diego, CA
Horne, Samuel Belton - Winsted, CT
Horner, Freeman Victor - Arlington, VA
Horsfall, William H. - Southgate, KY
Horton, James - Brooklyn, NY
Horton, James - Unknown
Horton, Lewis Augustine - Jamaica Plains, MA
Horton, William M. Charlie - Seattle, WA
Hosking, Jr., Charles Ernest - Ridgewood, NJ
Hottenstine, Solomon J. - Manassas, VA
Hough, Ira - Chipley, FL
Houghton, Charles H. - Arlington, VA
Houghton, Edward J. - Brookline, MA
Houghton, George L. - Orting, WA
Houlton, William M. - Abilene, KS
Howard, Henderson Calvin - Fort Collins, CO
Howard, Hiram Reese - Point Pleasant, WV
Howard, James - Unknown
Howard, James Howell - Arlington, VA
Howard, Jimmie Earl - San Diego, CA
Howard, Martin - Malden, MA
Howard, Oliver Otis - Burlington, VT
Howard, Peter - Unknown
Howard, Robert Lewis - Still Living
Howard, Squire Edward - Newton Center, MA
Howe, James Donnie - Liberty, SC
Howe, Orion P. - Springfield, MO
Howe, William H. - Everett, MA
Howze, Robert Lee - West Point, NY
Hubbard, Thomas H. - Rockledge, PA
Hubbell, William Stone - Middletown, CT
Huber, William Russell - San Bruno, CA
Hudner, Jr., Thomas Jerome - Still Living
Hudson, Aaron R. - Neosho, MO
Hudson, Michael - Charlotte, MI
Huff, James W. - New Port Richey, FL
Huff, Paul Bert - Cleveland, TN
Huggins, Eli Lundy - Oakland, CA
Hughes, John Arthur - Arlington, VA
Hughes, Lloyd Herbert - San Antonio, TX
Hughes, Oliver - Callao, MO
Hughey, John P. - Fulton County, KY
Huidekoper, Henry Shippen - Meadville, PA
Hulbert, Henry Lewis - Arlington, VA
Hull, James Lott - Olney, IL
Humphrey, Charles
Fred eric - Arlington, VA
Hunt, Frederick
O. - Columbia Falls, MT
Hunt, Louis T. - St. Louis, MO
Hunt, Martin - Unknown
Hunter, Charles Adams - Spencer, MA
Hunterson, John C. - Philadelphia, PA
Huntsman, John A. - Unknown
Huse, Henry McLaren Pinckney - Arlington, VA
Huskey, Michael - Unknown
Hutchins, Carlton Barmore - Body Not Recoverable
Hutchins, Johnnie David - Eagle Lake, TX
Hutchinson, Rufus D. - Unknown
Hyatt, Theodore - Elwood, IL
Hyde, Henry J. - Marion, IN
Hyde, Thomas Worcester - Bath, ME
Hyland, John - Manistee, MI
Hymer, Samuel - Rushville, IL


Iams, Ross Lindsey - San Diego, CA
Ilgenfritz, Charles Henry - York, PA
Immell, Lorenzo Dow - St. Louis, MO
Ingalls, George Alan - Riverside, CA
Ingalls, Lewis J. - Irasburg, VT
Ingman, Jr., Einar Harold - Still Living
Ingram, Jonas Howard - Arlington, VA
Ingram, Osmond Kelly - Surrey, England
Ingram, Robert R. - Still Living
Inouye, Daniel K. - Still Living
Inscho, Leonidas H. - Newark, OH
Irlam, Joseph - Unknown
Irsch, Francis - Tampa, FL
Irving, John - Unknown
Irving, Thomas - Unknown
Irwin, Bernard John Dowling - West Point, NY
Irwin, Nicholas - Marion, IN
Irwin, Patrick - Ann Arbor, MI
Itrich, Franz Anton - San Francisco, CA
Izac, Edouard Victor Michel - Arlington, VA


Jachman, Isadore Seigfreid - Baltimore, MD
Jackson, Arthur Junior - Still Living
Jackson, Frederick
Randolph - Smithville, NY
Jackson, James - Portland, OR
Jackson, Joe Madison - Still Living
Jacobs, Jack Howard - Still Living
Jacobson, Douglas Thomas - Arlington, VA
Jacobson, Eugene Philip - Baltimore, MD
James, Isaac - Union City, IN
James, John - Washington, DC
James, John H. - Dayton, OH
James, Jr., Willy F. - Margraten, Holland
James, Miles - Norfolk, VA
Jamieson, Walter - Brooklyn, NY
Jardine, Alexander - Arlington, VA
Jardine, James - Sandusky, OH
Jarrett, Berrie Henry - Baltimore, MD
Jarvis, Frederick
- Salt Lake City, UT
Jecelin, William R. - Baltimore, MD
Jellison, Benjamin H. - Haverhill, MA
Jenkins, Don - Still Living
Jenkins, Jr., Robert Henry - Interlachen, FL
Jenkins, Thomas - Unknown
Jennings, Delbert Owen - Arlington, VA
Jennings, James T. - Baltimore, MD
Jensen, Gotfred - Retsil, WA
Jerstad, John Louis - Neuvile-En-Condroz, Belgium
Jetter, Bernhard - Brooklyn, NY
Jewett, Erastus W. - Swanton, VT
Jim - Unknown
Jimenez, Jose Francisco - Morelia, Mexico
Joel, Lawrence - Arlington, VA
Johannessen, Johannes J. - Brooklyn, NY
Johanson, John Peter - Arlington, VA
Johansson, Johan J. - Arlington, VA
John, William F. - Macksville, KS
Johndro, Franklin - Glens Falls, NY
Johns, Elisha - Union, MI
Johns, Henry T. - Oakland, CA
Johnsen, Hans - Jersey City, NJ
Johnson, Andrew - Tower Hill, IL
Johnson, Dwight Hal - Arlington, VA
Johnson, Elden Harvey - Scituate, MA
Johnson, Follett - Massena, NY
Johnson, Henry - Arlington, VA
Johnson, Henry - Unknown
Johnson, James Edmund - Arlington, VA
Johnson, John - Unknown
Johnson, John - Washington, DC
Johnson, Joseph Esrey - Arlington, VA
Johnson, Jr., Oscar Godfrey
- Dewitt, MI
Johnson, Leon William - Arlington, VA
Johnson, Leroy - Manila, Philippine Islands
Johnson, Peter - Unknown
Johnson, Ralph Henry - Beaufort, SC
Johnson, Ruel M. - Goshen, IN
Johnson, Samuel - Unknown
Johnson, Wallace W. - Bala-Cynwyd, PA
Johnson, William - Arlington, VA
Johnston, David H. - Clarks, NE
Johnston, Donald Ray - Fort Benning, GA
Johnston, Edward - Penn Yan, NY
Johnston, Gordon - Arlington, VA
Johnston, Harold Irving - Denver, CO
Johnston, Rufus Zenas - Arlington, VA
Johnston, Sr., William James - Middletown, CT
Johnston, William - Unknown
Johnston, William P. - Unknown
Jones, Andrew - Unknown
Jones, Claud Ashton - Arlington, VA
Jones, David - Good Hope, OH
Jones, Herbert Charpoit - San Diego, CA
Jones, III, William Atkinson - Warsaw, VA
Jones, John - Portsmouth, NH
Jones, John E. - Unknown
Jones, Thomas - Unknown
Jones, William - Frederick
sburg, VA
Jones, William - Unknown
Jones, William H. - Efland, NC
Jordan, Absalom - Lovett, IN
Jordan, George - Maxwell, NE
Jordan, Robert - Unknown
Jordan, Thomas H. - Chicago, IL
Jordon, Mack A. - Collins, MS
Josselyn, Simeon T. - Omaha, NE
Judge, Francis W. - Brooklyn, NY
Julian, Joseph Rodolph - Farmingdale, NY


Kaiser, John - Buffalo, NY
Kaltenbach, Luther P. - Los Angeles, CA
Kandle, Victor Leonard - Epinal, France
Kane, John - Unknown
Kane, John Riley - Arlington, VA
Kane, Thomas - Unknown
Kanell, Billie Gene - Fairdealing, MO
Kappesser, Peter - Syracuse, NY
Karnes, James Ernest - Knoxville, TN
Karopczyc, Stephen Edward - Farmingdale, NY
Karpeles, Leopold - Washington, DC
Kates, Thomas Wilbur - Unknown
Katz, Phillip Carl - Colma, CA
Kaufman, Benjamin - Trenton, NJ
Kaufman, Loren R. - Portland, OR
Kauss, .August - Hurley, NY
Kawamura, Terry Teruo - Pearl City, HI
Kay, John - Unknown
Kays, Kenneth Michael - Fairfield, IL
Kearby, Neel Ernest - Dallas, TX
Kearney, Michael - Brooklyn, NY
Keathley, George D. - Florence, Italy
Keating, Daniel - Malden, MA
Kedenburg, John James - Farmingdale, NY
Keeble, Woodrow - Sisseton, SD
Keefer, Philip Bogan - Arlington, VA
Keele, Joseph - Jersey City, NJ
Keen, Joseph S. - Detroit, MI
Keenan, Bartholomew T. - Unknown
Keenan, John - McIntire, IA
Keene, Joseph - Whitesboro, NY
Kefurt, Gus - Epinal, France
Keith, Miguel - Omaha, NE
Keller, Leonard Bert - Still Living
Keller, William G. - Cleveland, OH
Kelley, Andrew John - Crookston, MN
Kelley, Charles - Unknown
Kelley, George V. - Denver, CO
Kelley, John - Unknown
Kelley, Jonah Edward High - Keyser, WV
Kelley, Leverett Mansfield - Arlington, VA
Kelley, Ova Art - Norwood, MO
Kelley, Thomas Gunning - Still Living
Kellogg, Jr., Allan Jay - Still Living
Kelly, Alexander - Pittsburgh, PA
Kelly, Charles E. - Pittsburgh, PA
Kelly, Daniel Armer - Reading, MI
Kelly, Francis - Glasgow, Scotland
Kelly, John D. - Epinal, France
Kelly, John Doran - Pittsburgh, PA
Kelly, John J. H. - Springfield, IL
Kelly, John Joseph - Des Plaines, IL
Kelly, Thomas - Lansing, KS
Kelly, Thomas - Plattsburg, NY
Kelly, Thomas - Unknown
Kelly, Thomas Joseph - Arlington, VA
Kelsay - Unknown
Kelso, Jack William - Fresno, CA
Kemp, Joseph Bell - Ann Arbor, MI
Kendall, William Wesley - Abydel, IN
Kendrick, Thomas - Unknown
Kenna, Barnett - Gloucester, MA
Kennedy, John - Little Rock, AR
Kennedy, John Thomas - Arlington, VA
Kennedy, Philip - Cincinnati, OH
Kennemore, Robert Sidney - San Francisco, CA
Kenyon, Charles W. - Unknown
Kenyon, John Snyders - Syracuse, NY
Kenyon, Samuel P. - Unknown
Keough, John - Unknown
Kephart, James - Gooding, ID
Keppler, Reinhardt John - San Bruno, CA
Kerr, John Brown - Arlington, VA
Kerr, Thomas R. - Arlington, VA
Kerrey, Joseph Robert - Still Living
Kerrigan, Thomas - Unknown
Kersey, Thomas Joseph - Everett, MA
Kerstetter, Dexter James - Body Not Recoverable
Kessler, Patrick L. - Middletown, OH
Kidd, Isaac Campbell - Honolulu, HI
Kiggins, John - Bath, NY
Kilbourne, Jr., Charles Evans - Arlington, VA
Killackey, Joseph - Philadelphia, PA
Kilmartin, John - Toledo, OH
Kilmer, John Edward - San Antonio, TX
Kimball, Joseph - Middlebourne, WV
Kimbro, Truman - Henri-Chapelle, Belgium
Kindig, John M. - Unknown
Kiner, Harold G. - Aline, OK
King, Horatio Collins - Brooklyn, NY
King, Hugh - Unknown
King, John - Hot Springs, AR
King, John - Hot Springs, AR
King, Jr., Rufus - Hillside, NJ
King, Robert Henry - Albany, NY
Kingsley, David Richard - Arlington, VA
Kinnaird, Samuel W. - Woodside, NY
Kinne, John Baxter - Aberdeen, WA
Kinser, Elbert Luther - Greeneville, TN
Kinsey, John - Indianapolis, IN
Kinsman, Thomas James - Still Living
Kirby, Dennis Thomas - Arlington, VA
Kirk, John - New Cumberland, PA
Kirk, Jonathan C. - Wichita, KS
Kirkwood, John A. - Washington, DC
Kisters, Gerry Herman - Bloomington, IN
Kitchen, George Krause - San Antonio, TX
Klein, Robert - Shanghi, China
Kline, Harry - Syracuse, NY
Kloth, Charles H. - Unknown
Knaak, Albert - Fort Meade, SD
Knappenberger, Alton W. - Still Living
Knight, Charles H. - Springfield, MA
Knight, Jack Llewellyn - Cool, TX
Knight, Joseph F. - Lubbock, TX
Knight, Noah Odell - Pageland, SC
Knight, Raymond Larry - Houston, TX
Knight, William J. - Stryker, OH
Knowles, Abiather J. - La Grange, ME
Knox, Edward M. - Bronx, NY
Knox, John W. - Unknown
Kobashigawa, Yeiki - Honolulu, HI
Kocak, Matej - Romagne Meuse, France
Koelpin, William - Middle Village, NY
Koelsch, John Kelvin - Arlington, VA
Koogle, Jacob - Myersville, MD
Kosoha - Unknown
Kouma, Ernest Richard - Fort Knox, KY
Kountz, John S. - Toledo, OH
Kramer, Franz - Woodside, NY
Kramer, Theodore L. - Elmhurst, IL
Kraus, Richard Edward - Minneapolis, MN
Krause, Ernest - Unknown
Kreher, Wendlin - Crow Agency, MT
Kretsinger, George - Chicago, IL
Krotiak, Anton L. - Worth, IL
Krzyzowski, Edward C. - Justice, IL
Kuchneister, Hermann Wilhelm - Winthrop, MA
Kuder, Andrew - Conesus, NY
Kuder, Jeremiah - Marion, IN
Kuroda, Robert T. - Honolulu, HI
Kyle, Darwin K. - South Charleston, WV
Kyle, John - Fort Leavenworth, KS
Kyle, Patrick J. - Roslindale, MA


