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Many of the HERO STORIES, history, citations and other information detailed in this website are, at least for now, available in PRINT or DIGITAL format from AMAZON.COM. The below comprise the nearly 4-dozen  "Home Of Heroes" books currently available.

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Medal of Honor Books

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This series of books contains the citations for ALL Medals of Honor awarded to that branch of service, with brief biographical data and photos of many of the recipients. Some of them also include citations for other awards, analysis of awards, data tables and analysis and more. These are LARGE volumes, each 8 1/2" x 11" and more than 500 pages each. Click on a book to find it on where you can find more details on what is contained in each book, as well as to get a free preview. Each volume is $24.95.

Heroes in the War on Terrorism

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These books contain the citations for nearly all of the awards of the Silve Star and higher to members of each branch of service in the War on Terrorism. Books include photos of most recipients, some biographical data, analysis of awards by rank, unit, date, and more.


With the 5 Medal of Honor volumes above, these compilations comprise a virtual 28-volume ENCYCLOPEDIA of decorated American heroes(15,000 pages)  with award citations, history, tables & analysis, and detailed indexes of ACEs, FLAG OFFICERS, and more. (Click on any book to see it in - $24.95 Each Volume)

United States Army Heroes

Distinguished Service Cross

Distinguished Service Medals
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1873 - 1941 Korea Vietnam 1862 - 1960 RVN - Present

United States Navy Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star Navy Corpsmen
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1915 - 1941 WWII Korea - Present WWII

United States Marine Corps Heroes

Navy Cross Silver Star
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1915 - WWII Korea - Present 1900 - 1941 WWII 1947 - Korea Vietnam - Present

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The Defining Generation
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Personal Profiles


From the New

Medal of Honor Database

(On CD/ROM)*

THIS FEATURE IS 75% complete in the 2003 version with additional synopsis being added regularly with each updated version. 

Click on above Profile for a larger view

Personal Profile pages are a unique feature of our database that compiles far more information about the recipient that can be found in their official citation.  Nicely formatted, the page includes a color photo of the recipient (we have photos of more than 1,200 individual recipients), personal information including date and place of birth, place and date of death, burial location, and a color graphic of the Medal of Honor for the recipients period along with details surrounding their Medal of Honor action.  The blue-bordered text box contains a synopsis of the recipient's action, not the actual text of their citation.  In some cases we can also include additional historical information about the recipient.

Below the synopsis of the recipient's heroism can often be found additional information, such as pre-war education (military academy attendance, special training, prior career, etc.) as well as post-war information.  Unique information is also highlighted, such as: 

"The only man to earn two Medals of Honor during the Civil War"
"Cousin of both Theodore and Franklin D. Roosevelt"
"The Chicago Airport is named for this recipient", etc.

If you haven't yet done so, click on the image of our profile pages above to view a larger copy of our profile for Daniel Edgar Sickles.  This will give you a better understanding of the layout for our profile pages for each individual recipient.

Recipient profile pages are displayed as a result of queries identical to the queries used for our CITATIONS pages.  If you haven't yet read about our citations, we advise you to read that page first to learn about the most basic queries based on Name, Firs and Last Name, State to which the award is accredited, or war or conflict.  You can then return to this page to learn more.

In all other manners, the list of menu items, toolbars, and query structure is IDENTICAL for viewing either a recipient's CITATION or his PROFILE PAGE.

To Go Back to the Instructions for our Citations Queries
If you've already read that page, scroll down for more information.


When you choose the PROFILES button from the main switchboard, a new window opens to reveal the search options for recipient profile pages.  
  • Search for Citations by Last Name
  • Search by First and Last Name
  • Search by State to which Medal is Accredited
  • Search by War or Conflict (Alphabetical)
  • Search by War or Conflict (Chronological)
  • Search by Branch of Service
  • Search by Unit, Ship or Division
  • Search by Key Words in the Citation
  • Search by Key Word Field
  • View ALL citations
  • View citations for the Living Recipients

You interface with the database through this form by selecting your search options, then entering your search criteria in a dialog box.

