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Alphabetical Roster By War

World War II





Vernon J. Baker - (Army)
Van Thomas Barfoot - (Army)
Melvin Earl Biddle - (Army)
James Montross Burt - (Army)
Robert Eugene Bush - (Navy)
Michael "Mike" Colalillo - (Army)
Charles Henry Coolidge - (Army)
Francis S. "Frank" Currey - (Army)
Edward Carl Dahlgren - (Army)
Michael Joseph Daly - (Army)
Jefferson Joseph DeBlanc - (USMC)
Desmond Thomas Doss - (Army)
Russell Dunham - (Army)
Walter David Ehlers - (Army)
John William Finn - (Navy)
Eugene Bennett Fluckey - (Navy)
Robert Edward Galer - (USMC)
Nathan Green Gordon - (Navy)
Barney F. Hajiro (Army)
John Druse "Bud" Hawk - (Army)
Shizuya "Cesar" Hayashi (Army)
Silvestre Santana Herrera - (Army)
Freeman Victor Horner - (Army)
Daniel K. Inouye (Army)
Arthur Junior Jackson - (USMC)
Alton W. Knappenberger - (Army)
Jacklyn Harold Lucas - (USMC)
Robert Dale Maxwell - (Army)
Richard Miles McCool, Jr. - (Navy)
Vernon McGarity - (Army)
Charles Patrick Murray - (Army)
Robert Burton Nett - (Army)
Nicholas Oresko - (Army)
Everett Parker Pope - (USMC)
Wilburn Kirby Ross - (Army)
Donald Eugene Rudolph - (Army)
Alejandro Renteria Ruiz - (Army)
George T. Sakato (Army)
Richard Keith Sorenson - (USMC)
James Elms Swett - (USMC)
George Edward Wahlen - (Navy)
Paul Joseph Wiedorfer - (Army)
Hershel W. "Woody" Williams - (USMC)
Louis Hugh Wilson, Jr. - (USMC)
Jay Zeamer - (Air Corps)

David Bruce Bleak - (Army)
Hector A. Cafferata, Jr. - (USMC)
William Richard Charette - (Navy)
Duane Edgar Dewey - (USMC)
Rodolfo Perez Hernandez - (Army)
Thomas J.  Hudner, Jr. - (Navy)
Einar Harold Ingman, Jr. - (Army)
Lewis Lee "Red" Millett - (Army)
Hiroshi Miyamura - (Army)
Ola Lee Mize - (Army)
Raymond Gerald Murphy - (USMC)
Reginald Rodney Myers - (USMC)
Joseph Charles Rodriguez - (Army)
Ronald Eugene Rosser - (Army)
Robert Ernest Simanek - (USMC)
James Lamar Stone - (Army)
Ernest Edison West - (Army)

John Philip Baca - (Army)
Nicky Daniel Bacon - (Army)
John Franklin Baker, Jr. - (Army)
Donald Everett Ballard - (Navy)
Harvey C. "Barney" Barnum - (USMC)
Gary Burnell Beikirch - (Army)
Patrick Henry Brady - (Army)
Paul William Bucha - (Army)
Jon Robert Cavaiani - (Army)
Sammy Lee Davis - (Army)
George Everett "Bud" Day - (Air Force)
Drew Dennis Dix - (Army)
David Charles Dolby - (Army)
Roger Hugh Charles Donlon - (Army)
Frederick Edgar Ferguson - (Army)
Bernard Francis Fisher - (Air Force)
Michael John Fitzmaurice - (Army)
James Phillip Fleming - (Air Force)
Robert Franklin Foley - (Army)
Wesley Lee Fox - (USMC)
Harold Arthur Fritz - (Army)
Charles Cris Hagemeister - (Army)
Frank Aloysious Herda - (Army)
Robert Lewis Howard - (Army)
Robert R. Ingram - (Navy)
Joe Madison Jackson - (Air Force)
Jack Howard Jacobs - (Army)
Don Jenkins - (Army)
Leonard Bert Keller - (Army)
Thomas Gunning Kelley - (Navy)
Allan Jay Kellogg, Jr. - (USMC)
Joseph Robert Kerrey - (Navy)
Thomas James Kinsman - (Army)
Howard Vincent Lee - (USMC)
Peter Charles Lemon - (Army)
Charles J. (Angelo) Liteky - (Army)
Gary Lee Littrell - (Army)
James Everett Livingston - (USMC)
Allen James Lynch - (Army)
Walter Joseph Marm, Jr. - (Army)
John James McGinty, III - (USMC)
David Herbert McNerney - (Army)
Robert Joseph Modrzejewski - (USMC)
Thomas Rolland Norris - (Navy)
Michael Joseph Novosel - (Army)
Robert Emmett O'Malley - (USMC)
Robert Martin Patterson - (Army)
Richard Allan Pittman - (USMC)
Alfred Rascon - (Army)
Ronald Eric Ray - (Army)
Gordon Ray Roberts - (Army)
Clarence Eugene Sasser - (Army)
James Michael Sprayberry - (Army)
James Bond Stockdale - (Navy)
Kenneth Edward Stumpf - (Army)
James Allen Taylor - (Army)
Brian Miles Thacker - (Army)
Michael Edwin Thornton - (Navy)
Leo Keith Thorsness - (Air Force)
Jay R. Vargas - (USMC)
Gary George Wetzel - (Army)

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