La Belle, James Dennis - Minneapolis, MN
Labill, Joseph S. - Vandalia, IL
Ladd, George - Bath, NY
Lafferty, John - Philadelphia, PA
Laffey, Bartlett - Roslindale, MA
Laing, William - Unknown
Lakin, Daniel - Unknown
Lakin, Thomas - Unknown
Lambers, Paul Ronald - Body Not Recoverable
Landis, James Parker - Yeagertown, PA
Lane, Morgan D. - Atchison, KS
Lanfare, Aaron Steven - Branford, CT
Lang, George Charles - Westbury, NY
Langbein, Johann Christoph Julius - Bronx, NY
Langhorn, Garfield McConnell - Riverhead, NY
Langhorne, Cary Devall - Arlington, VA
Lann, John S. - Yankton, SD
Lannon, James Patrick - Arlington, VA
Lapointe, Jr., Joseph Guy - West Milton, OH
Larimer, Smith - Mansfield, OH
Larkin, David - Arlington, MA
Larrabee, James W. - Meriden, IL
Lassen, Clyde Everett - Pensacola, FL
Latham, John Cridland - Arlington, VA
Lauffer, Billy Lane - Murray, KY
Laverty, John - Philadelphia, PA
Law, Robert David - Fort Worth, TX
Lawley, Jr., William Robert - Montgomery, AL
Lawrence, James - Unknown
Laws, Robert Earl - Bellwood, PA
Lawson, Gaines - Arlington, VA
Lawson, John Henry - Lawnside, NJ
Lawton, Henry Ware - Arlington, VA
Lawton, John Sterling - San Francisco, CA
Lawton, Louis Bowem - Auburn, NY
Leahy, Cornelius J. - San Francisco, CA
Lear, Nicholas - Philadelphia, PA
Lee, Fitz - Fort Leavenworth, KS
Lee, Howard Vincent - Still Living
Lee, Hubert Louis - Stoneville, MS
Lee, James H. - Oswego, NY
Lee, Milton Arthur - San Antonio, TX
Lee, Sr., Daniel Warnel - Alma, GA
Leims, John Harold - Arlington, VA
Leisy, Robert Ronald - Seattle, WA
Lejeune, Emile - Unknown
Leland, George W. - Lewiston, ME
Lemert, Milo - Crossville, TN
Lemon, Peter Charles - Still Living
Lenihan, James - Unknown
Leon, Pierre - Riverside, NJ
Leonard, Edwin - West Springfield, MA
Leonard, Joseph H. - Yountville, CA
Leonard, Matthew - Fort Mitchell, AL
Leonard, Patrick James - New Almelo, KS
Leonard, Patrick Thomas - Lansing, KS
Leonard, Turney White - Dallas, TX
Leonard, William - White Sulphur Springs, MT
Leonard, William Edman - Wind Ridge, PA
Leslie, Frank - Unknown
Fred Faulkner - Darien, IL
Levery, William - Unknown
Levitow, John Lee - Arlington, VA
Levy, Benjamin Bennett - Brooklyn, NY
Lewis, Dewitt Clinton - West Chester, PA
Lewis, Henry - Belleville, MI
Lewis, Samuel E. - Providence, RI
Lewis, William B. - New Rochelle, NY
Libaire, Adolph - Brooklyn, NY
Libby, George Dalton - Arlington, VA
Lilley, John - Lewistown, PA
Lindbergh, Jr., Charles Augustus - Kipahulu, Maui, HI
Lindsey, Darrell Robins - Neuvile-En-Condroz, Belgium
Lindsey, Sr., Jake William - Waynesboro, MS
Lindstrom, Floyd K. - Colorado Springs, CO
Lipscomb, Harry - Arlington, VA
Liteky, Charles James - Still Living
Little, Henry F. W. - Manchester, NH
Little, Thomas - Washington, DC
Littlefield, George H. - Richmond, ME
Littleton, Herbert A. - Nampa, ID
Littrell, Gary Lee - Still Living
Livingston, James Everett - Still Living
Livingston, Josiah O. - Calais, VT
Lloyd, Benjamin - Unknown
Lloyd, Edgar Harold - Blytheville, AR
Lloyd, George - Fort Riley, KS
Lloyd, John W. - Unknown
Lobaugh, Donald Ronald - Rimersburg, PA
Locke, Lewis - Unknown
Logan, Hugh - Unknown
Logan, James Marion - Austin, TX
Logan, Jr., John Alexander - Youngstown, OH
Lohnes, Frank W. - Falls City, NE
Loman, Berger Holton - Arlington, VA
Lonergan, John - Burlington, VT
Long, Charles Richard - Independence, MO
Long, Donald Russell - Blackfork, OH
Long, Oscar Fitzalan - Oakland, CA
Longfellow, Richard Moses - Lewiston, ID
Longshore, William Henry - Fort Scott, KS
Lonsway, Joseph - Clayton, NY
Lopez, Baldomero - Tampa, FL
Lopez, Jose Mendoze - San Antonio, TX
Lord, William - Middle Village, NY
Loring, Jr., Charles Joseph - Honolulu, HI
Lorish, Andrew J. - Attica, NY
Love, George Maltby - Buffalo, NY
Lovering, George Mason - Holbrook, MA
Low, George - Unknown
Lower, Cyrus B. - Arlington, VA
Lower, Robert A. - Yates City, IL
Lowry, George Maus - Ashes Scattered At Sea
Lowthers, James - Unknown
Loyd, George A. - Cincinnati, OH
Lozada, Carlos James - Farmingdale, NY
Lucas, Andre Cavaro - West Point, NY
Lucas, George Washington - Timewell, IL
Lucas, Jacklyn Harold - Still Living
Luce, Moses Augustine - San Diego, CA
Lucy, John - Unknown
Ludgate, William - Arlington, VA
Ludwig, Carl - Flushing, NY
Luke, Jr., Frank - Romagne Meuse, France
Lukes, William F. - Los Angeles, CA
Lummus, Jack - Ennis, TX
Lunt, Alphonso M. - Cambridge, MA
Lutes, Franklin W. - Wolcott, NY
Luther, James Hezikiah - Taunton, MA
Luty, Gotlieb - Pittsburgh, PA
Lyell, William Franklin - Madison, TN
Lyle, Alexander Gordon - Arlington, VA
Lyman, Joel H. - Randolph, NY
Lynch, Allen James - Still Living
Lyon, Edward Eugene - Hollywood, CA
Lyon, Frederick
A. - Jackson, MI
Lyons, Thomas G. - Philadelphia, PA
Lytle, Leonidas S. - Silver City, NM
Lytton, Jeptha L. - Washington, DC



Maberry, John B. - Smyrna, DE
Mabry, Jr., George Lafayette - Stateburg, SC
MacArthur, Douglas - Norfolk, VA
MacArthur, Jr., Arthur - Arlington, VA
MacGillivary, Charles Andrew - Arlington, VA
Machol - Unknown
Machon, James - Unknown
Mack, Alexander - Fall River, MA
Mack, John - Lynn, MA
MacKenzie, John - Holyoke, MA
Mackie, John Freeman - Drexel Hill, PA
Maclay, William Palmer - Arlington, VA
Macneal, Harry Lewis - Delawanna, NJ
Madden, Michael - Harrisburg, PA
Madden, William - Unknown
Maddin, Edward - Unknown
Madison, James - San Francisco, CA
Madison, James Jonas - Fairview, NJ
Magee, John W. - Unknown
Magee, William - Unknown
Mager, George Frederick - Trenton, NJ
Magrath, John D. - Norwalk, CT
Mahers, Herbert - Unknown
Mahoney, George - Unknown
Mahoney, Gregory - San Angelo, TX
Mahoney, Jeremiah - Malden, MA
Mallon, George H. - Minneapolis, MN
Mandy, Harry J. - Hampton, VA
Mangam, Richard Christopher - Worcester, NY
Mann, Joe Eugene - Spokane, WA
Manning, Henry J. - Unknown
Manning, Joseph S. - Ipswich, MA
Manning, Sidney E. - Flomaton, AL
Marland, William - Griffin, GA
Marm, Jr., Walter Joseph - Still Living
Marquette, Charles D. - Wrightsville, PA
Marsh, Albert - Randolph, NY
Marsh, Charles H. - New Milford, CT
Marsh, George - Ottawa, IL
Martin, Edward S. - Brooklyn, NY
Martin, Harry Linn -
Bucyrus, OH
Martin, James - Philadelphia, PA
Martin, Patrick - Unknown
Martin, Sylvester Hopkins
- Philadelphia, PA
Martin, William - Alto Pass, IL
Martin, William - Unknown
Martinez, Benito - Fort Bliss, TX
Martinez, Joseph P. - Ault, CO
Martini, Gary Wayne - Lewisburg, WV
Mason, Elihu H. -
Pemberville, OH
Mason, Leonard Foster - Honolulu, HI
Mathews, George William - Worcester, MA
Mathews, William Henry - Brooklyn, NY
Mathias, Clarence Edward - Arlington, VA
Mathies, Archibald - Finleyville, PA
Mathis, Jack Warren - San Angelo, TX
Matthews, Daniel Paul - San Fernando, CA