If you select the option to view citations based upon the recipient's LAST NAME, a dialog box like the one at right appears, just as you did for the citations.   Enter a last name and a citation like the one shown at the top of this page will display for the recipient specified.

You can also run the same queries for recipients by First and Last Name, State to which the Award is accredited, or War or Conflict.


Profile Case Problem 1
View Profiles by BRANCH of Service

Display the profile pages of all members of any branch of military service in the order in which their Medal of Honor action occurred.  (You can display their citations in the same manner from the Citations menu box previously described.)

  1. Select the option Profiles: By BRANCH of Service

  2. When the dialog box appears enter US Air Force

A PROFILE PAGE for Korean War hero Louis Joseph Sebille displays.  You will note that it is Record 1 of 17 by looking at the status bar.    You can use the arrows to scroll through the profile pages of all 17 US Air Force Medal of Honor recipients.

The branches of service are divided into the seven categories shown at right.  For best results, enter them exactly as shown (including the "US").  You can also use WILD CARDS.

*Army would return results for US Army
*Guard would return results for US Coast Guard

US Army
US Army Air Service
US Army Air Corps
US Air Force
US Marine Corps
US Navy
US Coast Guard

Keep in mind, however, that:
would return BOTH US Marine Corps AND US Army Air Corps
*Army*  would return US Army, US Army Air Service, and US Army Air Corps
*Air* would return US Army Air Corps, US Army Air Service, and US Air Force


Profile Case Problem 2
View Profile Pages by Unit or Ship

Here is a powerful query tool that allows you to view Profile Pages (or citations) of all individuals who earned their Medal of Honor while serving in a specified unit or on a specified ship.  In the underlying tables that comprise our database information, we have created a special field containing the identity of the TOP LEVEL of each recipient's unit.  You can query the database based upon the information in this special field.

  1. Select the option Profiles: By Unit, Ship, or Division

  2. When the dialog box appears enter *173rd*Airborne*

The profile page for Vietnam War Medal recipient Larry Stanley Pierce is displayed.  (He was the first member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade to earn the Medal of Honor.)  The status bar reflects that his page is RECORD 1 of 13, and you can use the arrows to scroll through and view/print any or all thirteen Medal recipients from the 173rd Airborne Brigade.


With practice you will quickly learn when and how to use your wild cards.  For instance:

*Arizona*  will return 3 profile pages for the men of the U.S.S. Arizona


*Rhode Island* will return 25 profile pages:
  • 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery (9)
  • 1st Rhode Island Cavalry (1)
  • 2nd Rhode Island Infantry (2)
  • 4th Rhode Island Infantry (2)
  • 7th Rhode Island Infantry (2)
  • U.S.S. Rhode Island (9)
*Rhode Island*Infantry* will return 6 pages:
  • 2nd Rhode Island Infantry (2)
  • 4th Rhode Island Infantry (2)
  • 7th Rhode Island Infantry (2)


*U.S.S. Rhode Island* will return pages ONLY for the nine sailors who received Medals of Honor while serving on the U.S.S. Rhode Island.

The following queries would return the number of pages shown
(Note the differing uses of the wild card)

Americal*   11 Pages   1st Marine Division 94 Pages
*1st*Cavalry* 128 Pages *Special Forces 14 Pages
*1st Cavalry*   34 Pages *10th*Cavalry * 14 Pages



Key Word Searches

Queries based upon KEY WORD SEARCHES can be at once, the most complex, and also the most useful.  Our database offers you the ability to do key word searches on one of two different fields.

Profile Case Problem 3
Key Word Search based on the recipient's CITATION

The full text of each recipient's official citation (including Rank and Organization, Place and Date, Place of Service Entry, Place and Date Born, and Date of Issue) is contained in a single CITATION field.  When you run a key word query based on the CITATION field, the database will look for any form of the key words anywhere in that field.   (ALL KEY WORD SEARCHES REQUIRE THE USE OF WILD CARDS BOTH BEFORE AND AFTER THE KEY WORD(s)!

