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The BOOKLET option allows you to view multiple records easily.  Unlike the full-page citations or profiles pages, records returned in response to your query are formatted into a 2" by 8" bar like the one below.  This record was returned in response to a query on Coast Guard recipients.  Since ONLY ONE Coast Guardsman has earned the Medal of Honor, only one record was returned.  The graphic above-right is the results returned on a query of recipients from Utah.  The six records, arranged in chronological order, display in the format shown.


When you choose the BOOKLETS button from the main switchboard, a new window opens to reveal the search options for viewing and/or printing custom books based upon specific criteria. 
  • The LIVING Recipients
  • Recipients by STATE
  • Recipients by WAR (Alphabetically)
  • Recipients by WAR (Chronologically)
  • Recipients by BRANCH  (Alphabetically)
  • Recipients by BRANCH (Chronologically)
  • ALL recipients (Alphabetically)
  • ALL recipients (Chronologically)
  • Recipients by KEY WORD Search

If your query returns 150 records, they are stacked in one continuous listing like the graphic from the query based upon recipients from the State of Utah shown above.  This makes scrolling through and reviewing them quick and easy.

If you elect to print the displayed records, the program prints five records to each page.  A query that returns 10 records would be printed in TWO full pages.  A query that returns 8 records would also print in two pages but with five records on the first page and three on the second page.


The LIVING Recipients

If you select the first option from the switchboard Booklets menu list, a record is displayed for each of the Living Medal of Honor recipients in chronological order.  At the time we prepared this tutorial for the database, there were 149 living recipients of the Medal of Honor, thus 149 records would be displayed.  If you click on the button to PRINT all pages, a series of 30 pages with 5 recipients (4 on the last page) will be generated.


Recipients By State

You can interact with the database using the same type of input box and the same rules for using wild cards as you do for the Citations and Profile pages.  The second item in the menu list is RECIPIENTS BY STATE.  When you select this option, a dialog box appears.  If you enter "Utah", it would return the six records shown at the top of this page.  If you enter "Hawaii", a total of 18 records are returned.  You can scroll down to view them all, or print them out.  If you click ONE time on the print button, all 18 records will print in 4 pages as demonstrated by the thumbnails of actual scans of pages generated by this query.

You can click any of the above images to view a larger scan.  Actual printed pages are larger, with better resolution.

By scrolling through these 18 records you can quickly note such facts as:

18 Hawaiian's Have received Medals of Honor
     9 Were Killed In Action

     1 Received the Navy Award
    17 Received Army Awards

  1 Hawaiian earned the MOH in the Civil War
12 Hawaiians earned MOHs in World War II
  2 Hawaiians earned MOHs in Korea
  3 Hawaiians earned MOHs in Vietnam

 9 of the 18 recipients were Killed In Action

DATA NOTE:  You will note that the first Hawaiian to receive the Medal of Honor was a Civil War sailor who was BORN in Hawaii (long before it became a state) and entered the service in New York.  Though his Medal of Honor is accredited to New York, in this particular query we have structured the data to return a recipient record if he was EITHER BORN in the specified state regardless of where his Medal was later accredited, or if he ENTERED SERVICE in the specified state.


Recipients By War

Using the same input box we demonstrated earlier, you can create a listing (or printed booklet) of recipients by war or conflict.  If you enter the parameter "Korean War", 131 records are returned with information on all Korean War recipients.  If you print this data, it is compiled in a series of 26 full-color pages.

The database offers you two different options in displaying the recipients from a specified war:


Recipients By Branch of Service

You may also elect to view/print a listing of all recipients from any branch of military service using the parameter input box.  If you specify "US MARINE CORPS" or "*Marine*" the database returns 296 records (a 60-page book if printed).  You can elect to display these 296 records:

WILD CARDS can help you narrow down or broaden the list returned.



View ALL Recipients

If you select either of the VIEW ALL options, the database will return a list of of all recipients (at the time of this writing this would consist of 3,450 records as the 5 Marine Corps recipients who received both the Army and Navy award for the SAME ACTION in World War I are each listed only ONCE in our underlying tables.)  You can choose to display these 3,450 records

[Be careful with the VIEW ALL feature.  If you choose the PRINT option from this query, you will be calling for the printer to print 690 full-color pages.  This is a process you only want to undertake INTENTIONALLY, not accidentally.]



Custom Booklets
  Based on KEY WORDS

In designing our database, we took into account the queries based upon key words that we felt would be most commonly needed, and built a special KEY WORD field upon which you can base your query.  This makes a refined search much more reliable, as discussed in our pages on the Profile Pages.  

  1. Select the option Booklets: By Key Word

  2. When the dialog box appears enter *Medical*

The records for 74 heroes from all wars and branches of service who worked in ANY medical field are displayed.  (A 15-page printed booklet.)

Because this KEY WORD field can be defined by the builders of this database, we are able to make it possible to be more specific in filtering records based upon key words.  While the word "Medic" or "Medical" returns 74 records, consider the results of the following more specific KEY WORDS related to the medical field:


 21 Records
5  Printed Pages

  *Navy Corpsman*

28 Records
6 Printed Pages

*Dentist*    2 Records *Army Medic*

27 Records
6 Printed Pages

Examples of Additional Key Words You can use to print a custom booklet include:

Military Academy West Point,  USMA,  Military Academy Annapolis,  Naval Academy,  Politician,
Navy Seal, Special Forces, Green Berets, Jewish Recipients, Black Recipients,
Hispanic Recipients, Asian Recipients, Japanese Recipients, Native American Recipients,
Civilian Recipients, Rangers, OCS, ROTC, Officer's Candidate School, National Guard, Reservist, 
Prisoner of War, Ace, Submarine, Diver, Engineer, Double Recipient, Medevac

Thus far we have looked at the top three options the Medal of Honor Database affords:

  1. Citations

  2. Profile Pages

  3. Custom Printed Booklets

Three more useful functions are displayed under the title bar

Available Lists and Reports

Click on the button for "LISTS" or choose the link below the screenshot of our switchboard below to review a whole different manner of using the Medal of Honor database.

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