Matthews, David A. -
Worcester, MA
Matthews, John C. - Pittsburgh, PA
Matthews, Joseph - Unknown
Matthews, Milton - Milwaukee, WI
Mattingly, Henry B. - Lebanon Junction, KY
Mattocks, Charles Porter - Portland, ME
Maus, Marion Perry - Arlington, VA
Mausert, III, Frederick
William - Arlington, VA
Maxam, Larry Leonard - Honolulu, HI
Maxham, Lowell Mason - Taunton, MA
Maxwell, John - Westbury, NY
Maxwell, Robert Dale - Still Living
May, John - La Junta, CO
May, Martin O. - Honolulu, HI
May, William C. - Winsted, MN
Mayes, William B. - Los Angeles, CA
Mayfield, Melvin - Frazeysburg, OH
Maynard, George Henry - Walthan, MA
Mays, Isaiah - Phoenix, AZ
McAdams, Peter - Philadelphia, PA
McAllister, Samuel - Buried At Sea
McAlwee, Benjamin Franklin - Washington, DC
McAnally, Charles - Unknown
McBride, Bernard - Unknown
McBryar, William - Arlington, VA
McCabe, William - San Angelo, TX
McCall, Thomas Edward - Lafayette, IN
McCammon, William Wallace - Vancouver, WA
McCampbell, David - Arlington, VA
McCandless, Bruce - Annapolis, MD
McCann, Bernard - Crow Agency, MT
McCard, Robert Howard - Honolulu, HI
McCarren, Bernard - Wilmington, DE
McCarter, Lloyd G. - St. Maries, ID
McCarthy, Joseph Jeremiah - Arlington, VA
McCarthy, Michael - Walla Walla, WA
McCarton, John - Unknown
McCauslin, Joseph - West Alexander, PA
McCleary, Charles H. - Clyde, OH
McCleery, Finnis Dawson - San Angelo, TX
McClelland, James M. - Cleveland, OH
McClelland, Mathew - Bensalem, PA
McClernand, Edward John - Arlington, VA
McCloy, John - Arlington, VA
McCloy, John - Arlington, VA
McConnell, James - Arlington, VA
McConnell, Samuel - Bradshaw, NE
McCool, Jr., Richard Miles - Unknown
McCormick, Michael - Milwaukee, WI
McCormick, Michael P. - Rutland, VT
McCornack, Andrew - Monticello, MN
McCullock, Adam - Unknown
McDonald, Franklin M. - Unknown
McDonald, George E. - Pawtucket, RI
McDonald, James - Unknown
McDonald, James Harper - Roulette, PA
McDonald, John - Unknown
McDonald, John Wade - San Diego, CA
McDonald, Phill Gene - Greensboro, NC
McDonald, Robert - Hayward, CA
McDonnell, Edward Orrick - Arlington, VA
McElhinny, Samuel O. - Gallipolis, OH
McEnroe, Patrick H. - Unknown
McFall, Daniel Robert - Milan, MI
McFarland, John C. - Lowell, MA
McGaha, Charles L. - Newport, TN
McGann, Michael A. - Los Angeles, CA
McGar, Owen - Pawtucket, RI
McGarity, Vernon - Still Living
McGee, William D. - Luxembourg, France
McGill, Troy A. - Knoxville, TN
McGinn, Edward - Milwaukee, WI
McGinty, III, John James - Still Living
McGonagle, William Loren
- Arlington, VA
McGonagle, Wilson - Butler, PA
McGonnigle, Andrew Jackson - Ashville, NC

McGough, Owen
- Troy, NY
McGovern, Robert Milton - Arlington, VA
McGowan, John - Unknown
McGrath, Hugh Jocelyn - Arlington, VA
McGraw, Francis Xavier - Henri-Chapelle, Belgium
McGraw, Thomas - LaCrosse, KS
Fred Henry - Springfield, MO
McGuire, Jr., Thomas Buchanan - Arlington, VA
McGuire, Patrick - Evanston, IL
McGunigal, Patrick - Arlington, VA

McHale, Alexander U.
- Orting, WA
McHugh, John - Unknown
McHugh, Martin - Unknown
McIntosh, James - Kearny, NJ
McKay, Charles W. - Fergus Falls, MN
McKee, George - Los Angeles, CA
McKeen, Nineveh Shaw - Collinsville, IL
McKeever, Michael - Philadelphia, PA
McKenzie, Alexander - Unknown
McKibben, Ray - Felton, GA
McKinley, Daniel - Unknown
McKinney, John R. - Sylvania, GA
McKnight, William - Brooklyn, NY
McKown, Nathaniel A. - Tunkhannock, PA
McLaughlin, Alford Lee - Leeds, AL
McLennon, John - Rock Springs, WY

McLeod, James
- Unknown
McLoughlin, Michael - Tacoma, WA
McMahon, Martin Thomas - Arlington, VA
McMahon, Thomas Joseph - Lewiston, ME
McMasters, Henry A. - San Antonio, TX
McMillan, Albert Walter - St. Paul, MN
McMillen, Francis M. - Washington Courthouse, OH
McMurtry, George G. - Bar Harbor, ME
McNair, Jr., Frederick
Vallette - Annapolis, MD
McNally, James - Silver City, NM
McNally, Michael Joseph - Unknown
McNAMARA, Michael - Unknown
McNamara, William - Woodside, NY
McNerney, David Herbert - Still Living
McPhelan, Robert - Lansing, KS
McTureous, Jr., Robert Miller - Umatilla, FL
McVeagh, Charles H. - Unknown
McVeane, John P. - Buffalo, NY
McVeigh, John J. - Philadelphia, PA
McWethy, Jr., Edgar Lee - Baxter Springs, KS
McWhorter, Walter F. - Nina, WV
McWhorter, William A. - Liberty, SC
McWilliams, George Washington
- Ida Grove, IA
Meach, George E. - Fillmore, NY
Meagher, John William - Arlington, VA
Meagher, Thomas - Brooklyn, NY
Meaher, Nicholas - Unknown
Mears, George W. - Bloomsburg, PA
Mechlin, Henry W. B. - Washington, DC
Melville, Charles - Rochester, NH
Mendonca, Leroy A. - Honolulu, HI
Menter, John William - Franklin, MI
Meredith, James - Omaha, NE
Merli, Gino Joseph - Carbondale, PA
Merrell, Joseph Frederick
- Staten Island, NY
Merriam, Henry Clay - Arlington, VA
Merrifield, James K. - St. Louis, MO
Merrill, Augustus - Chicago, IL
Merrill, George - Glens Falls, NY
Merrill, John Mitchell - Cheyenne, WY
Merritt, John G. - Washington, DC
Merton, James F. - Unknown
Messerschmidt, Harold O. - Hometown, PA
Mestrovitch, James I. - Crna Gora, Yugoslavia
Metzger, Jr., William Edward - Lima, OH
Meyer, Henry Coddington - Orange, NJ
Meyer, William - Forest Park, IL
Michael, Don Leslie - Lexington, AL
Michael, Edward Stanley - Springville, UT
Michael, Harry J. - Goshen, IN
Mifflin, James - Unknown
Mihalowski, John - Largo, FL
Miles, Louis Warlaw - Baltimore, MD
Miles, Nelson Appleton - Arlington, VA
Miller, Andrew - St. Avold, France
Miller, Andrew - Unknown
Miller, Archie - Arlington, VA
Miller, Daniel H. - Maxwell, NE
Miller, Frank - San Francisco, CA
Miller, Franklin D. - Bushnell, FL
Miller, Gary Lee - Covington, VA
Miller, George - Quinter, KS
Miller, George W. - Unknown
Miller, Harry Herbert - Tres De Rios, Costa Rica
Miller, Henry August - Champaign, IL
Miller, Hugh - Unknown
Miller, Jacob C. - Papillion, NE
Miller, James - Philadelphia, PA
Miller, James P. - York, NE
Miller, John - Philadelphia, PA
Miller, John G. - Champaign, IL
Miller, Oscar F. - Romagne Meuse, France
Miller, Willard D. - Arlington, VA
Miller, William Edward - Gettysburg, PA
Millett, Lewis Lee "Red" - Still Living
Milliken, Daniel - Unknown
Millmore, John - Unknown
Mills, Albert Leopold - West Point, NY
Mills, Charles - Unknown
Mills, Frank W. - Chicora, PA
Mills, James Henry - South Lakeland, FL
Mindil, George Washintgon - Arlington, VA
Minick, John W. - Carlisle, PA
Minue, Nicholas - Carthage, Tunisia
Mitchell, Alexander H. - Arlington, VA
Mitchell, Frank Nicias - Roaring Springs, TX
Mitchell, John - San Francisco, CA
Mitchell, John James - Tucson, AZ
Mitchell, Joseph Andrew - Portsmouth, VA
Mitchell, Theodore - Cleveland, OH
Mitchell, Thomas - Farmingdale, NY
Miyamura, Hiroshi - Still Living
Mize, Ola Lee - Still Living
Modrzejewski, Robert Joseph - Still Living
Moffett, William Adger - Arlington, VA
Moffitt, John Henry - Plattsburg, NY
Molbone, Archibald - Clayville, RI
Molloy, Hugh - Evanston, IL
Molnar, Frankie Zoly - Logan, WV
Monaghan, Patrick H. - Girardville, PA
Monegan, Jr., Walter Carleton - Arlington, VA
Monroe, James Howard - Wheaton, IL
Monssen, Mons - Brooklyn, NY
Montague, Daniel - Annapolis, MD
Monteith, Jr. Jimmie W. - St. Laurent-Sur-Mer, France
Montgomery, Jack Cleveland - Fort Gibson, OK
Montgomery, Robert William - Unknown
Montrose, Charles H. - Unknown
Moon, Jr., Harold Herman - Albuquerque, NM
Moore, Albert - San Francisco, CA
Moore, Charles - East Elmhurst, NY
Moore, Charles - Unknown
Moore, Daniel B. - Mineral Point, WI
Moore, Francis - Unknown
Moore, George - Unknown
Moore, George G. - Eaton, CO
Moore, Philip - Unknown
Moore, Wilbur F. - Kansas City, MO
Moore, William - Austin, TX
Moquin, George - Unknown
Moran, John - Unknown
Moran, John E. - Great Falls, MT
Moreland, Whitt Lloyd - Mount Ida, AR
Morelock, Sterling Lewis - Arlington, VA
Morey, Delano - Kenton, OH
Morford, Jerome - Seattle, WA
Morgan, George Horace - Arlington, VA
Morgan, James H. - Woodside, NY
Morgan, John Cary "Red" - Arlington, VA
Morgan, Lewis - Petersburg, VA
Morgan, Richard H. - New Market, IA
Morgan, William David - Pittsburgh, PA
Moriarity, John - Yountville, CA
Morin, William Henry - Middle Village, NY
Morrill, Walter Goodale - Pittsfield, ME
Morris, Charles Bedford - Fancy Gap, VA
Morris, James L. - Albuquerque, NM
Morris, John - Unknown
Morris, William Powers - Banning, CA
Morris, William W. - Unknown
Morrison, Francis - Ohiopyle, PA
Morrison, John G. - Brooklyn, NY
Morse, Benjamin - Lowell, MI
Morse, Charles E. - Bath, NY
Morse, William - Unknown
Morton, Charles W. - Portsmouth, VA
Mosher, Louis C. - San Francisco, CA
Moskala, Edward J. - Rock Island, IL
Mostoller, John William - Stoystown, PA
Moto, Kaoru - Honolulu, HI
Mott, John - Omaha, NE
Mower, Charles E. - Manila, Philippine Islands
Moyer, Donald Raymond - Pontiac, MI
Moylan, Myles - San Diego, CA
Mulholland, St. Clair Agustin - Philadelphia, PA
Mullen, Patrick - Baltimore, MD
Mullen, Patrick - Baltimore, MD
Muller, Frederick
- Arlington, VA
Muller, Joseph E. - Honolulu, HI
Mullin, Hugh Patrick - San Bruno, CA
Mundell, Walter L. - St. Johns, MI
Munemori, Sadao S. - Los Angeles, CA
Munro, Douglas Albert - Cle Elum, WA
Munsell, Harvey May - Cambridge, MA
Muranaga, Kiyoshi K. - Los Angeles, CA
Murphy, Audie Leon - Arlington, VA
Murphy, Charles Joseph - Woodside, NY
Murphy, Daniel J. - Jefferson, TX
Murphy, Denis J. F. - Green Bay, WI
Murphy, Edward - Los Angeles, CA
Murphy, Edward F. - Philadelphia, PA
Murphy, Frederick
C. - St. Avold, France
Murphy, James T. - New Haven, CT
Murphy, Jeremiah J. - Washington, DC
Murphy, John Alphonsus - Unknown
Murphy, John Edward - San Diego, CA
Murphy, John P. - Cincinnati, OH
Murphy, Michael C. - Valhalla, NY
Murphy, Michael Patrick - Calverton, NY
Murphy, Patrick - Unknown
Murphy, Philip - Walla Walla, WA
Murphy, Raymond Gerald - Santa Fe, NM
Murphy, Robinson Barr - Arlington, VA
Murphy, Thomas - Unknown
Murphy, Thomas - Unknown
Murphy, Thomas C. - Green Valley, IL
Murphy, Thomas J. - Pound Ridge, NY
Murray, Charles Patrick "Chuck" - Still Living
Murray, Robert Charles - Hawthorne, NY
Murray, Thomas - Washington, DC
Murray, William Henry - Medford, MA
Fred - Arlington, VA
Myers, George S. - Inglewood, CA
Myers, Reginald Rodney - Arlington, VA
Myers, William H. - Unknown