  1. Select the option 
         Profiles: By Key Words in the Citation

  2. When the dialog box appears enter Chaplain

Eight profile pages are returned.  The first three were Civil War chaplains, the four a World War II chaplain, followed by three Vietnam War chaplains.  The fourth is the profile page for Vietnam hero Ronnie Joe Hooper who was NOT a chaplain.  If you read through Staff Sergeant Hooper's citation, you will see why his profile page (or citation) is returned with the other results.  Part of his citation reads:

"With the relentless enemy fire disrupting the attack, he single-handedly stormed 3 enemy bunkers, destroying them with hand grenade and rifle fire, and shot 2 enemy soldiers who had attacked and wounded the chaplain."

This example illustrates both the shortcomings, as well as the full power, of key word searches based upon the CITATION field.  There will be times when you may want to find ANY occurrence of a key word ANYWHERE in the database.  At other times you may want to filter out some occurrences of the key word.


Profile Case Problem 4
Key Word Search based on the KEY WORD field.

In designing our database, we took into account the queries based upon key words that we felt would be most commonly needed, and built a special KEY WORD field upon which you can base your query.  For instance, since this data is input by us, the word "CHAPLAIN" is entered in the key word field for ONLY the seven aforementioned men who were actually chaplains.  This makes a refined search much more reliable.  This KEY WORD FIELD becomes especially useful when you review our next feature...BOOKLETS...but also serves well to filter citations and profile pages.

  1. Select the option Profiles: By Key Word

  2. When the dialog box appears enter *Medical*

The profile pages for 74 heroes from all wars and branches of service who worked in ANY medical field are displayed.  (If you entered the words *Medic* in the text box you would get the same results since "Medic" is a derivative of the word "Medical" and the wild card makes the latter part of the word unnecessary for the query results.

Because this KEY WORD field can be defined by the builders of this database, we are able to make it possible to be more specific in filtering records based upon key words.  While the word "Medic" or "Medical" returns 74 records, consider the results of the following more specific KEY WORDS related to the medical field:

*Surgeon*   21 Pages   *Navy Corpsman*  28 Pages
*Dentist*    2 Pages *Army Medic* 27 Pages

Examples of Additional Key Words You can query based on are:

Military Academy West Point,  USMA,  Military Academy Annapolis,  Naval Academy,  Politician,
Navy Seal, Special Forces, Green Berets, Jewish Recipients, Black Recipients,
Hispanic Recipients, Asian Recipients, Japanese Recipients, Native American Recipients,
Civilian Recipients, Rangers, OCS, ROTC, Officer's Candidate School, National Guard, Reservist, 
Prisoner of War, Ace, Submarine, Diver, Engineer, Double Recipient, Medevac



View ALL Options 

The last two choices in either the CITATIONS or PROFILES menus are VIEW ALL options.  No dialog box appears when you select either of these options, as there is nothing to query the database on.  Rather, the selected option returns ALL CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER.


View All Citations

When this option is selected the citation or profile page for Bernard J.D. Irwin is the first to appear.  His action on February 13 & 14, 1861 was the earliest action to be recognized by the award of the Medal of Honor.  It is followed by 3,459 (at the date of this writing) additional citations or profile pages, arranged from Irwin's first action to the 1993 awards to two Army Rangers for action in Somalia.  (For more information on how the counts are designed and the data compiled, see the section "About The Data" in our pages on Updates and Upgrades.)


The Living Recipients

When this option is selected the citation or profile pages of only the LIVING RECIPIENTS are displayed.  The results of this option are based upon the recipients living at the time the database was purchased by you.  Updated versions will bring this data current.  You can also use our advanced options to update the database yourself if you are running the program from your hard drive instead of from the CD/ROM.


Some of the most exciting features of the Medal of Honor database are yet to be discovered.  Click on the third button or the link to "Custom Booklets" to learn about this powerful option for research or printed records.

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