Nakae, Masato - Honolulu, HI
Nakamine, Shinyei - Honolulu, HI
Nakamura, William Kenzo - Seattle, WA
Nannasaddie - Unknown
Nantaje - Unknown
Nash, David Paul - Whitesville, KY
Nash, Henry H. - Palmyra, MI
Nash, James J. - San Antonio, TX
Naylor, David Johnson - Westerly, RI
Neahr, Zachariah C. - Canajoharie, NY
Neal, Solon D. - San Antonio, TX
Neder, Adam - San Francisco, CA
Nee, George Henry - Jamaica Plains, MA
Neibaur, Thomas Croft - Sugar City, ID
Neil , John - Unknown
Neil on, Frederick S. - Arlington, MA
Nelson, Lauritz - Farmingdale, NY
Nelson, Oscar Frederick
- Minneapolis, MN
Nelson, William Lloyd - Wilmington, DE
Neppel, Ralph George - Lidderdale, IA
Nett, Robert Burton - Still Living
Neville, Edwin Michael - Waterbury, CT
Neville, Wendell Cushing - Arlington, VA
New, John Dury - Mobile, AL
Newland, William D. - Millis, MA
Newlin, Melvin Earl - Wellsville, OH
Newman, Beryl Richard - Remlick, VA
Newman, Henry - Baltimore, MD
Newman, Marcellus J. - Meeker, OK
Newman, William Henry - North Branch, NY
Nibbe, John H. - Bremerton, WA
Nichols, Henry Clay
- Coventry, VT
Nichols, William - Unknown
Nickerson, Henry Nehemiah
- Wheeling, WV
Nihill, John - Brooklyn, NY
Nininger, Jr., Alexander R. - Manila, Philippine Islands
Nishimoto, Joe M. - Fresno, CA
Nisperos, Jose B. - San Fernandos Union, PI
Niven, Robert - Lakewood, RI
Noble, Daniel - Unknown
Noil, Joseph B. -
Nolan, John J. - Bronx, NY
Nolan, Joseph A. - Niles, MI
Nolan, Richard J. - Washington, DC
Noll, Conrad - Ann Arbor, MI
Noonan, Jr., Thomas Patrick - Woodside, NY
Nordsiek, Charles Luers - Arlington, VA
Nordstrom, Isador A. - Arlington, VA
Norris, J. W. - Unknown
Norris, Thomas Rolland - Still Living
North, Jasper N. - Amesville, OH
Norton, Elliott Malloy - Alamo, MI
Norton, John R. -
Greenville, MI
Norton, Llewellyn Powell - Preble, NY
Novosel, Michael Joseph - Arlington, VA
Noyes, William W. - East Montpelier, VT
Nugent, Christopher - Bronx, NY
Nutting, Lee - Bridgewater, NS, Canada


Oakley, William - Unknown
O'Beirne, James Rowan - Woodside, NY
Obregon, Eugene Arnold - East Los Angeles, CA
O'Brien, Henry D. - St. Louis, MO
O'Brien, Jr., George Herman - Austin, TX
O'Brien, Oliver Albert - Gloucester, MA
O'Brien, Peter - Chicago, IL
O'Brien, William Joseph - Troy, NY
O'Callaghan, John - Unknown
O'Callahan, Joseph Timothy - Worcester, MA
O'Connell, Thomas - Unknown
O'Conner , James Frances - Portsmouth, VA
O'Connor, Albert - Orting, WA
O'Connor, Timothy - Arlington, VA
O'Dea, John - Quincy, IL
O'Donnell, Menomen - Vincennes, IN
O'Donoghue, Timothy - Unknown
Ogden, Sr., Carlos Carnes - Arlington, VA
O'Hare, Edward Henry "Butch" - Honolulu, HI
Ohata, Allan M. - Honolulu, HI
Ohmsen, August - Portsmouth, VA
O'Kane, Richard Hetherington - Arlington, VA
Okubo, James K. - Detroit, MI
Okutsu, Yukio - Hilo, HI
Olive, III, Milton Lee - Lexington, MS
Oliver, Charles - Dravosburg, PA
Oliver, Francis - Lewiston, ID
Oliver, Paul Ambrose - Brooklyn, NY
Olsen, Anton - Brooklyn, NY
Olson, Arlo L. - Minneapolis, MN
Olson, Kenneth Lee - Paynesville, MN
Olson, Truman O. - Stoughton, WI
O'Malley, Robert Emmett - Still Living
O'Neal, John - Unknown
Neil l, Richard William - Hawthorne, NY
Neil l, Stephen - Sault St. Marie, MI
Neil l, William - San Angelo, TX

Ono, Frank H. -
North Judson, IN
Opel, John N. - Milan, MO
Orbansky, David - Cincinnati, OH
O'Regan, Michael - Fall River, MA
Oresko, Nicholas - Still Living
Ormsbee, Jr., Francis Edward - Pawtucket, RI
Orndoff, Harry Westley
- Cleveland, OH
Orr, Charles Alvin - Buffalo, NY
Orr, Moses - Unknown
Orr, Robert Levan - Rockledge, PA
Ortega, John - Unknown
Orth, Jacob George - Bala-Cynwyd, PA
Osborne, John - Arlington, VA
Osborne, Weedon Edward - Belleau Aisne, France
Osborne, William - Washington, DC
Osborne, William Henry - East Bridgewater, MA
Osepins, Christian - Unknown
O'Shea, Thomas E. - Bony Aisne, France
Oss, Albert - East Orange, NJ
Ostermann, Edward Albert - Arlington, VA
O'Sullivan, John Francis - Woodside, NY
Otani, Kazuo - Fresno, CA
Ouellet, David George - Wellesley, MA
Ouellette, Joseph R. - East Chelmsford, MA
Overturf, Jacob H. - Holton, IN
Oviatt, Miles M. - Olean, NY
Owens, Michael - Unknown
Owens, Robert Allen - Manila, Philippine Islands
Ozbourn, Joseph William - Honolulu, HI



Packard, Loron F. - Cuba, NY
Page, John Upshur Dennis - Arlington, VA
Paige, Mitchell - Riverside, CA
Paine, Adam - Brackettville, TX
Palmer, George Henry - Arlington, VA
Palmer, John Gideon - Middletown, CT
Palmer, William Jackson - Colorado Springs, CO
Parker, Alexander - Vallejo, CA
Parker, James - Portsmouth, RI
Parker, Pomeroy - Roxobel, NC
Parker, Samuel Iredell - Concord, NC
Parker, Thomas - Frazer, PA
Parker, William - Unknown
Parks, George - Unknown
Parks, Henry Jeremiah - Arlington, VA
Parks, James W. - Unknown
Parle, John Joseph - Omaha, NE
Parnell, William Russell - San Francisco, CA
Parrish, Laverne - Ronan, MT
Parrott, Jacob - Kenton, OH
Parsons, Joel - Columbus, OH
Patterson, John Henry - Albany, NY
Patterson, John T. - Mauston, WI
Patterson, Robert Martin - Still Living
Paul, Joe Calvin - Dayton, OH
Paul, William H. - Havre De Grace, MD
Pay, Byron E. - Arlington, SD
Payne, Irvin C. - Dunmore, PA
Payne, Isaac - Brackettville, TX
Payne, Thomas H. L. - Lansdowne, PA
Pearsall, Platt - Farmington, MO
Pearson, Alfred L. - Pittsburgh, PA
Pease, Joachim - Unknown
Pease, Jr., Harl - Manila, Philippine Islands
Peck, Archie A. - Sinclairville, NY
Peck, Cassius - Brookfield, VT
Peck, Oscar E. - Darien, CT
Peck, Theodore Safford - Burlington, VT
Peden, Forrest E. - Troy, KS
Peirsol, James Kastor - New Brighton, PA
Pelham, William - Brooklyn, NY
Pendleton, Charles F. - Fort Worth, TX
Pendleton, Jack James - Yakima, WA
Pengally, Edward - Fort Leavenworth, KS
Penn, Robert - Philadelphia, PA
Pennsyl, Josiah - Pima, AZ
Pennypacker, Galusha - Philadelphia, PA
Penry, Richard Allen - Petaluma, CA
Pentzer, Patrick Henry - Springfield, MO
Peregory, Frank D. - St. Laurent-Sur-Mer, France
Perez, Jr., Manuel - Oklahoma City, OK
Perkins, Jr., William Thomas - San Fernando, CA
Perkins, Michael J. - Mattapan, MA
Perry, Thomas - Unknown
Pesch, Joseph M. - St. Louis, MO
Peters, Alexander - Arlington, VA
Peters, George J. - Margraten, Holland
Peters, Henry Carlton - South Rockwood, MI
Peters, Lawrence David - Binghamton, NY
Petersen, Carl Emil - Woodbridge, NJ
Petersen, Danny John - Netawaka, KS
Peterson, Alfred - Unknown
Peterson, George - Margraten, Holland
Peterson, Oscar Verner - Manila, Philippine Islands
Petrarca, Frank Joseph - Cleveland, OH
Petty, Orlando Henderson - Roxborough, PA
Petty, Philip - Daggett, PA
Pfeifer, Louis
Fred - Unknown
Pfisterer, Herman - Vancouver, WA
Pharris, Jackson Charles - Arlington, VA
Phelps, Charles Edwards - Baltimore, MD
Phelps, Wesley - Rosine, KY
Phife, Lewis - Wever, IA
Philipsen, Wilhelm O. - Baltimore, MD
Phillips, George - Labadie, MO
Phillips, George Frederick - St. John, NB, Canada
Phillips, Josiah - Lawrence, WI
Phillips, Lee Hugh - Marietta, GA
Phillips, Reuben Jasper - San Francisco, CA
Phillips, Samuel D. - St. Paul, MN
Phinney, William - Unknown
Phipps, Jimmy Wayne - Santa Monica, CA
Phisterer, Frederick - Columbus, OH
Phoenix, Edwin -
Los Angeles, CA
Pickle, Alonzo H. - Sleepy Eye, MN
Pierce, Charles H. - North Hollywood, CA
Pierce, Francis Junior - Grand Rapids, MI
Pierce, Larry Stanley - Wasco, CA
Pike, Edward M. - Chenoa, IL
Pike, Emory Jenison - Des Moines, IA
Pile, Richard - Unknown
Pililaau, Herbert K. - Honolulu, HI
Pinder, Jr., John J. - Burgettstown, PA
Pingree, Samuel E. - White River Junction, VT
Pinkham, Charles H. - Worcester, MA
Pinn, Robert A. - Massillon, OH
Pipes, James Milton - Arlington, VA
Pitman, George J. - Philadelphia, PA
Pitsenbarger, William H. - Covington, OH
Pittinger, William - Fallbrook, CA
Pittman, John Albert - Greenwood, MS
Pittman, Richard Allan - Still Living
Pitts, Riley Leroy - Spencer, OK
Plant, Henry E. - Nunica, MI
Platt, George Crawford - Yeadon, PA
Platten, Frederick - Williams, AZ
Pless, Stephen Wesley - Pensacola, FL
Plimley, William - Catskill, NY
Plowman, George H. - Arlington, VA
Plunkett, Thomas - Worcester, MA
Polond, Alfred - Kalamazoo, MI
Pomeroy, Ralph Eugene - Clintonville, WV
Pond, George F. - Fort Scott, KS
Pond, James Burton - Bronx, NY
Poole, William B. - Lynn, MA
Pope, Everett Parker - Still Living
Pope, Thomas A. - Arlington, VA
Poppe, John A. - Unknown
Port, William David - Arlington, VA
Porter, Ambrose - Rockport, MO
Porter, David Dixon - Arlington, VA
Porter, Donn F. - Arlington, VA
Porter, Horace - West Long Branch, NJ
Porter, John Reed - McComb, OH
Porter, Samuel - Los Angeles, CA
Porter, William - Unknown
Post, Philip Sidney - Galesburg, IL
Postles, James Parke - Wilmington, DE
Potter, George W. - Providence, RI
Potter, Norman F. - Delphi Falls, NY
Powell, William Henry - Chicago, IL
Power, Albert - Bloomfield, IA
Power, John Vincent - Worcester, MA
Powers, John James - Bronx, NY
Powers, Leo J. - Butte, MT
Powers, Thomas - Unknown
Powers, Wesley James - St. Charles, IL
Poxon, Robert Leslie - Detroit, MI
Poynter, James Irsley - San Diego, CA
Prance, George - Unknown
Pratt, James N. - Bellefontaine, OH
Prendergast, Thomas Francis - Philadelphia, PA
Prentice, Joseph Rollin - Hebron, NE
Preston, Arthur Murray - Arlington, VA
Preston, Herbert Irving - Unknown
Preston, John - Unknown
Preston, Noble Delance - Cremated, PA
Price, Edward - Unknown
Prom, William Raymond - Pittsburgh, PA
Province, George - Unknown
Pruden, Robert Joseph - Minneapolis, MN
Pruitt, John Henry - Arlington, VA
Prussman, Ernest W. - St. James, France
Pucket, Donald Dale - St. Louis, MO
Purcell, Hiram W. - White Haven, PA
Purman, James Jackson - Arlington, VA
Purvis, Hugh - Annapolis, MD
Putnam, Edgar Pierpont - Jamestown, NY
Putnam, Winthrop D. - Milwaukee, WI
Pym, James - Miles City, MT
Pyne, George - Unknown


Quay, Matthew Stanley - Beaver, PA
Quick, John Henry - St. Louis, MO
Quick, Joseph - Brooklyn, NY
Quinlan, James - Woodside, NY
Quinn, Alexander M. - Totowa, NJ
Quinn, Peter H. - Arlington, VA


Rabel, Laszlo - Arlington, VA
Raerick, John - Unknown
Rafferty, Peter F. - Woodside, NY
Ragnar, Theodore - Skorde, Sweden
Ramage, Lawson Paterson "Red" - Arlington, VA
Ramer, George Henry - Lewisburg, PA
Rand, Charles Franklin - Arlington, VA
Rankin, William - Lewistown, PA
Rannahan, John - Unknown
Ranney, George E. - Lansing, MI
Ranney, Myron H. - Olympia, WA
Ransbottom, Alfred - Roseville, OH
Rascon, Alfred - Still Living
Ratcliff, Edward - Lackey, VA
Raub, Jacob F. - Arlington, VA
Ray, Bernard James - Farmingdale, NY
Ray, Charles W. - Grandfield, OK
Ray, David Robert - McMinnville, TN
Ray, Ronald Eric - Still Living
Raymond, William H. - Arlington, VA
Read, Charles - Unknown
Read, Charles A. - Unknown
Read, George E. - Riverside, RI
Read, Morton A. - Danville, IL
Reasoner, Frank Stanley - Kellogg, ID
Rebmann, George F. - Rushville, IL
Red Cloud, Jr., Mitchell - Black River Falls, WI
Reddick, William Henry Harrison - Letts, IA
Reed, Axel Hayford - Glencoe, MN
Reed, Charles Wellington - Cambridge, MA
Reed, George W. - Johnstown, PA
Reed, James C. - Unknown
Reed, William - Huntingdon, PA
Reeder, Charles A. - Shinnston, WV
Reem, Robert Dale - Arlington, VA
Reese, James W. - Chester, PA
Reese, Jr., John N. - Fort Gibson, OK
Reeves, Thomas James - Honolulu, HI
Regan, Jeremiah - Unknown
Regan, Patrick - Unknown
Regan, Patrick J. - Bloomfield, NJ
Reid, George Croghan - Arlington, VA
Reid, Patrick - Unknown
Reid, Robert Alexander - Pottsville, PA
Reigle, Daniel P. - Littlestown, PA
Reisinger, James Monroe - Meadville, PA
Renninger, Louis - Eugene, OR
Ressler, Norman W. - San Francisco, CA
Reynolds, George - Unknown
Rhodes, Julius Dexter - Pleasantville, NJ
Rhodes, Sylvester D. - Wilkes-Barre, PA
Rice, Charles - Westbrook, ME
Rice, Edmund - Arlington, VA
Rich, Carlos H. - Roxbury, VT
Richards, Louis - Brooklyn, NY
Richardson, William R. - Massillon, OH
Richey, William E. - Harveyville, KS
Richman, Samuel - Unknown
Richmond, James - Arlington, VA
Rickenbacker, Edward Vernon - Columbus, OH
Ricketts, Milton Ernest - Manila, Philippine Islands
Ricksecker, John Henry - Kansas City, MO
Riddell, Rudolph R. - Hamilton, NY
Riley, John Phillip - Salem, MA
Riley, Thomas - Unknown
Ringold, Edward - Unknown
Riordan, Paul F. - Raytown, MO
Ripley, William Young Warren - Rutland, VT
Rivers, Ruben - St. Avold, France
Roach, Hampton Mitchell - Arlington, VA
Roan, Charles Howard - Manila, Philippine Islands
Roantree, James S. - Roslindale, MA
Roark, Anund Charles - San Diego, CA
Robb, George Seanor - Salina, KS
Robbins, Augustus J. - Lakewood, NJ
Robbins, Marcus M. - Pittsfield, MA
Roberts, Charles Church - Millis, MA
Roberts, Charles Duval - Arlington, VA
Roberts, Gordon Ray - Still Living
Roberts, Harold W. - Romagne Meuse, France
Roberts, James - Bath, NY
Roberts, Otis O. -
Dexter, ME
Robertson, Marcus William - Portland, OR
Robertson, Robert Stoddart - Fort Wayne, IN
Robertson, Samuel - Chattanooga, TN
Robie, George Frank - Galveston, TX
Robinson, Alexander - Unknown
Robinson, Charles - Halifax, NS, Canada
Robinson, Elbridge - Patoka, IL
Robinson, James H. - Memphis, TN
Robinson, John - Unknown
Robinson, John Cleveland - Binghamton, NY
Robinson, John H. - West Roxbury, MA
Robinson, Joseph - Fort Leavenworth, KS
Robinson, Jr., James E. - San Antonio, TX
Robinson, Jr., James William - Darien, IL
Robinson, Robert Guy - Arlington, VA
Robinson, Thomas - Minneapolis, MN
Robinson, Thomas - Unknown
Rocco, Louis Richard - San Antonio, TX
Roche, David - Worcester, MA
Rock, Frederick - Tampa, FL
Rockefeller, Charles Mortimer - Unknown
Rodenbough, Theophilus Francis - Easton, PA
Rodenburg, Henry - Brooklyn, NY
Rodriguez, Cleto L. - San Antonio, TX
Rodriguez, Joseph Charles - San Bernardino, CA
Roeder, Robert E. - Arlington, VA
Rogan, Patrick - Rock Springs, WY
Rogers, Charles Calvin - Arlington, VA
Rogers, Samuel F. - Forest Park, IL
Rohm, Ferdinand Frederick - Mifflintown, PA
Romeyn, Henry - Arlington, VA
Rood, Oliver P. - Nashville, TN
Rooks, Albert Harold - Manila, Philippine Islands
Rooney, Edward - Unknown
Roosevelt, George Washington - Washington, DC
Roosevelt, Jr., Theodore - St. Laurent-sur-Mer, France
Roosevelt, Theodore - Oyster Bay (Long Island), NY
Rose, George Harry - Arlington, VA
Ross, Donald Kirby - Cremated, Ashes Scattered over USS Nevada
Ross, Frank Fulton - Ontario, CA
Ross, Marion A. - Chattanooga, TN
Ross, Wilburn Kirby - Still Living
Rossbach, Valentine - Brooklyn, NY
Rosser, Ronald Eugene - Still Living
Roth, Peter Paul - Rottenmunster, Germany
Rought, Stephen - Laceyville, PA
Rouh, Carlton Robert - Berlin, NJ
Rounds, Lewis A. - Milwaukee, WI
Rouning, Johannes - Unknown
Rountry, John - Brooklyn, NY
Roush, James Levi - Newry, PA
Rowalt, John F. - Unknown
Rowand, Jr., Archibald Hamilton - Pittsburgh, PA
Rowdy - Santa Fe, NM
Rowe, Henry Walker - Candia, NH
Roy, Stanislaus - Columbus, OH
Rubio, Euripides - Bayamon, Puerto Rico
Rud, George William - Minneapolis, MN
Rudolph, Donald Eugene - Minneapolis, MN
Ruhl, Donald Jack - Greybull, WY
Ruiz, Alejandro Renteria - Still Living
Rundle, Charles Wesley - Los Angeles, CA
Rush, John - Arlington, VA
Rush, William Rees - Arlington, VA
Russell, Charles L. - Hot Springs, SD
Russell, Henry Peter - Arlington, VA
Russell, James - Unknown
Russell, John - Unknown
Russell, Milton F. - San Francisco, CA
Rutherford, John T. - Waddington, NY
Rutter, James May - Wilkes-Barre, PA
Ryan, David - St. Louis, MO
Ryan, Denis - Unknown
Ryan, Francis Thomas - Arlington, VA
Ryan, Jr., Thomas John - Arlington, VA
Ryan, Peter J. - Terre Haute, IN
Ryan, Richard - Unknown


Sacriste, Louis Jeanottelle - Hillside, IL
Sadler, William - Unknown
Sadowski, Joseph John - Keasbey, NJ
Sage, William Hampden - Arlington, VA
Sagelhurst, John Christopher - Buffalo, NY
Sakato, George T. - Still Living
Sale, Albert - Fort Leavenworth, KS
Salomon, Ben Louis - Glendale, CA
Sampler, Samuel M. - Fort Myers, FL
Sancrainte, Charles Francis - Cheektowga, NY
Sanderson, Aaron - Unknown
Sandlin, Willie - Louisville, KY
Sands, William - Reading, PA
Sanford, Jacob - Prairie City, IL
Santiago-Colon, Hector - Salinas, Puerto Rico
Sapp, Isaac - Unknown
Sargent, Jackson G. - Stowe, VT
Sargent, Ruppert Leon - Hampton, VA
Sarnoski, Joseph Raymond - Honolulu, HI
Sartwell, Henry - Fort Ann, NY
Sasser, Clarence Eugene - Still Living
Saunders, James - Unknown
Savacool, Edwin F. - Detroit, MI
Savage, Auzella - Unknown
Sawelson, William - Romagne Meuse, France
Saxton, Jr., Rufus - Arlington, VA
Sayers, Foster Joseph - Howard, PA
Scanlan, Patrick - Farmington, CT
Scannell, David John - Togus, ME
Schaefer, Joseph Edward - Farmingdale, NY
Schaffner, Dwite H. - Akron, OH
Schauer, Henry - Salem, OR
Scheibner, Martin E. - Reading, PA
Schenck, Benjamin W. - Decatur, IL
Schepke, Charles Stephen - Middle Village, NY
Schiller, John - Brooklyn, NY
Schilt, Christian Franklin - Arlington, VA
Schlachter, Philip - Sturgis, MI
Schmal, George William - Buffalo, NY
Schmauch, Andrew - Unknown
Schmidt, Conrad - Ogden, KS
Schmidt, Jr., Oscar - Arlington, VA
Schmidt, Otto Diller - Norfolk, NE
Schmidt, William - Cincinnati, OH
Schneider, George - Baltimore, MD
Schnell, Christian - Wapakoneta, OH
Schnepel, Fred Jurgen - Arlington, VA
Schnitzer, John - Fort Bayard, NM
Schofield, John McAllister - Arlington, VA
Schonland, Herbert Emery - Arlington, VA
Schoonmaker, James Martinus - Pittsburgh, PA
Schoonover, Dan D. - Boise, ID
Schorn, Charles - Pomeroy, OH
Schou, Julius Alexis - Arlington, VA
Schowalter, Jr., Edward Rightor - Ft. Benning, GA
Schroeder, Henry Frank - San Diego, CA
Schroeter, Charles - Unknown
Schubert, Martin - St. Louis, MO
Schutt, George - Unknown
Schwab, Albert Ernest - Tulsa, OK
Schwan, Theodore - Arlington, VA
Schwenk, Martin - Arlington, VA
Scofield, David H. - Darien, CT
Scott, Alexander - Arlington, VA
Scott, George D. - Unknown
Scott, John Morehead - Chattanooga, TN
Scott, John Wallace - Parkesburg, PA
Scott, Joseph Francis - Cambridge, MA
Scott, Julian A. - Scotch Plains, NJ
Scott, Norman - Manila, Philippine Islands
Scott, Robert B. - Argyle, NY
Scott, Robert Raymond - Arlington, VA
Scott, Robert Sheldon - Santa Fe, NM
Seach, William - Arlington, VA
Seaman, Elisha B. - West Liberty, OH
Seanor, James - Unknown
Sears, Cyrus - Upper Sandusky, OH
Seaver, Thomas Orville - Woodstock, VT
Seay, William Wayne - Brewton, AL
Sebille, Louis Joseph - Forest Park, IL
Seibert, Lloyd Martin - San Francisco, CA
Seitzinger, James M. - Fountain Springs, PA
Sellers, Alfred Jacob - Philadelphia, PA
Semple, Robert - San Diego, CA
Seston, Charles H. - New Albany, IN
Seward, Griffin - Los Angeles, CA
Seward, Richard Henry - Kittery Point, ME
Sewell, William Joyce - Camden, NJ
Shacklette, William Sidney - Arlington, VA
Shaffer, William - Los Angeles, CA
Shafter, William Rufus - San Francisco, CA
Shahan, Emisire - Elma, WA
Shaler, Alexander - Ridgefield, NJ
Shambaugh, Charles - Washington, DC
Shanahan, Patrick - Arlington, VA
Shanes, John - Brave, PA
Shapland, John - York, NE
Sharp, Hendrick - Unknown
Sharpless, Edward Clay - Mountainair, NM
Shaw, George Clymer - Arlington, VA
Shaw, Thomas - Arlington, VA
Shea, Charles William - Farmingdale, NY
Shea, Daniel John - Norwalk, CT
Shea, Joseph Henry - Unknown
Shea, Jr., Richard Thomas - Portsmouth, VA
Sheerin, John - Unknown
Shellenberger, John - Grandville, OH
Shelton, George Mathews - San Francisco, CA
Shepard, Irwin - Winona, MN
Shepard, Louis Capet - Port Clinton, OH
Shepherd, Warren Julius - Inglewood, CA
Shepherd, William - Dillsboro, IN
Sheppard, Charles - Unknown
Sheridan, Carl Vernon - Pikesville, MD
Sheridan, James - Brooklyn, NY
Sherman, Marshall - St. Paul, MN
Shiel, John - Philadelphia, PA
Shields, Bernard - Columbus, OH
Shields, Marvin Glen - Gardiner, WA
Shiels, George Franklin - Colma, CA
Shilling, III John - Wilmington, DE
Shingle, John Henry - Leavenworth, KS
Shipley, Robert F. - Mendota, IL
Shipman, William - Yeadon, PA
Shivers, John - Unknown
Shockley, William Ralph - Selma, CA
Shoemaker, Levi - Morgantown, WV
Shomo, William Arthur - Greensburg, PA
Shopp, George J. - Yuma, CO
Shoup, Curtis F. - Scriba, NY
Shoup, David Monroe - Arlington, VA
Shubert, Frank - Canojaharie, NY
Shuck, Jr., William Edward - Cumberland, MD
Shughart, Randall David - Carlisle, PA
Shutes, Henry - Philadelphia, PA
Sickles, Daniel Edgar - Arlington, VA
Sickles, William H. - Orting, WA
Sidman, George Dallas - Arlington, VA
Siegel, John Otto - Unknown
Sigler, Franklin Earl - Arlington, VA
Sijan, Lance Peter - Milwaukee, WI
Silk, Edward A. - Arlington, VA
Silva, France - Corning, CA
Simanek, Robert Ernest - Still Living
Simkins , Lebbeus - Sacramento, CA
Simmons, John - Andes, NY
Simmons, William Thomas - St. Helena, CA
Simonds, William Edgar - Collinsville, CT
Simons, Charles Jenks - Chicago, IL
Simpson, D. Henry Lakin - Unknown
Sims, Clifford Chester - Pensacola, FL
Singleton, Walter Keith - Memphis, TN
Sinnett, Lawrence Clinton - Harrisville, WV
Sisler, George Kenton - Dexter, MO
Sitman, William S. - Bellwood, PA
Sitter, Carl Leonard - Arlington, VA
Sjogren, John Carleton - Rockford, MI
Skaggs, Jr., Luther - Arlington, VA
Skellie, Ebenezer - Mina, NY
Skidgel, Donald Sidney - Plymouth, ME
Skinker, Alexander Rives - St. Louis, MO
Skinner, John Oscar - Arlington, VA
Skinner, Jr., Sherrod Emerson - Arlington, VA
Slack, Clayton Kirk - Arlington, VA
Sladen, Joseph Alton - West Point, NY
Slagle, Oscar - Kempton, IL
Slaton, James Daniel - Laurel, MS
Slavens, Samuel - Chattanooga, TN
Sletteland, Thomas - Mandan, ND
Sloan, Andrew Jackson - Colesburg, IA
Slusher, Henry C. - Lone Pine, PA
Smalley, Reuben - Greensburg, IN
Smalley, Reuben S. - Allen, IL
Smedley, Larry Eugene - Arlington, VA
Smith, Albert Joseph - Detroit, MI
Smith, Alonzo - Middleport, NY
Smith, Andrew J. - Unknown
Smith, Andrew Jackson - Grand Rivers, KY
Smith, Charles E. - Unknown
Smith, Charles H. - Wells, ME
Smith, Charles Henry - Arlington, VA
Smith, Cornelius Cole - Riverside, CA
Smith, David Lafayette - Olean, NY
Smith, David Monroe - Livingston, KY
Smith, Edwin - Unknown
Smith, Elmelindo Rodriques - Honolulu, HI
Smith, Eugene P. - Brooklyn, NY
Smith, Francis M. - Baltimore, MD
Smith, Frank Elmer - Unknown
Smith, Fred E. - Romagne Meuse, France
Smith, Furman L. - Central, SC
Smith, George W. - San Antonio, TX
Smith, Henry I. - Mason City, IA
Smith, James - Arlington, VA
Smith, James - Unknown
Smith, James (Ovid) - Columbus, OH
Smith, James A. - Unknown
Smith, John - Unknown
Smith, John - Unknown
Smith, John - Unknown
Smith, John Lucian - Arlington, VA
Smith, Joseph Sewall - Arlington, VA
Smith, Oloff - Unknown
Smith, Otis W. - Arroyo Grande, CA
Smith, Otto - Unknown
Smith, Paul Ray - Arlington, VA
Smith, Richard - Haverstraw, NY
Smith, Robert - Unknown
Smith, Samuel Rodmond - Wilmington, DE
Smith, Sr., Maynard Harrison - Arlington, VA
Smith, Thaddeus S. - Port Townsend, WA
Smith, Theodore F. - Drexel Hill, PA
Smith, Thomas - Unknown
Smith, Thomas - Unknown
Smith, Thomas - Washington, DC
Smith, Thomas J. - Unknown
Smith, Walter B. - Unknown
Smith, Wilhelm - Brooklyn, NY
Smith, Willard M. - Buffalo, NY
Smith, William - Concord, NH
Smith, William - Unknown
Smith, William H. - Unknown
Smith, Wilson - Rome, NY
Snedden, James - Lexington, MS
Snow, Elmer A. - Athol, MA
Snyder, William Ellsworth - Arlington, VA
Soderman, William Adolph - West Haven, CT
Sommers, Robert - Annapolis, MD
Sorenson, Richard Keith - Minneapolis, MN
Southard, David - New Egypt, NJ
Sova, Joseph E. - Unknown
Sowers, Michael - Imperial, PA
Spalding, Edward Burson - Sioux City, IA
Specker, Joe C. - Odessa, MO
Speicher, Clifton T. - Jennerstown, PA
Spence, Orizoba - Fort Bowie, AZ
Sperry, William Joseph - Cavendish Village, VT
Spicer, William - Unknown
Spillane, Timothy - Knoxville, TN
Sprague, Benona - Saybrook, IL
Sprague, John Wilson - Tacoma, WA
Sprayberry, James Michael - Still Living
Springer, George - New Cumberland, PA
Sprowle, David - Lisbon, NY
Spurling, Andrew Barclay - Chicago, IL
Spurrier, Junior James - Johnson City, TN
Squires, John C. - Louisville, KY
Stacey, Charles - Norwalk, OH
Stacy, William Bradford - Iola, KS
Stahel, Julius H. - Arlington, VA
Stance, Emanuel - Maxwell, NE
Stanley, David Sloane - Washington, DC
Stanley, Eben - Hillsboro, NM
Stanley, Edward - Unknown
Stanley, Robert Henry - Arlington, VA
Stanley, William A. - Unknown
Stanton, Thomas - Middletown, RI
Starkins, John H. - Little Neck, NY
Staton, Adolphus - Arlington, VA
Stauffer, Rudolph - Washington, DC
Steele, John Whedon - Oberlin, OH
Stein, Tony - Dayton, OH
Steindam, Russell Albert - Dallas, TX
Steiner, Christian - Unknown
Steinmetz, William - Cincinnati, OH
Stephens, William G. - Chicago, IL
Sterling, James E. - Unknown
Sterling, John T. - West Terre Haute, IN
Stevens, Daniel Dickerson - Danvers, MA
Stevens, Hazard - Newport, RI
Stewart, Benjamin F. - Unknown
Stewart, George Evans - Arlington, VA
Stewart, George W. - Camden, NJ
Stewart, James A. - Unknown
Stewart, Jimmy Goethel - Middleport, OH
Stewart, Joseph - Unknown
Stewart, Peter - Brooklyn, NY
Stickels, Joseph - Monroe, IA
Stickney, Herman Osman - Arlington, VA
Stickoffer, Julius Henry - Yountville, CA
Stivers, Thomas W. - Richmond, KY
Stockdale, James Bond - Annapolis, MD
Stockham, Fred William - Union, NJ
Stockman, George Henry - Bala-Cynwyd, PA
Stoddard, James - Unknown
Stokes, Alonzo - St. Louis, MO
Stokes, George - Dolton, IL
Stokes, John S. - Arlington, VA
Stoltenberg, Andrew Vincent - San Francisco, CA
Stolz, Frank - Indianapolis, IN
Stone, James Lamar - Still Living
Stone, Jr., Lester Raymond - Binghamton, NY
Storey, John Hamilton Reid - Philadelphia, PA
Story, Luther H. - Andersonville, GA
Stout, Mitchell William - Concord, TN
Stout, Richard - Owego, NY
Stowers, Fred die - Romagne Meuse, France
Strahan, Robert - Unknown
Straub, Paul Frederick - Unknown
Strausburgh, Bernard A. - Beverly, NJ
Strayer, William - Unknown
Street, III, George Levick - Arlington, VA
Streile, Christian - Middle Village, NY
Strivson, Benoni - Unknown
Strong, James N. - Fairfield, IA
Stryker, Robert Francis - Throopsville, NY
Stryker, Stuart S. - San Bruno, CA
Stumpf, Kenneth Edward - Still Living
Stupka, Laddie - Baltimore, MD
Sturgeon, James K. - Los Angeles, CA
Sudut, Jerome A. - Wausau, WI
Sullivan, Daniel Augustus Joseph - Arlington, VA
Sullivan, Edward - Uxbridge, MA
Sullivan, James - Unknown
Sullivan, James F. - Unknown
Sullivan, John - Portsmouth, NH
Sullivan, Thomas - East Orange, NJ
Sullivan, Thomas - Unknown
Sullivan, Timothy - Los Angeles, CA
Summers, James Calvin - Elkview, WV
Sumner, James - Ventura, CA
Sundquist, Axel Leohard - Newport, RI
Sundquist, Gustav Adolf - Body Not Recoverable
Surles, William H. - East Liverpool, OH
Sutherland, John Alexander - El Reno, OK
Sutton, Clarence Edwin - Arlington, VA
Swan, Charles Alexander - Mount Pleasant, IA
Swanson, John - Indianapolis, IN
Swanson, Jon E. - Arlington, VA
Swap, Jacob E. - Oakland, CA
Swatton, Edward - Unknown
Swayne, Wager - Arlington, VA
Swearer, Benjamin - Unknown
Sweatt, Joseph Sewell Gerrish - Medford, MA
Sweeney, James - Los Angeles, CA
Sweeney, Robert Augustus - Woodside, NY
Sweeney, Robert Augustus - Woodside, NY
Sweeney, William - Unknown
Swegheimer, Jacob - Delaware, OH
Swett, James Elms - Still Living
Swift, Fred eric William - Detroit, MI
Swift, Harlan J. - Cuba, NY
Sype, Peter - Monroe, MI



Tabor, William L. S. - East Derry, NH
Taggart, Charles A. - Dayton, OH
Talbot, Ralph - Quincy, MA
Talbott, William B. - Bath, ME
Tallentine, James - Unknown
Talley, Edward R. - Whitesburg, TN
Tanner, Charles B. - Hempstead, NY
Tanouye, Ted T. - Los Angeles, CA
Taylor, Anthony - Philadelphia, PA
Taylor, Bernard - San Francisco, CA
Taylor, Charles - Washington, DC
Taylor, Forrester L. - Lynchburg, VA
Taylor, George - Paragould, AR
Taylor, Henry H. - Clay Center, KS
Taylor, James Allen - Still Living
Taylor, John - Unknown
Taylor, Joseph - Coventry, RI
Taylor, Richard - Washington, IN
Taylor, Richard Hamilton - Brighton, MA
Taylor, Sr., Karl Gorman - Independence, PA
Taylor, Thomas - Unknown
Taylor, Wilbur Nelson - Minneapolis, MN
Taylor, William - Baltimore, MD
Taylor, William G. - Quincy, IL
Tea, Richard Longstreet - Prescott, AZ
Terry, John Darling - Bronx, NY
Terry, Seymour W. - Little Rock, AR
Teytand, August P. - Philadelphia, PA
Thacker, Brian Miles - Still Living
Thackrah, Benjamin - Fort Johnson, NY
Thatcher, Charles M. - Kalkaska, MI
Thaxter, Sidney Warren - Portland, ME
Thayer, James - Unknown
Thielberg, Henry - Unknown
Thomas, Charles L. - Dwight, KS
Thomas, Charles L. - Wayne, MI
Thomas, Hampton Sidney - Rockledge, PA
Thomas, Herbert Joseph - South Charleston, WV
Thomas, Karl - Unknown
Thomas, Stephen - Montpelier, VT
Thomas, William H. - Manila, Philippine Islands
Thomason, Clyde A. - Arlington, VA
Thompkins, George W. - Schenectady, NY
Thompkins, William H. - San Francisco, CA
Thompson, Allen - Cheyenne, WY
Thompson, Charles Augustus - Rutland, VT
Thompson, Freeman C. - Caldwell, OH
Thompson, George Washington - Unknown
Thompson, Henry - Unknown
Thompson, Henry A. - Woodside, NY
Thompson, James B. - Port Royal, PA
Thompson, James Granville - San Diego, CA
Thompson, James Harry - Unknown
Thompson, John - Unknown
Thompson, John J. - Baltimore, MD
Thompson, Joseph Henry - Beaver Falls, PA
Thompson, Max - Enka, NC
Thompson, Peter - Lead, SD
Thompson, Thomas W. - Mechanicsburg, OH
Thompson, William - Philadelphia, PA
Thompson, William Henry - Farmingdale, NY
Thompson, William P. - Lafayette, IN
Thomson, Clifford - East Orange, NJ
Thordsen, William George - Arlington, VA
Thorn, Walter - Arlington, VA
Thorne, Horace Marvin - Red Bank, NJ
Thornton, Michael - Unknown
Thornton, Michael Edwin - Still Living
Thorsness, Leo Keith - Still Living
Thorson, John F. - Keokuk, IA
Tibbets, Andrew W. - Allerton, IA
Tilton, Henry Remsen - Arlington, VA
Tilton, William - Enfield, NH
Timmerman, Grant Frederick - Honolulu, HI
Tinkham, Eugene M. - Hanover, CT
Titus, Calvin Pearl - Hollywood, CA
Titus, Charles - Glendola, NJ
Toban, James W. - Whitmore Lake, MI
Tobie, Jr., Edward Parsons - Providence, RI
Tobin, John Michael - Cambridge, MA
Tobin, Paul - Unknown
Todd, Samuel - Unknown
Toffey, John James - Pawling, NY
Tolan, Frank - Unknown
Tomich, Peter - Honolulu, HI
Tominac, John Joseph - Arlington, VA
Tomlin, Andrew J. - Goshen, NJ
Tompkins, Aaron B. - Orange, NJ
Tompkins, Charles Henry - Washington, DC
Toohey, Thomas - Independence, MO
Toomer, William - Chicago, IL
Torgerson, Martin Torinus - Arlington, VA
Torgler, Ernest R. - Toledo, OH
Towle, John Roderick - Cleveland, OH
Townsend, Julius Curtis - Arlington, VA
Toy, Frederick Ernest - Lewiston, NY
Tozier, Andrew Jackson - Litchfield, ME
Tracy, Amasa Sawyer - Middlebury, VT
Tracy, Benjamin Franklin - Brooklyn, NY
Tracy, Charles H. - Chicopee, MA
Tracy, John - St. Louis, MO
Tracy, William Gardner - Syracuse, NY
Trautman, Jacob - Pittsburgh, PA
Traynor, Andrew - Omaha, NE
Treadwell, Jack Lemaster - Fort Sill, OK
Treat, Howell B. - Painesville, OH
Tremain, Henry Edwin - Bronx, NY
Trembley, William Beattie - Lenexa, KS
Tribe, John - Halsey Valley, NY
Trinidad, Telesforo De La Cruz - Imus, Cavite, Philippine Islands
Triplett, Samuel S. - Edna, KS
Tripp, Othniel - Unknown
Trogden, Howell G. - Los Angeles, CA
Trout, James M. - Unknown
Troy, Jeremiah - Unknown
Troy, William - Stockton, CA
Truell, Edwin M. - Arlington, VA
Truemper, Walter Edward - Aurora, IL
Truesdell, Donald Leroy - Lugoff, SC
Truett, Alexander H. - Unknown
Tucker, Allen - New Haven, CT
Tucker, Jacob R. - Baltimore, MD
Turner, Charles William - Arlington, VA
Turner, Day G. - Luxembourg, France
Turner, George Benton - Arlington, VA
Turner, Harold Leo - Little, OK
Turner, William Bradford - Bony Aisne, France
Turpin, James H. - Denver, CO
Turvelin, Alexander Haure - Unknown
Tweedale, John - Arlington, VA
Twombly, Voltare Paine - Keosauqua, IA
Tyrell, George William - Unknown


Uhrl, George - Middle Village, NY
Upham, Oscar Jefferson - Guthrie, OK
Upshur, William Peterkin - Annapolis, MD
Upton, Frank Monroe - Arlington, VA
Urban, Matt Louis - Arlington, VA
Urell, Michael Emmet - Arlington, VA


Vadas, Albert - North Bergen, NJ
Valdez, Jose F. - Santa Fe, NM
Vale, John - Davenport, IA
Valente, Michael - Farmingdale, NY
Van Etten, Hudson - Greenland, NH
Van Iersel, Ludovicus M.M. - Arlington, VA
Van Matre, Joseph - Middleport, OH
Van Noy, Jr., Nathan K. - Grace, ID
Van Schaick, Louis Joseph - Manila, Philippine Islands
Van Valkenburgh, Franklin - Honolulu, HI
Van Voorhis, Bruce Avery - St. Louis, MO
Van Winkle, Archie - Sitka, AK
Van Winkle, Edward (Edwin) Parsons - Battle Creek, MI
Vance, Jr., Leon Robert - Cambridge, England
Vance, Wilson J. - Arlington, VA
Vandegrift, Alexander Archer - Arlington, VA
Vanderslice, John Mitchell - Evansburg, PA
Vantine, Joseph E. - New Castle, DE
Vargas, Jay R. - Still Living
Varnum, Charles Albert - San Francisco, CA
Vaughn, Pinkerton Ross - Philadelphia, PA
Veal, Charles - Hampton, VA
Veale, Moses
- Bala-Cynwyd, PA
Veazey, Wheelock Graves - Arlington, VA
Veuve, Ernest - Missoula, MT
Vernay, James David - Arlington, VA
Verney, James W. - Dorchester, MA
Versace, Humbert Roque - Arlington, VA
Viale, Robert M. -
Eureka, CA
Vifquain, Victor - Lincoln, NE
Villegas, Ysmael R. - Riverside, CA
Villepigue, John Cantey - Camden, SC
Vittori, Joseph - Beverly, MA
Vlug, Dirk John - Grand Rapids, MI
Voit, Otto Emil - Louisville, KY
Vokes, Leroy H. - Unknown
Volz , Robert - Unknown
Volz, Jacob - Portland, OR
Von Medem, Rudolph - Unknown
Von Schlick, Robert H. - Los Angeles, CA
Von Vegesack, Ernest - Stockholm, Sweden
Vosler, Forrest Lee "Woody" - Arlington, VA


Waaler, Reidar - Palm City, FL
Wageman, John H. - Williamsburg, OH
Wagg, Maurice - Unknown
Wagner, John W. - Jamaica Plains, MA
Wahlen, George Edward - Still Living
Wai, Francis B. - Honolulu, HI
Wainwright, IV, Jonathan Mayhew - Arlington, VA
Wainwright, John - Arlington, VA
Wainwright, Jr., Richard - Annapolis, MD
Walker, Allen - Laredo, TX
Walker, Edward Alexander - San Jose, CA
Walker, Frank T.O. - Bristol, RI
Walker, James C. - Springfield, OH
Walker, John - Unknown
Walker, Kenneth Newton - Arlington, VA
Walker, Mary Edwards - Oswego, NY
Wall, Jerry C. - Dansville, NY
Wallace, George Weed - San Francisco, CA
Wallace, Herman C. - Lubbock, TX
Wallace, William - Walnut, KS
Waller, Francis A. - DeSoto, WI
Walley, Augustus - Reisterstown, MD
Walling, William Henry - Potsdam, NY
Walmsley, Jr., John Springer - Honolulu, HI
Walsh, James Aloysius - Farmingdale, NY
Walsh, John - Springfield, MA
Walsh, Kenneth Ambrose - Arlington, VA
Walsh, Michael - Middletown, RI
Walsh, William Gary - Arlington, VA
Walton, George Washington - Oxford, PA
Wambsgan, Martin - Syracuse, NY
Wanton, George Henry - Arlington, VA
Ward, Calvin John - Bristol, TN
Ward, Charles H. - Unknown
Ward, James - Mattapan, MA
Ward, James - Unknown
Ward, James Richard - Springfield, OH
Ward, John - Brackettville, TX
Ward, Nelson W. - Long Beach, CA
Ward, Thomas J. - Anaconda, MT
Ward, William Henry - Kansas City, KS
Warden, John - Orting, WA
Ware, Keith Lincoln - Arlington, VA
Warfel, Henry Clay - Philipsburg, PA
Warner, Henry F. - Troy, NC
Warren, David - Hampton, VA
Warren, Francis Emroy - Cheyenne, WY
Warren, Jr., John Earl - Farmingdale, NY
Warrington, Lewis - San Antonio, TX
Watkins, Lewis George - Honolulu, HI
Watkins, Travis E. - Gladewater, TX
Watson, George - Body Not Recoverable
Watson, James C. - Chicago, IL
Watson, Joseph - Unknown
Watson, Wilson Douglas - Ozone, AR
Watters, Charles Joseph - Arlington, VA
Waugh, Robert T. - Nettuno, Italy
Waybur, David Crowder - St. Avold, France
Wayrynen, Dale Eugene - McGregor, MN
Weaher, Andrew J. - Phoenix, AZ
Weaver, Amos - Gaines, MI
Webb, Alexander Stewart - West Point, NY
Webb, James W. - Brooklyn, NY
Webber, Alason P. - Henry, IL
Weber, Lester William - Darien, IL
Webster, Henry S. - Fairhaven, VT
Weeks, Charles H. - Unknown
Weeks, John Henry - Hartwick Seminary, NY
Weicht, Ellis R. - Epinal, France
Weinert, Paul H. - Milton, MA
Weir, Henry Cary - Brooklyn, NY
Weisbogel, Albert - Unknown
Weisbogel, Albert - Unknown
Weiss, Enoch R. - South Bend, IN
Weissel, Adam - Oakland, CA
Welborn, Ira Clinton - Biloxi, MS
Welch, Charles H. - Evans, CO
Welch, George W. - Unknown
Welch, Michael - Unknown
Welch, Richard - Williamstown, MA
Welch, Stephen - Allegany, NY
Weld, Seth Lathrop - San Antonio, TX
Wells, Henry S. - Unknown
Wells, Thomas McCoy - DeKalb Junction, NY
Wells, William - Burlington, VT
Wells, William - Unknown
Welsh, Edward - Washington, DC
Welsh, James - Unknown
Wende, Bruno - Cincinnati, OH
West, Chester Howard - Southside, WV
West, Ernest Edison - Still Living
West, Frank - Arlington, VA
West, Walter Scott - Foxborough, MA
Westa, Karl - Arlington, VA
Westerhold, William - Unknown
Westermark, Axel - San Francisco, CA
Weston, John Francis - Arlington, VA
Wetherby, John C. - Mahalasville, IN
Wetzel, Gary George - Still Living
Wetzel, Walter C. - Margraten, Holland
Wheat, Roy Mitchell - Eastabuchie, MS
Wheaton, Loyd - Rockford, IL
Wheeler, Daniel Davis - Fredericksburg, VA
Wheeler, George Huber - Arlington, VA
Wheeler, Henry W. - Arlington, VA
Wherry, William Macky - St. Louis, MO
Whitaker, Edward Washburn - Arlington, VA
White, Adam - Wadeville, WV
White, Edward - Kansas City, KS
White, John Henry - Unknown
White, Joseph - Unknown
White, Patrick H. - Albany, NY
Whitehead, John Milton - Topeka, KS
Whitehead, Patton G. - Los Angeles, CA
Whiteley, Eli Lamar - College Station, TX
Whitfield, Daniel - Unknown
Whitman, Frank M. - Groveland, MA
Whitmore, John W. - Pleasant Grove, IA
Whitney, William G. - Allen, MI
Whittier, Edward Newton - East Baldwin, ME
Whittington, Hulon Brooke - Arlington, VA
Whittlesey, Charles White - Pittsfield, MA
Wickam, Jerry Wayne - Leaf River, IL
Wickersham, J. Hunter - Thiaucourt, France
Widick, Andrew J. - Bertrand, NE
Widmer, Jacob - Fort Leavenworth, KS
Wiedorfer, Paul Joseph - Still Living
Wigle, Thomas W. - Arlington, VA
Wilbanks, Hilliard Almond - Fayette, MS
Wilbur, William Hale - West Point, NY
Wilcox, Franklin L. - Grand Rapids, MI
Wilcox, William H. - South Haven, MI
Wilder, Wilber Elliiott - Ridgefield, CT
Wiley, James - Andersonville, GA
Wilhelm, George - Greenville, MS
Wilke, Julius August Robert - Unknown
Wilkens, Henry - Brooklyn, NY
Wilkes, Henry - Rensselaer, NY
Wilkes, Perry - Louisville, KY
Wilkin, Edward G. - Longmeadow, MA
Wilkins, Leander A. - Unknown
Wilkins, Raymond Harrell - Portsmouth, VA
Wilkinson, Jr., Theodore Stark - Arlington, VA
Will, Walter J. - Margraten, Holland
Willcox, Orlando Bolivar - Arlington, VA
Willett, Louis Edward - Middle Village, NY
Willey, Charles H. - Concord, NH
Williams, Anthony - Unknown
Williams, Antonio - Unknown
Williams, Augustus - Unknown
Williams, Charles Quincy - Arlington, VA
Williams, Dewayne Thomas - St. Clair, MI
Williams, Elwood N. - Unknown
Williams, Ernest Calvin - Indianola, IL
Williams, Frank - Unknown
Williams, George C. - New London, CT
Williams, Henry - Bala-Cynwyd, PA
Williams, Hershel Woodrow "Woody" - Still Living
Williams, II, John - Unknown
Williams, Jack - Springfield, MO
Williams, James Elliott - Florence, SC
Williams, Jay P. - Norwalk, OH
Williams, John - Unknown
Williams, John - Unknown
Williams, Leroy - Niagara Falls, NY
Williams, Louis - Brooklyn, NY
Williams, Louis - Brooklyn, NY
Williams, Moses - Vancouver, WA
Williams, Peter - Unknown
Williams, Robert - Unknown
Williams, William - Unknown
Williams, William Haliday - Schuyler, NE
Williamson, James Alexander - Washington, DC
Willis, George - Unknown
Willis, John Harlan - Columbia, TN
Willis, Richard - Unknown
Williston, Edward Bancroft - Arlington, VA
Wills, Henry - Unknown
Wilson, Alfred Leonard - Fairchance, PA
Wilson, Alfred Mac - Odessa, TX
Wilson, Arthur Harrison - Springfield, IL
Wilson, August - Unknown
Wilson, Benjamin - Unknown
Wilson, Benjamin F. - Honolulu, HI
Wilson, Charles - Inglewood, CA
Wilson, Charles E. - Hopewell, NJ
Wilson, Christopher W. - Brooklyn, NY
Wilson, Francis A. - Philadelphia, PA
Wilson, Harold Edward "Speedy" - Lexington, SC
Wilson, John - Unknown
Wilson, John Alfred - Bowling Green, OH
Wilson, John Moulder - West Point, NY
Wilson, Jr., Louis Hugh - Arlington, VA
Wilson, Milden H. - Unknown
Wilson, Richard G. - Cape Girardeau, MO
Wilson, Robert Lee - Centralia, IL
Wilson, William - San Francisco, CA
Wilson, William - San Francisco, CA
Wilson, William O. - Hagerstown, MD
Winans, Roswell - San Diego, CA
Winder, David Francis - Mansfield, OH
Windolph, Charles - Sturgis, SD
Windrich, William Gordon - Arlington, VA
Windus, Claron - Brackettville, TX
Winegar, William W. - Bath, NY
Winterbottom, William - Jersey City, NJ
Wise, Homer L. - Darien, CT
Wisner, Lewis S. - Middletown, NY
Witcome, Joseph - Unknown
Witek, Frank Peter - Rock Island, IL
Withington, William Herbert - Jackson, MI
Wold, Nels T. - Winger, MN
Wollam, John - Jackson, OH
Womack, Bryant Homer - Mill Spring, NC
Wood, Henry Clay - Arlington, VA
Wood, Leonard - Arlington, VA
Wood, Mark - Toledo, OH
Wood, Richard H. - Woodburn, IL
Wood, Robert B. - Hanoverton, OH
Woodall, William H. - Unknown
Woodall, Zachariah - Arlington, VA
Woodbury, Eri Davidson - Cheshire, CT
Woodfill, Samuel - Arlington, VA
Woodford, Howard E. - Akron, OH
Woodruff, Alonzo - Luther, MI
Woodruff, Carle Augustus - Raleigh, NC
Woods, Brent - Nancy, KY
Woods, Daniel A. - Wheeling, WV
Woods, Samuel - Portsmouth, VA
Woodward, Evan M. - Trenton, NJ
Woon, John - Unknown
Woram, Charles B. - Bronx, NY
Worley, Kenneth Lee - Westminster, CA
Wortick, Joseph - Leon, KS
Wortman, George G. - Denver, CO
Wray, William J. - Frazer, PA
Wright, Albert D. - Eustis, FL
Wright, Edward - Kew Gardens, NY
Wright, Raymond Richard "Buzzer" - Schuylerville, NY
Wright, Robert - Paterson, NJ
Wright, Samuel - Wichita, KS
Wright, Samuel Cole - Plymouth, MA
Wright, William - Unknown


Yabes, Maximo - Sheridan, CO
Yano, Rodney James Tadashi - Honolulu, HI
Yeager, Jacob F. - Tiffin, OH
Yntema, Gordon Douglas - Holland, MI
York, Alvin Cullium - Pall Mall, TN
Young, Andrew J. - Jefferson, PA
Young, Benjamin F. - Los Angeles, CA
Young, Calvary Morris - Fort Mitchell, KY
Young, Cassin - Mt. Pleasant, SC
Young, Edward B. - Bensalem, PA
Young, Frank Albert - Arlington, VA
Young, Gerald Orren - Arlington, VA
Young, Horatio Nelson - St. Stephen, NB, Canada
Young, James Marvin - Jamestown, NY
Young, Marvin Rex - Odessa, TX
Young, Robert Harley - San Bruno, CA
Young, Rodger W. - Clyde, OH
Young, William - Unknown
Younker, John L. - Logan, OH
Yount, John P. - Mt. Pleasant, IA


Zabitosky, Fred William - Pembroke, NC
Zeamer, Jay - Arlington, VA
Ziegner, Herman - Woodside, NY
Zion, William F. - Chattanooga, TN
Zuiderveld, William - San Diego, CA
Zussman, Raymond - Ferndale, MI



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